The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman

This post roughly falls under my series of posts, What Caused My 40% Hormone Increase? (I changed out the T-word in there because of the maternal spam filters…)

This was something I was informed of, but didn’t think much about because I didn’t have the problem.

Then, within a short time, I developed that specific problem and noticed a tremendous difference in my interactions with women, in a negative way.

Chicks were not approaching me or behaving towards me as I’ve enjoyed all of my adult life. Because of the very short time frame involved, I was able to form a hypothesis as to the cause and I took action immediately. This state of affairs will just not do.

Not at all.

…And to confirm that this untold, unknown secret was precisely at the root of the problem: then once I took the requisite actions, executing on those actions fixed the problem. All went back to normal. Here’s a hint for the astute. That was taken Tuesday morning, 04:45, after arising 15-minutes earlier—my daily routine. Then it’s work-work-work until 07.00, when I head over for the best Americano in Rawai / Nai Harn, then the 7km barefoot walk, and then a 2nd Americano.

So, I’ve been doing videos—a lot of videos—lately, so I did one on this problem and its solution. In my daily 90-minute walk, I can do about three videos, and this was one of them.


  1. The manly motorcycle ride to the Windmill Viewpoint, no helmet
  2. The introduction to the talk
  3. Going it manly barefoot
  4. What gets women viscerally when they see a man, positive or negative?
  5. Shout out to Alexander Cortes
  6. The secret revealed
  7. Absolutely true! And from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
  8. So here’s the story part 1
  9. The laboratory
  10. They aren’t approaching me, so who are they approaching?
  11. Now the rest of the story: the radical transformation and results
  12. What’s next? Part 2, about what motivates women after the visceral or chemistry-box is checked
It’s up to the “windmill” lookout, back down, and two times around the lake

In addition to the video itself, I’ve put a lot into this post, as the next in the 40%-Increase series.

  • Before pictures
  • Photographic evidence of the precipitous weight loss in a short time
  • After pictures from getting things right
  • A transcript of the video with lots of added written commentary

And, last but not least—and most importantly—the food that’s the mainstay of the rapid transformation!

Since I’ve been around the diet realm for so long, nobody, and I mean NOBODY does food and the pics like I do. BOTH aesthetically pleasing AND big-ass for the MAN in you (goes for some of the astute ladies out there, too). I present 29 amazing, mouth-watering, protein-targeted food pics that ought to be the envy of the entire getting-fatter-or-shrivelling-up dietary world. Those 29 recent food pics alone (all within the last month) and the hundreds like them distributed to members throughout the year is worth the price of a membership alone.

…Even my friend Mark Sisson doesn’t (can’t) do it like this. Do you know why? It’s because his operation is heavily chick-centric and unfortunately, that includes at least tens of thousands of woke, virtue-signalling males. Consequently, most of his food pics are done by women, for women. Call it California Paleo, I guess. That’s the vibe I get. But, bless The Sisson’s Heart anyway.

I do food pics appropriate to men—and laddies who’re of that very special, cherished minority. Recently, some of my publishing activity demographics have gone from a ratio of 92:8, men to women, to 98:2.

Sounds about right, sad to say. Of course, anyone who’s been following along with everything I’ve been up to can likely guess the cause of that, and accurately so.

Simply put, I will tolerate nothing but a very healthy relationship with a woman. The vast majority of men are in profoundly unhealthy, castrating-like relationships with women. And one reason I like Thailand so much is the way women behave towards men…

So, grab yourself a premium, paid membership and get a move-on with my extreme productivity. You can skip 9 of 10 things I put up and it’s still going to be a value. And if not, for you, then ending the relationship is a 1-click away, no questions asked.

Grab a Membership Here.

OK, now that we’re in the premium, paid-member zone, time to spill the beans.


Here’s how bad it got.


The weight drop was precipitous. That first knot was where I was at with my daily lounge-around and writing shorts. So, at least 2″ was lost in circumference—rapidly—and since comfort is key and they have an elastic band, I still have 4-finger leeway. Not snug at all. Let the elastic do the work.

Luckily, I noticed the end-negative-result real quick, and just as with the ease of dumping the booze, recommencing good food and weight training rights everything real quick. This was the result of no booze over a month, good food over about the same period, and hitting the gym the last two weeks.

Yea, three full-body sessions to get back on track. Don’t skip the legs, and make it heavy as fuck.

And don’t forget the Big-Ass Protein food. I told you, right up in that introduction.

Note: except for the chicken fajitas plates, the white isn’t sour cream, it’s Bulgarian-style yogurt, which I love on just about everything. The red dust isn’t paprika. Oh, no. It’s cayenne pepper. I’m addicted. You can click on these for the full-res in a nice lightbox, and that goes for the galleries above as well.

So now it’s time for the video. Transcript and additional commentary below.


And here I am at the lookout I’ll be walking up to and back down.

So, uh, later.

…So here’s the beginning of the uphill portion up to the windmill up there. It’s not as big of an altitude gain as I thought it would be. It’s only about…it’s only 27 meters, which is about 88 and a half feet. So it’s not gonna be tough really.

Turns out that’s an error. I used the AllTrails app to get those numbers, but it was on my motorcycle for the drive up. I told someone, Martin from Scotland about that and he said nope. So when I walked it, 101 meters, not 27. This is what I had intuitively thought…about a 200-300 gain in elevation.

Made it up to the windmill with relative ease. I thought it would be harder actually.

We’re here and just to gather myself a little bit and we’ll head back down and then do the two loops; three videos during that space of time, might as well use it.

…Headed back down, all collected here, still barefoot. I’ll show ya; here we go, see?

I’m gonna talk about fitness, but in a personal context. Now, the headline of this is ‘what do women want…is their visceral…what is the thing that gets them viscerally when they see an man, either in a positive way or a negative way?’

I think I know the secret to that and I have to…uh…I’m gonna give credit to a guy—a fitness guru guy…and I mean super guru. His name is Alexander Cortez. Um, in fact, he used to live here in Ni Harn for a few months just, uh, a couple years ago. Um, I don’t know if any of you’ve come across his work. He has a ton of eBooks out there. I think his first one was Achilles something. It’s how to, you know, develop this…this sort of formulaic body. Right? But he has tons of them. I bought a few of them and it’s really solid work that he does. Anyway, I’m on his email list and he says a lot of stuff on that; you know, just his sales copy is worth reading because you’ll glean a lot of information without even buying anything.

One time, one thing he was talking about stuck in my head. It was that women notice a man’s, uh, arms…arms, and, uh, also kind of his shoulder deck for lack of a better…I don’t know what the…it may be that…I’m not sure; shoulders and…arms and shoulders. Right?

Um, now yeah, I’ve thought, uh, yeah…you know, maybe, whatever…but now I’ve found it to be absolutely true from personal experience.

So here’s the story.

Um, you know, in, in, you know, years ago I was at the gym a lot doing, you know, the stuff you do. And I had a fairly well developed, you know, arms and shoulders, right? I, I never really worked arms, you know; I figure, well, everything else you do contributes to that. And indeed that’s the case. Um, you…you don’t need to have like massive arms, but if…if the—and especially, uh, without—you don’t want the arms to be massive and out of proportion with your shoulders. You want it to look just normal.

Anyway. So here’s my experience. So a few months ago, I think it was about—it’s been awhile now—March or so, something like that, maybe April I, uh, I came down with something: sick and fever. So I was in bed for two days, you know, pretty much solid, uh, get up a little bit, try to get up and then like nah, so back to bed and I didn’t eat a thing. Um, and, uh, then once I finally could get up and around two more days, I didn’t eat a thing. So four days; probably drop like three-ish kilos or something like that. And, uh, I’m like, ah, I look better. So I just kept it on with fasting. And unfortunately it’s fine to fast, but it needs to be combined with good eating and some gym time. Right? So that, you’re dropping the fat, but, but, uh, keeping the, the lean mass, the muscle, right? I didn’t do that. So I was drinking a lot, having it push out food. And some of you might recall my video from before where I said, ‘you know, I have no appetite’. So the result of that is I, I noticed I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, my arms look like sticks’. Right? It just looked awful. Emaciated. You know, like sarcopenia is setting in.

So that was one motivation for stopping the drinking. I said, ‘well, you’re, you’re not eating enough and primarily enough protein’. So, uh, so that’s…so that was one of the several motivations to stop the drink. The other was…the other was what I noticed about women. It was very—I used to be approached all the time—like, go to bars now (of course, you know, um, that they’re approaching you to be nice and you buy them a drink and you know, maybe something after…) you know, that’s why they’re there. Right? But they have a choice. It’s like, ‘who do they approach’? Right? And what do they do when they approach you? And they’re like buttering up to you and whatever. Okay. So when I wasn’t being approached very much…right…I was…I was observing. I was like, ‘who are they approaching’?

Tell you what, tell you who they’re approaching: guys with fairly hefty arms and shoulders. No shit. Even if he has a pot beer belly; even if he’s balding; even if he’s wrinkled…they’ll go to him instead of the guy that’s lean and well proportioned but has skinny arms and, and, and…small shoulders. I shit you not. I’ve seen it a hundred fucking times because I was trying to figure this out, right? ‘Why is she going to that fat bastard—that ugly fat bastard—instead of coming over to me’? It’s ‘cuz he’s got arms and shoulders. Right. And then, so to butter him up, get a drink, get that drink…she can…she can choose to flatter him with touch in any way she chooses, right? Like rubbing the leg and, you know, embracing him a little bit.

So now what do they do, without exception? They’re hanging on his arm…they’re hanging on his arm and shoulders. They keep wanting to touch that arm and that shoulder and those shoulders.

Now here’s the rest of the story. So, I uh…I stopped the drinking. After a couple weeks…well, after three days, I was eating good again. Now I’m ravenous all the time. I’m eating like crazy. And I still dropped a kilo over the last week or so.

Um, so, uh…so I’m eating and then starting a couple…I’ve done three sessions in the gym and I’ve thought a lot about how do I do this? And um, I’m like, uh, ‘okay’…and I came down to: I’m gonna do two sessions a week and um, I’m gonna do full body, you know, however long it takes, uh…it’s taking about an hour or so I guess. And um…and I’m just gonna do full body with…so a lot of arms and shoulders, some back, but primarily a lot of legs. And that is, uh, heavy, very…that’s heavy leg presses, number one. And, uh, you know, that incline thing you sit on and you just…you just pile the plates on. Cause you can do a lot. It’s very stimulating, and then deadlifts. Um, and, uh, that I’m taking easy right now. I’m at a good spot of about, you know—I use just for reference—I used to…I was doing before, when I quit…I was doing 325 pounds for five reps. So now I’m at about 160. So roughly half of that. But I’m doing two sets of 15 reps, right? I’m gonna stay there for a good long time and really build a, a foundation, before I start increasing weight beyond that. Again, it feels really good. So anyway…so that’s what I do. Workout wise.

I’ve had three workouts, right? And that combined with the food, my arms and shoulders are back. Well, guess what the fuck happened? Muuk—who I crossed paths with in the last video three times—I hadn’t been to her bar called Stumble Inn…and I used to stumble in…and…stumble out… But she knows: I haven’t…she knows I’ve been over a month [not] drinking. We had enough little casual conversations, but for…but something, something happened. It’s a long story.

Um, uh, I, I told it. When I saw her, basically, you know, when I first met her, she was just starting at the bar and she was really cool, really nice, great in the bedroom, all this stuff, right? Cleaned my house, did the dishes, all that stuff. And then boom, one day—and this was right after, uh, she had a customer who like just showered her with stuff—and she changed. Right? So anyway, um, hadn’t given me the time of day, like two months. So I crossed paths with her that, that day…that night I go to the bar and see, I filled out even since the last…I think it’s like a couple weeks. So I mean, all those workout sessions are set and the food has since then, right? I go in the bar that night who comes right up to me, but her, right? And before this I’d go in every once in a while, she doesn’t say anything to me, but she makes sure to…where I, in my eye sight to like go up to a guy and just start hanging on him. And, you know, those arms, those arms, those, you know, uh, touching those arms. So now she comes up, she’s still a little bit, uh, aloof, so on. Uh, but she’s smiling and chatting. Right?

…And, and, and out and about, you know, going to the bar, have my club soda, and I’m getting approached by chicks all the time. Whereas before over that, over those that time I was drinking and not, um, not, uh, um, eating well and shriveling up. So I guess since it came back so quickly, uh, the musculature, I guess you don’t actually lose the tissue. It just shrinks…it just shrivels up desiccates or whatever. Right? Um, but it’s still there ready to be ready for those cells to be, you know, filled up again.

[I ought to have added that by out and about, I also had positive experiences in non-bar stuff as well. In one particular encounter, I had a bitch of a time getting a Bangkok Bank ATM card replaced as I had done numerous times before (leaving them in machines because they give you the money first). I complained to central and the bank manager actually called me on the phone and asked me to come in the next day. She turned out to be a very pretty young 40-something who flirted non stop and asked if she could call me again…”to talk about opening investment accounts.” “Why not?”]

And so, uh, I’m…I’m pretty well convinced. Can someone give me a, a better argument? I don’t know.

So, uh, we’ll see. Um, we will see and, uh, well, I guess that’s it. I’m gonna…I’m just about coming to the end of this; good length, I suppose. And, uh, I shall continue, but I’ve got another video, which I’ll wait until I’m lapping the lake and it is going to be kind of part two and it’s gonna be about…so I’ve talked about women’s visceral attraction or, um, the opposite, not attracted, you know, repelled I guess I would say…um, and next is going to be about the money motivation.

Okay. Catch you in a…well, it’s gonna be part two. So I’m gonna probably publish these like, boom boom, at the same time later today, which you won’t know until it’s published anyways…you won’t know until you’ve gotten to the end of this video. Isn’t it funny, uh, experience comes with that, so, okay.

[The end. Wow, it’s sure weird to read this vs. editing things I’ve written. Whole different planet.]


  1. Jacqueline Walker on November 4, 2022 at 02:55

    I only just caught up to reading this and you are right. It’s definitely something I look at. I’m no fan of bellies or overweight and I’m afraid I’m not mad keen on hair loss in men either – which is hardly their fault – (don’t get me started on women who suffer that and don’t have sufficient vanity to invest in a wig!) At a deep subconscious level I think it signals something about protection and shelter.

    • Jill Grow on November 4, 2022 at 21:24

      Same here. I’m a sucker for a good-looking face, but there’s nothing like a nice set of wide shoulders to make me feel more feminine. When my husband asks what I like about him, “shoulders” is the first thing that comes out of my mouth.

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