Za Great Reset Is On A Ventilator

I ought not have this silly sense that interest in the whole 2-year disaster is waning all the while public protestations and demonstrations are intensifying.

Yet that’s the reality.

For two years I’ve written about the whole dumbness, and with plenty of science references and even my own data crunching. The public is disinterested in that generally. So, I write for a few thousand global niche geeks who endeavor to understand what makes people so dumb and compliant. …Incurious, really—my sense of Original Sin.

So, one could jeer that I TOLD YOU THIS TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!

But I chalk it up to a gift horse and watch as there’s too much action on the ground to account for—as some double down, and where more astute countries are racing to extricate themselves from the mess they created for political gain.

Only the truly foolish don’t understand that the gig is up. They way overplayed their hand—visions of sugar-plum great resets dancing in their heads—and the few holdouts may go down with the ship if they don’t back off pretty quick. There’re some who know very well that their political careers are done for. They’re watching, waiting, and looking for hail marry’s to snag from thin air.

There will be none.

Covid infections are at their highest ever globally.

But at the same time, Google isn’t being taxed for answers on ‘covid’.

Intensity for info is still relatively high where? In the most infected and locked-down, doubled-down countries.

America gives me hope. America has also taught many, many European expats I talk to every day a bit about the civic differences between us and them.

“Ha, do you see now, Peter, that any US Governor can tell Biden to go fuck himself, but a provincial governor in France can’t tell Macron to go fuck an old skank?”

…Or words to that effect.

The point is, many Europeans—because of Trump and Covid—are as up on US politics as they are their own. They watch Tucker Carlson in great numbers and they love him. I get sent Tucker Carlson clips from Europeans! Imagine that. Hell, I even get Alex Jones and Glenn Beck stuff too.

It makes me stop, reflect, and smile. I’m trying to be more like Mr. Inbetween without the hits and body disposal requirements.

Sometimes I like to go for it, while at other times I’ll sit, watch, and wait for a laugh.

I’m laughing a lot now. Since I’m old enough to remember the Soviet Union and even visited there once in 1990 shortly before it all came crashing down, I understand how technology and decentralization brought it down. They were doomed from the 70’s and especially the 80’s.

Their state media became an obvious propagandist joke to more people because there began to be a lot of information leaks—more than state police could contain.

Connect a dot from September, 1989, in the Chicago Tribune. Notice we called them Soviets back then, not RUSSIANS!!!


MOSCOW — The telefax machine, a device that would have sent shivers down the spines of old-time doctrinaire defenders of Soviet propaganda, has invaded the Soviet Union.

At Moscow`s central telegraph office, once a center of that defense, Galina Ychenkova, a cheerful lady with a mass of gray curls and very thick glasses, wrinkled her face as she thought back more than 40 years.

”There was a room here on the ground floor,” she said in tones that hinted at a good-natured mix of conspiracy and mischief. ”It was just behind that door over there, but none of us was ever allowed inside. There was always a militiaman on guard.”

And behind that door, just inside the busy lobby of the stone monolith on Gorky Street, sat the men who read-and frequently censored-the dispatches of foreign correspondents.

That practice ended in the late 1950s. Today, above the same door that once was the end of the line for information, is a large sign in Russian, English and French that advertises a little box with a lot of buttons-a telefax machine.

The fax, the child of the marriage between a telephone and a photocopier, is transforming the way that Soviets, from political dissidents to foreign ministry officials, communicate.

It has eased the strain on foreign business executives trying to make profits grow in the garden of glasnost and it has given birth to alternative news agencies in the land where Tass used to be the only game in town.

Unknown in the USSR just a few years ago, fax machines have begun sprouting everywhere. Their presence marks a technological step away from of the dark ages of rigid official control over the information flow.

Yet Klaus “Adolf” Schwab and his Global Economic Forum cabal seeks to reset the entire planet based upon a sugar-plums-dancing-in-heads narrative that so ushers forth fantasies of everyone being elite—whilst owning nothing and being happy—that it’ll just be irresistible.

Think again, fuck face.

From the perspective of an actual working knowledge and understanding of basic history, it’s pretty easy to see that most of the time it was easiest to maintain control over the populations that did the work by making sure they never knew too much.

Human labor is one of the biggest values in civilization. All you have to do is maintain control over it, lest it turn on you and run you over. Millions of examples both ways. And, it worked best when there were clear distinctions between male and female roles.

Which of your male-labor crews are going to cost you less in maintaining their productive value to you? The group of single men with no time off or spare money enough to go get drunk and laid, or the group with wives they go home to, and a savings account?

The real name of the game was ignorant but specialized. You can do shit tons with that. A good worker who’s completely ignorant of everything but for one thing, and that’s called his job.

So from my own perspective, I can sit and laugh about how the Soviet Union collapsed because information could not be contained anymore—with damn fax machines as primary impetus—and while in a current world, the poor picking rice in paddies reach into their pockets and pull out a global communication device upon an audible notification or a buzz-tickle.

That’s quite a disconnect, recognizing that the global elite actually call themselves the elite!

The Soviets were by no means cloistered or delusional. They saw the writing on the wall a long way off, and their Perestroika (reconstruction) and Glasnost (openness) were sound internal policies designed to soften the eventual blow they knew was coming.

Conversely, Klaus Hitler Schwab and his band of sycophants are cloistered and delusional incarnate.

Get this. He thought that placing a few fucks in high positions was the ticket. Since 1993 he’s been running a gig called Global Leaders For Tomorrow, but that got fucked quick when a few black sheep older folk (like 30+ years old) began to see it for what it was.

So, he rebranded it as Young Global Leaders in 2004 and ensured only the most young and dumb would be students. Indoctrination 101.

…some notable Young Leaders include Jeffrey Zients (US White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator), Stéphane Bancel (CEO of Moderna), Jeremy Howard (founder of influential lobby group “Masks for All”), Leana Wen (zero-covid CNN medical analyst), Eric Feigl-Ding (zero-covid Twitter personality), Gavin Newsom (Governor of California, selected in 2005), Devi Sridhar (British zero-covid professor), Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand), Greg Hunt (Australian Health Minister and former WEF strategy director), French President Emanuel Macron (selected one year prior to his election in 2017), Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (selected back in 1993), German Health Minister Jens Spahn, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (a leading proponent of ‘global vaccine passports’).

Anyway, while I don’t know what the fuck Schwab was thinking, I wager a pretty high suspicion that none of his students were thinking at all. Would that you could ask them back then.

“What do you know about the fax machine contributing to the demise of the Soviet Union back in the late 1980s?”

Deer in headlights guaranteed.

Because, you see, it was going to be easy. Alliances with all institutions and governments, big pharma, traditional media, social media, and big corp in general and YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!!

We were so close to you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.


How it was supposed to go:

  1. Trained elite young people seeded in important positions globally
  2. Release a global crisis
  3. Trained people seeded globally respond per the manual of response
  4. Everyone goes aah, I’m afraid, aah
  5. Everyone asks what they should do
  6. Nobody asks questions
  7. Nobody communicates with anyone else
  8. Everyone is told what to do
  9. Take these shots
  10. Everyone complies
  11. The shots work wonders for everyone
  12. Now everyone has an implanted chip, a phone, owns nothing, and has never been happier

How it really went:

  1. Trained elite young people seeded in important positions globally
  2. Release a global crisis
  3. Trained people seeded globally respond per the manual of response
  4. Everyone goes aah, I’m afraid, aah
  5. Everyone asks what they should do
  6. Some people start asking questions
  7. Many renowned doctors and researchers start raising questions and concerns
  8. All media pretend there are no questions and social media suppresses questions and opinions, even government data
  9. This raises more questions
  10. Nevermind, we have a shot
  11. Many take the shots
  12. The shots are a joke, maybe even harmful
  13. Some maverick US State jurisdictions say fuck off; a few countries say fuck off
  14. More people say fuck off
  15. Then even more people say fuck off

That’s about it.

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  1. Peter Collins on February 12, 2022 at 15:06

    Another classic article
    Thanks for taking the time to write
    Only a zombie apocalypse of the jabberdood to navigate, then finally the satanic minority become a figment of past lessons for the future

    • Richard Nikoley on February 12, 2022 at 17:27


      “Another classic article”

      Yet this is quite a sentence to unpack. Complex tenses, even.

      “Only a zombie apocalypse of the jabberdood to navigate, then finally the satanic minority become a figment of past lessons for the future.”

      Have you considered changing your neologism to ‘jabberhood?’

      It has the humorous advantage of a double entendre.

      …And thanks a bunch for your membership…..

    • Richard Nikoley on February 12, 2022 at 17:33

      Ha, that reminds me for years the references to the Koch brothers in libertarian circles. Apparently, they’re billionaires, use their money for influence, but they’re a bit libertarian, but it’s sometimes not approved narrative catechism so libertarians often refer to the Kochtopus. The irony is lost.

  2. Wendy McCoy on February 12, 2022 at 21:33

    Outstanding column Richard… damn! You NAILED it.
    Add pirate-patch (arrrgh!) Dan Crenshaw (TX) to the WEF young leaders (Micky Mouse) club. Dark money dipshit swearing “there was no election fraud!” and “take the jab, you’ll be so glad you did!.” His radio ads for reelection are on 24/7 in the Houston metro. These RINO fcks have got to be voted out.

    The “Elite” got it so very wrong. America, and the world, are so VERY awake. Let’s hope we never go back to sleep again.

    Honk honk :)

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