Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #4 — What Others Think Of You Is None Of Your Business

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #3 — Navigating The Fearful Billions

Imagine if that image was photoshopped to depict an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other. Still none of your business either way.

In this issue:

  • Both Praise and Condemnation are Motivated by Someone Else’s Need or Desire to Influence You
  • The Context of Messages of Love and Hate
  • How I Deal With Haters
  • How I Deal With Lovers
  • If You Don’t Have Haters You’re Leaving Time and Money On The Table
  • What Is Prosperity?

Both Praise and Condemnation are Motivated by Someone Else’s Need or Desire to Influence You

Because we’re rather evolutionarily conditioned to eschew that which harms us and embrace that which benefits us—think volcano eruption vs. the sea off a tropical island teeming with fish—we tend to apply that widely in modern social life and interaction.

The haters irritate us, make us emotional; but don’t also the lovers, just engendering an opposite, affirming emotion in us? What if you’re full of shit, and while the haters might could have a better approach, they’re generally right and your lovers are as fucked up as you? Now what?

Because of emotions both ways, you are closing yourself off from natural corrections of thought-worthy stuff while clamoring toward all that pets you like a domesticated animal rather than one who’s wild and free.

It’s because no matter what your position in anything—and irrespective of whether you are left, right, in the middle…conservative, liberal, leftist, or commie…Democrat, Republican, or Independent…producer or parasite…courageous or afraid…believer or atheist…sane or psycho—anyone usually gets some measure of love and hate. Our natural tendency is to embrace the former and eschew the latter.

But neither is any of your business.

This is an essential lesson.

What others think about you is none of your business.

Both sorts of emanations are based upon another’s desire to get you to do something, be it to keep on doing what you’re doing, change what you’re doing, feel bad about what you’re doing, or just go kill yourself.

Why do you reflexively assume that those showering love upon you are sane, right, and woke in the right way but that those who hate on you need their heads examined?

The mental state of both is none of your business. It’s all external to you. Just because someone external to you showers you with love and praise, it does not make their heart of hearts your particular business to proclaim that it’s in the right place.

You still don’t know.

The Context of Messages of Love and Hate

No, they do not exist in a vacuum.

Generally, there are two basic contexts.

  1. Messages of love and support arise from you having created content or done something that confirms someone else’s bias. This is apolitical. This happens at all levels of the political spectrum antagonism.
  2. Messages of hate and derision arise from you having created content or done something that counters someone else’s bias. This is apolitical. This happens at all levels of the political spectrum antagonism.

Get it?

So at core context, it’s not content or data-driven at all—and why it ought be none of your business either way—but is very nearly always emotion driven, either way.

How I Deal With Haters

…I did a triggering public post yesterday: Plain Fact: They Are Killing Kids With These Vaccines. I believe that’s what the data and stats show. And, if not, well then let’s examine ALL DATA!!! in the damn light of global-media day and either come up with a sound plausible explanation, or, give us the plausible explanation that already exists.


Even the vaunted Fox News!!! for the confirmation-bias seeking…where a German actual-news outlet has scooped them and put them in lederhosen:

From 13 years! Long list of athletes who “suddenly” died or were seriously ill (“from 13 years” means the lowest age a kid has died of cardiac arrest after “vaccine” and exertion in sports)

  • But in Wikipedia there are lists of athletes who died during the game. This list goes back to 1889 and at first glance is extensive – but in the end it turns out that about 5-8 such deaths were recorded even in “disaster years”.
  • We have compiled a list of the known cases over the past few months. It is most likely incomplete. It includes many dead – and some who developed severe heart problems but fortunately survived. Noticeable: The youngest on the list was only 13 years old, many entries concern people under 20 years of age.

The list they have compiled is 75, in the last 5 months, all vaccinated against “COVID!!!” so that everyone else FEELS SAFE!!! being around children.

I got near zero love for this post to confirm any bias I may harbor, but two hates.

  1. First was from a sort of “ancap” dude from way back (last comment on the blog in 2007). He called me a “psycho.”
  2. Second was from a commenter in the more diet and health stuff in the early years, and he filed a complaint with the provider who sends out my emails.

The first, I simply emailed that I was the messenger (because I know when someone has not read the post and is just replying to my intro in order to project and dismiss) and he should take it up with the serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch who invented the optical mouse, started Infoseek, and others, and is worth $230 million and is spending millions getting this word out. Also, take it up with those Germans; and also, Robert Malone, co-discoverer of mRNA tech.

The second, I emailed him screen clips of his comments on this blog where he praised me for confirming his biases in diet and health. In other words, I showed him when his emotions were exactly opposite towards me. What changed?

…There is another trick I do with chronic haters that’s totally secret and since this post is behind a paywall, none will ever know hide nor hair of it.

I edit the comments of the few chronic haters I have.

Hear me out. Dispense with the notion you owe any commenter anything unless they are paying you.

Sure, I get it. In a civilised society—where strangers encounter one-another and commence in civil discourse—there is a natural and valuable tendency towards mutual understanding and conciliation in disagreement. It’s not necessary to agree with any invocation you disagree with, but it always helps to affirm your support that holding it is their business: “up to you,” as the Thais say.

But what if there’s nothing you could say short of showering love upon your haters that does not engender some measure of abject hate and derision? I used to get it nearly every post; but now, much less, since beyond being unable to write more than 2 sentences and using a different fake email each time, they would never even sign up for the free level, much less paid?

…There is a setting in WordPress I’ve used for well over a decade called “1st comment moderation.” That is, you don’t put every comment through moderation, just the 1st one, from a new and unknown email address. Since chronic haters who are obsessed with everything you do always have to try to sneak by a comment, but it’s always hating and they have to use a fake email to cover tracks, so they always go to the mod queue—zero exceptions in over a decade. I have 110,000 comments on this blog. Zero exceptions. Let that sink in. Decent, value-add 1st comments get approved and it automatically puts them on the whitelist and they can post comments at will thereafter. Zero problems in over a decade.

Given the foregoing, my secret trick is that I take the hater’s comment and click edit. I can edit anything, including their email address. So, I add some random numbers to it, so that once I approve the comment, there is no way to be whitelisted. The email they came in with is no longer even in the database because I have edited it to something they can’t use again because they don’t know. Following me?

Then, I gratuitously and shamelessly edit their comment 180, turning their hate into lap-dog love. It’s fucking hilarious.

Then I approve it with the same handle or screen name with the explicit intention of owning them and causing much frustration. They hate it.

The trickle has all but dried up.

This is not by any means an issue of honesty, forthrightness, or transparency. Those who comment with a value-add tact have never had a thing to worry about here. It does not take much intuition or discernement to differentiate between a knock on your door where someone is attempting to offer you something they hope or trust might be of value to you, and the rare one who wants you to let them in so they can drop their pants, squat, and take a shit in you living room and then laugh.

I do not understand even a little bit the hand-wringing over the imperative to be transparent when the troll-haters are far more skilled and are expert at pawning, owning, and chumping you.

Don’t take knives to gunfights.

How I Deal With Lovers

This is a tougher one. We all love to be loved and I suppose that’s an essential characteristic. It helps us identify allies in the mutual struggle to survive and prosper.

I was just reminded of my few years living full time in the Sierras in Eastern California with the wild squirrels and birds. While I never tried to domesticate any of them, I did make efforts to quell their natural fears and flight response. Do that by demonstrating a good risk/reward tradeoff in their uncorrupted natural animal psyche.

Give them food and patiently, over time, offer it in such a way that they have to get a bit closer to you to get it. I did not try to get them eating out of my hand and I surely didn’t want to create dependants for my own edification, but it’s a pretty easy and natural process. They’re wired, too, but just like us, can change their circuitry over time.

I ended up with a rather graceful sort of co-existence where I provided them a measure of easy food—but not too much—and they provided me with a calm beauty of enjoying their presence within a few feet of respectful distance. Pro tip: squirrels love peanut butter, but not chunky, ironically. They love the smooth.

Those who love you can set you astray and down nefarious paths far easier than those who hate you. The chief suspects would be parents, closely followed by siblings. Fortunately, I have never had that. I watch movies where such things prevail and I’m always quizzical about it.

Tell them to fuck off, already!

It’s amazing to me how susceptible some seemingly are to the manipulation and destruction family members can wreak upon other family members. But it also tells me how susceptible people can be to all those telling them what they want to hear: prior to what they ask or demand.

…And then there’s me, never having even a gram of those problems—my own mother is quite respectful and trepidatious when lodging any sort of complaint with me, as is my dad and brothers. We have a pretty decent mutual respect of mutual autonomy; and being honest, I’m often the biggest offender (oldest brother syndrome).

In my own experience with the “lovers” of this blog, the biggest problem for me is untoward and unbridled assumptions. That is, I write a post and it hits someone just fine, for whatever reason. Then they may be inclined to assume I’m their ally in all else they think and feel. This happens frequently, but I have an example from yesterday on my post about these vaccines killing young kids.

check out the small pox ‘epidemic’ of the 1850’s to the 1880’s. This is where vaccinations were required for all kids under 2, under threat of fines and even imprisonment for the parents. Vaccinations got to near 100%. it took 30 years for the population to gear up enough to resist to put an end to that hoax.

The ‘vaccinations’ were putting syringes into pus on cows, and pulling out that vile fluid. Or, they would put the syringe into a sick child with swollen lymph nodes, and extracting that fluid. Yes, that was the science. Same as now.

Same old, same old.

My reply to the “lover” who made the assumption that I’m anti-vaccination:

Unfortunately, that’s simply not an accurate portrayal of what happened.

Because people were getting a pox and dying, a doc noticed that milkmaids were not, and devised an experiment that would be completely unethical today. He infected a child with cowpox and then, smallpox, and the kid fought it off. In other words, the “vaccine” was a less lethal form of a virus that the immune system could recognize enough to fight off. Saved millions of child lives. That’s objective.

I think you might misunderstand me. I’m not anti-vax. I understand the science, and I have seen the results, especially the stuff that kills kids, especially where there is such symptomatic correlation; like smallpox, measles, whooping cough, and others. It’s a hilarious denial of plain in-your-face stuff to dismiss the chain where there are such visible manifestations followed by death in huge numbers and shortly after an injection, the trend markedly reverses.

Be more careful of the feedback you get from your lovers than your haters.

If You Don’t Have Haters You’re Leaving Time and Money On The Table

Consider the world of money lenders.

Money lenders always wish for you to believe to the bottom of your hearts that default and non-payment of a loan will have dire and everlasting consequences. Bankruptcy, while available in most modern societies, comes with a social stigma and moral trepidation. I don’t consider this a bad thing. If there were no consequences—legal, social, and moral—for defaulting on loans, then that market could not exist.

And such markets are quite valuable to you individually and to your community and society; as fundamentally, extending credit is a synthetic means by which you sell your future productivity (the will and ability to earn) now, at a discount (interest you pay) with an attached debt to repay that includes that interest in an amortized schedule. That’s what lending is.

There’s more to this, but I don’t want to get too deep into what I call The Philosophy of Lending, which in a phrase, is that: promises made by civilized humans have quantifiable value. What’s the quantity used currently? Credit score.

And so, the way the lending world works (caveat: unsecured debt) is that net recovery on defaulted debt is about 5% overall, last I checked years ago. So, out of every $100 of credit extended where there’s a significant default (60-90 days), they’re going to bring all arms to bear with collection, legal, and judgments…but in the end, overall net recovery is only $5 after accounting for the costs to wring it out of all the “deadbeat debtors.”

Why do it? No choice. You have to make it hurt to default and they can cause a lot of pain. This maintains the reality that it’s far best to fulfil your contract, which keeps the lending market a solidly viable business—principally because if you are a solid, trustworthy producer, you can sell your future productivity at a discount for some perceived benefit now.

But guess what? Money lenders know that if their default rate is zero or extremely low, they’re not making as much money on loans as they could. How can they know and work numbers until their default rate gets up to a level where they can manage profits vs. losses that’s outside of division-by-zero nonsense?

Now how about you, in your never-ending quest for independent prosperity almost no matter what?

Are you leaving your very soul on the table?

How often are you sucking it up, afraid to offend somebody whose thoughts about you are none of your business…who simply assume that because of the various political antagonisms they use against you like a cheap whore, know you’ll nonetheless just open your figurative wallet and lose capital no matter what?

Do you consider the consequences, long term, of letting them just chump you like that?

What if you don’t give a fuck, do and say as you will, and let chips fall as they may whilst never whining?

How often do you let a political and social operative with a just-so narrative take a crap on your values?

What Is Prosperity?

I have to include this because this series is for paid subscribers exclusively and I don’t want anyone thinking that it’s about how to get rich monetarily.

I do not do business opportunity.

It’s about getting your mind straight, number one; and secondly, managing the one thing in which we’re all equal: 24 hours. The foregoing in this post plus the two previous in this series speak to the mind, how you think about things, and our mutual weaknesses of mind.

It’s said that time is money and money is time and that’s an utterly bullshit scam designed to get you to think like a pawn on the chessboard of life.

There’s the old yarn about the old guy hired to fix some piece of machinery that was critical to an operation and everyone else had failed. He comes in, fixes it in a few minutes and presents some ungodly bill. When asked, he says something like “it’s $17 for my time and the part, $15,000 to know how and where to apply it.”

…I stopped trading time for dollars principally when I left the US Navy in 1993, and then after that, about a year later when I left Sun Microsystems. So, it’s about 23-ish years I have never punched a clock or had to be at a specific place at a specific time and put on a salaried work performance. Getting paid by the hour for anything is a completely foreign concept to me.

I’m not going to make a list but I’ll give you my highest record:

A $60,000 fee for 30 minutes or so of focussed work. This was for a company in Los Gatos, CA, who invented one of the early HDTV techs, DLP. They were an inventor-funded startup and Big Corp thought they could screw them and walk away with the tech (Intel, primarily).

…Closer to home and currently here in my life in Phuket, I’ve gone nearly 2 years without a dime of revenue from what was once a business that made $100-120K gross annually. Then, a few weeks ago, people are starting to be courageous enough to go on vacation to Cabo San Lucas even though THE LAND OF THE FREE!!! requires they get poked and prodded in their nose and throat to return to the country of their birth.

Net so far is about $4,000 in an hour or so of focussed work.

…From about 2006 to 2009, my “nut” every month was about $20,000. That’s what I had to bring in just to pay all the personal bills. In a sense, the 2008 financial crisis had a silver lining that helped me get over the insanity by liquidating a lot, even at huge losses. But I was relieved in the end.

There are myriad ways to get yourself from thinking that an hour of your time is worth some set amount, to where you operate via contracts, producing results, or doing a lot of work upfront in order to earn streaming and recurring revenues. This membership blog reflects that latter. I get a few new subscribers almost every new post.

I loath SALES!!! and MARKETING!!!, because it gives away your soul, makes you a hyperbolic liar with all the ridiculous faux deadlines and 1-time deals and all that nonsense that signals—as it should—that you think the customers who pay you are morons and chumps.

…Just this morning I was discussing with tech people a niggling issue that crops up now and then forcing a manual fix. Here’s what I wrote and hopefully, you see a reflection in what I’ve just written.

I don’t use the ‘cancelation reason’ plugin for the simple reason it doesn’t matter to me. One reason I do a paid-member site is because I wish to create content as I wish and accumulate subscribers over time who like it more than they dislike it and keep their subscription active. Those who don’t aren’t important and I don’t want their ‘reason’ to influence my creation.

Does that sound simple?

Who owns you?

To put an even finer point on it, what’s prosperity to you?

Is it having a super lot of money so you can be owned by a lot of stuff, the obligations of all those who love all your stuff, the animal pets you accumulate, your car creditor, home mortgage holder…creditors of all kinds who’ve set you up as a slave to what you think “society” is?

…I have two fixed bills. Netflix is about $17 per month, now. I do the highest level so the girls and gramma out in the village can at least watch some…as well as the girl who’s doing time-independent business in Surin. The other is GoogleFi, and this month’s bill came in at $28, and that includes INTERNATIONAL DATA!!!…you know, that curious thing where when you travel abroad, electrons become super expensive.

There are a coupla other bills I pay because I want to, like the internet service out in the village that’s better, faster, and more reliable than any connection I ever had in the States. I also have rent on this tropical island with its beaches; and that, with electricity (Aircon when I sleep) comes to about $500 per month. In short, I can live pretty damn awesome with 24 hours that are 95% my own, on $1,000 per month.

The Internet thing leads to a joke-riddle I came up with yesterday when I get a call from Warunee (Yui, the girl).

“Richa, Chili try do study online for school but Internet not work.”

“Let me look.”

Of course, just like the three or 4 times previous, nobody even imagines there might be a bill. So I log into TOT, the Thai government provider (since 1954…now mostly internet) and check it out. Sure enough. Two delinquent bills and the pending one. I pay all three months which sets me back $45. When I left the land of the free, the lowest level of zero cable, zero phone, lowest internet was $80 per month. Here, they don’t cut you until 60 days delinquent.

Joke-riddle: When do Thais pay their bills?

When the service gets cut.

My truly essential point in all of the foregoing is this: what is prosperity to you?

Is it making lots of money, up to unlimited amounts into the millions and now, even billions?

OK, if that’s a yes for you, how much of that 24-hours in which we’re all equal every single day of our lives does doing and maintaining that cost you?

And, is your time off…your holidays and your vacations truly get-the-fuck-away, or are they honestly more like pet treats?

I’m no rich man monetarily, but for more than 2 decades I have mostly been able to manage my daily 24 as I see fit. Of course, in operating a business, there are limits. Since 2013, that has not been the case so far as having an office and employees.

Who’s more prosperous?

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. Tim Steele on November 18, 2021 at 10:28

    Here’s some crazy stuff:

    These nutcases are saying that covid deaths would be zero if everyone took Vit D and K2. Blasphemy!

    “…we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.”

  2. Tim Steele on November 18, 2021 at 23:15

    Ha, good one! But, yeah, from early on in my health awokening getting blood D levels up made perfect sense.

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