CovidScam Unravels. Backlash Grows and Intensifies.

It was always a scam. Never was it more important than the flu we’ve dealt with forever. That’s easy to verify—from thousands upon thousands of learned voices—so long as you aren’t getting your information from the same sorts of mouthpieces for the global corporatism that logged over 600 billion in net worth during the scam to devastate all the little guys globally.

I’ve seen it all about Covid-19, going way back, and I looked for the contrarians early on, too, because it all smelled very fishy. I’ve also seen everything the CovidTards regurgitate, in the same way DietTards did for decades over the horror of fat in food.

It’s pointless. Truth does not matter and it’s seemly a greater delusion every day to harbor any notion that it does. Some of the greatest, most renowned medical and research minds on earth—not whores in the pay—have been speaking out about this for months and all have been ignored, and that’s the most charitable treatment some have received. For most, it has been far worse for them.

Here’s about the most pristine truth you can get on this matter. On the ground truth.

No lockdown. No business was closed. No business was dictated to how to operate. No mask mandate. No house arrest. No nothing like that.

The Nordic state didn’t impose strict lockdown measures, instead asking citizens to stay home if they were sick and to practice social distancing in public. Bars, restaurants, and shops stayed open, even when cases peaked in the country.

Its relaxed coronavirus strategy, relying on personal responsibility and willful obedience, has been both praised and criticized. And while the jury is still out on the effectiveness of the country’s public-health approach, there is growing evidence that, economically speaking, the loose rules seem to have worked.

But nobody cares. This is the truth, because its plain-fact nature renders every other State action around the entire globe—including every action by Trump—as the lies. All of them. Lies. No exceptions.

Everyone has been lied to by everyone else. Worse, everyone has encouraged being lied to by everyone else, clamored for it, begged for it, and in the end, was thankful for being lied to.

So, this too, is pointless:

Protests in Berlin this weekend over the renewed lockdown measures.

Why is it pointless?

So they’re just all Nazis…

I’m fucking tired. The world has literally gone to hell, and it’s being cheered.

I used to take great satisfaction in fighting for the truth and what’s right—always, always grounded in what’s best for the individual, family, etc., which is guided by a philosophy of general individual autonomy—that individuals are best positioned to see to their own decisions, learning from their own fuck-ups. Never have I fought for the interests of institutions, and that includes businesses, telling everyone what to do. That’s why the Paleo gig was so good for me. I worked for individual readers and commenters against institutional grant-whore dogma, and I saw good results daily for them; and often, for their loved ones. That gave me great satisfaction.

But now, I’m in that awful place where I cannot honestly say that the world needs saving. Because maybe it doesn’t. Because maybe it’s beyond hope and the best you can do is just find a corner of the world largely unaffected, tune the fuck out, and let nature run its course. I don’t care anymore. I honestly don’t, which makes this sort of blogging an awful, tedious chore. On the one hand, I feel compelled to point out the such obvious bullshit, but immediately on the other, if it’s obvious, then why bother pointing it out? Wouldn’t it be a lot better if the billions who swallow it just suffer the consequences?

Well, enough of this crap. I have a long post in draft about Thai Life, including building a house I just completed. Living a Thai family life.

CovidCon has zero impact here in the village of Laem Thong, over in the micro-town of Lalom, town of Khukhan, city of Surin, or anywhere else near here that I frequent. Nothing is closed, the idiotic “social distancing” stickers on the floors are nearly worn off, the laughable table dividers in some eating places have been discarded, and fewer and fewer people are wearing masks. Nobody says a word or gives a sideways glance if you don’t.

I was over in the Khukhan “county” hospital yesterday, and a good 30% of the employees were not wearing masks and no patients I saw were wearing them.

I guess they’re just too stupid to be scammed and conned like all you geniuses out there, especially the most brilliant genius of all: the political leftist.

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  1. Catherine H. on August 3, 2020 at 07:55

    On the one hand, I agree that your time will be better spent living real life. On the other hand, you were one of several reasons I began to wise up to this scam in late March. I truly enjoy your posts. Thank you for not being hoodwinked like e dry one else and writing about it!

  2. Resurgent on August 3, 2020 at 09:53


    This is turning out to be a year of mass psychosis..
    And we even have a daily “Hallucination du jour” – Whether it is COVID deaths, infections, recoveries, rubbish statistics, vaccines, BLM, ANTIFA, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton the vermin hibernating in some Upstate NY forest… Take your pick.

    Good luck with your adventure in Thailand.

  3. Lynn Wright on August 3, 2020 at 17:25

    I, too, was never fooled. Always knew this was a psyop, not a pandemic. And I think you might be right, leave the mask-wearing pod people to themselves, find a little corner of the world to live your life as you please. I have had several discussions with like-minded friends about starting an intentional community somewhere, a group of homesteader types, be as self-sufficient as possible. I used to care more, want people to see the truth, understand we are being played, lied to. But now? not so much, got to save my own ass.

  4. Eddie on August 4, 2020 at 01:23

    PG sums things up nicely. What has surprised me the most is the how vast the majority is of the ‘conventional-minded’, and how few of the ‘aggressively independent-minded’ have shown up.

    “I’m biased, I admit, but it seems to me that aggressively conventional-minded people are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the trouble in the world, and that a lot of the customs we’ve evolved since the Enlightenment have been designed to protect the rest of us from them.”

  5. Resurgent on August 4, 2020 at 10:22

    I would like to point out a correction to the picture in the blog showing the Berlin protests.. It is not Berlin but an old picture of some event in Zurich. Fake media at work again, so that they can discredit it later. An old banal trick they have played once too often now..

  6. John on August 4, 2020 at 10:51

    Richard, the other day I wrote out 20 unlikely assumptions that the whole “COVID 19” story and official response has been based on. This was in response to someone that claimed the idea that lockdowns might have resulted in extra deaths was based on “unlikely assumptions.” In response to that, I wrote the following-

    “That is RICH.

    The official narrative of “COVID 19” itself relies on too many unlikely assumptions.


    1. The assumption that scientists “discovered” a “new virus” right as it jumped from some sort of animal to a human.
    2. That this new virus didn’t circulate in any humans prior to December 1st, 2019.
    3. That these same scientists somehow “knew” this virus would turn into a pandemic, just by looking at it.
    4. That there was no need for any other scientists, organizations, or countries to verify this discovery in infected patients.
    5. That a so called “novel” coronavirus wouldn’t act like other coronaviruses discovered in humans, dating back to at least 1966.
    6. That researchers could come up with an accurate test for the virus, without a live sample of said virus.
    7. That a PCR test is a good diagnostic for this virus, despite the fact that it’s inventor (Kary Mullis) disputes this. As do manufacturers of the test, and even the CDC.
    8. That the original Case Fatality Rate of 3.4% was the same as the Infection Fatality Rate.
    9. The idea that both above rates would never change.
    10. That “The Virus” only shows up in countries when they start testing for it, or institute lockdowns.
    11. That radical experiments like lockdowns, mass layoffs, and forced masking are the only was to deal with this “novel virus.”
    12. That masks only became effective when health officials reversed themselves and said they were.
    13. That studies that show that COVID was circulating as early as March 2019 are incorrect, as they rely on the same tests used to diagnose the virus, but (those same tests are) perfectly okay as a diagnostic otherwise.
    14. That healthy people need to be rebranded as “Asymptomatic Patients.”
    15. That doctors, healthcare workers and hospitals would not respond to social and financial pressure to liberally apply the COVID label on death certificates.
    16. The idea that COVID can be a pandemic when Tuberculous or the Flu are never considered as such.
    17. That lockdowns should continue even after the models used to justify them turned out to be insanely wrong.
    18. That this novel virus somehow gets around basic laws of physics. And people’s immune systems.
    19. That somehow laying off tens of thousands of doctors and nurses during a pandemic is in any way a good idea.
    20. That things like heart disease, cancer, suicides, food shortages, famine, stress, isolation, and massive unemployment are of no concern whatsover.”


    If you, or anyone else, would like to share these “unlikely assumptions” in a post or whatever, please do. And feel free to add your own. I wrote those 20 off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are many, many more.

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