Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #3 — Navigating The Fearful Billions

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #2 — Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

In This Issue In The Continuing Series:

  • Walk Away
  • Gently Cause People To Feel Stupid And Lose Sleep
  • Stop Defending Yourself, Denying Charges, And Apologizing
  • Imposing Costs Upon The Stupid Who Need To Lose Sleep Over That
  • Getting Knocked Out Cold In Phuket Because I Will Not Comply
  • Fight Club Is A Bettor Metaphor Than The Matrix
  • Getting Your Thinking Primed For Prosperity In Spite Of All The Crisis Bullshit

Walk Away

What I left for curiosity in a recent post about Eugene from Canada kicking me out of the universe is how I handled it. I wanted you to imagine what I might have done.

I turned and walked away without a word. My tendencies to vitriol are well known as style and schtick on this blog. Unless in extremis, it's not how I deal with people face-to-face unless they're cowering—in which case, I'm your average, run-of-the-mill predator who sees prey.

In an enlightened-human context, I hold many principles but in this specific context, two of them are most pertinent.

  1. Anyone has the right to not be associated with me in any way
  2. What anyone thinks of me is none of my business

I submit those as good principles to hold, because adhering to them will usually keep you out of the nightly news. I was moderately inebriated at the time, but I still stuck with them rather than go off, based solely upon emotional outrage.

Yea, I was outraged. That outrage was emotion. You're supposed to be a man (or a thoughtful woman) and reign in that shit. No fucking excuses.

In the specific case, it was me who approached him. It matters not what his reason is for wanting me to get away. It's an absolute right to my mind and compliance is as simple as backing away. He stated his reason but, it could have been anything in the word—though it's difficult for me to imagine a more stupid one.

Gently Cause People To Feel Stupid And Lose Sleep

I have not always been gentle about it and part of whatever notoriety I posses amongst the washed and righteous is owed to that.

We're all suckers for catharsis.

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