Social Media Costs You Big Bucks!

The backstory: The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media.

In This Issue:

  • Introduction
  • Seeking Chronic Stimulation
  • Depoliticization –> Socialization
  • Politics Isn’t Moralizing
  • Donald Trump
  • To My Point — How Much Money Is All This Crap Costing You?


T’was 18 days ago that I moved it all to the trash—no exceptions, no sock accounts, no hedging, no qualifications, no quarter. Zero means zero. It’s not hard at all. It’s liberating to an extent that leaves you shaking your head. It’s like waking up from a trance or drunken stupor, as applicable.

That said, I have the experience of having lived a life with no Internet for about 35 years and no social media for about 50 years. Imagine what my own move would be like for someone under 30—those who have grown up in the Socialized Cesspool.

It strikes me as a bit unique because while there have always been Luddites, that’s really about dishonesty and laziness—the hallmark of what’s unionized leftism, socialism, Marxism, parasitism. The difference is between taking a sledgehammer to computers, cutting Internet lines, and smashing smartphones…tools that can truly change lives…to recognizing that there are good and bad ways to use tools.

It’s argued that Social Media qua tool does some good, too.

I fully acknowledge that.

So does marijuana. So does liquor. Perhaps, even tobacco. Probably some other self-use medication—that’s illegal because it cuts out rent-seeking pharma and middlemen—helps some get by and cope, do less harm to others. And if none of that applies, perhaps wise use can be chalked up to hormesis.

So who should use them? Everybody, no exceptions, few limits? Your children—one and all, and as soon as possible?

Seeking Chronic Stimulation

It starts with milk, for mammals. That matures to whole food. Left alone, that’s pretty much it: MOTHER’S MILK –> WHOLE FOOD. 70-80 years later, you die, and most of you will have born offspring and you did to them what was done to you. All the while, you were all seeking the stimuli required to grow, mature, live, and prosper.

That’s mammalian life in its simplest form.

Mammalian humanity has built itself Big and Large on that foundation. It’s done better and for the good far more than for the bad and worse.

The tool of fire changed everything. Then, the tools of pots and pans changed everything even more. Then, the tools of stoves and ovens and cooking recipes changed it even more. Then, the many tools of industrial machinery blew it all wide open. Then, the tool of food engineering capitalized on that, while the multi-tools of industrialized farming, economies of scale, supply chains, and cheap distribution via bulk outlets, fast food, and convenience marts took a shit on all of humanity, catering to their deepest weakness: the quest for unlimited, no rules, no limits, and no fear stimulation.

And here we are.

The richer we become on whole, the greater is our quest for stimulation; and no matter our desires, if there are enough desires to make a market, a market will emerge and no market ever cares about you or anyone else. That’s actually its raison d’etre. The whole point of business, financial, economic, global markets is that it doesn’t care about your culture, religion, or politics. That in itself is toolish.

Yea, markets are a tool, too.

Imagine how depoliticized global markets are. That is a grand human achievement. Most humans on earth have reached a level of evolution where it’s not important what the producer of the goods and services they desire thinks about anything.

Depoliticization –> Socialization

A common theme today is that EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL!!!

This is true, but it’s only what the more astute are seeing on the surface. Global markets in capital, finance, goods, and services have been under the process of depoliticization forever. So, there has always been an illusion maintained by governments so that we think TRADE WITH CHINA!!! (or whichever geopolitical boogeyman) is being handled very circumspectly, carefully. …Because [insert some crisis du jour]. Cuba is a great throwaway. Nobody cares. Cuba doesn’t matter. Never did. Stupidest thing ever, really.

We live in a rather global-trade-in-all-things reality where the illusion-ideology of what it is does not correspond with the reality; where, up to 2020, a priori (you don’t have to get up off the couch to know it’s true), global trade scored yet another record high in 2019. And yet, various ideological “wars” rage while global trade will rage on, zero markets giving a shit about your feelings or outrage. Global markets scoff at your fears of TERRORISTS!!! trying to TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS!!!

…When you go down to your local corner convenience mart, maybe the Sikh guy is wearing a turban and watching some awful and incomprehensible thing on a TV that hurts your ears and sort of disgusts you.

Do you turn and walk out?

Never once in your life.

You go check out the shelves, fridges, and freezers to collect the items you want, walk up to the counter, complete your trade, thank each-other, and walk out—and you’ll be back and he counts on it.

Politics—in the philosophical realm—made this happen.

You have these cross-cultural experiences every day. This is the essence of trade.

What American white woman doesn’t just love a Vietnamese-owned nail salon? Great price, excellent service. And when there’s more of them, it only means some are better than others and you get to choose, ladies.

…The better and more accurate way to look at all of this is that we’re not talking about politicization, anymore. What we’re talking about is that politics reached its limit by creating quasi-free-trade political structures that unleashed humanity and the cat’s out of the bag.

That’s the good news part. It’s essentially global.

Container ships are the proof.

The problem is: It’s too peaceful, leaving politics in the lurch.

Just like a good movie, TV series, or novel requires dramatic conflict; so, apparently, do politicians who need to be seen as delivering you from evil.

I’d like an argument where the limitations of local, national, international, and global politics is seen as breaking down and we’re in a sort of post-political era, now (though politics appear to be more vibrant and energized than ever—an illusion).

What’s supplanting it, then?

Socialization is.

This term would differ in my usage-in-context from common understandings like social and socialism. It’s forced socialization. It is the direct undermining of the modern political and moral principles of the freedom to associate. But, since politics—via the duct-tape measure of Democracy—is still popular global-lip-service, it’s left in the awkward position of playing catch up.

The big thing is—and few see it, and those who do seem mystified—that it can no longer do its job to foster and keep peace through sound deal making that smoothes out all of the cultural, religious, and ideological differences into win-win trading scenarios.

Consider that the last time any real war was won and disposed of was September 2, 1945.

The very last one.

The post-war era put writing on the wall globally. The world was ready to be productive, astute, rather disciplined, and measured. Movie and TV portrayals aside, just account for what life was like from 1945 to 1970, 2 years after having landed men on the moon, bringing them back safely.

In retrospect, most stuff has been various incarnations of shit show ever since. For me, born in 1961, I can only be nostalgic about that era. The 80s was MY DECADE!!!

The dawn of the new millenium made certain that politics needed a new gig.

Worth It—Adam in particular can’t really figure it all out

Politics Isn’t Moralizing

While politicians often reference or reflect upon the moral proclivities of their constituencies and perhaps have their own, they very well know that to be successful, that’s just placating lip service, ultimately. In the end, you must deliver widely and cross-ideologically what’s perceived as good in order to keep your popularity-based job—like the president of a high-school class (so fitting for today’s global community of little children Boomers and GenXers). When done right, all stupid voters of all ideologies believe they got a lot of what they wanted, even though another ideologically opposite voter believes the exact same thing. DEMOCRACY!!!

Ronald Reagan was rather masterful at this. Though he was more upstanding as a man than most, he had a libertarian streak that trusted in a simple observation, that: he does best who’s left the fuck alone.

So??? He grew the federal budget astronomically in his 8 years. Ironically for me, discounting WWI and WWII, federal budget deficits were largely balanced up until 1961, year of my birth. Crazily enough, Clinton is the only modern president who achieved a year-on-year budget surplus.

What were Republicans doing?

Busy worrying about subliminal back-masking on rock albums, marital infidelity, blowjobs, and cum-stains on a blue dress like I WOULD NEVER!!! all compartmentalized in legalism like lying under oath as though the lying fucks themselves truly gave a shit.

Sound familiar?

They were engaging in the socialization of politics that no longer served their goals, which were to morally subvert the populace to their silly Sky God and “His” ancient catechisms—which were intended for small tribes of believers and not the whole fucking globe.

The fucking Republicans started this socialization of politics.

The problem is, their aim was for what normal people considered to be decent public behavior—behavior their children were likely to easily embrace given a suitable socially-nourishing environment. God, country, baseball, apple pie, church potlucks, sewing ridiculous costumes, hot dogs, plain inside-lingo silliness…and on and on it goes in wholesome community social interaction.

The bigger problem was, to state it loosely: everyone else is going to hell; or, other bad shit is going to happen. Our girls aren’t coming back home after midnight as Cinderella, they’re coming back pregnant with devil spawn.

To put a finer point on it, politics—as a crucial element of human philosophy that integrates with metaphysics (what exists?), epistemology (what is it?), ethics (what’s right and wrong?), and esthetics (what’s beautiful?)—is the human socioLOGICAL art that seeks to get us to hug and shake hands with one-another more than strangle each other.

Religion seeks the opposite unless redeemed. Socialization seeks the opposite and redemption isn’t possible unless you change your skin color, your genitals, and every possible aspect about your identity and then turn-around and condemn all you came from.

Except for the hard-right fundamentalist Christians no sane person takes seriously anymore, the 3rd Century Augustinian doctrine of Original Sin is all but dead. It’s the socializing left who have revived it into NRO: Neo-Original Sin.

In the original Original Sin, you were guilty before God because of the actions of a fictional character in some garden way back. There were ways to ameliorate it throughout life and anyway, the only one you’d have to answer to is God himself. Neo-Original Sin takes it to a whole new level. You’re guilty if you’re white, heterosexual, wealthy unless Democrat, male, and that list goes on. But the list can be added to all the time, at will. Now you breathe, so you are a spreader of disease. And it’s true. All organisms are spreaders of other organisms: some beneficial, some benign, some harmful, and some deadly.

The catch is that you can’t do anything about any of it. Since you can’t—which is baked into the cake—they have indulgences you can purchase—kind of like carbon-credits for polluters. You can purchase masks and sport them as though wearing your wank-sock around your face—to both signal your virtue and how you get off. You can have the POTUS and all other heads of state tell you to get a medical procedure to “cure” your as-dirty-rags self.

Donald Trump

I’m not sure myself, but prior to 2015, Social Media seemed far more benign. Whatever The Great Reset is, to what extent it was planned, and who was in on it and how much their buy-in is nothing I have solid evidence about. My gut tells me that:

  1. They knew it would have to be some sort of global pandemic in order to maximize public fear, hysteria, and easy compliance with the most insane and ridiculous edicts
  2. The fear and panic would have to last for a long time and dominate all conversation
  3. The time would have to be right

It’s that last point that makes me chew. It’s as though Donald Trump as President provided the exact right time to use Covid-19 as the thing that changes the world forever in very nefarious ways. For all I know, this grand scheme, if there was one, was still years off—but Trump forced their hand because he was in the process of reversing the sorts of socio-political foundations on geopolitical levels that risked turning many clocks back a few decades.

Social Media became ferocious and toxic once it became clear he had a decent shot. It became even more riled and single-mission-destroy once he won. Had Hillary won, all geopolitics would have been as a Mussolini Train Running Right On Time. There would have been ample time to ensure the stage was set for The Great Reset (not my words; theirs).

I think it’s plausible that Trump hastened its execution. Just a wild-ass thought. And I wonder… Was the idea of a light speed vaccination program an original Trump idea, or was it fed to him as plausible and probable? It’s rather humorous to recall Social Media when everyone now saying you ought to be prison-camped if you don’t get it yesterday, saying then that in no way was Trump’s vaccine to be trusted, including the suck-BigWillie-sleep-up-VP-skank-whore. She’s probably left out of the loop a lot. Pillow talk is always a concern…


To My Point — How Much Money Is All This Crap Costing You?

I’m the one writing this because I was the worst. Best hear it from me. Best hear me out and think about it.

I had already deleted Facebook in 2014 in a rare glimpse of insight, almost never looked at Twitter, and didn’t even have Instagram. Then, Trump happened, I saw his imperfect but nonetheless sound value to American Society, and before long I was engaged to the hilt. Since then; for years. Over all tops, drunken on it all.

No, I did not stop when he won. I doubled down. I happened to have predicted in late 2015 after the 2nd Republican Debate that he would take it all. I had also predicted many times on this blog and even way before—back to the early 90s—that Hillary would never be President. I was right on both counts.

I was wrong about his easy reelection but I sense that’s not my fault (check out the MASSIVE fraud in the Maricopa County, AZ audit that is so-far a total media blank out, even on Fox).

My base and essential point is: what has all this wanking about done for me?

Fuck All is the answer. Not a damn thing. Utterly squandered thousands of hours over years of needless agitation. I fell for CRISIS!!!

Not one damn penny and lots and lots of opportunity cost which I already kinda knew, but the last nearly 3 weeks have spanked my ass good and hard.

Mind space and attention freed up, I’m going in directions I hadn’t even thought about, and some of those will be revealed in months to come.

So, OK, you say, “but Richard, you obviously make your own hours, so I can understand how using them to generate ideas to execution to income rather than squandering the time on social media absolutely works, but what about us employees, putting in our time?”

How does getting off Social Media help that?

Simple answer: because without any of it, many of you would be higher in your company, with better pay and benefits, or have a better job.

I don’t think an argument can be made that spending personal time on social media that is in any way antagonistic about political and social issues can be of the slightest benefit to anyone. No exceptions.

Try me. Delete it all.

Also: you have to charge your phone and pad a helluva lot less….

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  1. Richard Hall on September 29, 2021 at 07:20

    All true. My mentality is far healthier without twitter. The scrolling for a dopamine high trance is highly damaging.

    Thing is I have the telegram Propertarian chanel left and the discourse is skewed higher IQ and some of which is operational discourse instead of griping.

    I think I’ll leave that for now while keeping mindful of a cost benefit analysis.

    • Richard Nikoley on September 29, 2021 at 07:51

      I don’t consider Telegram or Signal to be social media. Just comm devices, alternatives to email and SMS. I myself maintain accounts with Line and WhatsApp, but those are all just one on one comms. Just recently got Signal because my bro says the family is using it.

      I did like FB messenger, high quality video chats (Line sucks at it, WhatsApp in the middle), would have been happy to keep it, but to do that, you can only go so far as disabling your FB account with the option to keep using Messenger. I don’t want that easy temptation knowing I can just re-enable the FB cesspool at a whim.

  2. Ron Padot Jr on October 28, 2021 at 02:09

    Thanks for making all content available to paid members, even before their subscribe date. This is why I subscribed. I have so much to think about within then this —–one entry—– my head hurts already, in the best way possible.

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