As The Covid Petrification Peters, What’s The Next Petrifying Thing?

One thing we know since about November of 2016, is that this world with its ubiquitous “smart” phones—with far more people below 100 IQ on them than above—combined with its fully mature Social Scare and Cancel Media, is that the elite, the political class, the media, and the corporate giants love to keep the world petrified in fear and loathing…but not in Las Vegas. That has to go, too.

So I’m kinda mostly done with Covid. It is what it was, I doubt vaccines are going to be required in most places and if not, the idea of vaccine passports widely in use just won’t fly unless everyone’s really ready to reset back to far more primitive and sparse times economically. No sense beating an almost dead horse, so far as I can see. Perhaps we’ll go back to the good old days of “respiratory, flu-like illness and onset pneumonia” as a catch-all kind of cause of death, since that’s what is it and there has never been anything particularly remarkable about Covid, still dwarfed by magnitudes compared to other pandemics like the Spanish flu during WWI.

Bill Maher occasionally has a clip well worth watching. Yep, plenty of BS in it, but plenty that’s dead on straight up.

We’ve come to a place in the world, now that technology has essentially rendered earth small and ubiquitous, where the cart leads the horse in the sense that we seem to need a crisis to all rally around. From 2016 – 2019, that global crisis was Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, disrupting everything. He was monkey wrenching with everything the elite, the political class including most Republicans, the media including Fox News, and Big Corp including High Tech held near and dear in terms of profit by amorality and corruption at all costs, no matter who’s paying for it—like sweatshop workers in China and India.

I’m making figures up for illustrative purposes, but free-market capitalists used to tout that the value of 1st world companies manufacturing in China, for instance, helps lift the people of China to economic parity in the world. After all, we’ve seen this before, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan being fine examples. Can’t “exploit” them, anymore.

But China is massive and in the meantime, isn’t it grand you can make an iPhone for $200 including labor, and sell it for $1,300? (the made-up numbers) The point is, you just could not have Trump messing with this sweet-teat deal that the whole elitist world had come to count on, where they are all the Big Middlemen reaping the spoils from economic and trade shenanigans that increasingly shut out American and Western European workers because they’re too expensive and we have to have those huge margins. If we kept the prices of our cars, electronics, and appliances the same for the 1st world markets, actual workers in those markets would be reaping most of the benefits while Big Corp gets reduced to making the same small-margin profits that big business used to clamor for, i.e., the hard way. In turn, there would be a lot less loot to spread around far and wide, such that they could keep making it the easy way.

So now what? Trump is gone in favor of a senile child sniffer and the sleep-around skank, Covid is on its last legs because the data lags the public ignorant hysteria and fear fatigue, and if some alarm isn’t sounded soon, it’ll be back to cat videos and food pics on social media.

And plus, social media have put in this enormous apparatus to artificially intelligentsia your every post and comment in case you say something about a verboten thing—no matter the context—so that it can slap on a warning, add a link to a “source,” or have it fact checked it by obese, green and pink-haired, pierced and tatted lesbians in torn mesh.

I’m sure the input fields of the Great Artificial Intelligentsia Algorithm In the SKYNET were designed as variables, such that as soon as the new crisis comes along, they simply have to replace all the variations for ‘Covid’ with variations of expression for dissenting voices of the Next Big Petrifying Thing; for which, of course, there will be official sources so that you know what to say, think, do, and not do about it.

So let’s see if we can guess the next petrifying thing, shall we? In order:

  1. Global Warming gained traction in late 1970s and early 80s when New Ice Age just wasn’t cutting it.
  2. Since plenty enough people like it warm, the notion had a systemic problem.
  3. So then it became anthropogenic, or Man-Made Global Warming, meaning shame on us, the classic guilt trip.
  4. But there were too many cats to herd, and eventually, there were far too many examples of actual cooling counter-examples to keep the warming narrative plausible.
  5. Enter Climate Change, with two advantages. First, is that the guilt, i.e. the Man Made part was already baked in the cake. You don’t even have to bring it up. Second, this ushered in a way to dismiss all dissenting views. While you could easily deny that the earth was warming universally by providing objective data, you can’t deny that climates change. You’re a Climate Change Denier if you simply don’t accept any and all narrative facets ushered forth by “sources.”
  6. But still, the petrifying, panic-driven umph necessary to control every aspect of human life, leisure, work, trade, and social association just isn’t there in spades as it was in the Health Emergency!!! that was Covid. People still like it when it’s warm. They even seek it out. The reason the whole climate thing as been in some measure a Lead Balloon since the 1970s is that people are pretty used to wide swings in the weather and as soon as there’s something really bad, it’s not too long until it’s really good. Climate, in fact, is sort of innate in us. We love and embrace “climate change.” Vast number of people specifically choose places to live that enjoy the stark contrast between the four seasons.
  7. So, something must be done. Enter Climate Crisis!!! which you have no doubt already heard reference to. Of course, the narrative will be that it was the Climate Crisis that caused Covid, so we really have to solve the underlying cause through various Great Reset Measures!!!

Well, we’ll see. Expect to see warnings on your posts, links to a “source” added, and anything that stings the approved narrative enough to be “independently fact checked.” Dissent from the official elitist, politicized, and corporatized narrative will never again be tolerated on earth without repercussions.

One thing you can do is let people know that there are cropping up membership-based sites like this one, 100% under the control of its owner who personally creates all or most of the content, and has no so-called community standards or officially approved narratives. So let folks know, share posts, etc. Help build a place you can call a nice place to be.

UPDATE: For more on the waning of Covid, see Dr. Michael Eades’ most recent issue of his weekly The Arrow Email Newsletter, of which, I am an enthusiastic subscriber and reader.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. Resurgent on April 29, 2021 at 16:13

    I hope Michael Eades is right..!
    But this guy has some bad news for everyone, unless we change our ways Quickly (Unlikely)
    Checkout his latest. I learnt of him through one of your previous posts.

  2. Resurgent on April 29, 2021 at 18:12

    In short:

    1. Never before in mankind’s history has such a mass vaccination campaign taken place, DURING a pandemic.. This is unchartered territory.

    2. If we had let the virus run its course with appropriate precautions, like shielding the vulnerable elderly, it would come to its natural end – Just like Michael Eades proposes.

    3. While the pandemic runs, vaccinating with a vaccine that targets the spike protein on the original virus causes the virus to do – what is he describes as an immune escape.

    4. Since there is so much virus in circulation during a pandemic and vaccination takes up to 6 to 8 weeks to build a reasonable immune response, after 2 or more doses. The infected, but vaccinated persons present a sub optimal immune response to the virus, which is constantly mutating, sometimes as fast as within 12 hours.

    5. This causes an immune escape – basically mutants begin to becomes resistant to the vaccine and begin to multiply.

    6. The reason given is that a vaccinated person’s INNATE immune system is compromised since the vaccine produced anti-bodies compete with the innate immune system and does not allow it to fight the variant effectively. several compelling arguments are provided in the video cast.

    7. All in all – mass vaccinations carried out DURING a pandemic may lead to stronger and more damaging mutants to appear. It seems this is already happening in India.

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