CovidCon in Philippines: A Case Study of the Dumb

I’ll make this quick, because it’s so outrageously and obviously fucktarded that more than a few sentences is a waste of time on a Whole Dumb World.

The facts about the Philippines (CovidCon):

  1. Population: 107 Million
  2. Covid-19 deaths so far: 2,115
  3. Deaths per 100K population: 0.5 (1 out of 200,000 for the dummies)

The facts about the Philippines (Influenza and Pneumonia):

  1. Population: 107 Million (same)
  2. Influenza and pneumoia deaths 2018: 75,843 (not the same as CovidCon)
  3. Deaths per 100k population: 127 (254x more than CovidCon; only 73,728 more deaths to go; for the dummies)

(Before you object to combining flu and pneumonia, that’s how it should be done because it’s usually pneumonia that kills after flu has compromised the mucosa, not the flu itself. That’s why you give antibiotics early.)

…And yet, I’m listening to fucking France 24 on free Satellite-to-Air TV here in Thailand today and they’re gushing, just gushing over the new lockdowns coming in the PI because “SPIKE!!!”

(France 24 is just every bit as laughable as BBC. Pretentious as fuck, same agenda as overtly biased CNN, just veiled for the PBS leftie sophist-icky. No wonder why nearly every Frenchie I encounter on the innerwebs is a socialist / commie fucktard sporting curiously funny delusions of grandeur with hubris—especially for what has become such a thoroughly fucked up country in the 28 years since I left. …But I know a good couple dozen really good Frenchies, now. Expats in Thailand. A French expat bar was my daily haunt.)

You know, watching TV here, I get the distinct impression that a huge percentage of common southeast Asia folks have never heard of a virus before, have zero clue what it is—but even people who make $10 per day have “smart” phones and unlimited cheapo data, all relevant Social Media accounts, and CovidCon is the most breathtakingly serious, ominous thing that has ever befallen humanity.

I said in my first post, MY MUSINGS ON THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), March 16, 2020:

I’ve been in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand since right before public knowledge. At the time, it was just prior to Chinese New Year and there were tens of thousands of Chinese tourists here. Yet, I’ve never been concerned about it and to my mind, the only truly new strain of “virus” is a confluence of three general things:

1. A fully developed Internet and its chief manifestation, social media

2. The global, politicized leftist/socialist media

3. Trump Derangement Syndrome



Simple question.:

What few hundred thousand people ought to be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced to death, and summarily executed over this?⁠

The average fucktard-moron, abject idiot with a “smart” phone believes case numbers are 4 to 46 times what they actually are, and deaths 100 to 300 times what they actually are.⁠

Who’s responsible?⁠ Who should pay with their lives for this?

…Hey, very soon I’m going to be blogging, in part, about how I’ve easily lost over 4 kilograms the last couple of months here in rural Thailand. You can get a jump start by checking out The Energy Blueprint.

But, I’ll give you a hint: I eat Thai food, except when I make my occasional dish my loved Thai family and their friends say “very good” to, but don’t eat once tasted (that’s not to say they are taste wizards; not, but I ought not digress). The only fast food here in deep rural within hundreds of miles is a few KFC (and they fry in palm oil, not industrial machinery oil). Here’s my rule of thumb: half the rice, twice the protein.

Again: The Energy Blueprint.

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