Ukraine’s Zelenskyy TL;DR: We Surrender

As cable-news Generals endlessly pontificate about how fucked Russia COULD BE!!! they get undercut by a horse’s mouth because they’re stupid, have zero integrity, are in the pay, and are politically oriented first and foremost.

Laughably, the “commander-in-chief” (see short vid at the end) is gonna roll out TOUGH NEW SANCTIONS!!! that are GONNA HIT REALLY HARD!!! He’s probably about three nap-and-sleep cycles behind.

If you ever watched a single “news” source that’s not mainstream, then you likely have never heard of the Minsk I and II accords, how Russia fully complied and Ukraine ignored, refused, and continued to devastate the Donbass, etc. You wouldn’t know that because of those Ukraine actions that Russia recognized the independence of two regions and signed a defense accord (treaty) and fulfilled that bargain under continued Ukrainian assault days before Russia’s operations began.

Nor would you have heard anything about what Putin’s and Russia’s goals were in order to get out of this.

Nope, an ignorant-of-everything narrative was created and just like Covid, was disseminated and taken up worldwide, detractors are Nazis (while Ukraine’s biggest-in-the-world Nazi problem was part of the problem…but crickets…), and all of Russia’s tactical and strategic diversions (like taking Kyiv with a 40KM truck convoy and 40K troops, LOL…even fucking cable-news Generals fell for that) were square-pegged into the prevailing narrative as TROUBLE FOR RUSSIA!!!

Fucking fools everywhere. Nobody thinks for themselves, anymore. Not even cable-news Generals.

The Epoch Times seems to be a real news organization to me. It’s actually weird to read, often enough. It’s not like any other outlet. I think it starkly appears as such because we’re only human and no matter how astute, when you see everyone else on one path and a single thing on another, it’s tough to break the desire to simply go with the prevailing flow and paddle in unison.

Ukraine Unlikely to Take Back Crimea–Donbass Corridor Through Military Means: Zelenskyy

Ukraine is unlikely to resort to military means to take back Donbass and Crimea in the short term, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Tuesday.

“Russia has its own vision of Donbass, and Ukraine has its own. So I had a simple suggestion. I believe that we will not be able to agree on all points at once. This is impossible, even if we have negotiations,” he said during an interview with Ukrainian media.

Ukrainian armed forces could lose thousands of soldiers if they’re ordered to take back Donbass and Crimea, which he called “temporarily occupied territories.”

It will also endanger the general security of his country as the group who is fighting in Donbass are the elite segment of the Ukrainian militaries.

“Our state needs a strong army. And if we want to lose the most powerful, most experienced people because ‘I want it now,’ we must understand that [Russian armed forces] will return to us, and not in two or three years, but in the same month. All the military know and think about it,” he elaborated. “This is a very serious story.”

It would actually require that you know something about this whole thing beyond the 99%—all rancid bullshishit that has been purveyed everywhere, including just-as-bad Fox News—of stuff out there.

This is ALL THAT PUTIN WANTED. Well, he also wanted to fix Ukraine’s worst-in-the-world Nazi problem (since WWII; and the US CIA has supported, since, documented) but he took that off the table. It can be Ukraine’s problem and it won’t be Russia’s unless they fuck with Crimea or Donbass.

Zelenskyy made the remarks as the Russian armed forces withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv after trying to occupy the Ukrainian capital in month-long battles and shifting to the disputed territories in eastern Ukraine.

Well, yea, hahaha—or 555 as the Thais say…’5′ is ‘ha’ in Thai—perhaps dumbass cable-news Generals are beginning to get the clue that taking Kyiv was a masterful Russian diversion. I knew this right off as I could plainly see that they weren’t taking out infrastructure. I laughed as I’m watching people stream shit-from-phones from Kyiv (and everywhere in Ukraine, as though they’re immune from the natural consequences of real war). The Russians wanted those cell-phone towers and networks to do most of their work for them.

It was good enough to fool cable-news Generals.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, and the conflicts in Donbass between the Ukrainian military and Russia-backed separatists escalated into a war the same year.

Both areas have been de facto occupied by Russia or separatists.

The Kremlin said earlier that the Donbass is the main goal of the full-scale invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zelenskyy acknowledged that the intention of Russia’s military operation is to occupy the corridor connecting Crimea and Donbass, with Mariupol being a key city along the corridor.

“Donbass, and the south of Ukraine, and the corridor to Crimea, and the Kherson region, and the Zaporizhzhia region,” he said. “We basically understand what they are doing.”

Let’s unpack this. First, near nobody with their face in their phone all waking hours can even remember back to 2014—8 years ago—when this went down. There’s a lot wrapped up in it that someone who can’t remember back to 2014 couldn’t begin to understand.

Read those last two paragraphs again. What do they really mean?

They mean that Zelenskyy has known what was up for 8 fucking years, but simped and pawned as best he could all along to prevent the inevitable and though he was able to make cucks and whores out of almost everyone, Russia’s demands and goals turned out to be measured and reasonable, and he’s now forced to acknowledge it in spite of his billions-strong global army of fucktards and cable-news Generals.

There’s the fucking truth.

In another major concession, Ukraine renounced the pursuit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization membership.

In the end, Putan gets everything he reasonably and rationally wanted that he’s been saying for-fucking-ever to deaf ears—especially the deaf ears of that brain-cancered John McCain and that pathetic excuse for any sort of Republican, Lindsey Graham (South Carolinian Republicans are fucktards).

But mostly, to everyone: face in phone all the time = zero brain at any time.

…And cable-news Generals? LOL.

Here, in parting, check this out. I compiled it from a couple of Twitter videos from a just-recent gala of some stupid sort.

Your COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!! I love this shit. Zero sympathy. I’d laf if the fucker aspirated and choked on a shrimp peeler. I don’t care if he got the record 80 millions votes, LOL.

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  1. Eddie Osh on April 7, 2022 at 12:02

    This is the first time in a very long while that these people have been confronted by reality, and they’re finding out that it’s a bitch! Zero sympathy for them.
    Here is General Pulikovsky providing the reality check (in his native language so ppl may need to use the cc auto-translate).

  2. Tim Steele on April 8, 2022 at 09:12

    Nazi’s are everywhere, even in the US and Russia.

    The Ukranian government and most Ukrainians wish they were not there. Just like we don’t like MS13, Crips, Bloods, Skinheads, KKK, etc… But they all serve a purpose, I guess.

    I don’t blame Zelensky for not wanting to be in NATO anymore. Even though NATO is committed to supporting Ukraine right down to the last Ukranian.

    My take is that Joe, Xi, Blackrock and all the other string-pullers gave their blessings to Putin to invade, relying on same faulty intel that Ukraine would fold faster than Afghanistan to the Taliban last year.

    One thing for sure, no matter the outcome, we will never know the true motivations, backroom deals, and high-level fuckups that led to all of this.

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