2,400 Employees Is A Lot When There’s Nothing To Worry About

There’s a true story out there, likely never reported on even Fox—just as bad—News, that certain entities had sought to obtain all the documents from Pfizer for their SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!! mRNA jab that got authorized for “emergency use” way back in December of 2020. We’re nearly a year and a half into that “emergency.”

It’s a fuck-ton of pages, like 400,000. In opposing the request for the documents, FDA wanted to distribute them in batches of 500 pages per month, a schedule that would take decades. I can’t recall. It was like 50-70 YEARS!!! before the documents attesting to an ongoing EMERGENCY use would be made available. The FDA took 108 days to thoroughly review every single page of the 400,000 to ensure they’re TOTALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!! I’m absolutely sure.

(Yes, this is your world, now, voters.)

The judge called fucking bullshit. Duh.

So, the new schedule is about 10,000 pages for the last couple of months, then goes way way up. Supposedly, all will have been released by Sep 1 of THIS YEAR, not September 1, 2090. (You can’t even make this shit up.)

The first 10K pages were released on March 1st. Shortly after that happened, I was alerted to a video by Dr. John Campbell. I subscribe to his YouTube along with 2.3 million others and take in a video now and then. He’s a gentleman, honest, and forthright. He tries to get it right even though for the most part he has trusted the authorities, such that he generally thought Covid was really bad and was a fan of vaccines. On the other hand, he was touting vitamin D and even K2. So there was always something about him where I didn’t just dismiss him as a typical fool-tool in the pay, which applies to 99% of others.

So he comes out with this video a month ago and his eyes are a bit more open.

It’s at about 18 minutes where he expresses his basic shock. He’s flummoxed. Worth a watch, even if for just those last bits. The video is over 2 million views now.

I don’t see a video from him concerning the last data dump on April 1—perhaps he was given the message to sit down, shut up, and stay in his lane.

Here’s what I found.

Pfizer Tried To Hide the Hiring of 2,400 Employees To Handle Adverse Events

After a Texas federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to accelerate the release of the data it relied on to license the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 two-dose injection, the latest documents reveal that the drug company hired about 600 additional full-time employees with plans to hire 1,800 more by June 2021 to process the “large number of adverse events” they saw as early as February 28, 2021. 

The rollout of the Pfizer injection led to an unprecedented number of reported adverse events, yet neither the drug company nor the FDA disclosed this critical information to the public. 

This information was contained in a more than 11,000-page document cache released April 1, 2022 by the FDA as part of a court-ordered disclosure schedule stemming from an expedited Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The document, “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports” of the Pfizer-BioNTech injection, highlights adverse events identified through Feb. 28, 2021. The document was previously released in November 2021, but the number of employees Pfizer hired and planned to hire was redacted. 

According to the unredacted document released April 1, “Pfizer has also taken a multiple actions [sic] to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports. This includes significant technology enhancements, and process and workflow solutions, as well as increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues. To date, Pfizer has onboarded approximately 600 additional full-time employees (FTEs). More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021.” 

The unredacted version also revealed that “approximately 126,212,580 doses of BNT162b2 [the Pfizer EUA vaccine] were shipped worldwide from the receipt of the first temporary authorisation [sic] for emergency supply on 01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021.”

Lets make some basic reasonable assumptions and do some fucking easy math.

Let’s assume:

  1. Adverse event reports are serious, taking time and attention
  2. Maybe an employee can do one per hour, but let’s say 6 in an 8-hour shift

So, easy-math wise, 2,400 employees can assumedly process 14,400 adverse events per day. The problem is, we don’t know what the hiring and training schedule was like from their first 600, or how long they had to work, or even if they’re still working. Let’s not go hog wild with assumptions.

But here’s one thing we can know: 600 was not enough. They said so themselves. Using the same assumptions, the ability to assumedly process 3,600 adverse events per day was not enough.

It’s a long shot but we might assume they were 2 months into this at 600 employees processing 3,600 cases per day on the 126 million doses shipped out by February 28, 2021. So, simple math, that’s assumably 216,000 adverse events, or 0.2%, which is higher than mortality rates for either Covid or flu.

…And they determined they need THREE TIMES as many employees.

Well, it’s certainly assumption laden and I apologize for that, but when it requires a judge to order the release of documents that ought to be plainly open to the public in a declared “emergency” and everyone is being cajoled or coerced into taking a medication with clear and established risks, I don’t know how to present it better than that.

But I believe my assumptions are conservative and I didn’t know that final number of .2% before writing it right up there. That it’s just a smidgen over mortality rates for the disease gives me some confident hope that my assumptions are conservative.

I’m pretty confident that the real numbers are magnitudes fucking worse. …Which perplexes me, since the FDA went over those 400,000 pages with a fine-tooth comb in the 108 days before they granted emergency authorization. So.

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  1. Shaun Bradshaw on April 12, 2022 at 18:29

    John’s response looked like genuine disbelief when processing that discovery. A good case for the hierarchy of competence: A is A after all.

    The $1b budget allocation for Covid-19 propaganda mentioned in that LC article is also substantial if less revelatory. I was going to say surprising to describe both but that just wouldn’t have been honest.

    It’s great to see people are still pursuing the truth of the matter so the rest of us can stay informed while prospering anyway!

  2. Currin on May 15, 2022 at 22:22

    I have to say that I’m more than a bit disappointed that there is not more of a reaction to this very important topic. Time has passed since the video and this blog… crickets.

    “Safe and effective” — Sounds like a lot of funny data to me.

    1) What is considered safe and how is “safe” defined? Seems like governments and politicians have defined it differently.

    2) What does it mean for a vaccine to be “effective” and how is “effective” defined? Most of my vaccinated friends/relatives got sick, anyway. And now we need additional boosters every 4-6 months. That is certainly not what I would consider effective. I’m vaccinated and never got sick, so … maybe it worked for me… ??

    3) What is meant by “adverse effects reported”? Does this mean people must seek medical attention or that they stubbed their toe and called a hotline? Would a cardiac event weeks after a vaccine in a previously healthy person be documented as an event associated with the vaccine? I seriously doubt it. As I am vaccinated, I’m more than a bit paranoid at this point.

    4) What is the sample size? Seems incredibly suspicious that this data was redacted (or, possibly more likely… they may not have any way to collect and aggregate this information. Which is also very disturbing).

    5) Who are the sample population(s)? Were the “adverse events” reported in early 2021 reported from trial volunteers (or the “voluntolds”)? Were they already sick and elderly in nursing homes, or were they otherwise healthy people?

    6) What is the window for reporting an adverse event? Is it 24 hours after injection? Two weeks? Six months??? How on earth are they tracking this?

    I personally can’t decide if most of the reports could be unrelated and coincidental or if there is actual causation. But, it sure doesn’t look good. The cloak and dagger approach and lack of transparency (and a required court order!) means this was never intended to be accurately collected/analyzed/assessed/reported.

    And … where the hell IS the media? ? ? It just seems to me like they are doubling down on the virtue-signaling. I forget. Who do vaccines “protect” again?

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