Oliver Stone’s Ukraine On Fire (And Other Stuff)

No truly thinking person wants to restrict relevant information on any topic of interest. Remember back in the Paleo Daze when many of us often exposed ourselves to things put out by vegans?

Dr. Michael Greger was one such MD vegan for me. For one, his videos are rather entertaining, he's very engaging with good delivery, and so that made it easy to access really decent info on things like blood sugar regulation and control from the perspective of beans and certain herbs.

  • The Ukraine (on fire)
  • How the US CIA has been supporting Ukrainian Nazis since the end of WWII
  • Curious juxtaposition-association (Russia sanctions associated with Palestine)
  • Jeff Childers on the Russia and China cozy
  • Sean Ring on the Got Rubles?
  • My thoughts on the diminishing status of the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency

I put posts together like this because you will get it nowhere like this, anywhere else, in this combination. Almost everyone will be touting just an alternative narrative to believe in, and not how to deconstruct and think about all of them...whether dietary or global geopolitics. Like a paid subscriber dropped in comments a few days ago.

You compromise a whole host of things if you shoot messengers because of their overall beliefs or ideology. Pus, you can be better than them by actually sifting a bit to find the nuggets or the 2x D stopped clock stuff—when they'll never give you the same dispensation.

Being honest and objective as basic life policy is a Golden Helmet. You're 90% there on being a good person and the other 10% isn't too tough to work on.

...That said, there is such a plethora of information from a million sources that you have to set limits on raw time, attention, and focus constraints alone. So, one thing you can do is begin with stuff you dismiss out of hand—flat-earth and moon-made-of-green-cheese stuff. Another category is the conspiratorial stuff where you couldn't even pull off the grand scheme in the light of greased skids.

So let's begin with the video, my commentary on it, and then a couple of related things having to do with the unintended consequences of the half-globe (important) performative moral exhibitionism against Russia.

The video is an Oliver Stone piece and no, it's not one of his fictionalized drama pieces like JFK or Nixon. it's quite a deep and legitimate documentary where most are 1st-hand sources in one way or another. No real hearsay at all. A good half of it is in Russian and Ukrainian with subtitles, including Putin. It's serious work. It takes us up through 2015 but as you'll understand, it's all simply a continuation of the same stuff brewing for a long time since after the end of the Cold War in 1992 and the US and NATO continued their endless expansion Eastward, never letting up the pressure on Russia.

It also contains a really thorough prelude about the history of Ukraine going back hundreds of years. One thing of many I wasn't aware of was the from-where and how of today's Ukrainian Nazis half the globe is falling head over heels in supporting indirectly, probably ignorantly.

Turns out that they came from the same batch as German Nazis and did the same shit exterminating Jews during WWII (and still call for their extermination to this day). The thing is, the world got what it wanted with the Nuremburg trials of the German Nazis. Behind the scenes, the US Government and allies were busy at work protecting the Ukrainian Nazis because they also hated the Soviets, so the-enemy-of-my-enemy stuff. And this is stated explicitly in declassified CIA documents from the time.

There's much more, so give it a watch and read lots of subtitles. This isn't a merry-go-round of a bunch of people who just opine or give expert analysis. It's horse's mouth stuff.

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