Empires Come And Go But Pax Is Lasting (For As Long As It Lasts)

— “Whatever happens will be for the worse; therefore, it is our interest that as little should happen as possible.” — Lord Salisbury

That was uttered by the statesman Lord Salisbury whilst the inevitability of British decline as an empire was too apparent to dismiss as the world entered into the 20th Century.

I find it a rather humorous thing to say in regard to matters of such import; but, alas, I find myself in a similar vein watching in horror delight—can’t decide—as American decline is manifest as a trip to hell—either by handbasket or rocket sled depending upon which day it is.

I’ll begin with a basic question most everyone has an unthinking, automatic answer reaction to:

Was the government of the US ever a good government?

I don’t know that there’s a definitive answer to that question that would even begin to satisfy the most skeptical, critical, and objective thinkers amongst us even if able to set aside our biases.

Surely, one of the first questions to the question would be, what’s the standard of “good?” a legitimate and fair query. So, that’s where claims must be staked first and reaching agreement on a single standard or set of non-contradictory standards will be next to impossible and much of that hinges and pivots upon an individual’s views on complex, unsettled matters such as free will, natural rights, spiritualism, materialism, et al.

But we can cut to the chase a little bit, so let’s just do that.

[In essence, THE CURRENT THING! is fast becoming how the Left is having a bad day, week, month, and year…getting face-fucked from all directions at once.

May it continue and heighten. We don’t have enough prison space but we’re going to have to manage.

Justice this time around is essential, no matter who, or from which party. Most of the political establishment should be serving long sentences for any number of actions that have harmed people in America and abroad. For instance, when it becomes apparent and is proven that the US blew up Nord Stream and plunged everyday Europeans into financial ruin and the cold, how many republicans should do 25 To Life for that?]

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There have been a whole lot of them, about 275 throughout history. From A-Z, the Abbasid Caliphate to the Zulu Empire, the first known or recognized—the Akkadian Empire—got its start way back in 2334 BC and the last—the Central African Empire—ended in 1979 and lasted only 3 years. The longest lived was the Pandyan Dynasty of southern India, lasting 2259 years and the shortest, the First Mexican Empire clocking in at 2 years, from 1821 to 1823.

There are a number of criteria by which historians classify what constitutes an empire and what does not. I’ll leave them to that but in general, it’s like pornography. You know it when you see it.

It’s an open question as to whether America was ever a true empire. If it was, certainly not by conventional standards and means typically involving conquest, annexation, natural resource extraction, and population exploitation, etc. So America wasn’t that, ever. Not really. On the other hand, since 1945, America has truly had the greatest and most overpowering influence on the rest of the planet—extending far beyond its territories—than any empire in history. So, empire of non-coercive influence, perhaps?


The term pax is simply Latin for peace.

There are three well-known and recognized pax-bringing “empires” throughout history (with America being a hybrid sort of empire through influence rather than conquest).

  1. Pax Romana
  2. Pax Britannica
  3. Pax Americana

At base, an empire becomes a source of relative peace when its influence becomes overwhelming and unassailable.

No worthy challengers; moreover, given the relative peace, there’s little incentive or motivation to challenge it so that it results in a lasting peace that prevails until such time as the pax-sustaining empire declines, decays, and falters of its own laziness, corruption, opulence, and failure to maintain all the things required for its sustenance.

It can be sustained no longer once it has forgotten what was inviolably required to make it great in the first place. Well…let’s say relatively great so that we can dispense with the question presently.

Was the government of the US ever a good government? Relatively so, yes. That is, America was a grand social experiment that basically amounts to let’s give freedom a chance. Of course, freedom was limited and measured but, people were basically free to do some pretty essential things that add up to a sense of self-determination rather than accident of birth, lineage, privilege…etc etc that determined what your life would be like from the moment of birth.

Here you had the basic freedom to make it, break it, die tryin’, and/or keep and enjoy the fruits of your endeavors once they’ve come to fruition. Basic and simple, forever so, and so one must ask in the face of the never-ending erosion of those freedoms and opportunities: cui bono?

Who benefits from the populace becoming less free, with fewer opportunities open to them over the passage of a lifetime?

Parasites, that’s who.

That’s the answer. In a word. Parasites.

Those who anti-produce. That is, their net contribution over an adult lifetime is negative—even if they attained billionaire status with billions in capital investments that launched or sustained or rejuvenated enterprises.

How can that be?

Short-term gains at the expense of long-term prosperity, happiness, and opportunity for wide swaths of freedom-loving-and-embracing common folk.

This is wide-scope accounting. If you make billions through capital investments that undercut the very essence of what it means to be human and free—by enrolling vast numbers of surfs indoctrinated into a lifetime culture of employment at your will—then you’re basically just feeding the poor.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”Lao Tzu

So see? I don’t really even think like a basic libertarian, either. “Capitalism” can suck, too? Sure can. Get rid of all corporate liability shielding such that every single stockholder…all the way down to granny at the kitchen table clipping coupons from the newspaper…and you might see a new and proper capitalism emerge. Same goes for liability shielding for drug companies getting away with literal murder and making billions off the crimes, kicking some back to the politicians who gifted the perks.

Sure. Being a well-paid employee is a lot better than a whole host of alternatives. But is it really what any properly-endowed human with soul and spirit ought aspire to? There absolutely is a time and place for employment. Scrapping all destructive child-labor laws (they’re all destructive…and at the worst possible stage of life) would be a good start toward understanding the proper context of employment…better described as apprenticeship.

So my answer to the question—was the US ever great?—is: yes and no. Yes, because it was an eye-opener in many ways that changed human society forevermore, on a global scale.

No, because true greatness is incorruptible or it was not and can not be considered great absolutely…merely relatively great, for an ephemeral time; and not pax and opportunity and prosperity everlasting…and I suppose that reality is sensed enough by humans that notions of heaven—one day, far off— persist as societal and cultural coping mechanisms.

Our opiate, as it were.

…The piles of putrid bullshit in which we find ourselves now, in every corner on earth, is an a posteriori saga of effect leading to cause, which is that those dudes came somewhat close, but no cigar.

On careful analysis, it was mere decades until it became apparent that the American experiment would not be exalted forevermore, but go the same course as all other socio-political systems go.

Democrats, Republicans, Left, and Right. Any Difference?

Only in non-essentials.

It’s like religion…the word like being used superfluously, since these things are simply religion by a different name. Dominant religions of the world differ only in terms of non-essential marketing distinctions and not core essential characteristics. Chew on that. Religions are far more alike than different, that’s why they’re classified under a single concept.

So too do all the political sects reduce to what amounts to marketing hype and non-essential distinctions: to give the impression to followers on all sides that there are grave and critically important differences.

There aren’t.

The Covidiocy and how it was embraced by all sides mostly was the first clue. Now we have the Ukraine thing; which, has not only torn the sheep’s clothing off of America at large as a force for good—as Vladimir Putin is very astutely and effectively arguing—but as well, Republicans, conservatives, and Fox News.

Watch this and do not take your eyes or ears off it.

In one respect, it’s the funniest video I’ve ever seen.

In another sense…with an undertone so bad, so evil, that it’s hard to discern what you’re really laughing about.

The case is a detective’s wet dream. Motive and opportunity for you know who, out the ass. And just observe all those Republicans, and Fox News outright ignore the obvious while simultaneously spouting the ridiculous. Some familiar faces and apparently—I was in the dark about this—this has been going on for a decade.

Who do these abject FUCKS think they are? I’m talking to you, Senator Ted Cruz, you fuck…you pathetic piece of irredeemable putrid shit. What business do you have telling Russia what they can and can’t do with their oil and gas, who they can and can’t sell it to, and by what means they’re allowed to sell it to anyone?

Russia is a sovereign nation. They have natural resources. To their grace and credit, they have invested billions to bring those resources to all Western Europeans at unbeatable prices under mutually agreeable terms at great benefit to all involved.

This is the stuff that America used to be made of, and it can’t be Great Again if it never really was—having the core evil required to blow up that amazing, life and prosperity-enhancing wonder that was Nord Streams 1 and 2.

Shameful doesn’t even scratch the surface. As an American, I own that. Can’t have the social goods and Apple Pie without accepting the consequences demanded by justice for the bads and evils. The financial and human devastation that will ensue as a direct and proximate consequence of America’s terrorism against its European allies is mind boggling. When this unravels and it will, recompense should be orders of magnitude greater for every average American, including myself, as it has and will be for average Europeans and Russians.

Let justice be served…as it was for average Germans for Hitler, average Russians for Lenin and Stalin, average Chinese for Chairman Mao, average Cambodians for Pol Pot, et al.

…It kind of puts some other things into perspective as regards America.

  • Over 200,000 civilian dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Over 100,000 civilian dead and over a million left homeless in one night, March 10, 1945, Tokyo firebombing
  • American and British annihilation of Dresden in February of 1945. Estimates of the dead range from 35,000 to 250,000 because of the uncertainty of the numbers of refugees and wanderers from other areas of war-torn Europe by that late stage of the war and especially, Dresden…being thought of as a refuge because it had not been attacked or bombed…adding a certain cruelty to the mix
  • And hundreds of thousands more civilian death over decades and geography.

For some weird reason that escapes and baffles me, Americans, especially on the right but increasingly joined by the left, seem to be of the belief that there need always be lots of global civilian death and devastation, so as to keep us Americans “safe” and “free.”

Don’t wanna lose our FREEDOMS!!! …like keeping churches open during trying times such as a pandemic…oh, wait…

There’s this, a scrape I took from the recently released The Real Anthony Fauci — The Movie. Ever heard about Operation Northwood, proposed by the then Joint Chiefs of Staff to President John F. Kennedy?

Thinking of Confirmation Bias as Rational People Think of Free Speech

We’re inundated with confirmation bias—all of us—as is society. It thrives, hand-in-hand with cognitive dissonance where we’re able to harbor two mutually-exclusive propositions at the same time.

We seem to have a penchant for illogic…logic being the art or discipline of non-contradictory identification.

Like, America is a great and wonderful country (that has outright killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and sometimes on purpose). Cognitive dissonance confirming a bias. (And see that video above about Project Northwood if you breezed on by. It’s only a coupla minutes.)

Consider the issue of free speech. In practice, there isn’t much of such a thing. What we mean, in practice, is that we love hearing all that we agree with.

All that confirms our biases.

Let the “free speech” roll.

But here’s where it gets sticky. It’s often pointed out—correctly—that the whole point of free speech as a principle is the protection of that we disagree with, that which exposes our cognitive dissonance and contradicts our biases.

It’s our confirmation bias that’s resistant to that sort of speech because our biases are only for the confirming. Because, it’s already “settled science,” in our own little microcosms of belief.

Biases are meant to be confirmed. It’s their raison d’etre.

But just as we have free speech advocates who really mean the speech they love the most, we’ve got plenty of folks who caution against confirmation bias, but mostly towards biases they could do without.

The biases they can’t do without? Oh, those aren’t biases at all. Those are truths and settled science.

See how that works?

…Another brief scrape from the aforementioned documentary about Fauci that’s really much more than that. Do you suppose that former US Army general and subsequent President Dwight D. Eisenhower was confirming his own bias here, or warning the American people about theirs; like, that American greatness is settled science?

All The Lies Fit To Be Told (over and over)

It’s not even funny anymore; which is, in itself, funny. See how this cognitive dissonance just keeps cropping up?

You literally can’t list all the lies, anymore, and the more they’re told, the more settled [science] they become. Whereupon, they aren’t biases anymore and you’re not guilty of confirming them. Rather, you’re an anointed finger-pointer.

Argument and persuasion aren’t even necessary.

You’ve entered the Propaganda Zone.

Can You Have Fun With It? Any Hope?

In some sense, I think you kinda have to, as this is really all part of the grossly fallible human condition once having stepped away from primitive means of micro-social dealing and bare survival towards “civilization,” social prosperity, and individual wealth.

There’s a rather fantastic piece out by Glenn Greenwald on, really, how the whole censorship thing is stumbling all over itself, as was inevitable.

Lies are a funny thing and it amazes me sometimes how so many are wedded to them in all facets of their lives. Nobody says what they mean and nobody means what they say, to be trite about it.

The Consortium Imposing the Growing Censorship Regime

As has always happened with censor-happy tyrants throughout history, the more centers of power inject themselves with the intoxicating rush of silencing their adversaries, the more intense the next hit has to be. Every movement that has wielded censorship as a political weapon tells itself the same story to justify it. In ordinary times, they will casually recite, free speech is a vital value. But these are no ordinary times in which we are living. Our enemies and their ideas are different. They are uniquely hateful, false, inflammatory, and dangerous. The ideas they espouse will destabilize society, cause direct harm to others, deceive people, and incite violence against institutions of authority and their followers. Thus, they reason, we are actually not censoring at all. We are simply preventing evil people from doing harm to society, the government, and to citizens.

Look to any government or society in which censorship prevailed — either today or throughout history. This narrative about why censorship is not just justified but morally necessary is always present. Nobody wants to think of themselves as a censorship supporter. They need to be supplied with a story about why they are something different, or at least why the censorship they are led to support is uniquely justified.

And it works because, in the most warped sense possible, it appeals to reason. If one really believes, as millions of American liberals do, that the U.S. faces two and only two choices — either (1) elect Democrats and ensure they rule or (2) live under a white nationalist fascist dictatorship — then of course such people will believe that media disinformation campaigns, censorship, and other forms of authoritarianism are necessary to ensure Democrats win and their opponents are vanquished. Once that self-glorifying rationale is embraced — our adversaries do not merely disagree with us but cause harm with the expression of their views — then the more suppression, the better. And that is exactly what is happening now.

In the rather lengthy piece well worth reading, Greenwald goes on to detail the confluence of ridiculous things all propped up by lies…which are all based upon illogical cognitive dissonance that magically turn basic bias into just so, unquestionable edicts and principles…into “settled science” that’s called that explicitly because the ideas are so bad, stupid, evil, and whatnot that they will always face stiff opposition; and that’s the one sure thing they can’t abide, so they become propaganda and propaganda requires censorship of the opposition because it hasn’t a single fully-contextually-honest argument.

  • Banishment From the Financial System
  • Union of Big Tech, U.S. Security State and Corporate Media Giants
  • Pro-Censorship Corporate “Journalists”

It’s quite a thing to take all in, which for me, leds to a sense that this can’t be happening…because it can’t…by which I mean, it’s doomed to failure and ironically, it just may be that we’re quite fortunate that so much abject bullshit has happened so rapidly since more Brits told the European Union to fuck off than Brits begging to be fucked by it.

I’m referring to Brexit…my own mark in time where the global political Left elite went apoplectically into hyperdrive, hasn’t let up and to this very day, and continues to double down on a bet lost long ago.

Wrap Up

I did three videos on Patong Beach on a rare sunny day, Saturday. The first two were included in my post from yesterday. The third was published on YouTube and has been viewed about 50 times with zero likes. It’s none of my business what anyone likes or dislikes, but that’s never happened before and I have my guesses as to why.

It’s a disturbing fucking video.

No two ways about that.

Nonetheless, it’s how I see it as someone who’s an extreme outlier, harboring not a scintilla of bias towards America The Great. Neither am I being facetious or nihilistic. I’ll grant that as institutions of force, coercion, enslavement, and murder go, America has had some better moments than others and fewer awful ones than a whole lot of regimes during its tenure.

On the other hand, America has historically enjoyed great leeway on the world stage of public opinion, but that’s largely because of its stated founding principles—i.e., the ideal of the thing and not the real thing. Because those founding principles, ideals, and ideas are indeed pretty great, nobody wants their bone crashed by the bias-crushing realization that America’s actions often belie its words, and increasingly so. Both domestically and internationally.

Recent history is calling into question America’s New Clothes. Rightly so.

If I were to be optimistic and some days I am, then it would be to assume that the exposure of so much bad to so many people far and wide, in so short of a time, will work to the good.

And far from it culminating in even more power consolidated and centralized in the global elite institutions, the continual and forever quotidien turmoil it fosters will have the opposite effect…if I’m being optimistic.

…The the next stage of enlightenment is more anarchic. From the heart and beginning at home. Cleaning your own room and dishes rather than worrying about the millions of messes all over the world, pretending that you, anyone, any group, state, or institution can do anything about it.

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  1. Chad Sheridan on November 1, 2022 at 18:30

    Food for thought regarding Nord Stream, from someone with experience in the industry and no particular agenda. https://thelawdogfiles.com/2022/09/nordstream.html

    • Richard Nikoley on November 1, 2022 at 19:05

      Mike Eades covered that in his The Arrow some weeks back, but it has pretty much been dismissed. Hydrate plugs require a substantial bend to rupture a pipe and this section was perfectly straight.

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