“I TOLD YOU SO” — A Rant

I’m glad for the growing swell of COVID!!! and VARIANT!!! and JUST GET VACCINATED!!! fatigue that’s growing daily worldwide…all while the colony of Australia demonstrates that the problem was never about the descendants of convicts, but of prison officers. That’s their particular problem, mate.

Every day I’m getting more and more from people I know; readers here, and anecdotes from their friends, family, and acquaintances saying, “I now understand this is not about health.”

I told you so, about all of it, back on March 16, 2020, when little was still known specifically—yet I could so clearly see how idiots would idiot.

I’ve been in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand since right before public knowledge. At the time, it was just prior to Chinese New Year and there were tens of thousands of Chinese tourists here. Yet, I’ve never been concerned about it and to my mind, the only truly new strain of “virus” is a confluence of three general things:

1. A fully developed Internet and its chief manifestation, social media

2. The global, politicized leftist/socialist media

3. Trump Derangement Syndrome

The last big thing of this type was the 2009/10 swine flu, which infected an estimated 1 billion people globally and killed upwards of a half million. Of course, this new gig is infecting and killing people too, and it’s still early, relatively.

But in no way does it justify the literal absurd hysteria we’re seeing on a global scale, and I attribute this to items 1, 2, and 3, above. I’ve never seen anything like it. People young and old seemingly have no memories or learned experiences anymore, beyond their quotidian social “news” feeds. Each day is a new day of ridiculous information, and nothing else matters. There’s no past—that’s way down the feed—only what’s coming out now. Quick, update the feed.


I ought to have added to that: FUCKING PHONES.

Great tools they are, but toss every last one in the water and global, genuine quality of life improves instantly for all.

Is it too early to opine that Steve Jobs is turning in his grave?

I’m no Luddite by any means but, just as a hammer can be used to build a nice house, so too can it be used to bash in a skull.

Gun control?

I submit that even on its worst day, gun misuse can’t come close to the social devastation afforded by the misuse of smartphones by idiots and children: by the minute, and with international reach.

We require pilots of airplanes to undergo rigorous training.

We require those who ride motorcycles to wear a helmet.

In some places, they require those who do nails and hair-braids to get training and licensing (LOL).

Yet, give a phone or a pad to a tween or teen? To a fucking dumb 20-something with hubris?


And you’ve reaped and continue to reap what you’ve sown.

…The other day, I was motorcycling 2KM from the house down to the beach to pick up a boat for a day-trip to Coral Island, just a few clicks off Phuket. My girl and her sis were following behind in a rented scooter. Thai cop comes up, pulls me over.


“Yea, in my pocket,” as I pull it out and show him. I also wasn’t wearing a helmet, which is illegal. But the stop is not about the helmet law.

Just then, Yui pulls over up ahead a bit, dismounts, and in marching back, gives me the “just shut up” look and starts serving him an hilarious ration of shit. Well, I’m assuming it’s hilarious, as I don’t speak Thai but for nit noy. She’s 28—and mother of 2 at the ages of 16 and 17—and she tolerates no bullshit. I know how to pick ’em.

Later, she tells me she embarrassed him because there’s a helmet law, nobody is wearing one, many aren’t wearing masks, yet he pulls over the farang (foreigner) because he’s not wearing a mask.

“Why, do you need money?” she asks him.

Riding a motorcycle is, in itself, one of life’s most solemn risks to take—and yet we do it anyway because we LOVE IT!!! I do it multiple times per day. Riding one without a helmet increases bad outcomes in accidents substantially—though it often would have made no difference. Thailand is about #1 in the world per capita for mangled corpses lying beside crushed motorbikes yet still, we all persist and with nary a thought. I saw another in a long list yesterday, not 500 meters from home. Thankfully, on the return trip from the store a few minutes later, the young boy was up on his feet. I’ve had a few accidents myself over two years. All at slow speed. Speed makes the biggest difference in outcome.

The finer point is that in a place where the public generally disregards the helmet law for decades and it’s not enforced, they now stop people on motorcycles without helmets…for not wearing a mask.

There is no better analogy for how fucktarded this world is right about now.

…Much of the Covid-Push-Back, generally speaking, over the last nearly 2 years has been from various docs, researchers, and scientists. Their focus has been upon various aspects of the science of virology and epidemiology itself (now immunology with “vaccines” in the mix), and how the approach is totally fucked.

And it was. It is. It will be.

…What I posted a couple of days ago as to the Rogan-McCullough interview is potential watershed.

What do I mean?

I’ve watched so many damn videos of top, respected people in their fields over 2 years and they’re always about the “detached” science of it all, but it’s ridiculously ignored and/or dismissed by all main media and cheerleaders eagerly as, “well, that’s just what you think.” Or, whatever it is their cock-holsters spew forth….

Yes, doctors treating patients in the trenches with no credentials beyond their medical degrees and certifications have done plenty of videos and they are, and have all been easily squelched—to the cheering and glee of all cheerleaders. Yes, it’s infuriating, because these are people saving lives in distress on the ground; but cheerleaders don’t actually care about any people—ever, at all, not a single time. They care about numbers that can be picked, contexted, and dishonestly spun toward social and political wishes and goals.

Every Covid cheerleader you know is evil in this way, and I don’t care if it’s your mother. Maybe, regretfully, she’s an evil cunt too?

It took awhile for McCullough to sink in with me so then, I forewent another Netflix film last night to watch the nearly 3 hours again. (I ended up watching anyway. Taking Lives; Jolie and Hawke…good…then a damn episode and a half of the latest episodes of Money Heist…a sinfully delightful series. I was spent at 01.30.)

I slept on it all and instead of going back to bed for another hour or two after the 06.00 piss and smoke, I got up. I pulled the glass from the fridge where half the ice in my whiskey and water had remained intact, and got back to thinking and reading, with an aim to write again today.

And where am I? I’m here, grasshopper, doing what I love—my best to engender both elation and discomfort; yin and yang.

What sinks in with McCullough that’s different is that he’s not just any ole doc. He has credentials, publications, accolades, citations, honors—and whatever else it is that’s bestowed upon docs—coming out the ass. He also treats Covid patients every day clinically and consults on other cases under the care of a network of 500 other physicians. He’s unassailable. He sports a Golden Helmet.

And what do they do, McCullough and his dudes? Uh, they do doctoring—like you’re supposed to. You’re supposed to do your utmost to help, do no harm, learn from it all, and become even better over time in administering safe and effective treatment.

Toward what end? Uh, to keep them out of the hospital and avoid death. Seemingly, for going on two years now, the aim has been to generate dire statistics in the service of institutions for the purpose of advancing and selling a one-size-fits-all treatment euphemistically called a “vaccine” in order to do an end-around of the obvious: that not all drug treatments are suitable for every individual and even then, individuals differ by many circumstance; so, differing mixes, dosages, and periodicity. This is what the fuck doctors are supposed to do!

The casualty of war, here, in the most wide-ranging, long-term sense is that of putting the notion of personal doctoring and private, confidential authority into a position wholly subordinate to a host of heads of state, governors, directors of international health and disease organizations, pharmaceutical companies, Fauci, and Bill Gates.

…Sure, you can still mend broken bones, stitch up wounds, perform those surgeries, dispense certain medicines, et al; but when it comes to potential profit centers by means of contriving VACCINES!!! where huge global markets can be mandated, by edict and force? Well, then, we’ll take it from here and the doctor you’ve trusted for decades—for you and your family—can’t even keep a YouTube video up. And far worse: any early, safer, more effective treatments he can better help you and your loved-ones with individually? Verboten.

This is core evil of the worst possible kind and you swim in an ocean teeming with “people” [human-like organisms] who not only cheer on that core evil—even your mom?—but bear fangs at you for even suggesting any better ways.

Well, the truth is always the principal potential silver lining in anything. In this, that manifestation is the growing realization that the dumb vaccines are a fucking joke. Do I need to rehash the history of the laughable tailslide of from 95% EFFICIENCY!!! to fucking zero within months so now BOOSTERS!!! (more profits!)—and even then, it never STOPPED a case of Covid either way?

And how about the astronomical accounting in government databases of adverse events and deaths right after vaccination, where vaccination is the proximate, most probable cause?

At this point, there are thousands in total, in the world, who have been murdered by the “vaccines.”


It’s so many that it dwarfs all other vaccine mistakes and unfortunate but unforeseen outcomes in all of human history, combined.

But here we have an insight into how the pathetically dishonest, reality-evading human mind works.

If there were a few hundred deaths—even deaths verifiably caused by the vaccine—we’d be discussing that openly, frankly, and honestly. Of course there are super-outlier costs and risks associated with almost everything—just like riding a motorcycle in tropical Thailand through sunny sea breezes without a helmet…

But if the reality is that it’s thousands, tens of thousands, then:

  1. Ignore it
  2. If that isn’t working, deny it

It’s the Clinton playbook, essentially. So, there, at least, you have a touchstone for core evil.

Don’t be evil. If you find that you are, or have been, then fucking stop it.

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  1. Steve on December 18, 2021 at 22:53

    Great rant. It’s amazing how many people just parrot media talking points. I feel like I’m in church when I talk to people because they all give the same responses in unison. No one in my family wants to talk to me about the topic because my background is immunology and I work in drug dev yet am not vaccinated. They can’t wrap their heads around it. The level of delusion I see in the population is astounding. Sometimes I feel like the entire world has lost its collective mind.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 19, 2021 at 06:58

      Ha, now that should cause some cognitive dissonance.

      They’re vaccinated, you aren’t, so OBVIOUSLY, they are the highly knowledgeable ones, the ones thoroughly examining the SCIENCE!!! in order to make a reasonably informed decision on their own individual behalf.


      …Oh, wait…

      Ha, love it.

    • Gordon on December 19, 2021 at 21:35

      Same here. Wife is PhD researcher. Would not let me get the shot if I wanted to. Everyone in the extended family got the shot. Ruined a family vacation when an in-law found out we were not ‘vaccinated’ and had a panic attack. No one even asks her opinion on it, even though she reads, assesses, and writes research studies for a fucking living. They all know better, with righteous fury too. It’s like we don’t exist as real actual people. Fucking zombies.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 19, 2021 at 21:39


      That will haunt them. Not you.

      Remain stalwart and I know I need not even tell you that.

  2. wyatt patterson on December 18, 2021 at 23:19

    Everyone of the sleepy should be reading this, better than coffee!

  3. Holly Champaign on December 20, 2021 at 19:11

    On a funny note (or a sign of my mental status) here’s a look at 2025, if the current regimes and their minions have their way.


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