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Sun Fitness; Pattaya Beach, Thailand

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When I began to consider doing another workout or 'gym-post' yesterday—after a workout at Sun Fitness just a half-click walk from my hotel—I remembered that the gym was what lead me to Paleo and dieting in the first place, way way back in 2007; 15 damn years ago, at the age of 46.

Resistance Training

From my first post on the topic, May, 2007.

I will have much more to say about this in months to come, but it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that in terms of health and fitness, people have been suckered into a load of nonsense over the last 30 years with respect to the benefits of aerobics to the exclusion of all else.

Over four years ago, now, I embarked on a program of walking (briskly) every morning five days per week. I wanted to lose some poundage that needed losing, the dog needed walking anyway, and I like to walk. Well, 4,000 miles later (I was very religious about it, still am, and I enjoy it and intend to keep at it) I not only didn't lose any weight but probably put on about 20 lbs. This was three miles per day (about 45 minutes), fifteen miles per week, every week. If you think you're going to do much about an overweight problem with evening walks around the block you're probably fooling yourself.


What really got the ball rolling was a comment on the post. Long timers will know the prominent name in the LC, Paleo, and Evolutionary Fitness spheres.

Yep, it was Art De Vany. It was perfect, really. He had both a sensible fitness approach and a sensible dietary approach—both modelled after evolutionary principles. To this day and as far into the future as humans manage to remain genetically human, one cannot go wrong by simply adhering to his 'old' advice.

The test of time is baked into the cake.

And so I made lots of progress in both areas and in terms of the gym, I blogged about it frequently.

Leangains by Martin Berkhan

This all culminated in working with Martin Berkhan, creator of the Leangains Protocol, beginning in April of 2010. Martin's demeanor is as badass and no bullshit as is his 700# deadlift. I was using an experienced trainer at the time—one with an actual degree in exercise physiology—who took well to Martin's approach, helping rather than hindering.

Six months later and I was ready to do a series of posts about all of it.

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