Billions of People Pissed at Texas

I recall last spring when the typical seasonality of the virus naturally attenuated and principalities around the world started easing their various commie, totalitarian measures…and how those who love everything commie and lockdown measures—never good enough—pronounced dire warnings: JUST WAIT 2 WEEKS!!! —a pathetically veiled hope and prayer that a lot of people die so they’re right in a comment thread on the internet and get to say I TOLD YOU SO!!! …People this lowly lay awake at night fantasizing about getting to bolster their meaningless life for likes because people died and they’re miserable—in spite of getting paid to sit at home and wank off to porn at their leisure. It’s likely that anyone of those writing those sorts of comment posts was a relative of yours—parent, sibling…maybe a close friend who’s getting paid by a high-tech company that “fact checks.”

Fans stand for the national anthem before a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays Monday, April 5, 2021, in Arlington, Texas. The Texas Rangers are set to have the closest thing to a full stadium in pro sports since the coronavirus shut down more than a year ago. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)

Once again, the Internet was awash with PAID stay-at-home-wankers proclaiming JUST WAIT TWO WEEKS!!! in-between their jerk-off sessions to porn in their incognito tab, always open. I reiterate: maybe your mother, on a retirement pension, who embraces the fear that a Covid Great Reset means her pension has dried up.

Reset for thee, not for me!

…But shit, damn, it has been six weeks, there has been maybe a half dozen sold-out games like this—SUPER SPREADER EVENTS!!!—and not only has it not gone up, it has gone down. Way down.

In rational times, back when average people had an Intelligence Quotient that could be measured, combined with a sense of integrity and honesty that went to their own sense of self worth, this would count as falsification, i.e., WE WERE WRONG!!! …But no leftist Democrat in the whole entire world is wrong about anything, anymore.

Just ask Oprah. They are “speaking their truth,” instead.

“If you think human behavior, not other factors like seasonality primarily drive COVID then you’d have to explain how 70 million people in the Midwest behaved for 7 months, then misbehaved, then behaved again, then misbehaved a little in the spring and now started behaving again.”

Or, check out Ivor Cummmins, who has been doing yeoman’s work on Covid for a year.

But in the meantime, make sure to keep masking your kids like a parent worse than an obese crack whore in the projects who has a dozen baby daddies, fuck & suck for drugs, and has kids from most of them which she in-turn gets paid for with your tax dollars.

If you have ever, 1 time even, masked your child, you are far worse that that skank. Like this woman. My heart is not broken. She ought to be beaten to a pulp for masking her children and if you do, so ought you.

Stay safe out there, most especially if you actually have to go to work.

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  1. question_everything on April 27, 2021 at 23:11

    I’m against masking my toddler but my husband sometimes does, if inside a public place. For myself, I bought a lightweight one off Etsy. My state hasn’t lifted restrictions yet… I guess it’s time to move to Florida or Texas.

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