I don’t like food anymore

I’m jumping ahead by a video. I’ve recently been doing a lot of videos in order to boost my YouTube Channel into the monetization realm, which is where they share their ad revenue. Getting there requires subscribers and watch hours. If you’d like to help a guy out, subscribe to my channel and watch my videos…or at least the ones that look like you might want to check out. Everything counts, so even if you watch for only a few minutes, it’s all chalked up. Doesn’t matter how you watch in terms of mobile, on YouTube, or embed. Liking and sharing is a bonus. Thank you.

I’m jumping ahead and over the one I had planned for the day because I want to put it out there immediately, owing to my audience being so food and diet centric still.

I don’t want to do too many spoilers, but I can expound upon the subject matter. For a good while I have lost the basic desire for food—a desire all of us are familiar with. Sometimes, I’m hungry as hell but dread having to eat and I often put it off and put it off. I’ve lost count of the times I choked something down because I know I need the protein and micro-nutrition.

One 2nd to last thing. In the video, I recount being not too desirous of the food offerings spread out at 2 birthday parties I attended last night. I named 2 exceptions at the 2nd one: the plain fried rice and watermelon. I forgot to mention the exception at the first one: baked potatoes, cut in half, then infused slightly with garlic butter. If I had it to do over again, I’d have just had 4 halves instead of 1, dispensed with everything else.

Finally, here’s the link to the CCTV footage of me being knocked out cold which could be relevant, or not. I don’t know.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Jacqueline Walker on August 6, 2022 at 15:54

    Hey Richard, Interesting problem. You seem to have a few ideas yourself and I guess it could be ‘multi-factorial’ – a bit of all of them I guess – and maybe, if not fixable, could be ameliorated by tweaking a few things. I have a few thoughts about causes based on observations of some family members.

    My partner, a bit older than you, sometimes has a similar issue. He’s moved to eating once a day – at least when doing his own thing at his home and not constrained by other people – and although he sometimes finds he gets very hungry, it’s a similar thing – he can’t be bothered and other times he just forgets to eat. So, that leads me to think it’s an aging thing.

    I’ve observed similar phenomena in older female relatives (my late m-in-law and even my own mother) starting around the mid to late 70s in these cases – it might hit men at a younger age is what I’m thinking as women typically live longer (I know you have two healthy and long-lived parents though). In the case of the two ladies, they became progressively less interested in preparing and eating food (and my m-in-law adored cooking and cooked extensively and very expertly for the family for years). The proximate cause might also be living alone, having only yourself to cook for, loneliness etc., but they also narrowed their dietary choices – go veggie, start believing all the bad stuff they’re told about meat, worry about portion size, have a food poisoning episode and give up whatever food caused it (chicken in one case). Of course, giving up meat in particular, causes protein quality and amount to decline and that probably causes less vitality in the body and the cycle continues.

    Then there’s the jaw issue you mentioned, that could definitely have an effect and the taste thing – I don’t like to mention the ‘covid’ thing but could it be connected to that – you said you had it right? Could that have reduced your sense of smell? The knock on the head might also have affected that. That’s one thing that was definitely a contributing factor in my m-in-law’s case – she got a very bad cold and lost her sense of smell almost completely and pretty much for good, so she hated eating after that. This would have been between 25 and 30 years ago (she’s dead more than ten) and she said eating tasted or felt like eating cloth – at least initially. My partner has a similar issue – broken nose so many times (sports) – that he says he can’t smell very well, so that may be contributing to his interest in food not matching up to mine. (I’m also a skinny woman with not much in the way of body fat stores and a metabolic rate that goes a mile a minute so although I can fast I find it much harder and rarely have a problem eating!)

    One suggestion – maybe do more exercise, start to work out. That ought to stimulate appetite. I recall your saying in a video a few weeks ago that you were focusing on losing the belly fat and would build muscle back after that was done – maybe it’s time to start doing that now?

    all the best, Jacqueline

    • Richard Nikoley on August 6, 2022 at 16:49

      All good stuff, Jacqueline. Here’s an addition to the ideas sent to me in email:

      I saw this email, and watched your video, and my first thought was “it sounds like Anhedonia.” From what I understand, it’s a symptom of depression that manifests as no longer wanting to do once enjoyable things and a loss of appetite.

      I don’t know if you are familiar with Georgi Dinkov, who posts a lot of studies under the name “Haidut” on his blog and the Ray Peat Forum (and also does regular podcasts with Danny Roddy), but he has posted some interesting studies and thoughts on anhedonia, that you may want to look over. (links below)




      Having gotten familiar with Ray Peat’s ideas over the past few years, the idea that Serotonin was high and Dopamine low in depression and related symptoms made sense to me. Of course, this runs contrary to “official” medical dogma that Serotonin is low in depression.

      I hope Georgi’s posts give you some ideas.

      On a side note, I was getting similar anhedonia symptoms in the summer of 2020 (the past few years have been great for depression, huh?). Basically, feeling miserable, not eating much, and not even really wanting to eat. And drinking way too much. Thinking that excess serotonin was at least part of the cause (again, from Ray Peat’s ideas and work), I experimented with some anti-serotonin chemicals for a few months, and found them to be very helpful. I am in a much better place mentally today, and really have been the past year and half, even with all the global nonsense.

      • Jacqueline Walker on August 6, 2022 at 19:11

        Hi Richard,

        Interesting (and very interesting blog) – I think it ties in as the possible underlying mechanism. For the older women who were affected there was definitely a chronic stress factor – e.g., loneliness, decreasing social contacts, effect of worsening health with age – that could lead to a mild and unappreciated (by themselves, by others) depression. I can now also think of another person I know who was actually diagnosed with depression where one of the main symptoms was loss of appetite – never took the prescribed SSRIs though and muddled through it – though they still have issues (both with food and other stuff).


      • Richard Hall on August 7, 2022 at 07:13

        Hi Richard,

        What anti-serotonin chemicals did you use?

        So far I’ve come across Benadryl, cyproheptadine, and ergot derivatives as suggestions from Haiduts site.

  2. Raymond Raupers Jr on August 8, 2022 at 03:38

    Hi Richard,

    I was following your newest blog postings in order and arrived at this one just as the time is running out and I must return to the farm. Not wanting to fail to leave words with you on such an important issue you’re dealing with, so here’s some points that I can respond to in better detail later if necessary.

    Covid does not exist, neither is there a test for Covid.

    Germ Theory is complete fraud. Louis Pasteur admiited on his death bed that the microorganism is nothing, the terrain is everything.

    There are no infections there are only outfections, as pleomorphism reveals somatids in the blood stream create bacteria for whatever response is necessary to remove toxins.

    The interstitial fluids (the interstitium) are the core truth in terrain theory, see Robert O Young’s work.

    The so-called Covid symptoms are directly traced to toxic responses to the same time commencement of 5G wireless radiation and the 4G radiation ramped up to fill in gaps where 5G infrastructure was not adequately implemented.

    Many people have lost taste and smell and most have not recovered and likely never will because they choose to eat poison groceries. If it isn’t organic, it’s poison.

    The population is so toxic they will likely never recover mentally or physically. Where the body goes the mind follows and vice versa.

    The interstitial fluids is where the body stores the toxins that must be removed from the body. The interstitium is the largest organ and lies directly under the skin. Animals have the same processes and when a human eats an animal the toxins are consumed by the human and therefore the toxicity is increased. People are stupid, people will never face the truth necessary as they hate themselves, hate life, etc.

    Viruses do not exist. See Dr Andrew Kaufman’s work specifically his complete discussions on Kochs Postulates, the gold standard of science of which no virus in history has ever been shown to exist.

    The criminal medical monopoly is complicit in crimes against humanity, always has been, always will be.


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