What’s Behind The Mask?

Have you considered that there’s another aspect to this whole mask insanity besides the typical theater and virtue signalling you already suspect or understand?

Let me tell you about an exchange I had in email just today with someone who’s a known published author and who has a good newsletter comprised of astute book reviews. That’s true, in spite of his behavior, and I’ll continue to browse his book reviews when they come out. I’m an adult with a brain, that’s why. Moreover, I don’t, without hesitancy, shut out people I may otherwise have a level of disdain for, provided they offer me something of value in spite of what it is that rubs me the wrong way.

It’s called growing up. Everyone is supposed to do it. Try it if you haven’t.

So, the Ryan Holiday had had a dream to start an Indy bookstore and by God he’s done it and by the photos, it looks to be a perfect place. It’s called The Painted Porch in Bastrop, TX.

I’d love a visit. Unfortunately, at least for now, I can’t. It’s not the fact that I live in Thailand and not in Texas that would necessarily prevent it. It’s because I’m a bad person.

Now, he’s all big on Stoicism and has written books on it, and he’s prone to making lists and principles. The following exchange will demonstrate how faux and what a poseur he is in that regard. Woke trumps all.

Our store The Painted Porch is now open on Main St in Bastrop, Texas and doing great. The obstacle was more than the way—it’s been an incredibly rewarding (although deeply challenging) experience. All are welcome (masked and preferably vaxxed!) and you can also support the store here with the recommendations at the top. Just remember, we’re small and just getting going…be kind.

I’ve never corresponded with the gentleman prior, even though I’ve subscribed and have usually browsed his newsletter for a few years, upon the recommendation of another friend. I hit reply and popped off a quickie.

“All are welcome (masked and preferably vaxxed!)”

That actually means: All are NOT welcome.

I got an equally quickie reply.

Correct–we don’t welcome people who can’t muster even the most basic regard for other humans.

So the mask comes off, doesn’t it? It reminded me of news I was seeing at the same time where Biden’s press secretary admits that Creepy, Senile, Child Sniffing Joe was wearing his mask during a Zoom call with bunches of other world leaders—all unmasked—to “SEND A MESSAGE!!!”

Of course I pounced.

Even if it’s virtue-signaling theater. I see posers like that coming from miles away.

And you expose your poor, base malicious character mixed with self-righteous and intransigent hubris by automatically judging people as uncaring based upon a single behavior—the desire to have their respiration unencumbered…all the while implying that masks in the way they are used are effective enough to make much difference. There is legitimate scientific debate on that, but I guess reading up on such matters is not your forte.

Several elements I hadn’t really considered previously, came to mind.

  • Do masks confer a sort of psychological protection for some, perhaps depending on their ideological bias? Does it embolden them in ways not afforded them previously, an aura of superiority, and such?
  • Conversely, are they an inhibiting factor for those who embrace opposite or competing ideological biases? Does it tend to betray their natural sense of how thing are or ought to be, becoming seen as a game changer beyond the simple inconvenience and discomfort?
  • Does the fact that it involves covering the face and primarily, the mouth—that both speaks and expresses—shift a sort of “balance of power?”

I live in Asia (Thailand) and have for the past 15 months. But I previously lived in Japan for 5 years during the latter half of the 1980s. I’m well acquainted with mask usage amongst the Japanese during cold and flu season. Now, I see it all over Asia and I do not sense that people find it all that bothersome.

I had chalked it up to an Asian sense of conformity and deference to authority that’s particularly Asian in my own sense of things. Quite different from a Western mentality where there is at least an implied burden of proof or good reason as to WHY!? And, what are the tradeoffs?

And then I thought of the Asian propensity towards “saving face,” and had a bit of an ah-ha moment, but perhaps it’s mental masturbation, I don’t know. This saving face thing was quite a big deal way back then, in Japan, and even though I had travelled to Thailand over a half-dozen times and spent a total of perhaps 150 days in country, I never detected it, at least in the same way. But over the last year, I sure have; it’s just expressed or exercised a bit differently. A subject for another post, as always…

All more stuff to think about surrounding this most curious clamoring to cover one’s face and most particularly, the real reason for it, behind the mask.

UPDATE: Well, he couldn’t resist. Naturally.

You’re a legit moron.

Well, then…

Just as I wrote, “what’s behind the mask?”

I’ve seen and exposed the facades of dozens just like you in my 60 years.

Perhaps your next 20-30 years of life experience will gain for you such insight.

It was easy. A single sentence and I knew exactly what you’re about and how hard you’ve worked to maintain the faux persona, the impression of which you wish people to have of you.

A genuine, honest, and transparent person would not have written that sentence like that, even with a mask requirement.

I wonder if this evokes in him any loss of sleep.


  1. question_everything on April 29, 2021 at 01:13

    40% of the US marines are opting out of the shot.

    • Richard Nikoley on April 29, 2021 at 02:24

      That’s cool.

      I’ve said it over and over again to the anti vaxx people who think I’m on board. I’m not anti vaxx, I support the handful for stuff that kills kids. I’m anti taking unneeded and useless bullshit.

      I accept there are risks with any medication or treatment. Fine, nothing is perfect and risk free, but risks need to be reasonably weighed or assessed. I don’t see much of a risk with Covid, so why take that shit?

    • El Donimo on April 29, 2021 at 16:40

      Good! I read that around 20% or so of the general public rejects them too.

      What really alarms me is the fact that these vaccines are protected from lawsuits and claims will be handled by an obscure government compensation program which so far has rejected 90% of claims for other medical products.

      It’s called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

      “Government program tapped to pay for COVID-19 vaccine injuries rarely sides with consumers”

      Now I can understand that the manufacturers would want a little protection for taking risks in developing a product but I don’t think agree with most of the following:

      “Not only does CICP deny compensation for pain and suffering and attorney’s fees, and the right to appeals, it prohibits litigants from holding hearings and introducing evidence and expert testimony. ”

      From: “People who get injured from COVID-19 vaccines could have a hard time getting compensated”

    • Richard Nikoley on April 29, 2021 at 17:19

      Yea, what a mess.

  2. El Donimo on April 29, 2021 at 16:42

    *but I don’t agree

  3. Natalie on April 30, 2021 at 08:07

    This mask and vaccine pass business is just a new type of segregation, part of the divide and conquer strategy.
    Most people are not aware vaccines shed viruses and other things. Of course they claim there’s no pathogen in mRNA jabs but do we really trust the serial criminals? What if the spike protein can shed and cause all sort of damage? I’ve seen a lot of reports from women stating changes in their menstrual cycles, heavy cramping, blood clots and miscarriages – coming from both vaccinated and unvaccinated, but exposed to other vaccinated people. Something is definitely going on here. In fact, even Pfizer trials mention “exposure” during pregnancy, breastfeeding or by occupation.

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