Drop Alcohol and Work Out to Cure Loss of Appetite

At 7 Months

I began digging into this loss of appetite thing that I previously posted about. Good idea to check out that post and watch the video as a prerequisite to this.

With suggestions from a couple of kind folks I began digging. That turned up a lot of possibilities but the ones that seemed the easiest to implement were dropping alcohol and working out, then see if the appetite begins to return.

So, I made a video about all of it.

Below, for members, I’m adding adding premium content that includes a how it’s going 2 days in. The focus is on the small positive things you can notice within a day of stopping and they build and get even better. This, provided you’re one who drinks too much, too often, and on a near daily basis.

I also put up an embed of the video and a food pick from a meal just a bit ago. Oh, and a source for 50 of those before and after pics of folks who stopped. Absolutely amazing.

…OK, members—and thanks for your monetary support—here’s some thoughts about the small stuff initially. The conventional focus is always on the cravings and urges, avoidance of triggers, etc. On the latter point, I was in three separate bars last night. Had a regular coke, a diet ginger ale, a regular water with a pork chop, and a soda water over the space of several hours. That should be torture, right? And just this afternoon I stopped in at one place…soda water…and then another. Fresh brewed iced tea.

I’m taking note of the small benefits and focussing in on them so that I’m always in the mindset of “this is better. It really is.” You can go so far as to wonder how you could have ever let it get this bad.

In terms of physical, those begin showing up after about 12 hours if you abstain from reloading. If you’ve been drinking whiskey and water chronically, you will actually retain water. Probably an inflammation thing, so expect a lot of trips to pee in the first 2-3 days (I’ve been through this before). Alertness and energy get better and better. My propensity to burps and heartburn go away. Sleep improves later, once you’ve peed out the retained water.

Mentally, it’s different this time. In times past when I’ve gone on the wagon for a week or more, the first 3 days are depression city because alcohol was my dopamine. This time it doesn’t seem to be at all the case and the simplest explanation for that is that I live in a tropical paradise and can jump on my motorbike and go socialize all I want. Plus, daily bare-skin sun exposure and the pool (or the beach, which I should hit soon).

In terms of the appetite, not there yet, it’s early in the process, but there are signs. The first morning after I met up with some friends and had a Pad Kra Pao Moo, which is stir fried ground pork, served with steamed rice and an egg (nice pic at the link). Though I used to love the dish, it was kinda just meh to me, didn’t finish. Later in the evening there was a good price on on a pork chop & gravy, and I half enjoyed that.

Then, just a bit ago, now 2 days in, I went down to a place I frequent and had this.

Chicken steak, smoked pork sausage, mushroom gravy and fantastic vegetables

The most amazing thing about that dish? 90 baht ($2.52 at the current exchange). Water is never free in Thailand at restaurants, so that brought the total to 110 ($3.08). What do you think about that? You could do an OMAD here, that would be sufficient, and eat for 3 bucks a day.

Before I embed the video, please go scroll through these 50 before and after of folks who stopped drinking for a significant time. They are astounding, well over 90% of them. You could say they’re sobering.

I have not resumed the exercise, yet. I’m giving it a few more days of rebuilding some strength by eating in this fashion, plus some milk-based whey protein shakes…always with a raw egg.

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  1. Aaron Heimke on August 9, 2022 at 21:23

    The pics in the links DO show significant improvement, but no info on how much they were drinking before they stopped. I’d be curious… were they 3-4 drinks a day people or 3-4 drinks a week people? I had a period of 1yr where I was in a “No Alcohol Allowed” location, and mostly lost a lot of weight… but we all worked out a lot more than usual, because there were few distractors and not much else to do. I don’t know how much no drinking contributed to the weight loss vs. much more gym time.

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