I’m Old Enough to Remember When COVID-19 Was a Thing

That’s all.

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  1. Chung-Ho Lee on June 12, 2020 at 15:16

    This is one of the most incriminating pieces of evidence on the Event 201 site I have ever seen.


    Spot on almost.

    “EVENT 201 October 18 2019 ” Drill goes live just weeks later. Crash economy etc.

    The drill and scenario went live one month later ( first inklings of an escaped virus). No coincidence here…. PLANdemic. Orchestrated. Psyops always have a had simulation drill first . It happened on September 11 2001, too. General Stubblebine had a lot to say about the fraud that day.

    The Evenet 201 “scenario” even used a strain of SARS specifically in the simulation and they admit they want to vaccinate the population. This reads like a SCRIPT for a movie, and the movie became REALITY. THEY KNEW FOR SURE. This is almost exactly as they wanted it to happen They did a phony death count to appear like death was doubling every week. Coroners and brave doctors came forward and cried foul!FilmYourHospital has a great text exchange with a doctor calling this virus lockdown total bullshit.

    Event 201 PLANdemic -brought to us by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…. Those pieces of shit Gates, Brix and Fauci cannot even contain their duping delight. Gates is obsessed with vaccinations and population control.

    Nobel virologist Luc Montagnier and other very respected Indian virologists SEE FOUL PLAY and have come forward that this SARS-Cov-2 strain obviously tampered with by men. The Indian researchers were HEAVILY pressured to retract their paper.

    Governments all throughout the world , all throughout human history, have used Psyops against their citizens to shape public opinion and push agendas. MLKUltra , Operation Northwoods , Operation Mockingird and many others. This COVID-19 is the biggest hoax , the most evil con-job I have ever witnessed. I hope more and more citizens will wake up – write Tucker Carlson, Lisa Ingrain, and snow them this FRAUD. The leftist media narrative is SICK!

    • Big on June 13, 2020 at 05:08

      Conspiracy theories would get more attention if those that proposed them were able to articulate their views in a more coherent and concise fashion.

    • Hugh on June 15, 2020 at 19:27

      Big – I had the same reaction, exact same, and laughed at your comment.

      But Anthony Colpo just put out an article and based on his telling it’s a no-brainer to conclude COVID-19 is almost certainly man-made.

      The conclusisons to be drawn after that about Bill Gates & Event 201 are a little sketchier to hang my hat on.

  2. Chung-Ho Lee on June 14, 2020 at 18:26

    That was a term used by the CIA to quell dissent. These individuals are scammers and crooks especially Fauci. Lots of deception is in his past- links to another crook Dr. Robert Gallo silenced all dissent with his HIV model in 1984- Dr. Peter Deusberg has noted all of this and many of his own colleagues were privately on Deusberg’s side but did not want to commit career suicide. Fauci LIED about death counts , LIED about the deadliness of this virus ( his paper says a measly 0.1% case fatality rate ) Fauci has LIED about masks( admitted they do next to nothing even N95 which is made for tuberculosis – bacteria not a virus and a thousand times larger than SARS-2) , LIED about chloroquine- it IS a very potent inhibitor of SARS-1 and SARS-2 l.

    NO conspiracy theory here, rather, strong motive ( and the actual events mimic the simulation scenario a few weeks later ) and historical evidence of Fauci’s W.H.O’s and the CDC’s behaviors. Further, humans’ nature IS to conspire.Look at the JFK assassination – long before my time but that was a conspiracy. LOTS of fraud exists in the scientific work- even Newton ( did shady things in the Principia) , Galileo , Pasteur , Ptlomey, and Darwin committed it despite doing overall good work. Pasteur probably engaged int the most fraud out of those names. There was a book written about his private experimental notes do not match public claims. His rival Bechamp was not given as much press.

    “Nothing that is true is popular and nothing that is popular is true.” Count on it – almost always. The ancients- Plotinus ( probably wisest person who ever lived) , Aristotle ALL knew this. The word for popular or common in ancient Pali translated means “profane”. That which is common or popular is PROFANE. The new state religion is “mask wearing.”

    FOLLOW THE MONEY- THAT IS WHAT FAUCI’S LEIS ARE ABOUT. Fauci and Birx BOTH display heavy”DUPER’S DELIGHT.” Evebn more so than these known murderers who got busted later on but are on video displaying the smirk before it was known they were guilty. Gates, Birx and Fauci have major Duping Delight going on.

    Here is Dr. Scott Jensen on death counts. They are FAKE AS HELL : Dramatically overstated. This virus hoax is provable fraud. Sure- keep the very old away but let the rest of us YOUNG people get back to work!
    Follow the money trail for the truth and to see what is REALLY going on here since March. The money trail is why Hydroxchloroquine is bashed despite South Korea using it aggressively early on and doing PHENOMENALLY.



  3. Chung-Ho Lee on June 16, 2020 at 04:59

    Hugh and Big, (No need to your snark)

    Maybe you two are not intelligent enough to understand what I wrote. Unlike the common bloggers and blogger audience members, I get to the heart of the matter and do not engage in “flowery bullshit formalisms” mixed in with big words and link to lots of meaningless “references”. That never is a replacement for thinking. Citing references ( spamming citations does NOT win ANY scientific argument EVER, as our knowledge is very incomplete and those references are usually wrong.Even quantum mechanics is SURELY WRONG and needs a successor theory) gives audiences a HUGE hard-on. LOL!!!!! Smart people know better. I talk to many top scientists. These bloggers ad their audiences all have a hard-on for “references.” It shows their inexperience. It’s laughable and downright odd… It highlights their stupidity and low intelligence level. Another thing: There is no such thing as “The Scientific Method”. It is a total myth created by philosophers and historians NOR is this method AT ALL how real pros do their work. Charles Proteus Steinmnetz, Faraday, etc.- NONE of them used that silly grade-school poster method in how they investigated nature.

    Consider this: Our top theory in all of the sciences is quantum mechanics- it has the most support of any theory. However, top physicists such as David Deustch, t’Hooft, Penrose and many more KNOW FOR SURE IT’S WRONG. Evidence NEEDS INTERPRETATION. There are phenomena it does not answer or explain. Scientists need to THINK AND DISCUSS NOT cite references. . Speaking of 5th Generation technology, these very high energy microwaves have the potential for extreme misuse and are the perfect Trojan Horse. This man, Ken Wheeler, Theoria Apophasis , is a lot smarter than Anthony Colpo ( who is a psychopath and should be in jail for his sneak attack from behind on DurianRider). If you want to find out the deal about 5G watch these videos- he is one of the top experts. Ken Wheeler also exposes how there are PAID DISINFORMATION AGENTS all over YouTube. I have seen it myself and it is a HUGE problem. They are usually all over COVID-19 topic videos and 5G. These accounts were usually created just a few days ago usually and have zero content. Some of them are bots. We HAVE been played regarding SARS-Cov-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease. Wheeler comments that he had to delete 500 comments all in a span of a few hours . These comments were trying to placate the public about 5G and its dangers. Wheel;er will let you know how to protect your family from this high energy microwave radiation.


    NOTE: I have a lot going on around me when I type and cannot concentrate, I usually do it with my contacts in and cannot see up close as well. Also, Spellcheck also messes up things.

    P.S. Peer -review is out of date and does not work, it never did. It is maintained solely due to tradition. What it actually is , is just a bunch of academics all in a circle sniffing each other’s buttholes like a pack of wild dogs. Many scientists have noted it does not work including the former BMJ editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Good research shows it does not work. Even Lawrence Krauss commented ( in a video) how it doesn’t matter much. Nature hashes that stuff out. It just does not matter – scientists will use and build on your work if it had any merit-new discoveries will be made. Peer- review is just an exercise in human hubris. When you are on the cutting edge you have no peers. Einstein, himself, hated peer-review. Our science is extremely primitive , as Freeman Dyson noted.

    Lastly, the physics of the BRAIN is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than ANY of the physics we know. We need ENITELY NEW PHYSICS for the brain and likely all of biology. The brain works through some undiscovered exotic physics. As Krauss noted, the physics of planets and the universe is LIKELY VERY DIFFERENT than the physics of biology and your bodies. Google search:” Lawrence Kruass How Much More To Physical Reality” There goes the whole misuse of thermodynamics that Colpo or Guyenet engages in. Krauss is A LOT smarter than Colpo. In the Krauss video, you will not see bullshit flowery formalisms, fancy graphs, meaningless references and charts and big words as you see with Colpo, Minger, Guyenet etc. The video has SUBSTANCE gets t the HEART of the mater and in “as simple terms as possible” , as Einstein promoted. I can calculate the mass of the galaxy buy the way, can YOU?I am by far the most athletic guy in the blogsophere, can throw a football as forcefully as Favre or very close and can kick with the speed of Anderson Silva.Nobody in the blogosphere could catch my football passes. I will lay down $ 1,000 on that.

    Science and the all-important META-physics are two sides of the SAME coin. Just as ice, liquid and steam are all water- the forces of nature are ALL ALREADY united and basically the SAME THING. Look up AdS/CFT. Mother Nature is SIMPLEX. Quantum weirdness is NOT real. Rather, we just got space and time ALL WRONG, as Lee Smolin noted.

  4. Chung-Ho Lee on June 16, 2020 at 05:04


    Here is the link to the video exposing how DISINFORMATION AGENTS maintain the HOAX of COVID-19 and the “safeness” of 5G. It is EYE-OPENING. Over 500 comments from one paid agent in a few hours. If you search, you will see these agents- they create accounts within a few days of posting and have no content on their channels and their messages and comments are in bulk feature the same words usually.


  5. Chung-Ho Lee on June 18, 2020 at 13:30

    MIT biologist Dr. Shiva exposes Deep State spokesman Anthony Fauci, as well as Gates, Zuckerberg and more. This is a sick elitist global plan- it is the most disgting thing I have ever seen in my relatively short lifetime. Emperor Fauci has NO CLOTHES. It is downright a satanic occult ritual- obsessions with hand washing, UNsocial physical separation, lock-downs, ritualistic mask wearing ushering in this new World Order . DISGUSTING.


    Dr. Stefan Lanka on the history of shenanigans in virus research: VERY GOOD AND LONG video and detailed. Lanka is a genuis.

    The last one is a podcast about Louis Pasteur’s fraud and his lesser known rival;s quality theories :


  6. Chung-Ho Lee on June 24, 2020 at 05:05

    Trump is the GOOD guy. Our only hope is if he gets in again. Trump will drain the rest of this swamp. CNN is the enemy.

    I do not think “Dr.” Stephanie Guyenet ( a super pussified extreme lefty emasculated male wearing a mask, a sheeple) is capable of even basic math.

    Let’s take a very densely populated city: Los Angeles

    LA County Population: 10, 173, 286

    COVID-19 cases 85, 492 ( and this number is not trustable as it is from CDC and very inflated likely)

    BASIC MATH: = 85,492 divided by 10, 173,286 = .0084

    That’s right, NOT EVEN 1% of the total LA County population is infected with SARS-CoV-2 despite protests ( by a militant group Muhammad Ali would have hated said his own son Those leftist losers said nothing about the virus and doctors even applauded it- double standard!!!!!! The racism I see from CHOP, BLM far exceeds any “redneck” I have seen. Despite looting, despite more and more NOT wearing masks, and we STILL HAVE LESS THAN 1 % cases. You probably have more of a chance of getting hit by lighting…. COVID-19 IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD EVER. YET, we can;t get haircuts or work or congregate together at, say, barbeques ?

    Sure slavery is wrong. But it is a human history- NOT a white person thing. It is on ALL CULTURES’ HANDS.
    No such thing as white privilege not such thing as white guilt. Almost EVERYBODY PARTICIPATED. It is part of the evil nature of many humans of all races. BLM should know rich American black citizens THEMSELVES owned and breeded! ( even worse) slaves and the conditions they provided were far worse than even white owners, African kings and tribesman sold their citizens to Europeans for opium. The Romans and Greeks had slaves. White slaves existed. The Native Americans had slaves and actually enslaved actor Don Cheadle’s ancestors .. ALL cultures practically did this. This is all on YouTUbe. And PAPERWORK documented. Chicksaw Nation owned slaves. I wish Hannity would do a feature- Rich black AMERICANS OWNED slaves. FACT,.

    Feral thug militant HYPOCRITES toppling statues.The MOST RACIST PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY DOING THE MARCHING ON THE STREETS. BLM,( racist political movement that AL HIMSELF would have hated said his own son) CHOP, ANTIFA


    Google SUPPRESSES THIS INFO. I use DuckDuckGo to FIND it.

    I applaud Larry Elders ( good dude) for speaking up about the fatherless feral thugs ( black and white) attacking little old ladies on the street and they were brainwashed by the universities almost all are leftist losers spouting anti-America hate stuff. These LOSER DEMS LET these thugs ruin statues. I have ( some) acquaintances who are professors and teachers -they see this everyday. Larry Elders is tried of them glorifying their lowest common denominator and martyring a man with very violent armed robbery history and a huge rap sheet. Nobody says a word about Tim or Daniel Shaver- cases that had much more lack of justification for deadly force. The Shaver case is ridiculously bad.

    Nothing that is true is popular and nothing that is popular is true,.

    What has happened with this COVID-19 situation SCAM is DISGUSTING . Maybe Tucker will do a segment on the deep-state or how the MAINSTREAM MEDIA’s narrative about slavery is ALLLL WRONG./ .

    P.S. Dr. Stephanie’s thermodynamic argument falls flat as hell, too. He was a disgrace being so rude to Taubes and so misinformed and arrogant. Human beings are life- we are cells. Cells are MOST UNIQUE. Life is most complicated and much, much different than a steam engine and MUCH DIFFERENT than the molecules in ,say, a chair. Erwin Shorendenger knew this and commented back in the 1940’s even. Human beings are open, far from equilibrium dissipative quantum systems. *Quantum* thermodynamics is what we feel would apply here NOT what GUyenet does from 1800’s….. And consciousnesses in the brain is completely UNKNOWN, not at all understood even remotely and operates through undiscovered exotic physics- certainly NOT anything we know of- that is for sure said Penrose , Witten and others Lawrence Krauss feels the physics that applies to chairs and the planets etc may very well be very different fromt the physics that governs biological life. As Max PLanck said “We have no right to assume “laws” of nature exist, or IF they existed up until now, that they will not change,.Biology does NOT necessarily have to follow physics of the universe ( we ASSUME that Feynman noted that) “Expect biig surprises”, that is what Krauss said. I wish I had my chance on Roegan with that arrogant lefty-POOR obesity researcher. It is the fat cells control the brain actually -NOT the other way around,./

    • CHerrera on July 1, 2020 at 20:00

      “I do not think “Dr.” Stephanie Guyenet ( a super pussified extreme lefty emasculated male wearing a mask, a sheeple) is capable of even basic math.”

      LOL, I stopped following Dr. Ted Naiman (who’s done some good work on high protein diets and exercise) when he posted a picture of himself wearing a mask and holding a BLM poster. When people started asking if all lives matter or if he’d condemn violence and rioting, he had not response. Virtue-signaling Seattle guy…go figure.

  7. Chung-Ho Lee on June 27, 2020 at 08:36

    In an attepttp to pull the curtain back and reveal the illsuion and end the progaanda and fraud and lies about the COVID -19 HJOAX, the President of Brazil asked the Police to DIG UP the so called deceased from COVID-019. They dug up the caskets and OPENED THEM and… EMPTY- totally EMPTY!!!!! This is pure FRAUD and every nation needs to do this especially the United States to expose Fauci, the head desginer :

    HOW could Guyenet possibly support this outrigth deep state LIE?


    GREAT Shreiff from Washington Satte says to DEFY mask order and NOT to be a sheep. It is hard to limnk but you will see it. This shreiff said “DON’T be a sheeple.” The mask pore size is 250,000 nanometers, rthe viruys is 80 to 120 nanometers… Mosquito though a CHAINLINK FENCE. Who cares abnway as 99.7% recver very well…

  8. Chung-Ho Lee on June 28, 2020 at 07:29

    GREAT new song called “Stick Ya Coronavirus Up Ya Arse”


    GREAT , GREAT points raised by this pretty girl: “:coronavirus” magically appears when Trump does some public event or people celebrate holidays YET racist thugs can loot, destroy statues, businesses, and be applauded by Fauci and the left,..and then SARS-CoV-2 “coronavirus ” MAGICALLY DISAPPEARS….. I LOVE that Muhammad Ali’s own son came out and said his father would absolutely hate the terrorist groups ANTIFA or BLM


  9. Chung-Ho Lee on July 3, 2020 at 13:13

    Hi CHerrera,

    I hear you. LOL.

    BLM’s “victim cards ” are 100 % REVOKED here:


    BLM and other similar organizations live their lives based on a lie and are the true militants. The real militants are in the streets looting. BLM is just a terrorism organization. Regular citizens cannot even celebrate holidays yet they can burn down evbeyrthign and get the full support of these disgusting Democrat “leaders”. Disgusting. I do not wear a mask ever at work due to asthma ( which is true but I would not wear it anyway) and I also told my manager there is no evidence for one. Neither N95 nor surgical stop influenza in JAMA. Fauci is a control freak. I was glad that the son of the late boxer Muhammad Ali flat out said his dad would have absolutely hated BLM. I applaud the McCluskeys for standing up t these feral thugs. Larrty Elders puts them in their place, too and that parasite Al Sharpton. . Those thugs ( in the hundreds) broke down his gate. I loved that Mexican dude with the chainsaw scattering the leftist cockroaches and he told them “to go home, and that they are being lied to”( by mainstream media) I cannot believe the chairman Bob Chapek at DisneyWorld is buying into BLM bullshit and terrorism. I just saw it earlier before work ( my first day back) I wish he would see the video above. I think even Don Cheadle needed to let in sink in ( but at least he gave it thought and hope he reasosn by the evidence ) that his ancestos were enslaved not by whites at all but by Native Americans and the Chicksaw Nation *kept them as slaves -long after the Civil War when both black owners and white owners freed theirs. Almost all cultures did slavery. The MSM media will neevr admt it is not a white thing. From Greeks to Romans, to Native Americans to rich black American citizens, to kings in Africa , to Europeans, to Muslims of North Africa -all participated. Whites were slaves, too.

    This enite virus thng is a lie. The biggest crime ever perpetrated on us. I think Operation Mockingbird is still going on. The supposed inflated world death count from this SARS-CoV 2 man- tampered with virus is 10,900,000 out of 7,800,000 human being on Earth. That is only 0.139% or roudned 0.14% it is sooo low and not a pandemic as they say. These figuires are very inflated , if anything, from CDC- as they are known criminal shady liars. it is even less. Never fit the defitnition of pandemic. These leftist soy boy fools bash President Trump but he is right and supported by Luic Montagnier who said Nature will not accept any molecular tampering and the virus will naturally go away on its own. if one is old or sick or compromised then they should be alone and just have thier healthy relatives do things for them and keep 33 feet away ( MIT distance) . Still, there is no real way to contain it. It does not even matte for 99.7% of us. For almost everybdy else this thing is ridiculously overblown. I will neevr ever wear a mask or use the language and phrases of “Dr.” FALSEY LOL and his propaganda and indoctrnation phrases.

    I had the same view as Richard from day one.

    Take care : )

  10. Bret on July 3, 2020 at 21:03

    It’s obvious the BLM riots were drummed up on purpose to spread like crazy the unimpressive non-lethal virus (which billions of retards are afraid of nonetheless) and cripple the economy right as we were pulling out of the initial virus “scare” and getting our economic stride back.

    More of the same. Stop Orange Man at any cost. Lie our asses off in the process, every single day…who fucking cares. Unseating Drumpfler is a sufficiently noble end to justify any means.

    None of this has a single subatomic particle to do with black lives. None of these politicos give a fraction of a rat shit about black people. The data doesn’t even support lopsided police violence against blacks. They are merely pawns that the Left takes for granted and has, to date, successfully brainwashed a majority of into believing it is in their best interest to vote Democrat.

    I can’t tell if this is as bad as it looks, or if social media platforming, plus the desperate death throes of the legacy news media, are combining to make things look much worse than they really are. Probably some truth in both.

    One thing is certain. I have never had more contempt for my fellow citizens, regardless of race. Amazing to speculate on what the fuck can happen from here.

  11. Chung-Ho Lee on July 4, 2020 at 08:56

    Just found this: The terroristic organization BLM receives its funding and personal from The Tides Foundation a scumbag Democratic leftist dark money organization.


    If the Dems win we are all screwed. It’s never been so crucial for Trump to win 2020.

  12. Big on July 6, 2020 at 04:14

    Hey Richard, it’s really great to see how happy you are in Thailand man. Apart from your family Thanksgivings with your brothers and parents I don’t recall seeing you so content with life. Congratulations and long may you and your new family prosper. I have been following you since the early 2000s when this blog was called honestylog.com and you went to Art Devany’s Vegas Paleo conference.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 6, 2020 at 21:56

      Thanks man. Stay tuned for a lot more, as I tell the whole story with images in long form on this blog. Internet should be installed tomorrow so I’m not limited to just the phone.

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