Why Does Russia Have Bio-Labs In Mexico?

I have a substantial post in the Prosper Anyway Series just about ready for release and I’ve gotten myself sidetracked with a simple question. We’re jumping to the front of the line. This shouldn’t take long, because the question is obvious and simple.

…But first, I ered in the title. I meant to ask why does the USA have biolabs in China and Ukraine?

It seems to me that in terms of the Wuhan biotech lab, the essential question to ask was ignored or obfuscated by everyone; and no, I’m not going to make meaningless distinctions over news media outlets, especially in the revelation that Fox News Whores shared in the $1 Billion that NIH spent on vaccine ads and promotion. Our tax dollars. No wonder vaccines weren’t questioned. That would have been like CNN doing pieces on why toilet paper is not good for your butt hole, while taking in millions to advertise Charmin.

It doesn’t work that way.

[I use this analogy because I haven’t used TP in over 2 years. I use the ubiquitous Bum Gun. There is TP, but that’s to dry. I don’t bother.]

…So the narrative tit-for-tat over two years was whether the NOVEL virus—with patented and HIV code in it—came out of the Wuhan lab or a market down the street. So everyone argues about that.

But the real question is obfuscated: why does the US have a bio-lab in Wuhan, China?

Now, it’s revealed that us US taxpayers are funding them in Ukraine too.

I’ve never doubted that Rubio is a typical piece of shit. All he wants is to be the go-to Cuban Republican.

He’s not asking the obvious question: WHY IN THE FUCK DO WE HAVE BIO LABS ON THE BORDERS OF RUSSIA?

And how would you answer it?

Because God? Because The Bible? Because Russians? Because Murca!? Because we can? Just because?

Well, we know how the stupid cunt answers it. ‘No matter what, it’s the Russians.’

And that’s the answer that cuckold Rubio wanted because he led the witness.

You can’t have clear answers as to why the great USA would have bio labs in China and Ukraine—or anywhere else outside of the USA.

You can surmise and speculate.

I can’t wrap my mind around or into common-sense reasoning. Back in the day, they did the nukes program under hyper-secret procedures such that dropping one shocked the world. Nobody saw it coming. Imagine the shockwave back then. It elevated the USA to master of the planet overnight.

But bioweapons are like nukes by other means. Potentially more devastating. Since the labs are secret and have security, there’s not going to be any close oversight as there was for nukes? How meaningful is NIH oversight in the labs of Wuhan and Ukraine? Do we have half an answer, yet?

Yea, I know… the euphemism. It’s a RESEARCH LAB, NOT WEAPONS LAB!!!

Ok, then. Please identify the critical distinction between a total accidental, or purposeful release of Covid-19 from Wuhan in terms of practical effect on the whole entire world. Nukes by other means? Or, accidental detonation…


You’re welcome to deny, but I’ll not use more than 2 words: read this.

The simple facts are that the [laughable] Land of The Free financed a lab in Wuhan China and as such, Covid is 100% blood on American hands, by accident or intention. Unknown, they have a number of labs in the Ukraine—doing who knows what to keep the world “safe for freedom and democracy.”

But how can Russians tolerate that any more than we would tolerate Russian biolabs in Mexico? Missiles by other means, potentially more spreading and deadly? It’s only “research,” right up to the moment it’s a weapon.

One could ask another question too. Isn’t bioresearch what drug companies do, endeavoring to sustain and ameliorate life? They spend hundreds and hundreds of millions on it and often enough, they knock it out of the park. Viagra could go down as the best general-use drug ever. Creating a hard dick is really the least of its prowess. It fixes and helps shit tons of stuff in both men and women (nitric oxide production). All old men should be on regular small-dose Viagra or Cialis.

OK, I think that’s about all. I have a target rich environment. When you see that everyone is me-too-ing something, it’s a-priori that everybody is wrong. You don’t need to even get up off the couch to know it. You just have to figure out the best way to ridicule and mock fucktards and morons.

It’s sport.


  1. paul paul on March 10, 2022 at 16:39

    Ethnic bioweapons have been in development since the 1940s.
    In 2017 Putin warned that the US Air Force was collecting Russian DNA without the permission of the Russian government.


    “Q2: Would you consider samples from Ukraine?
    A2: No, all samples (Synovial tissue and RNA samples) shall be collected from Russia and must be Caucasian. The Government will not consider tissue samples from Ukraine.”

    I guess Joe Biden was right when he said “Our diversity is, and has always been, our greatest strength as a nation”

  2. Eddie Osh on March 12, 2022 at 06:59

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