The Story Of What I Think About Roe vs. Wade

Of course I’ll provide thoughts and integrations on this momentous decision, 49 years in the running. I was 12 years old and I can still remember the blue screen on the TV in 1973 when the deed was done.

One could make a good argument that 1973’s Roe vs. Wade was a watershed moment because by mere legalism, our US Government’s Supreme Court wrecked the natural balance globally between the male and the female and thus arose feminism.

And I am going to do it right here, right now. Take that to mind and heart. By means of nefariously evil jurists, they shed asunder the most basic and fundamental thing that bound a man to a woman and a woman to a man: kids; or, oops, I’m pregnant…the two most awful-yet-wonderful words between good-hearted men and women in the whole English language. On the one hand it’s an oh-shit, what do we do now? and on the other, wow, just-wow. You know what I mean.

No greater evil on planet earth has ever been done but by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1973. It took 49 years to begin recognizing its trickle-down consequences on every gram of human society.

It gave women the unequivocal authority to kill all culture and civilization which they themselves are an inexorable part of.

And what have they done over the last 49 years?

They have been killing it off; often with glee, sometimes with remorse, but always killing and killing and killing human life. Women getting millions of abortions are the largest group of killers on the planet—second only to God who does millions of spontaneous abortions every year, called miscarriages. They’re killers. Gangland killers don’t even come close to the level of killing from women and God.

Shame? Let’s see. I can understand God’s role in aborting an unviable pregnancy—even without asking the obvious question. But women? Pretty inexcusable if you ask me.

The dishonest schtick has always been about incest, rape, health of the mom, and on and on.

It has always been a complete lie. I’ll show you. This is from a pro-abortion institute.


Who hasn’t pretty much always known that it was always all willy-nilly hiding under a pretense of necessity?

Let’s get to the more important aspect of it, which is never really getting to have your cake and eat it too.

Women and men are very different. It’s not a choice and that aspect is also beginning to tumble. You do not get to choose what gender you are.

Nature or God, take your pick, ordained that men would fill one crucial role and women, another. Unlike most all other mammalian species, humans do families and every cog in that machine fills a singular purpose: to protect mothers and offspring. We have a unique aspect of family which is the heavy participation of grandparents…and even great-grandparents if you’re as lucky as I was.

In the foregoing paragraphs I’ve written a bit general towards women. Rest assured that I would not be writing this but for the resistance over decades of women who understand their role in the civilization-advancing scheme of women being the amazing beings they are.

Women are completely complex. It boggles the mind.

They’re jugglers of many balls all at once.

Think of it. I hate to do bullet points, but what else is suitable?

  • They’re all girly and cute and sweet and one day, they feel dirty and spoiled. Then mom has to tell them what that’s all about
  • They become sexually aware and feel arousal. But wait, you can become pregnant with a child
  • Naturally, the girl-to-woman begins thinking about being a mother and homemaker, like her mom, so her sexual arousal turns toward boys and men whom she deems can support and defend it all
  • (This is where shit goes off the rails in modern society)
  • So many girls find that there aren’t so many boys or men for them like that, so it’s all sexually driven
  • Their sexual desire rages along with their desires for approval and popularity as surrogate. Women have a very basic need of being desired and lusted after
  • They end up making gross errors, such as unbridled sex and getting abortions

Unfettered abortion was the Final Solution for all of that. And since that license was issued 49 years ago, it became the bedrock of feminism, a cancer.

It tore apart the most basic fabric of society. It relieved both women and men of basic human responsibilities and consequences.

Our most basic responsibility as young humans is to have a baby and raise it. And then do it again and again. There is nothing one can contrive to replace that, yet everyone is career seeking. A joke. Me included, though I am striving to correct it by means of informal adoption. …If I only had it to do all over again…

…The bigger problem is that not only did unfettered abortion at any whim relieve young women of true consequences, their relief was sensed by young men: principally those of the worst sort.

Accordingly, genetically endowed males saw the genetically endowed females and there were no sure consequences. Condoms and contraceptive drugs played even a bigger role than abortion.

In retrospect, it’s ridiculous, sad, and puerile.

Can you prove me wrong?

…Of course, killing your fetus will always be available for all of the females of our human species, it just might be a little harder to obtain, depending on which country or state you live in. You can even compete. Post your TikTok celebration of killing your fetus against someone else’s TikTok in another American state deciding to do better and be a mom.

…And that is what it was always about. “Abortion” itself is an euphemism for killing your fetus. Or, baby, depending on how you personally view it.

I’m careful with words. Killing is not necessarily murder and for decades the right: conservatives, Republicans, and religious have touted their wrong moral baggage about that because they’re not terrific thinkers. They’re followers of doctrine, whether religious or political. It’s MURDER!!! and for decades they’ve paid the price for not making good arguments. It’s not murder, or even like it. Watch any crime drama. It has been mostly an exposé of devotion to doctrine and not quality thinking. This, in turn, creates the direct opposite: unfettered killing by abortion for convenience. It’s really just taking sides, push, and pull. There’s nothing really fundamentally genuine about it—like having babies and raising families is fundamental and core to our being and there are things women can do that men can’t and vice-versa.

As an independent thinker, I can fill in some blanks for doctrinaires.

How about laying down in fear over a RESPIRATORY VIRUS!!! closing your churches, wearing masks, getting jabbed, and all of the stupid shit?

You finally did it, but not a whiff of it by your incessant condemnation of MURDERING BABIES!!!

You want to know what did it?

It’s not your body, your choice and the avenue of Covid solidified that. It got people to think for once and if you’re not going to do universal mandates for everything, there’s an app for that. It’s The United States, united or not.

No other country has this. Ron De Santis, Governor or Florida, can tell that cheat-sheet puppet in the White House to go fuck himself all day long. The more governors of the other 49 do this, the healthier becomes our union. State governors can tell the president to fuck off. No place else in the world.

Florida lawyer Jeff Childers laid a nice line on it the other day.

Someone once said that hope is not a strategy. But that obscures things; the fact is, when the government said that the vaccinated were protected from catching covid, that was a LIE. You can’t call it anything else. We can argue about the government’s intent, whether it had good intent or malicious intent, whether the lie arose from incompetence or bad faith, whether it meant well or meant to harm, but you can’t argue that the government wasn’t LYING.

And you can’t hide behind “they made a mistake.” First of all, even THEY aren’t claiming to have made a mistake. But even if they WERE just wrong, it was still a lie when they said it. If it was based on error, then it was just an incompetent lie. But, to be honest, it seems less like incompetence because there were other experts at the time who WERE telling the truth, and were either ignored or cancelled.

Another principle that I believe is beyond argument is that a lying government does not deserve to remain in power. It should be removed. Whether it is incompetent or it is malevolent — both justify prompt removal before it can do even more damage.

Prove me wrong.

But here’s how that all dovetails with Roe. Childers again.

My theory — as I’ve discussed before — is that Roe would never have been overturned without covid.

Many pro-abortion political groups, which had for decades adorned themselves in the morally-praiseworthy robes of personal bodily autonomy, were exposed as hypocrites when they shredded those values in the name of forcing their friends, co-workers, and neighbors to accept a preferred medical treatment. “My body, my choice” instantly flipped, becoming the right’s ironic new slogan, now effectively weaponized AGAINST Roe.

At that point it was just a matter of time. For how, if bodily autonomy is NOT sacrosanct when it comes to experimental vaccines, can it be of any utility when it comes to other personal autonomy issues like abortion? In other words, the “my body, my choice” argument was neutralized, sacrificed for vaccine mandates, and was shown to be not so much a ‘right’ as a benefit to be whimsically parceled out on a treatment-by-treatment basis at the arbitrary preference of whoever is making the rules at the time.

A thin principle of convenience cannot sustain the massive weight of an implied constitution right; the vaccine mandates ultimately cracked the hard shell of Roe’s implied right of privacy and the entire edifice fell away.

I have no idea how all this will shake out. But make no mistake: this Supreme Court decision is just the latest and the most obvious example of how the government’s pandemic overreach has badly backfired. And the backfiring isn’t done yet — not even close.

Funny how things works out?

Here’s an illustrative hilarious video about the cognitive dissonance that may, just may, be too much for the Left and society at large and echos Childers above.

But I have more to share before I bring this to a close.

Because there have been a million things posted about the issue over the last week or so, I kinda just nested and took a lot in, trying to get an integrated bead on all of it. For one thing, the toppling of RVW brings America more into line with abortion laws all over the world. It’s mostly very restrictive, except for the commies.

This is hilarious.

Now let me get to the reason I really wanted to write this and do what I think is a more unique take than you’ll get anywhere else.

Are you tired of reading the same shit every fucking place?

I sure am.

Apart from the foregoing where I show that abortion in America is just about on par with the rest of the world; in parts of Asia, where I live, they do so many of these hot-potato issues that consume the West, in a non-political fashion and it’s cathartic. For instance, homosexuality is not political anywhere in Asia I’ve ever visited or lived. It exists, it’s just not much of a political issue. They probably have wider acceptance as their way of life than in the west because there’s no shoving down throats.

In Thailand, abortion used to be absolutely illegal, but recently, has been allowed up to 12 weeks. In Japan, where I lived for a long time, a long time ago, it’s not politicized either and they have a very cultural way of managing that. Once might say, from the heart and not the voting booth.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video and consider whether it’s a superior way to address a deep social issue apart from Bibles, doctrines, law books, legislation, and court adjudication.

Plus, it’s a beautifully, artistically done video. That’s what Felix Rex does for those who know of his Black Pigeon Speaks channel.

If you don’t care for the preliminaries, at least skip ahead to 4:15. You’ve probably never seen anything like it an it may leave you wondering why we’ve gotten this so awfully wrong for so long.

In wrapping this post up, I have never been with a woman that I would judge as being fans of abortion.

I’ve been with two women—in very close and intimate relationships—who admitted to me of having had one abortion. In both cases they were very young and just did it, scared and uncertain. Both had regrets as the years rolled on.

Both only did it once.

Here’s a final video.

It’s Paul Joseph Watson getting it right.

He has a follow-on video about stuff, like the sex strike and there’s no need to put it up because any men who watch it will assert the absolute right for all women in the video to go on a sex strike.

Deny us for longer, please. Deny us forever. We’ll be fine.

I guess that’s about it. I sincerely hope my members are taking this all in and come out with a top-shelf view of it all.

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  1. John Shelley on June 30, 2022 at 22:43

    I find myself wanting to send this link to my hyper-religious parents, who have always told me that abortion is murder. I never much cared for their point of view on it because they refuse to think, perhaps because they aren’t good at it, and because I was a horny teen who just wanted no-consequences sex.

    I too am an outlier of a human, childless so far, been doing my best to keep it that way despite 12 years of marriage. I’ve had a relationship in the past that resulted in accidental pregnancy and eventual abortion, though I said was ready to raise the child repeatedly, I would’ve been a shitty partner at the time and I think she sensed that. Post abortion the relationship died too.

    She may have regrets, might be drowning them spending time with her 4 kids these days. I do not, or if I do only that I wasn’t mature enough to be a true partner and father at that time.

    From reading your thoughts and our discussions over the years I know about your anarchist streak in the way you view individual liberty, autonomy and rights, those views don’t often match with people within the anti-abortion crowd. Generally people like us fall into the ‘pro-choice’ camp as most people would view it.

    Then again, your military career, and how you describe the world’s military movements, power plays, and ambitions also isn’t congruous with a ‘camp’ that I can see. It’s oddly pride-filled, for a man who I know trusts no government or corporate agent with his own life’s decisions.

    With all these incongruities, I’m beginning to suspect that you’re actually a whole person, Richard. It seems as though you are, almost uniquely, able to partake in activities, organizations, thoughts, sex, and the whole human condition without fear of losing yourself.

    That fear of losing oneself seems to me to be a core issue for many people who make a big deal of being religious, or partisan, or insert-specific-identity-creating-façade-here piece they claim. Ironically it’s the clinging to those externalities that erases the distinction of who people really are.

    The Enlightenment really was a flash-in-the-pan experience for humans. After loosening the iron grip of the Church on our collective minds through the printing press, liberty flourished, even under heavy-handed monarchies, as long as they stood against such an awakening, republics replaced dictators and the continued availability of opportunity to achieve whatever one could grasp resulted in the industrial revolution and eventually information age.

    All of these advances came with a lessening of liberty, understanding and human wholeness, from Communism, to Feminism, to Televangelism, it has become glaringly clear that most people do not want to be free, or responsible, or required to provide, or think, only to exist and to feel.

    Perhaps this is one of the natural ‘filters’ along the evolutionary path toward whatever humanity will eventually branch into.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 1, 2022 at 07:54

      Excellent, John. I likely could not have described me better.

      So much I could say to elaborate, but I think I’ll just let your comment stand as pretty damn fucking good.

      Thank you.

  2. Alan Andersen on July 1, 2022 at 04:58

    Finally, someone other than me, has observed that “killing” does not equal “murder.” Murder is only one tiny subset of killing. Killing is a physical phenomenon with various legal labels attached depending on the circumstances. Killing can be intentional with malice aforethought (murder), partially intentional (manslaughter), from gross negligence (negligent homicide), from regular negligence (auto accident involving non-criminal carelessness giving rise to civil liability), completely accidental, State-sanctioned executions, military operations (war), drone strikes (collateral damage), mercy killings, and self-defense (laudable). Abortions can arguably fall within several categories depending on the circumstances.

    And regarding abortions, no one ever talks about the penalties even if it happens to be declared to be an illegal criminal act. I cannot decide on my position without someone telling me the penalty involved. Execution or a $20 fine?

    And last point, all the reversal of Roe did was to create 50 new “countries” (the individual States) instead of one country (US Federal government). The world already has 195 countries, each with their own abortion laws. All the Roe reversal did is to make the total 244 (195 minus the US Fed govt plus the 50 States). So each of the 244 countries can have their riots, protests, statutes, and penalties, as we already have with the previous 195.

    All I ask is that everyone leave me alone and not force me to state a position so that one group or the other can hate me. Lord knows I have enough problems already.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 1, 2022 at 08:01

      “Finally, someone other than me, has observed that ‘killing’ does not equal ‘murder.'”

      I think we’re both into pet peeve land there, Alan.

      Yea, and spot on about expanding the number of jurisdictions. More is better, it gives us all options as to what place on this planet suits us best. It seems to me that perhaps the tide is turning in various ways and this new conservative court is putting the quash on the “democratic” impetus to make every damn thing federal, whether by legislation or judicial activism.

      • Alan Andersen on July 5, 2022 at 05:35

        Personally, I like to take it all the way, from shifting the decision from one federal government, to 50 States, to each county, to each town, and ultimately to each person. I like to declare that I myself alone am a sovereign State. And why not? There is no theoretical reason why my home property cannot be declared a sovereign State. There is no rule saying a State must consist of at least X number of people. And if that is anarchy, so what? We already live in a world of anarchy. There are 195 countries in the world and there is no overriding decision maker that rules over those 195 countries. So already, those 195 countries must get along with each other, or make war on each other, without any laws. So why not have 6 billion sovereign States? Of course, that would mean each woman is a sovereign nation and can kill within the jurisdiction of her own property and body, much like the current 195 nations routinely kill their own citizens on a massive scale and no one seems to be too concerned about that.

      • Richard Nikoley on July 5, 2022 at 09:59

        “And if that is anarchy, so what? We already live in a world of anarchy. There are 195 countries in the world and there is no overriding decision maker that rules over those 195 countries.”

        I’m amazed how many lawyers I know, know enough about law that they come to a rather rational conclusion of anarchy.

        What you write above has been put forth by true anarchists for decades. The earth itself is an anarchy. What we observe is really attempts to “fix” that with one-world governance.

        By the way, I love every one of your comments. Could you please try to disappoint me?

  3. Anand Srivastava on July 1, 2022 at 12:51

    I will just put a few points.
    1) The other 7.670% are important. I would suspect a few more percentage for pregnancies out of marriage.
    2) What about the man, there should be a punishment for the man also, if he is not able or willing to support the woman by being with her for the time she is raising. ie marriage.
    3) No. Child support is not sufficient. And sometimes the man is not even earning anything.
    4) No. Child adoption is not a solution as it leaves the woman without any returns for her emotional and pain endured.

    A few things that can be done to make it equitable.
    1) 2 years mandatory jail, if the man does not provide emotional and physical support to the woman through the pregnancy and rearing of the child.
    2) Government support for the mother and the child till the child becomes an adult, if the father cannot provide that support.

    If the above is not being fulfilled, the govt has no business preventing abortions. This will help with the huge single mother problem that already exists, and will be increased with these measures. 8% is not a small number. And it will prevent the children from entering crimes. This is the reason why there are so much crime in Poor and Black areas.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 1, 2022 at 13:02

      I take your points to heart Anand, especially here in Thailand part of my sport is talking to young girls (20-somethings, mostly) who work in bars, banks, supermarkets and whatever.

      I have a saying, that “all Thai girls have the same story.”

      If you lived here, you’d know exactly what I mean. There is little to no provisions for enforced child support.

      Nonetheless, there is a vibrancy and community that abounds, which I find wonderful and I question whether putting all these government measures would replace that community with daddy government, which, fucks everything up every time, all over the world.

      • Anand Srivastava on July 1, 2022 at 19:00

        I agree with not allowing elective abortion after 12 weeks. It is too late at that point, and can harm the mother. And the mother has already had at least a month to decide, which is fair. Having a blanket ban which is what the Red states want to do in USA doesn’t make any sense.

      • Richard Nikoley on July 1, 2022 at 19:11

        Well, bans in however many red states out of 50 make sense to the voters in those states who elect representatives.

        That said, the so-called morning after pill seems like a reasonable thing to me. It’s OTC here in Thailand.

    • Currin on July 2, 2022 at 01:37

      Thank you Anand.

      It *should* be a discussion around family planning and pregnancy prevention and not just about how/when/or if women can or should be ending pregnancies. Men should also be more involved in preventing pregnancies if they are not prepared to take responsibility for the outcome of sexual activity. Babies don’t come out of thin air. It takes two people. The logical outcome of some of these discussions is no sex outside of a bonded couple who will happily welcome the news that she is pregnant. The, “sex only for procreation” argument seems to contradict what many people want. I doubt that is how you viewed your sexual activity from puberty until now.

      You can’t legislate values.
      I, for one, don’t believe that the country needs MORE unwanted babies from parents who are unwilling or unable to raise properly.

      And just because people didn’t fill out a form with answers like, “because I’m a drug addict,” or “because I’m going through an ugly divorce,” it doesn’t mean they literally have “no reason.” I’d take that statistic with a grain of salt.

      I enjoyed the clip on the hypocrisy about vaccine mandates. I really loved the clip about the water children. I agree that is such a better way to see things.

  4. Anand Srivastava on July 1, 2022 at 19:18

    Not sure if they are even ok with contraceptives :-). It seems to me that there is a sense that the White population is reducing, and they need to increase. And of course the whole thing is because of religion which is against protection, at least the version they have in America.

  5. Dean Neumann on July 2, 2022 at 16:54

    It’s still not clear to me why it’s not murder:

    Note, a supreme court decision is not law. Laws are only passed by the legislature.

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