How ‘Not Racist’ I Am

I must admit to some level of amusement over what’s going on in the US right now.


“NO, YOU ARE!!!”

Sums it up.

Coming off yesterday’s weird-ass post critiquing ideology per se, I found myself a bit fatigued and looking for diversion, so I ended up on Netflix and watched a film from 1-3am that cracked me the fuck up and then, I ended up watching a few Fox News clips this morning after a few hours sleep that rankled, cracked me up, and gave me some hope and joyspiration.

And so this post was born. Exactly how I like it.

Let’s deal with the latter, first: Lawrence Jones, a Fox News guy who just came on my radar. I do not have CABLE!!! or stream Fox online. Rather, I subscribe to their YouTube channel where I can scroll through their clickbait titles on the Android TV or ROKU Stick app and watch a few, typically 5-15 minutes each. No ads, so it’s the perfect way to watch with minimal Fox-News mind pollution. I avoid Hannity like the fucking plague. Brit Hume should come back full time. And Gingrich is looking quite svelte in his old age and his calling the current VP “an absurdity” on live TV is pretty much measurable to me writing that she’s a disgusting, cackling skank-whore on this blog.

Well done, Newt.

Before I get to the Fox video content and the film, I’ll take a minute to explain why Ibram Xolani Kendi (Born Ibram Henry Rogers, LOL LOL LOL) in that quote above is a dishonest, manipulative parasite who seeks an unearned livelihood by faking self-esteem through purposeful and undetected usurpations to create problems where none otherwise exist.

School time, and I’ll cut to the chase: he’s employing Augustinian Original Sin and applying it to human existence; our natural realization that because of our outward skin color which we perceive through the sense of sight, that makes us all different in some ways. This is true.

What’s not true is that the recognition and acknowledgement of such an inherent difference necessarily creates any problem at all. It could, and there could be any number of reasons for that. But that’s on individual scores and accounting for those goes to millions of ledger entries. In other words, it’s not inherent (Original [sin]).

Race and Culture are conflated. Culture is quite heavily associated with races and regions. Some cultures are better for some things than others, and we all prefer some cultures over and above others. For example, I was introduced to Asian culture in my early 20s by first visiting Japan and Korea, then living in Japan and visiting many other Asian countries over those 5 years (Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand). I’ve been living in Thailand for nearly 2 years, now. As another extreme, I have a good friend with whom I have a business affiliation. He’s a lilly-white Englishman, but Africa is his gig and he spends a good part of every year in Uganda.

Different strokes, man.

But see, according to that parasitical shitstain Ibram, you can’t be not racist because you are racist by virtue of birth. You can only strive to be antiracist. In other words, you always have to be guilt-ridden and self-loathing to some extent. You’re born with it, it’s inescapable. Here’s some recognizable parallels.

You were born a sinner and always will be. All you can do is speak out against sin. Be antisinning.

Love the sinner. Hate the sin.

I’ve been contemplating the stark conflation—the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc. into one—for about 20 years. In 2005 I wrote a post, Culturism.

Culturism: 1. The judging of one or more cultures as superior to one or more other cultures; 2. The establishment of a hierarchy of moral standing from ideal to evil with respect to human cultures.

It’s nothing like the prejudgment inherent in racismculture does not depend on race. A person of any race can be born into any culture, but can later leave and adopt any other culture.

Therefore, I can proclaim unabashedly that I am a “culturist.” That is, having lived in both Asian and European cultures for significant time, and having experienced all other mainstream cultures in my world travels, I judge that all cultures on Earth are to varying degrees inferior to the idealized American culture (according to my standard of value, which is conscious human life). Moreover, I judge some cultures to be predominantly evil, such as certain Middle-Eastern sub-cultures. I wouldn’t classify the greater Arab culture to be evil, but I would classify it as generally ignorant and primitive. The American ghetto sub-culture, populated predominantly by blacks, is stupid and self-destructive — through and through. The American redneck sub-culture is ignorant and trashy.

Consequently, I bear a certain prejudice (to varying degrees) against any adherent to any culture that’s not idealized American, including irrational American sub-cultures. This can vary from a simple air of superiority to outright disgust and hatred. But, as I said, anyone can at any time escape one culture and adopt another, so my prejudgment here is not based on anything that a person can’t change. That’s a critical distinction.

Another important identification is that it’s utter rot to suggest that race determines culture or that a person can’t escape the cuture into which he’s born and raised. This is just a way of making excuses when a person’s culture is toxic, idiotic, or evil. “Hey, man, your culture’s fucking stupid. If you’re not stupid, then do something about it.”

All that said, it’s important to point out that I do also appreciate cultural diversity. There’s a lot I love about Asian culture. I enjoyed living in France and traveling around Europe. After all, those are my roots. My wife is of Hispanic origin, and though her family is far more American than Mexican, I enjoy a lot of the diversity they’ve retained.

And, in fact, that’s what makes American culture the best culture. It’s capable of absorbing the best from all other cultures. In so doing, American culture is, on the whole, far greater than the sum of its constituent elements. It’s also why people from the world over want to come here. It’s not just the dream. It’s that the dream is part of an idealized culture, a culture big enough to absorb everything good.

I’ve got three Lawrence Jones clips to show you. I like him; frankly, not just because he’s black and ‘not supposed to say like that’, but far more viscerally—his subtitle jive-vibe, for lack of how I ought to describe that sense. See, this goes back to what I said above…that because we are starkly different—in skin color and hairdo at least—there is no inherent problem and zero need to create one or belabor ourselves over the problems Ibram would wish to contrive.

Jones: The left is willing to ruin Americans’ lives to win

This is the Rankling One

Everything isn’t awesome: Jones

And That’s the Hilarious One

Black role model defies odds to open school for underprivileged

And THERE You Have Your Hope and Joyspiration

Wow, and that last one just makes my fucking day in every way it can be made—short of my rural Isaan Thai girl being around…

OK, now to frame the film. Many of you might be familiar with the early 70s TV “series” Shaft. It only aired (literally, no meaningful cable, then) 7 episodes in the 1973/74 season before being cancelled (INHERENT SYSTEMIC RACISM!!!). It was a bit before my time, as I was only 12 years old at the time. But, who could ever forget the theme song, performed by Isaac Hayes in the best traditions of 70s vibe. I listen to it and I hear undertones of Chicago, Barry White…and of course, his most well-known theme for The Love Boat.

The film is Shaft (2019). There’s about 3 trailers, this is the one I find funniest.

I’m so Not Racist I’ve probably watched every film there is where the cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, or Denzel Washington. And very close behind are Forest Whitaker and Jamie Foxx.

You cannot go wrong with any of them, racists.

…I’ll close this post with personal anecdote and experience. My Thai girl—27 when I met her day #2 in Thailand January 2020—28 now (in 4 years, she’ll be half my age). I know lots of people cringe at the age difference and I’m trying to stop bringing it up so frequently, but it’s pertinent here. So are cultural differences, and even the gulf between Western religion and Eastern contemplation, ritual, and ceremony (Buddhism is not really a religion).

Early on, when Yui and I would get into any sort of dispute, she would not argue (or as she says, ‘yak yak’) much. She has the most brilliant 2-word way of putting to rest almost any dispute where she perceives there’s no value in continuing—added to the fact that Asian culture tends to eschew making someone else feel bad.

“Then what?”

Yea, that’s it. “Then what?” It’s like calling any bluff and admitting to any supposed transgression all in one. Of course, we have our equivalents like “so what are you going to do about it?” but this is far more elegant.

So, next time you’re called a racist, white supremacist, or whatever, that’s your 2-word reply.

Then what?

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  1. Jill on November 10, 2021 at 15:24

    Curious that you mention your wife, and your Thai girl, in the same post. How does that work?

    • Richard Nikoley on November 10, 2021 at 15:34

      I’m a curious dude, as is my ex a curious woman. Few have any notion of the elements of divorce, which was principally about going our own ways amicably. She’s spending her +60 years in ways that she likes and I’m spending mine in ways I like, and those ways are not compatible and we were adult enough to recognize that. She did not want me to be miserable.

      We exchange texts frequently, chat on the phone sometimes, she sends me dog pics. She asks often about my GF and her two girls. She’s curiously my biggest supporter and I’ll tell you that royally pisses off some of my ardent haters and trolls, something I find delicious.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 10, 2021 at 16:19

      Hey Jill, it just occurred to me that you may not have caught that the part in which I mentioned my wife was written in 2005. We were divorced in early 2019. Thai girlfriend didn’t happen until early 2020. ;)

  2. Raj on November 10, 2021 at 20:39

    shaft 2019 is hilarious. favorite line is when Sam L tosses car keys to his son.

    Son – I don’t have a license

    Sam L – neither do I.

  3. Raj on November 10, 2021 at 20:42

    also watch ‘dragged across concrete” with Mel Gibson.

    a lot of critics called that movie racist. I don’t get it. it’s a great movie. I think it’s more culturist like you write about.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 13, 2021 at 04:44

      Raj, that was a great stear. Thanks.

      Thoroughly enjoyed it. Most surprisingly, didn’t know Vaughn had that level in him.

      I appreciated the level of calm, objective dialog most of all. I get so fatigued with so many films so over the top with yelling, screaming, contrived, over-acting emotional dialog.

  4. Raj on November 14, 2021 at 08:40

    nice. I have a few more movie recommendations by the same writer/director as Dragged across Concrete.

    Bone Tomahawk – great western/thriller with Kurt Russell

    Brawl in Cell Block 99 – eye opening Vince Vaughn performance

    • Richard Nikoley on November 14, 2021 at 10:42

      Thanks. As is typical of Netflix, NOTHING anyone ever recommends to you is EVER on it. Rented on Google play. Easy enough to get via torrents, but sometimes that’s more trouble than it’s worth with all the hoops. However, I have a Huawei tablet for those downloads, and it streems flawlessly to my Roku Stick.

  5. Rajan Lakhani on November 14, 2021 at 08:43

    just subscribed to your content. your writing is too good keep up the great work. also you have real good customer service when it comes to this blog. you almost reply to every comment.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 14, 2021 at 10:31

      I saw that. Thank you.

      I don’t always reply to every comment and especially, I don’t butt in when others might be having a discussion. Of the total of about 100,000 comments on this blog, about 20K are mine, so that’s fair engagement, I guess.

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