A Long-Ass Cathartic Covidism Bullsh*t Roundup

I hope your catharsis is as satisfying as my own.

  • My Approach To "Weed Killing" The Covidism Cultists
  • Anthony Colpo Makes Hilarious Fun Of His Penal Colony And Lays Waste To A "Final-Word Consensus" Mask "Study"
  • Chris Masterjohn Is Writing An Encyclopedic Book On Supplements 101. There Must Be A Section On Growing A Pair Of Big Ones
  • Anthony "Clown" Fauci
  • Partisan Science in America — WSJ
  • LOL: Covid Rising Faster Among Vaxxed Vermonters
  • Dozens Of Workers At Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Sue Over Vaccine Mandate
  • LOL: US Treasury Deputy Sec Warns Unvaxxed Americans That Shortages Will Continue Until EVERYONE Is Jabbed
  • 78% Of Covid-19 Deaths Among Vaccinated, 47% Rise In Teen Deaths After Vaccination, 999 Calls For Cardiac Arrest At All Time High
  • Judge Bars United Airlines From Putting Unvaccinated Workers On Leave
  • Yet Another Fauci Laugh
  • My Different "Weed Killing" Approach For The Conservative Biblically Religious: Genesis Chapter 6

My Approach To "Weed Killing" The Covidism Cultists

An introduction to my in-real-life (IRL) experimentation chatting with the Children of the Covidism here in Thailand. I'm talking about your typical baaaa baaaa baaaa sheep from abroad increasingly wasting oxygen and spitting out CO2 on this planet.

Here in Phuket, they have a program aptly dubbed The Sandbox. This is where they have graciously allowed "tourists" from all over the world who're fully vaccinated to complete a whole mound of paperwork that takes weeks and money, to then have the privilege to apply at their local Thai Embassy for a visa. Then, they have to have a negative test to fly, another on arrival, another mid-way through, and a final at the end of a two-week stay in a hotel—to be let loose to travel the country for what time they have left on their "vacation." "Back in the day," you could just show up at the airport with passport in hand, get a free 30-day permit which you could extend for another 30 days for about $50. Want to stay longer? Easy. Hop over the border into Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, or Cambodia and hop right back to re-start the 60-day clock (I spent 30 minutes and drank a fruit smoothie in Myanmar in March, 2020). Some nomadic types have spent years in Thailand by the border run method. It's specifically discouraged. Everyone did it anyway.

For perspective, in calendar year 2019—before the global Covidism cult began—Thailand welcomed 43 Million tourists who spent $63 Billion. It was a pride-of-the-world, hugely successful tourism industry that was about 1/5 of the entire Thai economy. In the 3 1/2 months since July 1 when The Sandbox began, the island of Phuket has "lured" and "attracted" about 30,000 tourists who are estimated to have "showered" the economy with upwards of 2 Billion baht ($60 Million). Do the math. 2019 saw 118,000 tourists arriving PER DAY, spending $173 Million PER DAY. Doesn't that drive home the appellation, Sandbox? Imagine children sitting in one, calling out and exclaiming, "LOOK AT THE CASTLE I BUILT!!!" I suppose it's a step or to above delicious mud pies.

Now, a lot of the folks who show up here at Ya Nui Resort where I live are actually "repatriating." They maintained homes and families here and were locked out in various ways. I can't begrudge that. It's the hoop-jumping "vacationers" I toy with, refining my craft. It has three basic elements with the objective of getting them to shut their cock holsters, distance themselves from me, think, and hopefully, lose some sleep.

...Inevitably—a casual convo in the pool, restaurant, or on my patio by the pool—the subject of Covid will come up. Just as inevitably, they will justify their hoop-jumping for the purpose of affirmation and that inevitably involves getting you to agree that COVID WEAWY BAD!!! It will be whatever bad thing they can think of, like, "A LOT OF PEOPLE DIED!!! You are then supposed to solemnly agree and nod, take a moment of silence, whatever. When you do that, they have instantly won and you have instantly lost. You're locked in. You have affirmed that all they have to do is tug on your heart strings and you will be their marionette in all exchanges from then on. I have a 1-word answer that shocks, deflates, and flattens them every time, delivered unapologetically:

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