The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman

This post roughly falls under my series of posts, What Caused My 40% Hormone Increase? (I changed out the T-word in there because of the maternal spam filters...)

This was something I was informed of, but didn't think much about because I didn't have the problem.

Then, within a short time, I developed that specific problem and noticed a tremendous difference in my interactions with women, in a negative way.

Chicks were not approaching me or behaving towards me as I've enjoyed all of my adult life. Because of the very short time frame involved, I was able to form a hypothesis as to the cause and I took action immediately. This state of affairs will just not do.

Not at all.

...And to confirm that this untold, unknown secret was precisely at the root of the problem: then once I took the requisite actions, executing on those actions fixed the problem. All went back to normal. Here's a hint for the astute. That was taken Tuesday morning, 04:45, after arising 15-minutes earlier—my daily routine. Then it's work-work-work until 07.00, when I head over for the best Americano in Rawai / Nai Harn, then the 7km barefoot walk, and then a 2nd Americano.

So, I've been doing videos—a lot of videos—lately, so I did one on this problem and its solution. In my daily 90-minute walk, I can do about three videos, and this was one of them.


  1. The manly motorcycle ride to the Windmill Viewpoint, no helmet
  2. The introduction to the talk
  3. Going it manly barefoot
  4. What gets women viscerally when they see a man, positive or negative?
  5. Shout out to Alexander Cortes
  6. The secret revealed
  7. Absolutely true! And from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
  8. So here's the story part 1
  9. The laboratory
  10. They aren't approaching me, so who are they approaching?
  11. Now the rest of the story: the radical transformation and results
  12. What's next? Part 2, about what motivates women after the visceral or chemistry-box is checked

It's up to the "windmill" lookout, back down, and two times around the lake

In addition to the video itself, I've put a lot into this post, as the next in the 40%-Increase series.

  • Before pictures
  • Photographic evidence of the precipitous weight loss in a short time
  • After pictures from getting things right
  • A transcript of the video with lots of added written commentary

And, last but not least—and most importantly—the food that's the mainstay of the rapid transformation!

Since I've been around the diet realm for so long, nobody, and I mean NOBODY does food and the pics like I do. BOTH aesthetically pleasing AND big-ass for the MAN in you (goes for some of the astute ladies out there, too). I present 29 amazing, mouth-watering, protein-targeted food pics that ought to be the envy of the entire getting-fatter-or-shrivelling-up dietary world. Those 29 recent food pics alone (all within the last month) and the hundreds like them distributed to members throughout the year is worth the price of a membership alone.

...Even my friend Mark Sisson doesn't (can't) do it like this. Do you know why? It's because his operation is heavily chick-centric and unfortunately, that includes at least tens of thousands of woke, virtue-signalling males. Consequently, most of his food pics are done by women, for women. Call it California Paleo, I guess. That's the vibe I get. But, bless The Sisson's Heart anyway.

I do food pics appropriate to men—and laddies who're of that very special, cherished minority. Recently, some of my publishing activity demographics have gone from a ratio of 92:8, men to women, to 98:2.

Sounds about right, sad to say. Of course, anyone who's been following along with everything I've been up to can likely guess the cause of that, and accurately so.

Simply put, I will tolerate nothing but a very healthy relationship with a woman. The vast majority of men are in profoundly unhealthy, castrating-like relationships with women. And one reason I like Thailand so much is the way women behave towards men...

So, grab yourself a premium, paid membership and get a move-on with my extreme productivity. You can skip 9 of 10 things I put up and it's still going to be a value. And if not, for you, then ending the relationship is a 1-click away, no questions asked.

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