A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Story

Dear Betsy: My Children Won’t Come for Thanksgiving Because I’m Not Vaccinated. Can You Help?

“Ex-CBS News reporter Betsy Ashton heals a family’s Vax vs. Ivermectin war. “I write in love to people who love one another and want to be together for the holidays…”

On October 21 I received a phone call from a dear old friend, a grandmother of five and mother of a grown son and daughter, who lives in a beautiful part of Florida. She was stunned that her children were refusing to visit her for Thanksgiving and Christmas because she chose not to be vaccinated for covid-19.

“My children think I’m crazy, that I’ve become some kind of ignorant, inconsiderate flake,” Louise moaned into the phone. “What really hurts is they accuse me of not being concerned about infecting them and the children. But that’s not it at all!!”

On a preventive protocol for covid-19 (not the FLCCC’s, but one that uses nearly all the same medicines) Louise did not want to get vaccinated with the new Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines being pushed by medical authorities and most major media in the United States.

“It’s about not trusting new medicines that haven’t been fully tested,” she said. (The above vaccines are on emergency use authorizations and did not get the extensive Phase 3 trials that most new medicines must receive before being widely administered.)

Would I write the kids, she wanted to know? They knew me from my years as an investigative reporter on television. “They won’t believe me, but they’ll listen to you.”

And so I wrote an email to the kids…


You can read the whole insanity here. I find the general thing to be perfect leftist/democrat balderdashistic puerility on the part of the old lady’s son and daughter. One must wonder if she might have any regrets about how she raised those two. And to be foreclosed from seeing her five grandchildren over her individual medical calculus and choices in consult with a doctor instead of the DNC, CDC, WHO, CNN, and MSNBC?

The underlying note-taking here is that those 5 grandchildren would be better served in tons of other alternative places, away from their parents and even grandma, who clearly failed already in raising non-fucked-up kids who aren’t lemmings of the lock-step left.

Well, I like to look at a bright side to everything. This shows how being a stupid parent—richly predominate since hippies began doing it in the 1960s—can come back to bite your ass.

…Also, the faux politesse of the entire exchange makes me want to vomit.

Those who need to be told to bugger off should be told so. It’s funny to read the comments to the post, all the public masturbation of—not for the damn content of it—all the love and tact used.

As to Betsy Ashton, the former CBS News reporter, she does have ducks in a row. While I’m uncertain all of the protocols she’s promoting as a part of a long and close association with MEDICAL DOCTORS CLINICALLY TREATING ACTUAL PATIENTS WITH COVID!!! are really necessary…unlike DNC, CDC, WHO, CNN, and MSNBC, I’ll concede to overall results.

As part of a far-longer thing, here’s a part that piqued interest.

The study that convinced our team of doctors last fall to create the I-MASK+ protocol came out of Argentina in 2020, when COVID first hit and hospitals were full of dying patients, Dr. Hector Carvallo had 800 doctors and nurses take ivermectin, while 400 chose not to do so. All wore the same masks and gowns and all worked up close treating infected patients in crowded ERs and ICUs. After 2 weeks, 59% of the 400 that did not take IVM got COVID. Of the 800 who took IVM? Not one got sick! That’s impressive prevention. That study, too, should have been front page news.

And then there’s this interesting chart.

Just heard while at a party last night that once again, THERE’S A NEW VARIANT!!!

Returning vaccinated Israelis will be tested upon landing and must self-quarantine for three days, pending results of another P.C.R. test.

LOL. Most “vaccinated” people worldwide must feel like the biggest chumps ever. As for the Jews, how long has it been conventional just-so known-fact that Jews are of slightly above-average intelligence, when it turns out they’re just the most compliant, collectivist, sheepish followers on the planet. That corresponds with a high percentage being leftist Democrats.

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  1. Jackie Danicki on November 30, 2021 at 00:31

    Not all Jews are in lockstep. It’s been a huge source of turmoil within Orthodox Jewry worldwide, with various rabbinic leaders coming to different conclusions on things like masking, vaccines, etc. Orthodox Jews were the ones cutting the chains off NYC park gates so kids could play outside during lockdown. We were also the ones setting up fun fairs for families and sticking up a hastily scrawled acronym — BLM — on a piece of paper so they’d qualify as legal protests/rallies. I could go on, but most Orthodox Jews have so opposed these restrictions that Israeli authorities had to weld the doors of synagogues shut to keep Jews from violating lockdown to pray in quorums of 10+. Living in two of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in the world (LA and NY/NJ), I’m surrounded by defiance — most fiercely from the most strictly observant Jews. The ones who are most visibly Jewish and take the overwhelming majority of the violent abuse against Jews are still willing to risk being hated in order to give a middle finger to human “authorities.” Whereas the problematic Jews — i.e. the left-wing ones, who do not observe Jewish law and are Jewish only by birth (and sometimes are just faking it) — are the most assimilated and thus do not suffer such abuse.

    TL;DR — Jews are not a monolith. If we were, we wouldn’t be in constant conflict with one another. Consider this the next time someone tries to sell you on the idea that Jews are united enough to conspire on anything. Compliant, state-loving Jews are looked down upon by the vast majority of us who actually observe Jewish law and reject the legitimacy of state efforts to rule over us.

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