The Arrow by Dr. Michael Eades

Robin Hood statue, Castle Place, Nottingham, Notts

My history and friendship with Mike Eades goes back…ah…about a dozen years, I’d guess. I was a frequent reader of his blog, Protein Power, for at least a few years previous, had linked up a number of his posts here, and had read a book or two by himself and his doc-wife, Mary Dan.

I guess he was at least peripherally aware of that and one day I got a personal invite to attend an unveiling luncheon for his SousVide Supreme water-oven appliance. So I went and we kinda remained in touch over the years, met in-person a few times, and I was once an overnight guest at his place in Montecito as I was passing through. Mary Dan’s SVS-cooked ribeye with cauliflower mash was fantastic.

Somewhere along the line, primarily owing to various political stuff—from Brexit to Trump to whatever is now The Current Thing—we began exchanging emails rather frequently on mostly political issues. Curiously—and totally out of character with what has become commonplace modern social engagement—we actually have areas of both agreement and disagreement. We state our positions, sometimes hash stuff out a bit, and move on. Somehow—and totally inexplicably—remaining friends who manage beyond all explanation, to continue exchanging ideas and arguments with one-another.

How weird.

What a couple of un-Woke Neanderthals we are. Obviously, we’re just not with it and need to get our respective acts together. It’s totally lame to not be condemning one-another in Tweet barrages, putting superior highest virtue (mine, of course!) on display when Mike is not only wrong, but, consequently, EVIL!!!

Hitler incarnate.

And when it gets to that dire level, you literally cannot even come up with words sufficient to describe how bad that person is. It’s exactly what the phrase ‘loss for words’ means!

‘Worse than Hitler’ is about the best you’re gonna be able to do.

…What I find delightful about The Arrow Weekly Newsletter he began writing nearly two years ago—Issue #94 the most recently published—is to observe Mike revealing publicly with increasing boldness the political and philosophical sides of him that were only between-the-lines stuff on his PP blog—which pretty much stuck to low-carb dieting from the perspective of two MD clinicians and related areas of general and metabolic health.

Of course, I always saw what was between the lines as I’m an old hand at libertarianism, loosely stated. I can sniff it out a mile away. [Note: I by no means refer to that smoke-dope-and-get-nekkid embarrassment of a political party that uses a big ‘L’ to name itself.]

And so, it has been a real treat to watch him wade into the waters of saying what he thinks…his judgments about any topic—from masks to vaccines to Ukraine/Russia and much more—and then catch mounds of shit from abject morons in his mailbag about how somehow, as a practicing MD for decades treating thousands of patients, he can’t possibly know shit from shinola about anything else.


It’s a curious phenomena with some humanoids out there…a sort of pretentious hubris; whereby, being a subject-matter expert and specialist in one area—e.g., low-carb dieting and related—makes you a clueless ignoramus in everything else and to even mention such things is totally out of bounds.


My experience in this is equally silly and humorous, since I have both paying and free memberships. from time-to-time I’ll get cancellations of FREE membership and some have an urge to give me an earful about just why I’m losing the pleasure of their non-paying company.

…And so, I can’t think of a better publication to be subscribed to, for any reader on any level of this blog who reads it because they at least like some of my content and the way I think about at least some things.

I can tell you it’s at the top of my list and importantly, has become better and better as Mike has honed his skills. He’s a great storyteller and being of his age and experience, has a lot of them: both from his medical experience treating actual patients, and his many personal experiences and anecdotes.

In three words, a treat.

He shoots it out every Thursday afternoon US-zones time. Since I live in Thailand, 13ish hours on average ahead depending on whether you primitive agrarians are in DST or not, it arrives consistently every Friday morning in time for coffee.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. george phillips on October 27, 2022 at 14:56

    The only thing I notice ‘bad’ about The Arrow is how quickly those 94 issues have passed by !

    It only seems like yesterday Dr Eades was discussing what to call his new all encompassing newsletter !

    ‘The Arrow’ is so apt, I’m a poor lad often made wealthier by his rich comments…..healthier too.

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