Do You Smell Blood In The Water?

This post began about a week ago by this point and I ought to have just gone with what I'd put together by then and put it out there. Instead, I kept gathering and gathering until I had dozens of open tabs and saved items and by this morning I was simply too overwhelmed to finish it.

The covid narrative is in a shambles and they have no place I can see to go with it. There's no "good" move. More people are coming down with it than ever before, and the vast majority of them are vaccinated.

This has the effect of increasing numbers of people far less fearful of the virus than any other aspects—like getting a "vaccine," enduring masks, enduring further financial ruin, and enduring continued restrictions on plain living life.

"What would even be the purpose of a life that's lived as it has been over nearly the last two years?" some must be wondering by now.

I don't really see any way for this thing to re-intensify because the only way to do that is renewed fear and all signals are diminished fear. Plus exhaustion. I've seen and heard covid lover after covid lover begin to switch on a dime in various ways. Just yesterday and today, two large YouTube creators I follow—who actually make their creations that get 100,000+ views by means of travel—announce they're hanging it up until the madness stops. Too difficult, and shit changes all the time.

The chart below demonstrates pretty handily to anyone with a brain that masks, distancing, lockdowns, and "vaccination" amounted to fuck all, while causing trillions of dollars in damage, millions of destroyed lives—including hundreds of thousands of deaths as the cost of lockdowns, and deaths from vaccine. What's left to see is the eventual long-term effect of the vaccines. Now that's something to be fearful of.

1,000 Words. The Newest, Benign Variant Is Already Peaking Everywhere.

So, here's the post as it is/was.

I'm not the only one.

For two years I've been incredulous and now, find myself regaining not only optimism, but no-shit energy. I'd already been up lots of at-all-hours over the last few days—not only writing, but also reading shit-tons of all the new developments. I had my only meal of the day last night about 18.00, got tired. Got up at 21.30. Here I sit at 10.00 the next morning, still at my station. I'll fade soon, but in the meantime...

I'm watching the whole Covid and "Vaccine" narrative crumble before my very eyes. Many times I've wondered what's going to be the final "thing" that overcomes the burden of living in a world replete with so many scared sheep, herded around by Fauci, CDC, and WHO—while their waterboys in the general media...well, carry their water.

So let's do a roundup of not everything I'm seeing, but a shit-ton of it.

  1. CNN and Brian Stelter Said What?
  2. Of Course Narratives Collapse. Narrative Are Never Truth, That's Why They're Narratives
  3. Hilarious Interlude
  4. Careful Gloating
  5. The Global Narrative Crumbles, Making Lots Look Stupid For 2 Years
  6. Mass Formation Psychosis
  7. CDC Scrambles
  8. WHO Backtracks
  9. Even Pfizer Backtracks
  10. Shoot It In The Deltoid Of Anyone What Could Go Wrong?
  11. Specific Lots Or Batches Might Be Designed To Assess Kill Dose

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