From The Horse’s Mouth: Vladimir Putin

It’s a fucking remarkable speech that lays it all out—or at least the preponderance—in 30 minutes.

I chose to watch this rather than America’s—most vote-getter ever LOL—senile old fuck read from a script he had little to do with writing. Putin likely wrote every word of this.

It’s a fucking solid speech that covers swaths of Russian and Soviet history. He mentions Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula a number of times. I spent a week there in 1991 and was rather enchanted by both the Soviet Navy and the citizens. Amazing the difference, between narratives and first-hand accounts.

His speech wholly signals that I have been dead-on right in my previous two posts on this matter.

Who’s afraid to get it straight from the horse’s mouth? Or, would you rather listen to talking-head ignoramuses on your TVs? Even Tucker Carlson on Fox is not great—though he’s about the only mildly counter-narrative guy out there. But he’s unsatisfying, because he’s not being fully honest—which means he’s lying, too. Maybe he doesn’t know it. That’s not good, either.

Why do so many people sit down in comfy chairs to watch people lie to them with great production value?

So here’s my general take on this great speech from Vladimir Putin.

  1. He astutely recounts the Soviet history
  2. He acknowledges the inevitability of its breakup beginning in the late 1980s
  3. He acknowledges the rethinking that had to take place
  4. He reaffirms Russia’s commitment to square and honest dealing
  5. He gives many examples of the west’s disingenuity and NATO adventurism
  6. He speaks inspiringly of freedom, self determination, and sound nationalism
  7. He soundly lays out what was intolerably in 1990 and still is today
  8. He clues you in on what Ukranian leadership is really all about
  9. He respectfully addresses the west’s moral decay that goes against human nature
  10. Without making threats, he reminds us that Russia is at parity with the US in nuclear arms

I loved the speech, I really did. It’s Reaganesque in its breadth, putting forth a message of strength and forthrightness. It sets a moral foundation for what he’s doing and being honest, it’s far more solid than the vast majority of shit America has done in the many decades since the end of WWII, driven by “defense contractors,” all the whores, hedge funds, investors, and all the other parasites in our “free economy.”

America is a corporatist fascistic nation and has been for many decades.

That’s why we’re in this pickle. It’s because we don’t have a Constitutional amendment prohibiting the alliance between economics and state, as we do against religion and state. Economics ought to have little to none of the state’s business at hand but right now, it’s their totality…Just as the church’s totality was the state hundreds of years ago.

…It’s interesting to indulge in the fantasy that Putin is POTUS rather than the disaster we have from Biden to the very last fuck in the chain of succession.

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  1. Peter Collins on March 2, 2022 at 12:20

    Gotta say, he works primarily for his people, he knows he will draw attention to the globalists & wants the west to do their part and be rid of City of London, Vatican City & DC, bankers, elites etc etc
    I like his style & have liked him for years
    Would I threaten to shirt front him? prob not

  2. paul paul on March 2, 2022 at 15:19

    It’s worth checking out Martin Armstrong’s blog as well. He writes daily about Ukraine and also provides more in depth information about the events that followed the dissolution of USSR and how the bankers were planning to take over Russia with the help of the Clintons.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 2, 2022 at 15:24

      Small world. That’s actually from where I got the video, but decided against getting into the rest of it because it runs deep and it would take too much for any level of due diligence.

      So, thanks for putting it up for those who care to dig deeper.

  3. Tim Steele on March 2, 2022 at 20:18

    As a cold-warrior like you, I go back and forth between thinking that this invasion is Putin’s last gasp of breath to secure concessions when he agrees to remove troops and stand down nuclear arsenal, knowing that his country and economy are dying. Or, it’s that he is deathly afraid of Ukraine gaining entrance into NATO because then he will most likely have to give up Crimea and the other provinces he’s annexed in Ukraine.

    He knows that his fight right now is only with Ukraine, but I don’t think he foresaw the weakness of his ground troops, or maybe he did and this is all just for show.

    I think this will play out badly for Putin. He’ll be accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity and taken out one way or another.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a world event that has so unified people of America, nobody on the street that’s watching live coverage and interviews with fleeing Ukrainians is thinking, or saying, “Good on Putin!”

    • Richard Nikoley on March 2, 2022 at 20:27

      My problem is the single-narrative nature of it all, Tim.

      Hell, In my little gated complex here of maybe 80 townhomes, 60% are owned by Russians and Ukrainians and I see more of a variety of disagreement amongst them at the community pool than the whole rest of the world.

      There’s a great meme out there I saw showing a map of Europe, and you have to point out which one is Ukraine before you get to comment on it.

      It’s a pretty deep history,

    • paul paul on March 2, 2022 at 21:54

      I’m not sure if it’s “weakness of his ground troops” or just western propaganda. Nobody knows the exact plan and timeline except for the Putin/Shoigu/Gerasimov triad. But most likely some major objectives need to be attained before May 9. Troops need to be back in Moscow for Victory Day. He’s not fighting Ukraine, just disabling all military equipment and facilities and providing notice in advance of the strikes. They have orders to cause as little casualties as possible including among the military.
      He publicly acknowledged that they are deathly afraid of Ukraine gaining entrance into NATO and likened it to US having “a knife to their throat”.
      I’m in Romania, NATO country neighboring Ukraine, and I’ve been closely following the events since the 2014 coup.
      If you watch the news it literally looks like the west is accelerating straight into WW3 deliberately which is probably part of the Great Reset agenda. This crisis would be very easily solved if NATO declared Ukraine a neutral country but the US refuses to even negotiate. Putin told the business leaders “I tried literally everything – they gave me no other choice” and that heavy sanctions would follow. The sanctions this time are designed to hurt regular Russian people. Now every country is sending weapons to Ukraine. There are no calls for peace or diplomatic solutions. All you can hear from European “leaders” is “Putin must be stopped NOW”. They are inciting hate towards the Russian people as well. Europeans mentality was already stuck in the WW2 era – there is a historical animosity towards Russians. Any grandma will tell you that Russian soldiers were stealing and raping women unlike the German soldiers who were gentlemen giving them chocolate and gifts. RT and Sputnik are banned and the only narrative you can get is the CNN propaganda rebroadcast by local stations. Staged videos of children and bombed maternity hospitals is all you can see on TV.
      It may very well be that the fate of Ukraine has already been negotiated and decided and everything we see is just theater and implementation. This media campaign could be a separate PSYOP to further the “permanent crisis” needed for the great reset, after the COVID narrative began to crumble. The most likely outcome for Ukraine which is openly being discussed is to be split in half along the Dnieper, with the western part joining EU and the east remaining in Russia’s sphere of influence.

      • Tim Steele on March 2, 2022 at 22:14

        I’ve really not followed the “Great Reset” discussions. I think people, in general, just want access to good food, information, housing, medical care, and a chance at living the good life. But then you get the Clinton’s, Gates’, and Soros’ of the world who have bigger plans.

        Most of the USSR breakaway countries are experiencing much better prosperity now than prior to 1991, wouldn’t you say? I also do not see that anyone, anywhere, wants to “cancel” Russian culture or a Russia. I think the West’s biggest fear is that Russia would love to expand, by force if necessary. Do they? Who knows. I feel bad for all of the displaced people of Ukraine, just as I feel bad for the displaced people of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

  4. Tim Steele on March 2, 2022 at 21:36

    What is the sentiment at the pool?

    After watching (reading) the entire video you posted here, none of what Vlad is saying is new to me. All of his talking points, ie Libya, Syria, Irag, etc… have all been exposed by our own media. Shameful, yes, but not deep-state secrets.

    It’s almost as if he’s now saying in Ukraine, “Hey, America gets to do it, now it’s my turn.”

    As we both learned from our time in the military, what you see on the news is only a fraction of what’s really going on, and we never really know the motivations. I think we have a long ways to go before this is over. Glad you are writing about this, history in the making.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 2, 2022 at 23:59


      I love it at the pool because that’s where they all, Russians and Ukrainians alike, teach their children to swim by the sink or swim method. Dead serious. I love it. I’ve watched 3 2yo learn to rudimentarily swim by themselves in about a 30-minute gauntlet.

      My favorite Ukrainians are the couple and young son visiting from Florida, where they’ve lived for 5 years and both have green cards. He’s a professional poker player.

      I have a different perspective and your comment in terms of “Hey, America gets to do it, now it’s my turn,” inspires another blog post.

      …But this won’t be as long as resistant starch or gut bugs…

  5. Ralna Cunningham on March 2, 2022 at 22:54

    He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. Proverbs 18:13 KJV
    He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him. Proverbs 18:17 KJV

    I left this comment at

    One response to “voices of reason at a time of war: Jeremy Corbyn, Chris Hedges & Phyllis Bennis”
    March 1, 2022 at 5:16 pm
    On Saturday I posted a photo on FB of a prayer gathering in Billings Montana, where I met the friends of my sister-in-law who comes from Ukraine. There were people from Russia, Moldova etc also. The city council lady in attendance spoke much longer than the pastor who prayed. As did the activist organizer who was not from Ukraine. I observed the rapid dissemination in media, tears, prayers, calls to “do something”, honks from passing cars. Posts mocking Putin and Biden as per usual, media placing the term “denazification” in quotes, ha ha the president is Jewish, how could that be? I looked again at the photo of people I came to support, realized I don’t know what a big handprint on a Ukrainian flag means, or the trident symbol. I began looking for context, and saw the insignia of Azov and mention of Aidar for the first time in the same sentence with Amnesty International. At Amnesty I learn more, including recent attacks on Roma people in the capital, wringing of hands but no punishment of bad actors. I came across an essay at Small Wars Journal that spelled out the paramilitary actors on both sides of the conflict, published 3 days before the invasion. I explored the links. Ottowa paper reported Canadian military met with them and were photographed with them. I saw that FB recently changed its policy, now allowing “praise for Azov” and that the group has been skilled at worldwide recruitment through FB. Some of this information I attached in the comments of my FB photo which is my background, currently with 43 hugs and likes. It is quite invisible to my “friends”, with FB algorithmic methods of burial. I learned the name of one local neo-n and his handle, recently identified at SPLC. And on. And on. It’s not just out there. The neo-n in Ukraine are untouchable, already national heroes. If Kyiv is already a nazi bar, this conflict is giving them the chance of a lifetime. Recruits, money, weapons, brand recognition.

    Most of us have read this:

    Michael B. Tager
    I was at a shitty crustpunk bar once getting an after-work beer. One of those shitholes where the bartenders clearly hate you. So the bartender and I were ignoring one another when someone sits next to me and he immediately says, “no. get out.”
    9:48 AM · Jul 8, 2020·Twitter Web App
    Quote Tweets
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    Replying to
    And the dude next to me says, “hey i’m not doing anything, i’m a paying customer.” and the bartender reaches under the counter for a bat or something and says, “out. now.” and the dude leaves, kind of yelling. And he was dressed in a punk uniform, I noticed
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    Anyway, I asked what that was about and the bartender was like, “you didn’t see his vest but it was all nazi shit. Iron crosses and stuff. You get to recognize them.”

    And i was like, ohok and he continues.
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    “you have to nip it in the bud immediately. These guys come in and it’s always a nice, polite one. And you serve them because you don’t want to cause a scene. And then they become a regular and after awhile they bring a friend. And that dude is cool too.
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    And then THEY bring friends and the friends bring friends and they stop being cool and then you realize, oh shit, this is a Nazi bar now. And it’s too late because they’re entrenched and if you try to kick them out, they cause a PROBLEM. So you have to shut them down.
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    And i was like, ‘oh damn.’ and he said “yeah, you have to ignore their reasonable arguments because their end goal is to be terrible, awful people.”

    And then he went back to ignoring me. But I haven’t forgotten that at all.
    This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author. Learn more
    Michael B. Tager
    Jul 8, 2020
    It was eye-opening. I was very happy I was there to witness/get the explanation.
    This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author. Learn more
    Luke – Join Your Union
    Jul 8, 2020
    That’s Antifa in action right there I wanna buy that barkeep a beer.
    Show replies
    Space Witches, Esq.
    Jul 8, 2020
    Replying to
    my tattoo artist had a similar explanation…do one questionable tattoo, six months later you’re a Nazi shop and the non-Nazis disappear.



    • Richard Nikoley on March 3, 2022 at 00:05

      I really can’t reply cogently to that as I find it purposefully obtuse.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 4, 2022 at 08:34

      Interesting articles (I skimmed, but get the gist). Ironic, eh, supporting actual real WSs?

      Throughout my 30 years on the internet, I’ve come across my share of separatists, supremacists, nazis and so forth. I’m never much interested because they’re self-marginalizing and have zero state support anywhere and are unlikely to get it.

      I’m more amused by them that anything.

      • Ralna Cunningham on March 4, 2022 at 23:02

        and from just yesterday:

        Yes, I got on the train of love and prayers for Ukraine last Saturday. On Sunday I watched the juggernaut gather steam and leave the station. It seemed so…universal. On Monday I started to dig for more info.

        Now I’m seeing a young woman in a small group I’m in, Montanans to support the truckers, prints hoodies, truck on the front, flag on the back with “Purebloods” and sell them. Her profile pic as of Feb 2 she’s in black leather, wearing a long red cloak, holding a massive rifle. Kinda like red riding hood grew up into a badass. This slogan is supposed to represent unvaccinated people that have “pure blood” as far as I can tell. I asked her what it means but haven’t got a direct answer yet. Most of us don’t dress like cover girls for a reloading catalog, but ok. I personally think if you want to trumpet you are unvaccinated, the word “unvaccinated” would be more useful.

        I’m in a state where the gun laws are largely written by Gary Marbut who runs the Montana Shooting Sports Association. I interacted early on in the trucker movement, with his “volunteer legislative coordinator” who seems to work under multiple names. She started a trucker support FB group for “discussion” which grew in days to thousands. Once people began to question who she was and why she was whipping people into a frenzy of activity and outrage, with no real info, it became very strange. I suppose she is used to her echo chamber. My last exchange with her was very jarring and paranoid sounding. I took screenshots before they disappeared. She paused the trucker group but didn’t appreciate I engaged her at her other page. I should have known better. Now she’s looking for someone to take over running her MSSA page, so she can do “field work for Gary”. Whatever that is.

        Maybe Montana people who do love their guns and ammo, feel disenfranchised and rooting for the truckers, are dumb enough to wear a “Purebloods” tshirt. Are they thinking at all? Has anyone even thought what this signals to our friendly neighborhood white supremacist, and draw moths to a flame? WTH. We regularly have incidents around here.

        Yesterday I was at the truck stop, to send the convoy off from Billings. The truckers had their meeting, I drove with them for a few miles before going home (which was awesome!). I was asked to pass out a little newspaper when I was at the truck stop yesterday by a nice man. I said I can’t pass out something I haven’t read. He said, oh, I haven’t read it either but this guy gave me a big stack of them of them. This man had a black American flag in his collection on his RV and I said, what does that mean? There were others who had them. “You’ll have to look it up.” Why be cryptic? This is supposed to be a peaceful movement to address the vaccine mandates and other restrictions that were perpetrated the last few years. Instead the tent flaps are open to who knows what. I blame in part FB’s attempt to steer and police all our conversations over the last couple years. It has fed paranoia and people have learned to talk in code. If stirring the pot is profitable and advantageous, on the other hand, FB stirs.

        The actual truckers who have taken this on seem like serious and good folks, at least the ones I have met.

        Symbols and writings are proliferating all over the place, just like the Canadian deputy prime minister / minister of finance herself is holding the banner Blood and Soil. She’s just hugging some Ukrainians, some are nice nazis she’s helping legitimize. Canada’s military leaders know, and they seem ok working with whoever or whatever suits their purpose. Meanwhile, we’re in a big current in the ocean of images, being swept along.

  6. Matt Miller on March 2, 2022 at 23:37

    I spent the last two years watching “western liberal democracies” commit crimes against humanity on their own soil.

    Why in the world would I get worked up about Putin?

    • Richard Nikoley on March 3, 2022 at 00:02

      Yea. Well, the Demon is now Putin, not an invisible virus.

      • Tim Steele on March 4, 2022 at 19:41


        The number one priority of your microbiome at large is to keep its environment safe for Democracy, by which we mean a sort of perverse majority rule where the majority—those generally beneficial to the host—attempt to exterminate or at least keep numbers (the minority) under control that do damage to the host and by extension, the home of all the good guys that need a continuous supply of food, living their lives of a few hours to a few days in non-stop action.

        The war that rages is one of creating an environment suitable for the growth of your beneficial microbes, while making it tough for your pathogenic ones to even “breathe.” That’s the strategic part, if you’ve read your military history. Tactically, they can also unleash skirmishes to quell an uprising.

  7. Roderick West on March 3, 2022 at 04:47

    His is speech is utterly fucking weak and pathetic full of total bullshit and contradictions from a little boy still trying to prove he is a tough guy. You can see it in the tone of his speech and how he delivers it.

    1. No one is threatening Russia and no one ever will threaten Russia. He says it himself and then totally contradicts himself. Russia has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out humanity. We are not back in 1945 FFS. Hasn’t he noticed the world has changed and Russia is now nuclear armed? It’s just utter bullshit and veneer thin justification of a little boy who wears 8cm booster shoes to try to make himself look tall.

    2. He talks about respecting countries independence and autonomy then totally denies it. Ukraine has ever right to join NATO or do what ever the fuck they want as long as they don’t attack Russia. Which of course they would never do and have no plans to do.

    3. He is stuck in small boy consciousness of there are enemies everywhere. Nope they are simply not there. He is manufacturing them. Nato is not an enemy or opponent. Those days are gone. But because inside he lives in fear he constantly sees threats everywhere.

    4. He highlights the USA’s abuses of power to justify his own abuse of power. “You punched that weak defenceless kid so I’m going to punch this other weak defenceless kid”. Fucking pathetic. The USA was wrong to go into Iraq but at least it was a dictatorship and had no rule of law. Same with Afghanistan. The same can’t be said for Ukraine in any meaningful way.

    5. He talks about genocide. Fucking bullshit. Justification. He talks about Nazi’s again manipulative bullshit to justify his aggression and weakness

    6. He uses the past sacrifices when he was not even born against an evil aggressor to justify becoming the same evil aggressor.

    It’s one of the most pathetic weak speeches I have ever seen from a pathetic and weak leader.

    We have to look to the childhood of people to understand their actions as an adult. Putin was a tiny little boy who was bullied and then became a bully. The same with Trump and his deep inferiority complex apparently from the size of his dick explains why he is constantly trying to prove what big man he is.

    History moves on and evolves. We have to learn from the past to not repeat it. When Hitler did what Putin is doing we didn’t act decisively. Now we have to act decisively in defence of democracy, peace, the rule of law, justice, self determination and collectively crush Putin’s Russia.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 3, 2022 at 08:35

      Hmmm, your constant reference to his stature, resolve, and fortitude is highly reminiscent to me how opponents of Bush and Trump talk about them, Roderick.

      Thanks much for your membership but doesn’t look like we’ll see eye to eye on this one. Oh, well, it happens.

      I’m just starting to work up another post keyed by something Tim Steele said. Maybe that gets us closer, maybe not.


      • Roderick West on March 3, 2022 at 11:04

        Generally I look for deeper psychological explanations for peoples action, my own included. I can see you generally look for historical reasons.

        We can look to our childhood to understand our current actions, particularly when it comes to relationships and essentially war is about relationships. It’s reported before all this that Putin was a deeply unhappy child small and bullied. He learnt to toughen. He became a black belt. Bullying badly effects children. Friends of mine that were bullied killed themselves. I suspect it is deeply ingrained in his psyche and under pressure when he feels people are not respecting him he reacts. There are heaps of examples of how he acts to try to feel superior. Making Macron sit at the end of a absurdly long table. Photoed riding bare chest. Etc etc. It’s all about his deeper psychology.

        If Putin was reacting to an actual threat or invasion as opposed to one that only exists in his own mind then none of this would be relevant.

        Richard imagine how boring it would be talking to a bunch of people that agreed with you all the time. Particularly the numb skulls who seem to decide if something has merit based on outdated old left/right dichotomies.

        Also his actions could partly be explained by his life post

      • Richard Nikoley on March 3, 2022 at 11:09

        OK, that’s a reasonable and goes toward explaining our differences.

        Interesting you mention Macron, because he’s a sort of little man and potential cuckold.

        How about Trudeau?

        And yea, we’re adults, we can discuss this shit without calling each other HITLER!!!

  8. Roderick West on March 3, 2022 at 12:04

    I don’t think being short is a determining factor. Nothing is in our life. It’s how WE choose to take it and the circumstances around it. You know the story of the twin brothers with the alcoholic father. One successful and the otters a failure. When asked how their life turned out like this both blamed their fathers alcoholism. The reason why I have highlighted his height is that it is very obviously an issue for HIM as he is the only world leader to wear such massive platform shoes among other signs of his inferiority complex. Attacking Ukraine when Russian is not and will never be under threat is the final display.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 3, 2022 at 12:16

      A great example of how the same stimulus (alcoholic father) produces opposite results.

      Or does it, really?

      There’s an association, no causality. Plus, bunches of counter examples. How about a great dad and mom, all kids still turned out crap?

      • Roderick West on March 3, 2022 at 18:46

        Exactly the point Richard. It’s up to us how we respond. So Putin’s size doesn’t necessarily mean he needs to feel inferior and take actions like this but in his case that is how he has responded as he is not self aware.

  9. Ralna Cunningham on March 4, 2022 at 19:16

    “The review comes as a Jewish group in Ukraine is highlighting a new video of Ukrainian paratroopers singing a song to honour Stepan Bandera. Bandera was a anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator whose organization is linked to the murder of more than 100,000 Jews and Poles during the Second World War. He is revered in Ukrainian nationalist and far-right circles.

    The Canadian military was warned in 2015 before starting its Ukraine training mission about the dangers of the far-right within the Ukrainian military ranks, but the senior leadership largely ignored those concerns.”

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