I Made $30,000 In 20 Hours On Elixa Probiotic

In April of 2015, I wrote a post about a unique probiotic. That was just over six years ago. It was well received so I collaborated with the manufacturer to create a pretty damn fine 2nd post: FODMAP Prebiotic Arms Dealing, Probiotic Mercenaries, and Uganda.

Englishman Karl Seddon and I have been good mates ever since and it counts as one of my best mutually beneficial relationship gigs.

Why? Because he’s honest and forthright. Moreover, he has the biotech education, capital, and business acumen necessary to create, manufacture, package, and ship his own probiotic all over the world. He stands behind it. It’s his baby. He’s accountable and understands that fully.

Most probiotics are “trade secret” blends of stuff from 5-gallon buckets on shelves, put into a standard gelcap, funneled into plastic jars with fancy labels—and 90% of all cost is in the marketing of the lies and hype. Karl gets to walk out and see how his own cultures are doing, ensuring all parameters are correct—like a commercial airline pilot on final approach; then he packages it in a way that ensures the 60-capsules per 6-day course remain intact until it gets to your colon so as to not be killed right off the bat in your stomach acid.

All other probiotics are in short pants by comparison.

That picture above? That’s taken right here in Thailand, just right now. A couple of months back I ended up having to have a round of antibiotics as a tradeoff—to rid myself of what was likely a lingering and persistent chronic sinus infection. Worth it, but, the gut and TMI stuff was just not great since that time. So, I emailed Karl last week and asked him to spot me a couple of 6-day courses and he dispatched it right away from England, standard post. Three days later, it’s in my unit at Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand, no import duty.

If you scour the internet for negative feedback, what you find are sites that hold up Elixa, uniquely, as the one you better not take, and gives you a list of alternatives, all affiliate links. What does that tell you? Hilariously, it’s easy to tell that the “reviewer” never bought Elixa, because it will write things like “shortly after I swallowed the capsule…”

Uh, each dose of the 6-day course is 10 capsules, individually packaged.

Now, since I’ve had this on the sidebar of my blog for 6 years, don’t you think I would have had some complaints by now? I wish, actually, but no, quite to the contrary. Honestly, I have had a small handful tell me they didn’t notice anything either way. That’s fine. But, the last time I checked with Karl he had no complaints or refund requests from those who ordered via my affiliate link. He also tells me that about 65% place a second order.

“Yea bla bla bla Richard, but how much do you really sell? So, 10-20 customers over 6 years bla bla yada yada…”

So, I got busy in 2015 and wrote some posts, a few more in 2016, and the last of 13 posts was in February of 2017 and I haven’t said another word about Elixa in 4 1/2 years. A total of what, maybe 20 hours worth of focussed effort made me $30,000? Sounds about right.

What if I had put in a few hundred hours? What if I had asked Karl about buying wholesale, manage my own inventory, marketing, storefront or shipping, etc?

This is a 10% sales commission.

So, that kinda answers the question, “how many sales, Richard?”


So my total of 20 customers popped for $15K each on probiotics….

All of my hater-sycophants are morons.

So, here, check out the list of 13 posts I wrote if you like. And here’s the link if you want to try it out for yourself.

Since Covid killed my Cabo San Lucas vacation-rental business in 2021, this is my day job. I can't do it without you. Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. Two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance this work I do, and if you like what I do, please chip in. No grandiose pitches.


  1. Chris M on July 16, 2021 at 22:02

    I’ve used this periodically ever since you recommended it, so I guess I’ve been contributing to your Elixa income. Elixa was the only thing that finally cleared up some lingering symptoms my son got from toxic meal he ate at a restaurant. it’s interesting to see that Elixa always contained L. reuteri which seems to be the new big thing.

    Question: Does ivermectin kill the good gut bacteria?

    • Richard Nikoley on July 17, 2021 at 09:07

      I would doubt it, but best to let an expert weigh in, but I suspect there is no firm answer.

      Thanks for the orders.

  2. George on July 21, 2021 at 06:55

    if you know what you are doing as you claim, you would know “probiotics” do NOT replace what is killed by antibiotics. Gut bacteria is NEVER the same after antibiotics!
    And its a LIE to say “probiotics” fix what antibiotcs damage, which is just another LIE to sell “probiotics”.
    Look up a book called “missing microbes” by Martin Balser. it explains all this
    When you post a blog with that title, you sound like a pyramid salesman.
    High dose Vit C in an IV, is more effective than antibiotics, and it doesnt kill your gut bacteria.
    Typical American. It always gets back to money.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 21, 2021 at 09:54

      Well let’s see here, Strawman-Builder George with chip on shoulder.

      “if you know what you are doing as you claim, you would know ‘probiotics’ do NOT replace what is killed by antibiotics.”

      What I wrote:

      “Worth it, but, the gut and TMI stuff was just not great since that time. So, I emailed Karl last week and asked him to spot me a couple of 6-day courses and he dispatched it right away from England…”

      Nowhere there or anywhere else is it implied that probiotics replace what is killed by antibiotics or anything else, even the actions of other bacteria in the gut. All probiotics do is add well-established beneficial bacteria in very high CFU and also with a delivery mechanism that actually delivers them to the colon.

      “Gut bacteria is NEVER the same after antibiotics!”

      Didn’t say it was. Gut bacteria are never “the same” from minute-to-minute, after any meal ever, etc. It’s always changing, never identical.

      “And its a LIE to say “probiotics” fix what antibiotcs damage, which is just another LIE to sell probiotics’.”

      Again, never said that. However, it’s well established that adding sufficient quantities of known beneficial strains can improve the status of the gut. Even fecal transplant is well established in doing this.

      It’s more about having a decent amount of known beneficials compared to known bad. Good bugs will help crowd out the bad and keep them in check.


      “Look up a book called “missing microbes” by Martin Balser.”

      Yea, read it 7 years ago around the time I first posted about it here.


      “High dose Vit C in an IV, is more effective than antibiotics”

      I don’t discount the value of C, nor occasional high dose in IV. I know people who swear by periodic treatments. I have no awareness of it being touted as a replacement for antibiotics, though it sounds reasonable for minor infections. Then again, minor infections will often go away by themselves. But some infections will require antibiotics. Well established.

      There is also the role of prebiotics you don’t mention. It’s basically eating stuff good bugs like to eat. Pretty simple.


      “Typical American.”

      Is this representative of a typical Aussie Fucktard?


      Incidentally, my dad was born in Germany, I in US, and I live in Thailand. About the only good Aussie mates I know are either expats like me or working on it, because the place is a shithole of authoritarian and totalitarian assholes, as well documented by one of your countrymen, Anthony Colpo, just yesterday.


      Alright, now you’re dismissed.

  3. Alec on July 27, 2021 at 07:42

    Good point, Richard about the Australians. Canadians have lost their minds as well, under Covid-19 propaganda, but Australia seems to have truly turned into a 1984-style state with stormtroopers attacking anyone who does not conform. Strange, as Australians always seemed independent types, both the men and the women, when I knew more of them in the early noughts.

  4. Steve Mchale on July 27, 2021 at 10:15

    Hi Richard. Do you continue to use potato starch for gut health?

    • Richard Nikoley on July 27, 2021 at 10:20

      Very rarely. I had soome a year or so ago. I found that even a periodic decent dose didn’t cause the fart bombs as before, so some measure of adaptation has remained, I suppose.

      But I don’t not use it regularly because i think there’s anything wrong with it.

      OTOH, I almost always have potatoes in the fridge I’ve boiled whole and use at will to make anything potato, like fried, mashed, pancakes, whatever.

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