Are We Post-Covid Yet and How Do We Never Return?

Depending where you live, many have been seemingly in post-covid for a while. Some places were virtually never-covid.

But the love-every-minute-of-covid people and places were dealt a resounding blow this last week, right in their stupid, diapered faces.

Fuck you and your masks.

By now, everyone has probably seen many of the videos of folks on airplanes in mid-flight gleefully tossing masks. My favorite:

When I saw it the first time, I thought: had to have grown up in a black baptist church with a choir and great music emphasis (try to name one that doesn't). Anyway, nice little bit of joy for once. To check out the utterly hilarious, check these posts by Michael Senger.

What's so encouraging about it is the unmistakable happiness and relief on display by everyone—not unlike someone being released after a long false and unjust imprisonment while being completely innocent. I dare anyone on the planet to come up with a better analogy than that. It's plain abhorrent that any government or "authority" can force anyone to muzzle up, restrict their natural breathing, and create a substrate for expelled bacteria growth and reinhalation. It's torture, especially when imposed long term; and it has been imposed long term, even to children. It's fucking torture plain and simple and rightly, millions should be in jail for a long time for perpetuating it—especially the enforcers on the ground like police, school teachers...and flight attendants.

It should never be forgotten. For the most part, nearly everyone in all governments around the world are despots. To even presume that level of totalitarian authority is the very definition of despot. That goes for lockdowns and closings too.

...And it certainly goes for that stupid experimental injection so many have been utterly coerced into taking at the risk of losing everything.

It should be very telling what the socio-political tone is, given that:

  1. Uncharacteristically, the ruling judge did not stay her order vacating the mandate, giving time for an appeal as is common, but made it immediate
  2. Airlines wasted zero time in foregoing keeping their own mandates in place, getting the word out to thousands of aircraft actually enroute so flight crews could get the word out to their customers
  3. The TSA quickly signalled that it would not be enforcing it in airports
  4. The White [clown] House said it would not appeal, then said it might, then suggested it wouldn't, again—or something like that—and now is appealing
  5. BUT, in doing so, it is not asking for a stay of the ruling judge's order but is appealing in order to affirm the CDC's authority and preserve its right to mandate them in the future

The political climate surrounding this—on display on those in-flight scenes—is like the shot heard 'round the world. It's unmistakable to any political weeny. This is a turd they cannot polish, even to a CNN junkie. What was seen was not only sighs of release and relief. No, those were masking a whole lot of underlying rage at the whole two years of utter global insanity suborning state cruelty and despotism. Tens of millions are still suffering many damages that will take years to recover from if at all. Billions suffering if you include the rest of the world.

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Richard Nikoley

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