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In This Issue, Not One Thing Related to Another:

  1. The GoFundMe and GiveSendGo
  2. I Lose ATM Cards
  3. School As The Covid Silver Lining
  4. Does America Make Otherwise Identical People Stupid?
  5. Anthony Colpo Is Nothing If Not Thorough
  6. Dr. Michael Eades Reveals New Biochemistry About Diabetes
  7. Ricky Gervais
  8. Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia

The GoFundMe and GiveSendGo

It’s 6 days into the former, 5 days into the latter. $1,460 and $100. $1,560 total. Thank you to all who’ve helped. The links are: GoFundMe and GiveSendGo.

I perhaps didn’t stress enough that I really want this project to ring in your hearts. So often, charity is about “here, get off my back,” and that’s a shame. I like to be charitable and charitable people are the best. You’ve seen the news reports and statistics before. Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, et al, are far more charitable than the whole slew of the left when you do the numbers. Not surprising. Who doesn’t like a bit of heaven on earth?

But what I have in mind here is to demonstrate to everyone who gave a cent that you’re part of something and you get to see it through. I built the house on my own. For this thing, I need your help.

I just posted this update on the GoFundMe page.

One of my earliest designs for the house I built, all cash. It did not turn out exactly that way. I changed things along the way as I sourced all materials locally and paid the village guys 150 baht daily over the going rate of 350 ($10). I paid them $15, plus a sit-down lunch, plus a community bottle of Lao Khao (Thai rice whiskey…a bit like vodka) with the energy drinks they like to mix it with at the end of the day. They were all older men, so they show up bright and sober every morning.

I’ll add that it was about 10 hours per day, sometimes 12, seven days per week. That’s why I got ‘er done in 2 1/2 months. Also, I paid directly 100%. I paid the vendors for materials and delivery, and I paid the guys. I’m a stickler for iron-grip financial control and total accountability. There’s no “opinionated” money in the float.

What I guarantee to donors is not only full financial transparency so you see where your hard-earned money goes, but that if enough of you pop for it and it’s viable, you get to see the results before your very eyes in photos, video, dialog, and a heap of thanks. Just a few thousand more, and I’m on an airplane out there to see to the initial things in order to demonstrate why you might want to be a part of it.

Make no mistake. I will manage your money as I managed my own money in building that house. Want to see what I can do with your money?

I Lose ATM Cards

After a long time, it happened yet again, a week ago.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve left my ATM card in a machine, maybe a dozen times in 2 1/2 years. The reason is ridiculously simple. Thai ATMs dispense the cash first. In the Western world, it ejects the card first. If you’re not going to walk away without your money, in which instance are you more likely to leave without your card? Add to that, you might be out drinking and run short on cash.

The first instance is something I really ought not talk about. Yet here I am. My girl, the gal with long, black straight hair down to her sexy Asian butt happens to have a friend since 5 years old in grade school—who equally has straight black hair to her butt. One evening in Chiang Mai a couple months after arriving, she said they’d talked about it and wanted for both of them to come home with me that night.

I reluctantly agreed. Testosterone replacement therapy is important.

So I’m thinking…nice dinner, some drinks at a late nite place or two, far better hotel room. Dumb shit like that… So I go to the ATM and in my exuberance, get the requisite cash, and walk away leaving the machine to beep until it eats the card. You cannot get them back in Thailand. They destroy them.

Nonetheless, we had an evening and that’s all I’ll write about it. …We’ve never even talked about it since, amongst ourselves. To my mind, it’s fun yea, but not really the natural quotidian way. One guy; one gal, though, I tease my girl and her sister as often as I can. Can you blame me?

Just now, in text:

(followed up, telling her that “unconscionable” is the word of choice, now. Turns out it translates perfectly in Thai…ไร้สาระ — Rị̂ s̄āra. She replied YES!)

…But perhaps because of months of brain fog over the previous thing, I’ve left my card so many times. At first, it was my USAA card, and I’d have to sit on the phone and make sure they got my current Thai address correct. It was $8 to ship it Fedex, but it got here in 3-5 days every time.

Then I have a Bangkok Bank account commensurate with my visa status which I’ve used for cash almost exclusively. I’ve left my BB card in ATMs so many times that when I go to the local branch for a replacement (100 baht…$3), the cute 20-something Thai chick turns her monitor to the other cute, 20-something Thai chick and they giggle (SIX TIMES!!! 555…’ha’ being the tonaton for 5).

It’s like standing with your pants down to your ankles and they’re judging the worthiness of your peepee.

I only lost my Fidelity card once. When I replaced that online, it automatically went to my brother’s place in Placerville, and he Fedexed it to me for a whopping $80!

So when I lost it again a week or so ago, I did it different. No less than a half dozen calls to Fidelity. Fortunately, they answer the phone quick with real, American-speaking folk and I often shoot the shit with them. They’re in wonderland when I tell them I’m calling from Thailand and it’s 3am my time. Long story short, no way to enter a foreign address online. They have to do it. They did. Then I ordered up the replacement debit card to my Phuket address. I didn’t even have to do anything else.

Yesterday, knock on the door. It was a pristinely uniformed young Thai man, his perfectly new Fedex truck in the background, parked on the street. He had that familiar looking cardboard envelope.

“Richard Nikoley?”

“The only one.”

Then he holds out his phone to scratch a sig, scans the barcode, and it’s done.

…It will never happen again…

School As The Covid Silver Lining

Throughout the Global Holocaust of the last two and a half years, there’s one thing I’ve been somewhat nondescript about. The school closures and the resistance to open them up.

Sweden never closed schools, they’re amongst the best as a country dodging Covid. Sweden puts the rest of the world in kurze hosen. It is still unacknowledged. Because it’s so true.

I hate the idea of public schools. Some call them indoctrination centers and it’s largely true. You’re teaching boys and girls to just follow authority. But, I slept with a public school teacher for 20 years. And every morning during that time, I’d be stirred from sleep between 5 and 6 am while she’s chomping at the bit to get to her classroom where she’s in charge of 30 or so minds for a year.

I’ve never seen anyone love something so much. Beatrice was a pig in shit as a school teacher. 5th and 6th grades, her sweet 10 year olds. And she wore their serious problems on her shirtsleeves while being stern with them about their lying bullshit. I knew it all, daily updates.

So I’m perpetually in a confirmation bias, knowing public schools are a bad idea, whilst having utmost respect for one teacher in them and a few of her chosen friends.

…I’ve thought since the beginning of the movement to close schools but pay salaries and benefits to cunty teachers sitting on their mostly fat, sexually undesirable asses at home…that I’m glad Beatrice didn’t have to go through that. I will always remember a school teacher bursting out of bed at 5am to go teach her class in person.

I taught her class three times.

  1. The 2000 election. She could not fully answer her kids’ questions. I came and explained it to them, the whole electoral college, and everything pertaining to Bush-Gore.
  2. In about mid-2000s, I came over and did a gig on entrepreneurship. I used a classic. I had them trade apples for money. Turns out, if you trade an apple for a dollar, it’s only because one person wants an apple more than a dollar and the other wants a dollar more than the apple.
  3. In perhaps 2012ish, Bea had me come over to do a lesson on free flight, i.e., sun-powered fight. That’s when you use a sailplane or hang glider and the rising columns of air the sun creates by baking the ground, to stay up for a long time and even travel great distances. The record for sailplanes is over 1,000 miles and the record for hang gliders is over 500 miles in a single flight. No engine or gas.

The only real and important point is that in all three instances, those 10-year-old kids were glued to me, eyes big, wide, and open…and their hands were politely up to ask questions. Dozens of questions.

I didn’t create that. I took advantage of what my wife created.

All that, to preface this news:

There were over 100,000 students who didn’t turn up for class when schools in Thailand returned last week after a long break because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong vowed to get kids back and says the department is joining forces with other organisations, including the police, to make sure it happens.


I’ll juxtapose that with a horror story from July of 2020:

Almost 10 Million Children May Never Return to School Following COVID 19 Lockdown

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (July 12, 2020)—Deep budget cuts to education and rising poverty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could force at least 9.7 million children out of school forever by the end of this year, with millions more falling behind in learning, Save the Children warns in a new report launched today.

Girls are likely to be much worse affected than boys, with many forced into early marriage. As the impacts of the recession triggered by COVID-19 hits families, many children may be forced out of school and into labor markets.

In its report, Save the Children is calling for governments and donors to respond to this global education emergency by urgently investing in education as schools begin to reopen after months of lockdown.

OMG, closing schools might motivate girls to actually seek a husband, make sandwiches and babies. Or, be forced into “labor markets.” To what could that euphemism possibly attain? Personally, I’m akin to stripping them naked, having them clean the kitchen, then make me a sandwich (or some Thai thingy). Hint: you want a horny chick, or not? I call it light domination here. You won’t believe me until you try it and see how much they love it.

But to close the point on this, I wonder what the downstream ramifications are for largely shutting off in-house indoctrination for 2 years or so? What were all those hundreds of millions of kids doing all those billions of hours while they were not being told what to do every minute…where every instruction is an official one, all approved and whatnot?

That’s what I wonder. If my suspicion is correct, it completely devalues the stupid idea of all children marching off to a stupid thing to be trained like a zoo animal every day. As a side note, I was taken out of that sort of thing halfway through 7th grade. My parents and their friends started a church and became an affiliate of a curriculum, Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Its most brilliant feature was not only self leaning, but learning at your own pace, and not only that, but at an individual pace for each category. For instance, I completed all mathematics and science requirements 2 year before I graduated high school. English literature was my last to finish. It was very intense.

My best to my ex and her friends I respect wholeheartedly for their devotion to their kids that I observed first hand from day one, listening to them talking shop at get-togethers. Unfortunately, their devotion I saw—thanks to me being with a good woman—is not representative in the slightest of the morass of utter cunt we have seen on display for over 2 years.

They utterly exposed their rotten cunt nature to their core.

Nothing bad is good enough for those “teachers.”

Does America Make Otherwise Identical People Stupid?

If you’re honest, forthright, and have impeccable integrity—which almost nobody does, so maybe nevermind—you have to look at this one with a gimlet eye.

Psychologists found a “striking” difference in intelligence after examining twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States

A new study of monozygotic twins raised apart in South Korea and the United States provides unique insight into how genetic, cultural, and environmental factors influence human development. The new research has been published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences.

“I have studied identical twins reared apart for many years. They pose a simple, yet elegant experiment for disentangling genetic and environmental influences on human traits. This case was unique in that the twins were raised in different countries,” said researcher Nancy L. Segal, a professor and director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University in Fullerton.

The twins were born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea. One of the twins became lost at age two after visiting a market with her grandmother. She was later taken to a hospital that was approximately 100 miles away from her family’s residence and diagnosed with the measles. Despite her family’s attempt to find her, she was placed into the foster system and ended up being adopted by a couple residing in the United States.

It’s as interesting as it is tragic. Can you imagine the lifelong anguish of the parents and grandparents? You never get over that. Death, you get over…because that’s life. Not knowing? Nope.

Here’s the study.

I could perhaps opine in a number of ways, but it’s just not in me. The bottom line is that the genetically identical girl raised in South Korea is lean and smart. The twin, raised in America from the age of two, is fat and stupid.

Deal with it, Americans. Your culture is a bit sewer and it’s because Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans cave to the vile left every fucking time, and for fucking decades upon decades. That’s why I prefer Thailand. Men rule this country hands down. Not a chick in sight, or any man bowing down to them. No such thing as feminism here. Laughable. Even the chicks laf about it.

Plus, they will clean the kitchen and make you a sandwich, naked. It certainly helps when they’ve kept themselves sexy as fuck. They know how that bestows unto them a certain edge.

Anthony Colpo Is Nothing If Not Thorough

It wasn’t just the Chileans who learned the cold way that COVID vaccines are about as useful as mammaries on a male seal.

The Belgians may not be known for their Latino-like flair, but when it comes to keeping the Antarctic free from Woohoo viruses, they don’t mess around either. When Belgium sends scientific researchers to the international Princess Elisabeth Polar Station, it makes sure they are all vaccinated and have undergone several PCR tests before arriving.

Fat lot of good that did them last December. A 5 January BBC story reported that, since 14 December, eleven Belgian workers at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station had tested positive for COVID-19.

And so, even in the most remote and pristine parts of the world, COVID ‘vaccines’ are not 95% Effective, but 100% Useless Bullshit.

I could have picked anything amongst lots of gems, but this one was funny enough. Read the long post here. What’s particular about it is that he digs damn deep into how much the wealthy elite really hate and loathe all of of us useless eaters and breathers. It goes back to the 1950s.

It’s a rather silly thing of them, but they’re cloistered, inbred, and retarded. The world population in 1950 was about 2.5 billion. It’s near 8 billion today and anyone with any brains understands that more people equals more productivity.

We all make each other better off.

But if they really think there’s a population problem, it’s not just their elitist culture speaking, and they seek a final solution, then I have good ideas about just where to start…

Dr. Michael Eades Reveals New Biochemistry About Diabetes

It starts at the last section of the newsletter, a section called Insulin and Glucagon. Mike’s writing Protein Power 2.0 so of course, it’s not just going to be a rehash.

Also, if you’ve been around the low-carb and paleosphere for any time at all, you know that carbs drive insulin drives fat storage.

Or do you know that?

But look at the curve right above, the one showing the glucose curve. It looks pretty much like the one on the left. But there is no insulin! Why isn’t the blood sugar skyrocketing like it does in type I diabetics, who have no insulin?

Because type I diabetics still have glucagon, whereas these mice have no glucagon receptors, and so might as well have no glucagon.

Unrestrained glucagon is the real problem in type I diabetes, not the lack of insulin.

But how did the glucose go down as shown in the graphic in the upper right if there is no insulin?

Because we don’t need insulin to get glucose into the cells. Insulin does drive glucose into the cells if it is present, but we don’t need it. You probably didn’t know that. The vast majority of doctors don’t know that.

If we don’t need it to drive blood sugar into the cells, then why do we have it?

I’ll explain next week.

The layup is quite detailed and visciousy interesting. I thought I “knew” all I needed to know about glucagon, by means of its interaction with ghrelin. Turns out there’s a lot more to it.

It appears I have been deficient.

Ricky Gervais

Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia

That’s it for this time.

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  1. James McCullough on May 29, 2022 at 06:53

    Don’t blame you one bit for teasing your girl and her friend. Thai women are something else it seems.

    Have you watched the Gervais special on Netflix? It’s on my watch list. I was also curious if Netflix has expanded there or if you have to use a VPN to the US or other country to watch?

    • Richard Nikoley on May 29, 2022 at 07:20

      Haven’t watched it yet, but yes, Netflix is in Thailand. The suggestions are somewhat different, but pretty much the same as the US. No VPN needed.

  2. Alan Andersen on May 30, 2022 at 03:38

    Yeah Richard. You vile man. Here in the US it is apparently a crime for a 46 year old man to marry a 21 year old woman. The Blue Hairs hate it. I forget the name, but it’s in the news, a Princeton professor had the nerve to marry one of his students who was over 21 but 25 years younger. They just could not abide that and made up a reason to fire the professor. I think the story was on the Bari Weiss Substack. The professor was apparently a very good teacher and scientist, but still, how dare he! Vile vile man!

    Speaking of teachers, I’ve know a couple of teachers like Beatrice. But I am in a very Red State where there are still a few teachers who actually care about their students. And it’s been my experience that teachers are at the bottom of the pile. Their pay, although way better than usually portrayed, is nothing compared to the pay of the administrators. And well-meaning teachers are forced to use the latest curriculum and follow the usual screwed up schedules with lots of boredom and time wasting built in. Not to mention the occasional school shooter making an appearance. Bottom line is that except in highly unusual situations, it’s best to just not send the kids to government schools. My doctor son and his nurse wife, both unvaccinated, have worked throughout the entire Covid era, seeing thousands of patients, and neither have ever even tested positive for Covid. Their three children have never received any vaccines, ever. And of course, they are home schooled as their kids are not allowed inside a government school in their State because of their unvaxxed status. So no government teachers for them, no matter how good the teacher might be.

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