The Tinder Swindler

I got an email this morning from a woman in her late 40s I’ve known for some years who keeps herself sexy and attractive. Yep, she’s Asian. Go Figure.

If you’re bored, you could invite Curt to do a duo-rant about the film’s content. Everyone else in the manosphere’s doing it so why not you guys?

I suppose one of the things I like about her—beyond my respect for her in keeping herself sexy and desirable—is that she never shies away from giving me a dose of motivation and no, I have zero idea what truly motivates it. I like best to think shit test, where she think’s enough of me to zing it my way. But perhaps I’m delusional and my senses are still clouded by her charms.

That’s to say that I think she has a sincere interest in doing whatever part she can play in making a better man of me; which especially means not putting up with chick bullshit—but in such a way as where the not putting up with is more elegant, manly, respectful, diligent, firm, and sort of loving. All at the same time.

In so many ways and senses, I’ve just described gentlemanliness.

Though she doesn’t know it or ever acknowledge it, I always see the message under the message. I’m very agnostic about the personality underlying anything I receive in writing or their motivations in sending it to me. I wish there was an option in all communication mediums to hide the identity of the sender until you unhide it. That way, you could judge the content before knowing who sent it, so that you don’t prejudge either way.

…I watched this film a couple of weeks back. It took me a couple of evenings because at first, I thought it was fictional. I realized it was a real documentary and I was a bit floored. But I recalled what my visceral reaction was to the young nice women victimized by the swindle.

Here’s the trailer but it’s overly dramatic. The actual documentary is pretty damn forensic.

I replied to my interlocutor early this morning over coffee. Later, it kept nagging at me that I was unsatisfied with my response, so I wrote another in 15 minutes, with whiskey. What follows is the edited version of that:

1. None of the women are classic gold-digger scammers themselves, but victims of a very elaborate pyramid-scheme con. They present pretty damn nice (I came away liking all of them in spite of their ignorance and blind innocence). Gullible, perhaps, and while that might qualify as a character flaw, it’s certainly not indicative of a deep-seeded parasitism or evil-core nature.

2. All three women seemed genuinely nice to me on a number of levels—I mean they all seemed like pretty decent women. Just gullible and took too long to figure it out; the nagging question to ask him throughout was “why aren’t you asking daddy or his company to help you?” Maybe they didn’t want to know the answer.

2. They were basically seeking what’s natural for a woman to seek. Ultimate safety and security (physical and financial). Note that the first thing he does is nonchalantly offer a ride on the private jet, complete with much security and bodyguards. This is crack for a woman, I guess, but completely understandable. Locking the doors is one thing. Big brutes outside with guns. Well, she might come in 10 minutes instead of 20….

3. I could not understand how he did it financed by chicks who’d be tapped out by about $200K give or take—the jets, cars, suites, meals, clothes—until I understood it was Ponzi and as soon as he was putting each woman through his “they’re trying to kill me” gauntlet that it was to finance his next conquest. Rinse, wash, repeat. Clever.

…You mentioned in your email about teaming up with Curt [Doolittle] (I have not read a word he’s written in well over a year…maybe 2) or do what the “manosphere” is doing. I never engage in any of that. I never spend a microsecond. Most of what I get in terms of information is from emailers asking, “did you see this!?”

“Nope, but thanks. Maybe I’ll take a look.”

It’s all way too girly and needy for me. I can get on my motorbike—no helmet—any time I want and go chat up a young Thai chick in any of a dozen places I frequent. Yesterday, I played pool with a crazy-sexy one from the north; 35 years old but wow—and she looks more Filipina. I won the first round, she won second…and a definitive-conclusive match for another day.

If I could give one message to the “manosphere” it would be to just go out and talk to chicks face to face. Like every day. Nothing will train you better how to deal with their fantastic natures than just doing it eyes wide open…and in Thailand they make it very easy and it’s not all about money. But even when it is, rejection is still possible. Thai chicks—even bar-girl chicks—don’t go home with just anyone.

…As an example, a great memory. December 2020.

I was still living in the Pattaya area but had decided to move to Phuket on the heels of a 2-week visit. So I was back for 2 weeks to clear out, ship the motorbike, and make that happen. In the interim, I went to a cool lounge bar owned by a Swedish guy. Really cool. Very loungy if you envision the vision.

The bartender was this 35yo. Pretty, not crazy sexy, but well maintained body…so damn important. I was there mostly chatting up the girls working the customer side of the bar.

Toward the end of the evening, she hands me a small plastic tube of hand cream and a packet of the sildenafil gel made in India (hardon drugs are OTC and ubiquitous in Thailand…NITRIC OXIDE!). She also offered me her contact info. No, I did not ask for her number, a very silly thing guys do all over the world. GET HER NUMBER!!! LOL.

I went home alone as always, but I reach reach out in the AM and ask her to breakfast; it’s a German restaurant near me, she accepts, and I go pick her up on my cafe racer (no helmets). Turns out her previous husband of 12 years—a German—used to go there all the time and she never went once.

It was her first time. And she liked it. Perhaps it made her miss him, too.

I asked her if she wants to go back to my place and she says no. I take her home. Later, I get a chat.

“I’m horny.”

The chat goes to video and then there’s explicit video…

We agree to meet up that night where she tends bar.

But I didn’t go. Neither did I get any “where are you?” texts. I texted once in the late evening and got no response.

…She ended up going out all night with the girls after the bar closed. Since I was home alone I watched a film or two, went to bed, and got up 5-6am as is my normal.

6:30am I get a text.

“Come pick me up.”

“OK, about an hour or two?”

“No. NOW!”

I head over the 5 minutes and knock on the door to their dormitory above the bar. Six or more Thai chicks who’ve been up all night, all a bit drunk, and all horny as fuck.

Later, after taking her back to my place, I asked her, “who was horny?”


You know the rest of the story. It’s still memorable over a year later.

I guess the moral or message of such a story is that there is nothing like a truly, viscously horny girl who is attractive enough in body, spirit, and mind to make your juices flow. It’s magical. It’s a time where nothing else is important.

It’s like putting an end to a World War, where for a few brief hours nothing else matters to anybody. We’re seeing a lot of that phenomenon all over the world these days. Take advantage of the sentiment, maybe?

And say no to chicks who don’t get commandingly horny from time to time.

You like unforgettable memories, don’t you?


  1. Dave Scott on February 23, 2022 at 20:46

    Good morning from Dave in Canada, the freest country in the world. Informed you awhile ago that all your emails were blocked on my computer but are unblocked on my phone. Good to read your posts. Will be 77 in April and you have me envisioning what it would be like to live in Thailand the rest of my days.

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