Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #2 — Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

“4 Creative Ways to Use FOMO to Drive App Engagement” — they don’t even try to hide it

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #1

In this Paid-Member Issue:

  • Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste
  • Red Pill vs. Blue Pill
  • Guilt to Crisis and Back to Guilt
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

The very first questions one might ask themselves:

  1. What crisis?
  2. What are you really afraid of?
  3. Where’s the fire?

In that oft-repeated cynical-Democrat saying dripping with puerile ha-ha political machination to advance power at the expense of populist weakness—practical politics—should be the recognition that it’s a question-begging logical fallacy. I know that gets eye-rolls but try to bear with me. It’s good to understand this pervasive technique to get you to swallow bullshit without question. Call it pervasive persuasion for weak minds. I don’t think the self-proclaimed master-of-persuasion, Scott Adams, has a clue about it.

Simply stated, question-begging is an informal fallacy and the most misused phrase in all of English. Nothing you are hearing “begs the question”—unless they know what they are talking about; that’s near to impossible. Things can raise questions. Something said can bring a question to mind.

In classical rhetoric and logicbegging the question or assuming the conclusion (Latinpetitio principii) is an informal fallacy that occurs when an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it.

The question-beg in never let a crisis go to waste is that it assumes the premise, that there is a “crisis” in the true sense of the word.

The first thing to understand about crisis is that they are never global. Not even the Spanish Flu of 1918/19 was a global crisis. In natural terms on the worldwide human population of the time, it was a mere flesh wound. The vast majority overcame it, it culled lots of the weak, and the affected came out stronger for it.

All true and remarkable crises are local or regional. Always. There has never been an exception in the history of humanity. The last global crisis on earth was attended to by dinosaurs. It largely wiped them out. Yep, global crisis. Check. Humans are as-yet unable to create a global crisis—they perhaps could if all nukes were launched in a global dispersion. Take that to heart and think about it. It’s a pernicious lie to engender your fear and compliance, followed by your submission to all who stand to gain.

World War I and II, you object?

“World” is a question-begging fallacy. It was not global at all, only that in our indoctrinated minds it was taken to be “The World.” There were thousands of places on earth to live in peace and tranquility in 1940. So, too, is the implication that the prevailing NATO Allies defeating the Axis was necessarily “the only possible outcome.” Just one falsifying element:

The Allied defeat of the Axis powers not only ensured the global ideological rise of Soviet Marxism in almost all universities, most media, much of Hollywood, “the greatest” literature, and popular culture…and 4-5 decades of Cold War, it directly raped pretty much every woman in East Berlin in the aftermath.

As Allied troops entered and occupied German territory during the later stages of World War II, mass rapes of women took place both in connection with combat operations and during the subsequent occupation of Germany. Scholars agree that the majority of the rapes were committed by Soviet occupation troops.[1] The wartime rapes were followed by decades of silence.[2][3][4][5] According to historian Antony Beevor, whose books were banned in 2015 from some Russian schools and colleges, NKVD (Soviet secret police) files have revealed that the leadership knew what was happening, but did little to stop it.[6] It was often rear echelon units who committed the rapes.[7] According to professor Oleg Rzheshevsky, “4,148 Red Army officers and many privates were punished for committing atrocities”.[8] The exact number of German women and girls raped by Soviet troops during the war and occupation is uncertain, but historians estimate their numbers are likely in the hundreds of thousands, and possibly as many as two million.[9]
Backup link on his other channel “Black Pigeon Speaks:”

Those rapes were a local crisis. Nobody far from Berlin needed to give a care about it beyond human empathy, except perhaps for the political and military authorities far away, who looked the other way. I’m not virtue signalling, here. Rape is and has always been one element of the “spoils of war.” That’s why men were “engineered” to protect women and children; those who give birth; who renew and restore life. But when you take localized skirmishes to geopolitical conflict and scale up, the local men-protectors of women and children become marginalized in the pursuit of larger spoils. International spoils, even. But, still, not a global crisis.

Ironically, the Very Biggest Lie of all that’s swallowed by male and female feminists alike—for the last hundred years or so—is that it’s the rape-enabling umbrella government who’s your protector and not the local set-aside pawns-as-men—those would-bes whom woke society besmirches as your predators and oppressors.

Here’s the basis of The Big Lie in terms of CRISIS!!! No matter how small, tiny, or miniscule it might be, you can rest assured and bet your bottom dollar that every single person from the reporter on the scene, to the cops, to the military, to all of their officers, to all of the local office-holders and politicians, on up to legislators, executives—on local, state, federal, international, and global levels as the case may be—will all use the same talking points to advance the narrative. Those points will appeal to the moral outrage of men and the emotional concerns of women, and no matter what, the CRISIS!!! will be blown out of all rational proportion, and not only by the “approved narrative,” but just as equally, by the counter-narrative.

That latter point is why Fox News, for example, is more essential in advancing the narrative than are CNN and MSNBC, which makes them all lots of ad revenue. Counter-narrative supports and advances The Narrative on that scale of operations. It “legitimizes” it, in the sense it gives some plausibility. Otherwise, why are they not just scoffing or ignoring? Ever ask yourself that when binging Fox News? They take everything very seriously and that is Clue #1 you are being chumped.

Think different. Think better. Don’t be a chump, loser, and fool for any of them.

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

I’m a bit loath to use it because it’s overused, including calling lots of things that are simply “don’t be so fucking stupid,” getting RED PILLED!!!

No, you just stopped being so damn gullible.

Serendipitously, I just rewatched The Matrix a couple of nights ago. The Red Pill is not really what people seem to think it is. It’s so over-employed now. I could imagine people who found they can actually like eating liver & onions described as having been RED PILLED!!! It’s Overreach.

One of the biggest purveyors of the Red Pill metaphor has been the manosphere, men’s rights groups, etc. I have even spoken a number of times at their conventions. Do I think they stretch the metaphor too far and in some cases, abuse and take advantage of it? Yes. Is it a big deal? Well, at least it’s out there as an idea; the fact the female-like population that includes male-like organisms is growing while the solid masculine population is shrinking, leads me to give the stretching of the metaphor a pass.

No metaphor is perfectly applied; otherwise, it would simply be what’s better called literal and factual.

And even as I’m using it—as a plea against falling for any “crisis” that’s simply called CRISIS!!!—It’s imperfect. I use it most applicably toward The COVID-19 Global Pandemic Crisis!!! So called.

If vaccination rates are a surrogate for the level of critical fear and hysteria, then how about for the largest continent on earth by huge? Africa. You can also check on their Covid case and death rates. Yawn. That’s why they’re ignored by the political and media purveyors of the Blue-Pill Narrative. They don’t fit the narrative. Africa is only interesting if they’re doing much worse than us, and IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!

Guilt to Crisis and Back to Guilt

Guiltless people aren’t susceptible to the various “crises” that “plague” the planet.

There are a number of factors on an increasing list that scoop up ever more pawns into the guilt trap, however. The old-time common one was that of inherited wealth and status. They didn’t work for it, they do nothing to advance or preserve it—yet they lazily enjoy it. Some reach their own internal honest outrage over that and feel earned guilt.

That’s not enough people and not enough wealth to make a dent in the costs of running a global racket on contrite behavior to keep people in line, not too uppity, always looking to be told what to do.

That requires a general sense of fear. The general sense of fear requires admonishments of foreboding. But compliance requires feelings of guilt. You are responsible, at root. It’s your fault, especially if born guilty and at fault.

  • You’re privileged
  • You’re frivolous and self-indulgent
  • You’re wasteful
  • You’re a looter on the commons others paid for
  • You didn’t build that; it was bestowed
  • You have no right
  • You’re dirty, messy, and polluting
  • You’re selfish
  • All you have is the product of others you’ve exploited for your own gain

The list always goes on.

…The other day, I was in the local convenience mart and you have to wear a mask. But I’m awful at it. I have an adjustable one and I keep it loose, so it’s often just barely covering my upper lip. Store employees never say anything. A neighbor of mine was also there, and he asks, “aren’t you going to wear your mask properly?”

“Shiv, I have told you before that nothing you can say to me makes me feel the slightest bit guilty, ashamed, or fearful. I don’t care.”

Of course he said not another word and was perfectly cordial the next encounter.

Here’s the real crux of the matter. When you are susceptible to unearned guilt through various manipulations, lies, narrative, then the next GLOBAL CRISIS!!! that’s politically or socially propped up or just comes down the pike: this explains just another aspect of your guilt.


So, you now have an explanation for that faux guilt you’ve self-saddled and are busy virtue-signalling, in order to be every bit as good and worthy as every other sheep in the flock—the [whatever] “crisis” being a perfect explanation, and now your unearned, self-saddled guilt is reinforced and you’re back to your cozy social slumber with plenty of Likes, right back at home. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

To sum it up, the most ridiculous of all “global crises” is “climate change,” formerly known as “global warming;” but, that was a bust since people are FUCKING COLD!!! too often. So, it had to be renamed to account for anything and since it can go BOTH up AND down, it’s made even worse and explains anything; but more importantly, forebodes everything. And it’s YOUR fault.

You are responsible: because you like a warm house in the winter, cool in the summer, driving an SUV, campfires, smokey BBQs with meat on them, and you’re crap at recycling.

…Imagine how they are laughing at you, jetting around the world privately, sipping from the top shelf.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

You already know it but won’t admit to it: you can’t vote your way out of any of this. So you default to “staying informed.”

Informed of what, exactly?

And whatever it is: why, exactly?

You keep on your preferred cable “news” during all wa[n]king hours. It doesn’t matter which. You pick up your device every time it makes a noise or vibration to see who on social media shot you a Like or alerted you to the next thing to be “informed” about. You aren’t living. You’re “staying informed.”

Informed of what, exactly?

And whatever it is: why, exactly?

Is it helping you in any way you can solidly quantify?

Does any of it get you a better job, more money in the bank, a happier status in life? Or, does it keep you from doing all of that by never-ending distraction and antagonism—left or right, politically?

Here’s a clue. The left-right political antagonism is a contrived illusion that benefits those who are selling advertising as they keep you glued to the TV and social media to “stay informed.”

The only thing they care about is not whether you sway this way or that, politically or ideologically.

The ONLY thing that scares them is that you UNPLUG from all of it.

So, UNPLUG (from all of it).

You have nothing to fear. You’ll only gain real life experience.

Missing out on what they have to offer will enhance everything you want to experience but they want you to miss out on.

This series is about “it doesn’t matter.” Partly. The other part is what you do when you have mastered I-don’t-care but everyone around you cares more deeply than ever.

The prerequisite is that you get to a place where you understand the ways in which “staying informed” costs you dearly, as it distracts you hourly and daily from the other option you have of being UNPLUGGED from all of it.

It may not be for you. Most people have forgotten how to write a postcard, enclose a physical picture they had developed at the local Rx into an envelope, along with a handwritten note of love and in-my-thoughts. How many have forgotten the patience that one endured while waiting weeks or months for a reply in the mailbox…that sometimes never came?

We live in a pernicious and puerile world now, where most of you are jonesing for a Like on your Like, another Like minutes after you post something somewhere, a comment to your posts and comments within minutes and hopefully not to many hours, and all with no accounting for whom you’d be most pleased hearing from and to be connected with.


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  1. Andrew Snalune on September 28, 2021 at 16:01

    Re UNPLUG: I’m as guilty of this pathetic dopamine addiction as the next person – its really ‘connection porn’ – you simulate the feeling of actually making a connection with someone and then relax ‘post-connectoitus’ into the feeling that you’ve reached out and shared a moment of understanding – and maybe you have but its a poor and lazy substitute for the real thing, and leads to atrophy of the will to connect in real life.

    As someone who currently works a job (i’m the owner, my own prisoner if you like) over the last 5 years there’s been such an increase in the friction of gettting things done via online coordination that 80% of ‘work’ does not require full attention (the 20% of deep focused uninterrupted work is what many people inc myself I think really enjoy) – the lag in much modern software and constant need for updates or minor tweaks to maintain flow coupled with the increasing number of morons in the workplace (the demographic wave pushing more millenials into positions where they must express themselves in public forums) means that a typical workday is a stop-start jerk fest of short tasks with short breaks of maybe seconds to a couple of minutes…. thats a difficult period to fill with nothing but your thoughts, especially when the typically thought arising during such a break is either homicidal or the mental composition of an email that would likely ensure your company never gets another job.

    That’s the train of thought gap that social media is so lethal at exploiting. Its death of a civilization level stuff IMHO, thank fuck I matured in the 80’s and 90’s…

    The FOMO for kids must be unbearable… being able to see the best the world has to offer (well could argue that obv not everything gets onto soc med but….moot point) must stifle many from even attempting to try similar feats or experiences, and the vicarious experience gained may be just enough to sate any real desire to actually DO what you are viewing by yourself…

    This is a reason I left London way back in 1995. I LOVED London back then it was excellent. I lived in a huge shared house with some stand-up comedians and another designer, themed parties every other weekend, all the bars. music venues, museums, bookshops, parks and cafes…. but I saw that I was an audience member. Though it felt like i was achieving something with a continuous flow of cultural and social highlights it was mostly happening to me or chosen /selected by me rather than instigated or manufactured by me. I needed to leave and direct myself.

    Socialmdeia just amplifies this cosy feeling of involvemnt when in fact you are a passive audience member.

    I remember reading a book by the Crane Brothers about cycling in the Atlas mountains of morocco, had maybe 6 pictures in teh whole book and an intriguing packing list that included a cut-down toothbrush and beer mat as-a-towel to save weight. Me and brother procured some bikes and cycled round Turkey for a couple of weeks including such irresistible places as The Eternal Flames of Yannartash (no pictures in the guide book, its a natural oil seepage from a sloping rockface that is constantly aflame). Instagram strangles the imagination at birth throttling any will to adventure by regurgitating the probable highlights and reminding you its all been done before.

    (Aside: have you seen the app Blinkist? Book summaries. Ive never been more disgusted by an app, it turns the usual reading engagement of YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE X THE BOOK CONTENT into a set of banal forgettable bullet points. It sickened me, and sickened me more that I had thought that this would be a good thing to get. Social media is like that – it presents the bullet points of a life experience up front and completely smothers that any lif experience is the product of YOU (your unique self) X the experience.

    • Richard Nikoley on September 29, 2021 at 08:26

      Great first comment, Andrew, and BTW, you’re whitelisted now for comments.

      1. OMG the endless “updates.” Does anyone ever say, “given we’ve had a dozen updates over the past year, our software must be total shite.”? The other thing? Endless “See changes to our terms of service.” I would respect a company that says: “This is a free service, which means you have zero standing or rights and we can do whatever the fuck we want.”

      2. Quite astute your observation that exposing children undergoing social formation creates impossible mental barriers. It raised the idea that perhaps glamor magazines, beauty pageants and so over many decades contributed to why so many females are abject awful cunts. It’s almost amazing to me there are any good ones left.

      How’s life out in Isan?

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