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  • Chris Masterjohn Totally Sciences the Crowd at Times Square in NYC
  • The One Amino Acid That Cured COVID
  • The 1st Amendment and BOOBS!
  • Nancy Pelosi Puts Warren Buffett in Short Pants
  • Zuby and Tucker Carlson Do Sit-Down Rap
  • Dr. Mike Eades' The Arrow Newsletter
  • Safe For Kids
  • Australia The Global Laughing Stock Penal Colony
  • BIG ASS Spider In My Living Room

Since deleting all social media about 3 weeks ago now, one niggling thing that kept popping up was that everything throughout the day I took note of—like a heightened emotion; feeling, good, bad, or worse about something—I'd instantly have an urge to share it on social media. If you ever drank or smoked to excess and resolved to quit, you'll know the exact feeling I'm talking about when the triggers bombard you.

But while triggers can be pervasive and never ending for months and years—why recidivism is so high—I find the Social Media Addiction pretty easy to quit compared to booze and smokes. As soon as I recall, 'oh, I deleted my accounts,' I get a rush of euphoria. That's pretty healthy reinforcement. I've written two posts on deleting social media if you missed them.

  1. The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media (public access)
  2. Social Media Costs You Big Bucks! (premium access)

It also motivates and encourages you to employ healthier and more wholesome alternatives for sharing something. Like texting or emailing a family member or friend, or a small few of them. Or, here's a novel idea, pick up the phone or get on a video chat and experience some life and love.

Another alternative is to consolidate them all like this, on the blog you own and tend to.

Chris Masterjohn Totally Sciences the Crowd at Times Square in NYC

I was pretty wowed. I've known Chris from his writing work going back to 2007 or so and IRL since the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA in 2011 where we were both speakers. We've met a few times since but the best exchange was during the 2016 Paleo (fx) in Austin, TX. He approached me, sat down, and I got the whole story he alludes to in his short talk at Times Square, below. Upon getting his PhD in nutrition, he did what you're probably supposed to do. He went and got a university job. And he had just quit. We talked a lot about doing stuff online and he uniquely impressed me as a good listener. It's not as though I had astounding stuff to say; nonetheless, he listed to me more intently than I usually pick up on. He's gone on to make quite a success out of quitting a job.

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