My Sunday Rundown: From Chatting With A Thai Christian To Maiming Children For Fauci

Christian Thai Girl Wants Her Country To Know Jesus

You can watch the whole 33-second video here. I’ll give you a hint. She’s looking for a heaven guarantee. Christian snake-oil salesman are happy to provide it for her.

  • Chatting With The Thai Christian
  • My Former Home County In California Tells Newsom To Go Fuck Himself
  • Is Alexis C. Madrigal The Widest, Loosest, and Pinkest Living Human Pussy?
  • We Enter Into A Pharmachism

Chatting With The Thai Christian

…By contrast, a Buddhist life is one of only internal judgement and to the extent it’s external, it’s like The Law of Karma: you reap what you sow. There is little surprise to me that some Thais would be susceptible to a message of guaranteed redemption so long as you believe what you’re instructed to believe for passage to heaven.

In numbers of recent posts I’ve remarked shortly about my current state of contemplative wisdom and I get it all. Fucking trust me: I get it all, which makes me a curmudgeon of all of it. I was delighted a bit by this Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson 9 minutes and 38 seconds.

This is not anything you ever find with Christians—and Jordan Peterson teaches classes on Bible stuff—who are evangelical at core and base. And when not, they are separatists—especially the rich and elite Episcopalians who want to keep their money…

…I’ve long wished I could be done with religion and its particular way of thinking, but as an American it’s rather impossible, since all is clouded in levels and hierarchies of Christian just-so belief. It’s one decent reason I live in Thailand where most people haven’t even ever heard of it. Imagine living in a land where nearly nobody in the entire population never heard THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS!!!

It’s fucking cathartic and I LOVE IT!!!

…Some Thais do, and it’s pathetic. When I moved to a new place a week ago, today, it coincided with a Thai woman starting work as the chief bartender and waitress for the place.

Of course, she was awful in all respects professionally, but I have patience. Also, she was my next-door neighbor in the place, because her family’s house is across the island on Kata Beach—which lockdowns have utterly killed. Accordingly, I end up sort of helping the owner to gently guide her to better performance. Her English was passible, but crafted towards guiding tours in Thailand in specific places. Not particularly transferrable, since she literally got my every order from the menu wrong every single time. She even got my coffee orders wrong.

In my longsuffering grace, I had a chat with her in the afternoon of her last day.

“I’m Christian,” she tells me, a bit out of the blue.

“Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?” I ask.


“So you bad person. You daughter very bad. You mother, father, very bad too,” I reply.

“What? How?” she asks.

“It’s what God say. You say you Christian, it what God say.”

“Now, because you bad, daughter bad, mother, father and all you friend and you family bad, now you must go to save them.”

“If you do not, they all die and when die, they all go very bad place and burn.”

She looked away and that was the end of it. Later, she packed up her things and left the resort, never to return. It’s a bit sad, as she was being taught inventory and accounting skills by computer (almost no Thai know how to use a computer…phones were their entry to tech).

I’d chalk that up as a sanguine experience, but one can never predict the values and actions that emanate from another.

My Former Home County In California Tells Newsom To Go Fuck Himself

I ended up seeing this from an international news source yesterday and had to shed half a tear in solemnity.

Calaveras Unified School District board votes to not ‘support, enforce or comply’ with vaccine mandate

My Home Was In Arnold

The Calaveras Unified School District announced Wednesday it will not be adhering to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

In a 5-0 vote, the CUSD Board of Trustees decided to “not ‘support, enforce or comply with’” the mandate.

That’s my “red finger county” of eastern mountain-rural California.

Fuck San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley et al, and Los Angeles. Shit stains without exception.

Is Alexis C. Madrigal The Widest, Loosest, and Pinkest Living Human Pussy?

I hope my buddy Dr. Mike Eades isn’t too chagrined or overwrought over over the mention, but after he read my latest, and expressed heartfelt concern over my well-being, he shot me a link to a recent article in the Atlantic, saying, “cat nip for you.” He knows me well. I could not resist, so I had to construct a whole damn post on Sunday—when I could be streaming Netflix—to give me some plausibility for getting this one thing out there.

It’s fucking gold.

So let’s see if I can do this some justice for laughs, but it’s impossible to get anything close unless you take the few minutes to read the whole thing yourself.

Getting Back to Normal Is Only Possible Until You Test Positive, The Atlantic, by Alexis C. Madrigal

The subtitle is this: I was ultracareful for 18 months. Then I got COVID.

You have to read the piece to know what sort of abject click-bait The Atlantic is reduced to, now. Because, I myself have been saying stuff like “everyone will eventually get Covid” for fucking 18 months. Everyone get Covid, let God sort it out, let’s move on. Covid deaths make my heart sing. If it can kill you, good. You’re fucking weak. Go away, leave the rest of us alone. Who isn’t fucking tired of this global whining based in the hubris that anything can ever be done about a respiratory virus that spreads by aerosol? News Fucking Flash: we breath, sneeze, and cough. If we did not, there would be no evolved respiratory viruses exploiting that. Fucking duh.

Note: these quotes are from someone sporting male genitalia.

  • “I was thrilled for him. His wedding had been put off repeatedly because of COVID”
  • “The downside, of course, was the risk of exposure to COVID”
  • “and the wedding’s other attendees would all be vaccinated too”
  • “I went back and forth, looking at flights and realizing that I’d probably have to travel through Las Vegas and have a considerable layover. I put off RSVPing one way or the other, and thought I would end up passively not going, the slow slide into a never-booked flight.”
  • “As the day approached, my wife and I had not run through every scenario”
  • “There would be no anti-vaxxers among the guests, and the invitation said they’d follow the local public-health protocols”
  • “my wife and I had been in lockstep on COVID stuff for so long that I don’t think I had the courage to really say”
  • “I spent hours in an N95 mask in the Las Vegas airport and on planes”
  • “I walked in and saw that people were all inside, fairly densely packed in a big room. No one was wearing a mask”
  • “I almost turned around and begged off the night of drinks, figuring that the next day would be less risky.”
  • “The wedding was maskless too”
  • “When that part ended, a bunch of people went next door to a huge party spot, but I left as soon as I saw the piano-bar-and-club scene there”
  • “My wife was rightfully getting worried.”
  • “Had we really been thinking clearly? Had we really wanted to take on that level of risk? Honestly, once I’d been in the situation, the realness started to unfurl.”

Fucking Christ, and that’s not a good fraction of it. I wrote back to Mike once I’d taken it all in:

…Holy shit. That piece. I hardly know what to say. It’s like listening to a piece of classical music where the entire thing builds to crescendo.

I’m half laughing my ass of and being plain incredulous.

But that’s not it. After dozens of tests “he” and “his” “wife” agreed “he” take upon his return to the environs of San Francisco, “he” tested positive anyway (fully vaxxed, of course). Pretty a-low symptomatic, but the larger point is that they may have engaged in blasphemy, committed an unpardonable sin or something.

One last quote to bring it all into a sense of understanding (this is in The Atlantic, BTW), speaking about “his” two spawn.

They reacted in different ways. My nonbinary 8-year-old was so mad and maybe so scared that they could barely look at me.

Case closed.

Like I say, Covid did not live up to its promises, if you catch my drift.

We Enter Into A Pharmarchy

Like it? This neologism came to me this afternoon here in Phuket as the rain is falling and falling, and falling; it took me too long to get coffee in the morning because the damn machine was acting up, and I eventually got some whisky and settled down to watch a pretty long video.

…While I appreciate and admire the tough and long work—and on-the-ground research—of Dr. Weston A. Price, his followers are basically kooks. There, I said it. At any rate, at their latest pastry baking convention Wise Traditions, they had a guy who’s widely considered a Covid-kook, but with references. That is, everything he says can be sourced in public record, be it patent applications, sworn testimony, or elsewhere and he’s unassailable in that.

Is that important? Well, that depends upon what sort of society and country we really want.

There’s no good way I can really parse or highlight this video. All I can say is that David Martin is a unique and rare sort of individual. Do I absolutely know everything he’s showing is the truth and nothing but the truth?

Of course not. Couldn’t even say that about my own parents. Can you souce what he says and shows in the public record? 100% of the times I have checked.

So, then, it’s up to you. If you want to get past the BS, the meat is served at about 8 minutes in.

That’s about it for me tonight.

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  1. Mark J on November 16, 2021 at 04:58

    “here, I said it. At any rate, at their latest pastry baking convention Wise Traditions, they had a guy who’s widely considered a Covid-kook, but with references.”

    IS NOTHING SACRED WITH YOU RICHARD????? (rhetorical question, for I know the answer).

    LOL that was hilarious. I do have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for Wise Traditions types, but the “pastry baking convention” bit was too on the nose.

  2. Mark J on November 16, 2021 at 05:03

    Also, while I’m still laughing at the kooks comment, I gotta say. Sometimes I like me some kooks (in the right dose).

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