Oliver Stone’s Ukraine On Fire (And Other Stuff)

No truly thinking person wants to restrict relevant information on any topic of interest. Remember back in the Paleo Daze when many of us often exposed ourselves to things put out by vegans?

Dr. Michael Greger was one such MD vegan for me. For one, his videos are rather entertaining, he’s very engaging with good delivery, and so that made it easy to access really decent info on things like blood sugar regulation and control from the perspective of beans and certain herbs. I’m way better for having done that. Most are worse for having done what they usually always do.

  • The Ukraine (on fire)
  • How the US CIA has been supporting Ukrainian Nazis since the end of WWII
  • Curious juxtaposition-association (Russia sanctions associated with Palestine)
  • Jeff Childers on the Russia and China cozy
  • Sean Ring on the Got Rubles?
  • My thoughts on the diminishing status of the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency

I put posts together like this because you will get it nowhere like this, anywhere else, in this combination. Almost everyone will be touting just an alternative narrative to believe in, and not how to deconstruct and think about all of them…whether dietary or global geopolitics. Like a paid subscriber dropped in comments a few days ago.

You compromise a whole host of things if you shoot messengers because of their overall beliefs or ideology. Pus, you can be better than them by actually sifting a bit to find the nuggets or the 2x D stopped clock stuff—when they’ll never give you the same dispensation.

Being honest and objective as basic life policy is a Golden Helmet. You’re 90% there on being a good person and the other 10% isn’t too tough to work on.

…That said, there is such a plethora of information from a million sources that you have to set limits on raw time, attention, and focus constraints alone. So, one thing you can do is begin with stuff you dismiss out of hand—flat-earth and moon-made-of-green-cheese stuff. Another category is the conspiratorial stuff where you couldn’t even pull off the grand scheme in the light of greased skids.

So let’s begin with the video, my commentary on it, and then a couple of related things having to do with the unintended consequences of the half-globe (important) performative moral exhibitionism against Russia.

The video is an Oliver Stone piece and no, it’s not one of his fictionalized drama pieces like JFK or Nixon. it’s quite a deep and legitimate documentary where most are 1st-hand sources in one way or another. No real hearsay at all. A good half of it is in Russian and Ukrainian with subtitles, including Putin. It’s serious work. It takes us up through 2015 but as you’ll understand, it’s all simply a continuation of the same stuff brewing for a long time since after the end of the Cold War in 1992 and the US and NATO continued their endless expansion Eastward, never letting up the pressure on Russia.

It also contains a really thorough prelude about the history of Ukraine going back hundreds of years. One thing of many I wasn’t aware of was the from-where and how of today’s Ukrainian Nazis half the globe is falling head over heels in supporting indirectly, probably ignorantly.

Turns out that they came from the same batch as German Nazis and did the same shit exterminating Jews during WWII (and still call for their extermination to this day). The thing is, the world got what it wanted with the Nuremburg trials of the German Nazis. Behind the scenes, the US Government and allies were busy at work protecting the Ukrainian Nazis because they also hated the Soviets, so the-enemy-of-my-enemy stuff. And this is stated explicitly in declassified CIA documents from the time.

There’s much more, so give it a watch and read lots of subtitles. This isn’t a merry-go-round of a bunch of people who just opine or give expert analysis. It’s horse’s mouth stuff.

…So, I bet you Americans didn’t know your tax dollars have gone in-part to pay for US clandestine operations supporting and promoting Nazis all these decades. You probably thought there was some moral imperative in play. Well, there’s one level of your own naivete you can dispense with.

…Moving on, I have no idea how this all plays out. I see a thousand pieces and posts per day essentially I-told-you-so’ing, that Russia bit off more than it can chew, the sanctions and such of half the world are working, Ukraine is putting up a surprising fight, yada yada. So interestingly, a lot of these folks are Covid and vaxx “deniers.” And here I assumed that many of them were inclined as such because somewhere along the line they detected that the entire world was singing the same tune from the same narrativebook so as a first order, knew that can’t be right. I guess not.

Here’s a graphic that may interest you.

That’s a very curious association on many levels one might be able to write a whole book on. My first curiosity is that Russia and Putin have made it explicitly clear that their goals are basically:

  1. Protect the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine who have undergone torment and torture for decades, well-documented
  2. Stop the 3-decades long US/NATO advanced eastward since it has been unjustified since the 1992 fall of the Soviet Union
  3. De-Nazify Ukraine

On its face, at least to me, these are pretty reasonable or even laudable goals. I’ve heard though I haven’t verified yet, that the biggest sticking point in the talks between Russia and Ukraine is to get rid of its Nazi problem once and for all.

Which kinda brings the whole thing full circle, and if you look at that above graphic, and knowing that the official US Government action below the surface has been to support Ukrainian Nazis with your tax dollars for decades, is it even a moral issue for the official Israeli government? And by moral, I always mean: when you set practical politics and sometimes, even the law, aside.

That’s an interesting question, indeed.

…I follow this Substack by Jeff Childers, some Florida lawyer guy…Coffee & Covid. He cracks me up on many levels. First, I like the style of his daily. It’s hit & run, and he’s funny, ironic, a bit cynical. Tastes vary but this sort of thing is in my wheelhouse.

A day or so ago he hit on Russia and unintended consequences (my characterization).

…One secondary theory making the rounds these days is that the Chi-Coms and the Sov-Coms are hooking up to oppose the WEF’s great reset agenda. To be clear, this is completely in the realm of theory, and I usually eschew theories in favor of facts.

But it does appear to be a fact that the Chinese clearly appear to be quietly supporting Russia in The War. And the geniuses in charge are just ratcheting up the rhetoric some more, now threatening China as well as Russia.

Last week, NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that China had better check itself, and called China the worst possible thing:

“We face a fundamentally changed security environment where authoritarian powers are increasingly prepared to use force to get their way. Beijing has joined Moscow in questioning the right of independent nations to choose their own path. China has provided Russia with political support, including by spreading blatant lies and MISINFORMATION.”

Misinformation! China is a misinformer! They are misinforming people! And you know what happens to misinformers. It’s going to be Facebook jail for you, China.

…The Guardian UK ran an article this morning headlined, “Rift over Ukraine exposed as high-powered UK delegation to India called off.” It seems that India’s Prime Minister told the British diplomatic delegation to bugger off.

The British were expected to pressure India over its failure to oppose The War. Instead, India appears to be in talks with Russia over combining payment systems. It’s a good thing the U.S. has a lock on the world’s financial systems.

Oh, wait.

…In solidarity with Ukraine, and massively signaling their virtue, VISA and Mastercard pulled out of Russia a few weeks ago. So China saw the opportunity, jetted in and linked up its UnionPay system with Russia’s Mir payments system.

And now Venezuela is in talks to link its crappy third-world system to Mir, too. But still, it’s the communist country from which Biden wants to buy our replacement oil. It’ll be getting lots of US bucks soon. Which it can then transfer to Russia, apparently.

Good thing for the communists that VISA and Mastercard are all woke and virtuous and stuff and put principle over profit. Otherwise it might have been hard to convince Russian consumers to switch. Now they would probably crawl over broken glass to sign up with any different payment system — even if it were designed by a Nigerian prince who just needs some help getting his money out of the country.

I’m sure all that WEF stuff is just a conspiracy theory, but one of the group’s publicly stated aims is to eliminate the United States as the world’s superpower. I wonder what they would have to do to accomplish that goal? Just asking.

…Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, warned Fox News yesterday about an “unholy alliance” between Russia and China, saying the coordination between the two nations “will pose a lot of problems” for the United States and the West.

Problems. You don’t say. Plus, he left out India, Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela. That could cause some problems too.

Wait! I forgot a couple. McCaul warned Fox that “this is the beginning of a serious alliance that will pose a lot of problems, and then you throw Iran in the mix and North Korea.”

If Biden sanctions China, our current supply chain issues will have just been the warmup act. “Whether it be semiconductors, medical, rare earth minerals — our economies are too intertwined, that going after China with similar sanctions we are with Russia will be far more difficult to achieve,” McCaul told Fox News.

It’s all going great! You don’t think the same geniuses who came up with a pandemic to stop an election would go for a world war to stop an election, do you?

I know, I know, it’s just a silly conspiracy theory. But silly conspiracy theories are doing pretty well these days.

I love it. A thinking man, not a narrative regurgitator with different metaphors and bromides.

And then comes Sean Ring (a paid subscriber here) a few hours later with his own daily piece—the Rude Awakening—for Paradigm Press / Agora.

Got Rubbles?

– Putin wants rubles for natural gas, oil, titanium, and its other resources.
– As the US has confiscated Russian gold and other assets, this makes sense.
– The US/EU axis has accelerated the eastward shift of power by 20 years.

But it really comes down to this: you can’t trust western governments with your money anymore, and the whole world now knows it.

The pieces have fallen into place.

The US has embarrassed itself; the UK closed its financial center to everyone but ESG investors, and Switzerland has given up its neutrality.

Poland is itching for a fight; why, I’ll never know.

Oh, it’s because they think they can trigger Article 5 and end Russia once and for all.

Sweden has just abandoned its political neutrality to send weapons to Ukraine.

For what?

Does Sweden really think NATO will come to its aid if Russia attacks its weapons convoys?

The virtue signaling is just staggering; ludicrous, even.

The EU needs to wake up – and fast – or its economy is going to be destroyed.

For the US, the damage is already done.

And there are some specific reasons why I’m calling time on US dollar hegemony.

Let me lay them out first:

– There’s nothing the US, EU, and UK has that Russia needs.

– There are many things Russia has that the US, EU, and UK need.

– The US, EU, and UK have proven themselves utterly untrustworthy as asset custodians.

– Thanks to stupid Western policy, the China’s Belt and Road Initiative is now a must for the “World Island.”

There’s nothing the US, EU, and UK has that Russia needs.

Coca Cola, Harley Davidson, and Gucci bags are all nice-to-haves.

Don’t get me wrong, Russia’s Instagram “stars” have been crying for weeks.

But there will be other avenues for them.

There’s nothing in Europe or North America that Russia absolutely needs.

And when I write, “nothing,” I mean nothing.

Zip, zilch, nada.

Sure, closing markets are never nice, but Russia isn’t going to starve anytime soon.

And Russia has all the raw materials it could ever need to continue to build, operate, and grow.

There are many things Russia has that the US and EU need.

This is where the “English majors,” as Dmitry Orlov calls them, have really miscalculated.

The US and France need Russian uranium for its nuclear power plants to operate.

Not “want,” but need.

Even if the US ramps up domestic production, it doesn’t have the technology right now to enrich uranium.

Quite the pickle.

Another example: remember how you were taught the US has the best oil in the world, “light, sweet” crude?

Well, that’s great for making gasoline.

But you can’t make diesel with it.

You need Russian Urals heavy oil to make diesel.

From Fortune:

Europe will feel the sting of a diesel shortage, but measures to conserve fuel are being advised everywhere, including the U.S., as oil and gas reserves reach dangerously low levels.

On Friday, the International Energy Agency, a global energy watchdog, prescribed a set of strategies to cope with oil and gas shortages reminiscent of the steps taken during the 1970s oil crisis, including car-free Sundays and reduced speed limits on highways.

What about palladium for catalytic converters?

What about cobalt, of which Russia is the world’s second largest exporter?

You need cobalt to make rechargeable batteries.

It is also the world’s second-largest supplier of vanadium, which is used in large-scale energy storage and in steelmaking.

What about nickel for stainless steel and car batteries?

Russia exports 10% of the world supply of nickel.

After knowing this, would you want to fight these guys, or cut a very large peace/free trade deal?

How much Russia is in the device—computer or handheld—you’re using right now to LOL Russia? How much of the rest is China, where you’re LOLing China siding with Russia?

There’s much more in Sean’s post, including China’s ongoing initiative, Belt and Road. Had you ever even heard of it prior to adopting a sure-win narrative? Here’s a bird’s eye of real no-shit.

Sean puts it thusly.

That’s China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and it essentially obviates the need for an open water navy.

You know, what American taxpayers have been spending so much money on…

Rail is faster and cheaper than water, if – and it’s a big if – they can get the whole thing off the ground.

Just look at that map as ask yourself one question:

If the Russians have all the resources they need, demand to be paid in rubles for them, and can rail them anywhere on this world continent, what on earth do they need US dollars for?

Answer: they don’t.

And that’s the onion.

So when Vladimir Putin says, “Pay me in rubles,” it’s damn serious.

And it’s a smart move, as well.

If he still got paid in euros or dollars, he’d have to redeposit those monies into Western banks.

That puts the money at risk of seizure.

So he’s just eliminated that problem.

Now, the US, EU, and UK will have to buy rubles first, before they buy wheat, potash, gas, oil, palladium, nickel and other key minerals from Russia.

I can’t overstate how disastrous this will be for the Western standard of living.

There’s no more petrodollar on which most Western consumers get a free ride.

If you actually consider things like this seriously—with full implications maybe decades away—you might come away with a suspicion that America and Western Europe have been riding the WWII-victory coat tails for decades and decades, then bolstered by the 1992 Cold War apparent victory, and have been running on empty for a long time as more natural, viable, and cheaper alliances take root as the west squanders its wealth and status worrying about all the plethora of Woke bullshit.

…And it even appears now that the feather in their cap of defeating Nazis isn’t worth the paper various declarations, proclamations, and judgments are written on.

…in both my most sober and drunk moments, I can’t help but feel some tinge that the Russians, Chinese, and even Eastern Euro countries who openly mock the decadent West are dead on straight and justified.

The big unresolved and merely speculative question is how much these developments begin to whittle away at the US Dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

There’s tons of links if you Google around to get a quick layman’s take on what that means. I’d rather not pick a specific one for you. Read a few. See if you can find some that claim it’s a big deal and some that claim it’s not. Be smart. Form your own thinking.

To put a simple explanation on it, imagine a barter economy where milk farms needed to figure out how much milk in order to get eggs from another place, bread from another, meat from another, and fresh vegetables from yet another. Money solves that problem as I imagine you can readily understand.

But how about when your money is different than they use in another village…or another country? There are nearly 200 countries in the world and most have their own money.

So then, you’re back to square one if your business is import/export?

Enter a medium of exchange amongst all the currencies, and you have the US Dollar. While you may not be able to get a coffee in Marrakech with a US Dollar or two, you can certainly get it with Dirham. If you really want to spend dollars in Morocco, just go to the export office, see what they’re selling, load a few containers on a ship. They’ll take your dollars. If you’re importing the inverse is true, too. They can pay in dollars.

What it means is that most countries trade in US Dollars with each other. It skips a step in having to always buy/sell on the currency markets when making money on arbitrage is not the goal, but moving lots of goods fast is.

This huge global advantage for the US Dollar and by extension, Americans, lays beneath the surface of almost any American cognition whatsoever and even if they knew, they aren’t sophisticated enough to begin to understand it. Would you guess that Biden or Harris do, even a little? I’d bet Trump gets it. He has international businesses.

Here’s another critical factor. There’s so many US Dollars floating around the whole entire world that countries buy our debt. US Treasuries. You know, when the US perpetually spends far more than it takes in, other countries loan us money. In other words, they give us back some of the dollars floating all over and we pay them interest. What happens when there’s not all those dollars floating around because so many countries don’t have to have many of them anymore and those they do are already spoken for?

And what happens when Americans really really need massive import goods from abroad but the exporters don’t take dollars anymore—or, the discount is only for Rubles or Yuan? Ever stopped to think that all the cheap shit from China in all your weekend-shopping day-trips have a bit of an artificially low price because Walmart bought them with the dollars you’ve been paying them for years, no currency middlemen? No money changers?

What happens when a country that is about the richest in energy and critical minerals in the world says, “OK, you wanna play hardball?”

“Tell you what. We’ll give you a great price. In fact, we’ll beat anyone on price. But here’s the deal: payment in Rubles only.”

And then, suppose China does the same with their Yuan?

And then, what happens when other countries begin accepting Rubles and Yuan for their exports, knowing they can directly buy critical energy and minerals for them?

…Well, I think I’ve given you enough to think on for this episode. I hope it wasn’t just a head-nodding or head-shaking experience for you.


  1. paul paul on March 25, 2022 at 15:13

    The subjugation of Russia and making it part of the US empire has always been the plan.

    I did watch “The Putin Interviews” when it came out in 2017 but I haven’t watched Ukraine on Fire, so I don’t know if this is mentioned in Oliver Stone’s movie –

    Now most people know that in 1990 H.W. Bush promised Gorbachev that NATO would not expand “one inch to the east” if communism and Warsaw Pact would end.

    But this was only to deceive Gorbachev and the Cold War would secretly continue until Russia itself would become part of the US-controlled empire.

    In Feb 1990 Bush informed German chancellor and the rest of the allies about this secret plan. There are US and German transcripts of the Feb 24-25 summit at Camp David.

    See https://archive.ph/FYtTZ (What the West Really Told Moscow About NATO Expansion – foreignaffairs.com, 2014)

    […] Bush made his feelings about compromising with Moscow clear to Kohl: “To hell with that!” he said. “We prevailed, they didn’t”

    The first attempt to take over Russia in the 1990s was through the bankers and Martin Armstrong’s articles and movie called “The Forecaster” describe this in detail.

    The second attempt was planned by Obama and the Iranian sanctions, the Syrian war and Ukraine war are all the same war, with the ultimate goal to subjugate Russia by destroying its economy.

    There were 2 Middle East gas pipelines proposed:
    – one eastbound Iran-Iraq-Syria-Turkey-Europe which would promote Russian gas flow into Europe, but sanctions stopped it
    – one northbound Qatar-Saudi-Jordan-Syria-Turkey-Europe, which would undercut Russian gas flowing into Europe

    Syria is crucial to both proposed pipelines, but obviously since being a long time ally Assad did not want to betray Putin, which means he had to be overthrown in order for the northbound pipeline from Qatar to be constructed, to compete against Russian gas supply to Europe.

    Europe is the world’s biggest energy market and Russia’s resource exports are a huge percentage of their GDP. This is the real existential threat to Russia, not the NATO missiles being moved a few more more kilometers towards their border when nowadays there are modern submarines and hypersonic missiles which makes it irrelevant. The NATO expansion does play a part, but it is secondary to what really forced Putin to intervene in Syria and Ukraine.

    There were a series of high level meetings in 2013 and 2014 organized by Obama and Kerry between the American oligarchs, Saudi oligarchs and Qatari oligarchs to work together and grab the EU energy market away from Russia. There are still some news articles from that period but many of them have been scrubbed off the internet.

    Ukraine is also part of the plan because huge reserves of gas were discovered there in 2010.

    The biggest gas field is Yuzivska which is exactly in the middle of Donbas. It’s why the Ukrainian gov has been genociding the ethnic Russians for 8 years in order to force them to flee to Russia.


    The Yuzivska field alone can supply all the EU industrial and consumer needs for several hundred years. Not to mention the other fields and the reserves that are offshore in the Black Sea.

    Virtually all of the valuable resources and industry are concentrated in the eastern part of Ukraine and the bulk of the GDP came from there. The west is mostly poor farmers.

    Ukraine and Shell sign ‘$10bn’ shale gas deal

    Ukraine readies giant shale gas deal with Shell

    Europe is a key destination for Russia’s energy exports

    World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment

    • Richard Nikoley on March 25, 2022 at 15:22

      Good additional info. I understand well that energy (geopolitics) play many roles in all of this and that it’s been so for thousands of years, the people are just too fucking stupid (still are, needle has moved, though…down…average people are the dumbest homo sapiens to ever live on earth…nature killed them young, before).

      Everything is lies, now.

      • paul paul on March 25, 2022 at 16:37

        Couldn’t agree more.
        An extinction level event also seems more likely than not, within this century. It remains to be seen what will come out the other end. As for the near future, Biden admitted yesterday in Bruxelles that “food shortage is gonna be real”.
        A lot of African nations were depending on Ukraine for their grains and potatoes imports. When hordes of refugees start migrating towards Europe nothing will be able to stop them.

      • Richard Nikoley on March 25, 2022 at 16:44

        It will be fun to watch from Thailand where it’s hard to spend much money on anything, especially kilos of fruit.

      • Christopher Gray on March 28, 2022 at 16:11

        I wonder when it will dawn on European politicians and their populations that they’ve effectively sanctioned themselves? I can’t remember where I read it last week that Russia has increased its ability to produce enough food from 60% in 2014 to 80% this year.

        Couple that with the natural resources Russia has and can trade to the rest of the world (and insist on payment in rumbles) and Europe could be looking at a decade long depression.. They just don’t have the infrastructure to replace Russian imports,
        This lady gets it.


        They can also take a leaf out of China’s book. With Mcdonalds closing all 847 restaurants There are plans to file a new trademark, turn the sign 90 degrees and call them Uncle Vanyas with all ingredients locally sourced and lower prices.


      • Richard Nikoley on March 28, 2022 at 16:22


        I love it. Russia is moving forward to have their banks gear up to take payment for their ESSENTIAL good in Rubbles and if you don’t understand what that means in global trade, you will soon enough.

        It’s like the neighbor, where you’ve purchased your eggs and milk forever in something you have, suddenly demands fairy dust.

        I’m going to love watching this play out.

  2. Gordon on March 26, 2022 at 05:46

    When I used to hear that certain groups of foreigners referred to the US as the Great Satan I thought those were fighting words, but now I agree with them! That description is much more precise I fear than the generic “you suck” that many people probably take it as.

    Before this Ukraine crap the conflict was shaping up as the masses vs the elites, which puts most of humanity on the same team, including MAGA vs the Great Satan. Now everything is a big mess as far as I can tell.

  3. Ralna Cunningham on March 27, 2022 at 08:34

    People have been pouring into Montana for a couple years now, no sign of it letting up. The view from here, a few miles away from me is the nickel/platinum/palladium Stillwater mining complex. Giant fields of wheat, barley, cattle. Hutterite colonies that raise all manner of vegetables and livestock for the farmers markets. Across the eastern part of the state, the Bakken oil patch is firing back up. Yes it costs a lot to fill the gas tank or the cart at Costco. Seems a decent place to be for now (yep we raise gorgeous potatoes in the backyard), but thinking of putting the house on the market.

  4. Ralna Cunningham on March 27, 2022 at 09:13

    I’m reading that the state of Israel is preparing for massive numbers of immigrants from both Ukraine and Russia to “make aliyah”, particularly children whose fathers must stay behind to fight. https://boulderjewishnews.org/2022/jewish-agency-launches-aliyah-express-program-to-expedite-ukrainian-immigration-to-israel/

    In addition there are gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean to be exploited by liquification, can be shipped by tanker. Israel already supplies gas to Egypt, I was not aware of this until recently. Egypt has the gas liquification infrastructure up and running. Israel set up a sovereign wealth fund a few years ago but until recently there wasn’t much of any sovereign wealth from the gas fields to manage up to then. That may change.

    Now this is suggested conveniently as a way to undermine Putin, if only partially. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-us-should-link-eastern-mediterranean-gas-to-europe-to-subvert-russia/ar-AAV5ovC

    A proposed pipeline to serve Europe by way of Greece was vetoed in January by the Biden administration. What changed? “Events”

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