LC-Keto Jimmy Moore Pleads Guilty; Sentenced To 20 Years

— Has Justice Been Served? If So, To Whom, and For What?

PREVIOUSLY: The Arrest of Jimmy Moore For Underage Sex

Well it is a pathetic spectacle, I’ll give you that.

Do I feel sorry for the guy?


I don’t feel one way or the other about it. What motivates me out of a state of indifference is an opportunity to simply do what hundreds of you Members pay me to do, and that’s to give my perspicacious take, which is always either unique or, at the least, uncommon.

For the common, orthodox, mainstream, approved, qualified, credentialed, expected, mundane, banal, no-shit, box-checked, two-thumbs-up, and virtue-signaled take, you certainly know where to go. And it’s free.

“I’m not here for co-signing, circle jerk echo chamber nonsense. I’m here for the truth, and that is what Richard delivers.”Brian

…Well, this post is free to the public as well. You’re endowed by God with the power to change that, however, for when the posts aren’t free.

…Alright, there’s no need to rehash. I posted about this previously, upon receiving the news of Jimmy’s arrest. I noted that the post had been moved to the Member Archive, which means it’s for Members, i.e., those who’ve seized upon the aforementioned power.

But fret not, nor let your heart be troubled. I’ve moved it back, to occupy a diminished state of powerless public access. So there you go.

The Arrest of Jimmy Moore For Underage Sex

In other words, you have two sexually-mature humans (i.e., post puberty) engaging in sexual intercourse. The charge is, essentially, that he has knowledge and experience with her evolutionarily (or God…take your pick) primed and menstruating vagina.

A crime? Well, that’s up to society, culture, and the law as handed down. But it has zero to do with any sort of crime against nature. One could even argue that it’s perfectly natural (if there’s grass on the field, play ball).

One thing I noted when I checked out comments on his last Tweet and Instagram post is that there’s a lot of #MeToo stuff—even dudes proclaiming how they were sexually abused at 3yo or something and it took them 30 years to get over it.

They are conflating pedophilia with a law that says even though she’s naturally good to go at 13 if she wants, gotta wait to 18. Or, 16. Or, 17.

So, by our own laws in this federation of states, you can be a “pedophile” in one state and just be disgusting in another. The penalty of law vs. just the scorn of society. Perhaps a map of abortion laws will look like that again, someday. A murderer in one state, a saint in another…

To reiterate: for me, the distinction is puberty and nothing else.

That’s in terms of legal stuff. In terms of society, culture, community, family, church, norms, etc., that’s up to everyone themselves, and those with whom they commune.

For myself, I find it distasteful. Doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy. And that’s me. I didn’t even care for chicks under 20 when I was 20. At the same time, girls have their own proclivities.

So I’ve read and reviewed my entire previous post and unsurprisingly, not a word needs changing and I couldn’t find any typos.

Members endowed with that Power of God will find out soon enough. I’m drafting a post now, explaining in detail, just how I always get it right and keep getting it right…over and over and over. Trump? Got it right in 2015. Hillary? Got it right in 1992. Covid and the “vax?” Got it right from day one in March, 2020 and I was right throughout 98 posts on the matter; while right now, you’ve got esteemed scientists, doctors, and even Nobel laureates scrambling around with egg on their stupid fucking faces because they’re a bunch of lying whores trying to backpedal, downplay, and deflect the truth about what a bunch of automatically-lying fucking whores they all are.

“He’s been connecting the dots for years and got the track record to prove his cred.”Edster

…So nothing has changed in this matter except that Moore honestly plead guilty to violating the law and a legally permissible jail sentence was imposed. There’s some new information.

Here’s a statement I received this morning from attorney Cynthia R. Micklem who prosecuted Moore on behalf of the office of the Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

James Moore was sentenced to an active sentence of 20 years for carnal knowledge on January 13, 2023. Evidence showed that from September through December of 2019, Moore started a sexual relationship with a thirteen year old. She was the daughter of people he had met in his role as a “social media influencer.” The sexual abuse began on a joint family vacation with Moore and his wife and the victim’s family. After that vacation, Moore would drive from his home in South Carolina to wait outside the home of the victim. On multiple occasions, he would encourage the victim to sneak out of the house after her parents were asleep. Moore would engage in sexual acts with the 13 year old in his vehicle and eventually began taking her to a hotel.

Law enforcement obtained records of Moore’s conversations with the juvenile victim. The records  confirmed the sexual abuse describing vaginal intercourse and sodomy. Among the sexually explicit messages to the victim, the messages also showed Moore manipulating the victim. Moore would repeatedly tell the victim that he was the only person in her life that cared for her. He would criticize her parents and other relationships creating distance between the victim and her family.

During sentencing, the Henrico County Circuit Court described Moore as being two people: one who is the well-educated community member who everyone sees as a good guy and second as someone who would describe “f- the brains out” of a thirteen-fourteen year old child. Someone who when the victim states she is feeling suicidal tells her “to get over it.” 

The judge sentenced James Moore to an active sentence of 20 years.

So, reading between the lines, there’s judicial discretion in play. He violated the law and admitted to it. There is zero doubt about his legal guilt as handed down by Virginia State statute, prosecuted and adjudicated properly, as per the law, including discretion afforded the judge in sentencing. I don’t know what the maximum sentence could be, the minimum, or whether this was a negotiated plea, but that 2nd to last paragraph suggests to me that he got way more than the minimum.

I have zero problem with this.

…When I wrote and published the original post I expected more backlash than I actually received, and I received some private acknowledgments from people whom I can’t name.

I lost one Annual Member who relinquished her power; but she was gracious about it—asking for no refund and instead suggested that I use it for the girls.

The thrust of my whole approach here is the conflation of the legal and the moral.

Conflation is the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, opinions, etc., into one, often in error. Conflation is often misunderstood. It originally meant to fuse or blend, but has since come to mean the same as equate, treating two similar but disparate concepts as the same.

And guess who are BY FAR the biggest offenders of legal/moral conflation?

Conservative religious Republicans.

They’re always and forever vying for laws that match not only the morality of their religion, but even their own particular sect within it. And both ways: enacting laws (e.g., against pornography) and repealing laws (e.g., permitting abortion).

They give lip-service to freedom, the foremost being of religion—with many of the most fundamental being quick to create an important distinction toward their manner of thinking…”of” does not mean “from,” so there is no Constitutional guarantee of a-religiosity.

Pick one! You must choose! The slightly less fundamental solve this prickly dissonant contradiction by claiming that atheism is itself a religion. Yes. Solve one contradiction by invoking another.

I’m not making this shit up, I swear!

Of course, this is a swipe at the doctrine of the separation of church and state, doctrine being, in this instance, not a law or Constitutional article, but a principle having a practical quasi-function of law.

In other words, they forever want to have their cake and eat it too on many issues where law (or absence thereof) and their morality collide or diverge. In essence, they sorta want a theocracy…but only the good stuff.

In fact, it was the political left that was at least consistent and correct on this issue going way back to the Moral Majority days of the late 70s and early 80s.

Notwithstanding the fact that most or all of the religious / conservative measures that the Moral Majority lobbied for are things many of us of good moral character, pure hearts, (and The Power of God if you’re a Member) would agree with in terms of personal, familial, and societal comportment…these things are the purview and province of individuals, their families, and their churches; not the State, and certainly not at the federal level. Had they shut the fuck up a bit in terms of national lobbying and attention whoreing, they might have made some decent quiet progress in terms of local ordinances where constitutionality is often not a major issue if most everybody is on board and the detractors understand where their bread is buttered.

(I don’t call it The Stupid Party fer nutin’.)

…But stop and think. Remember that the left (a far sight more sensible then than it is now) were the ones waving hands, correctly, saying you don’t legislate [religious] morality.

Of course morality, per se, is legislated, but it’s done so for secular reasons and motivations: good of society, health, well-being, yada yada et cetera, et cetera. But, per the 1st Amendment, legislation that covers moral ground is not done so with respect to any particular religion, religious doctrine, or catechism.

In other words, and finally, back then, the left was largely doing it by the book and the right was trying to circumvent the book by means of its own book.

And now it seems to be in complete reverse where the right has seen the light—that legislating religious doctrine is bad and that the slippery slope has done slid all the way on down.

Their error was failing to account for the fact that secular ideological principles do not require a mystical deity to be[come] religious articles of faith. And moreover, articles of faith can even be called The Science.

Like I said, I’m not making this up.

So now, you have an inverse confluence where you can go to the legislature or a court and demand laws or judgments based upon The Science and get an enthusiastic hearing; but go in and invoke The Bible and you’re turned away.

See how that works?

Evil (the left) always runs circles around Stupid (the right).

So how does this all relate?

Well, for one, I’m trying to tell you how to think, not what to think. Just be honest and transparent about it. If you think your good book is better or senior in your hierarchical perspective to man’s law books, so be it. But when you mix the two as good God-fearing folk have always tried to do, then don’t be surprised when you get outmaneuvered by evil and then one day your kids are reading all the LGBTQ “bibles” that can’t be printed fast enough, and if there’s even a Holy Bible anywhere on the entire school grounds, it’s gathering dust somewhere.

But here all y’all go again with this swamp-stew of age of consent that’s not even consistent from state to state and you don’t have to listen very hard at all to hear that those most indignant about Jimmy Moore’s behavior are religious folk who are simply bold-faced conflating the secular law with God said, and pretending as though it’s some crime against God’s nature.

It’s not. In fact, quite to the contrary.

Don’t complain to me for taking you and your scriptures at their word. God created the heavens and the earth, right? And all the stuff. Right? And the nature of all the stuff. Right? Like, that girls become fertile women at about 13 years of age?


(And don’t pretend to me that the histories of your Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—aren’t replete with what you today consider felonious offenses in terms of sexual relations. It was pretty likely the norm that the older dudes got first crack at the newly bloodied; sorry for being crude…but that’s animal and humanity.)

If you wish to be religiously consistent about it, then Jimmy’s Christian (which he professes) offense is that these relations were out of wedlock, and for some sects of Christianity like Catholicism, not for the express purpose of procreation. There might also be an offense in going behind her father’s back, or without his blessing and approval.

Am I sounding crazy? Or, am I giving you the straight scoop from your own religious laws, better than your own minister would do?

You want crazier? In some Islamic traditions it’s an offense alright. Stone the girl.

C’mon, y’gotta admit… Isn’t it refreshing to not be hemmed and hawed at about this shit? Just tell it like it is.

“Sometimes his posts challenge my worldview in uncomfortable ways.”Matt

Now to round it out with some down-to-earth practicality. I got the news article linked above about Moore’s recent plea and sentencing via a friend. I replied thusly.

I’d heard about it a week or so ago but didn’t go looking. Thanks.

Wow, 13 is cutting it cutting it close for my own puberty bright-line between natural and unnatural (ignoring feelings, social conventions, laws and religions and whatnot…though doesn’t mean I applaud such behavior. I simply don’t think it criminal).

I was just out at the village for a few days.

Yui just turned 30 and her 1st daughter, Chili, 13 (daughter #2, Wasabi, turns 12 in March; the sisters are only 14 months apart). She had Chili at 16, 5 days before turning 17 and then Wasabi just 2 months after turning 18.

This was by a 33yr old Thai man at the time…a shopkeeper she readily admits she pursued sexually from the age of 14 onward. My own great grandmother, born in 1904, had my grandmother at 15, in 1919. Because of that, I had not only a grandmother growing up, but a great grandmother until I was 28.

My point is that I’m sure glad the State didn’t come along and lock up the fathers in either case—in order to “protect” the mothers and their children, and all of the rest of us in society who must certainly be “threatened.”

Note the difference below. Two pictures I snapped of the little Chili girl nearly 3 years ago, May 2020, Juxtaposed with Dec 29, 2023, 13th birthday time. Nature did that.

That’s Wasabi in the lower right photo, to the right. Interesting story about her. She was a tubby little tomboy 3 years ago. A total chow hound; whereas, Chili has never carried an excess gram of bodyweight.

Lots of folks were concerned and I said, “just wait until puberty or thereabouts,” and sure enough.

Just like her mom. She’ll have a full-figured powerful body, not dainty and fragile, but also not fat. Like, the perfect baby-making body. Think 1-piece swimsuit pics of Hollywood starlets in the 1950s like Monroe and Loren. She’s getting all sorts of awards playing soccer now. She excels.

So, to sum it up, I’ve got to look at all these sorts of things case-by-case.

Only so far I can go on the blog, however. That Jimmy post I did months ago did lose me a woman paid subscriber who will to this day assert that I’m cheerleading and defending pedophilia.

That’s how deep the social-religious conditioning and programming goes.

So did I answer the question? Has justice been served? And if so, justice for whom? And finally, for what?

I shall leave you to answer it for yourself. It was the subtitle, so you already saw it an maybe you answered it or had some idea or sense of how you would answer it.

Given the foregoing, would your answer now be any different; with more nuance, perhaps…a deeper understanding?

Well I hope so.

And last and final, don’t forget to click over to have me bestow upon you The Power of God if you’re still a lost soul. And that’s not all. I now offer private one-on-one and in addition to many practical things, how to think about [whatever] always features prominently. You owe it to yourself. You’re a human and deserve what’s coming to you.

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  1. Scott Israel on January 27, 2023 at 13:18

    My grandmother was pregnant at 15 by my grandfather when he was 31. They raised three children and were married till my grandfather died at 59. In the old days, that was somewhat common or at least not rare.

    Then came the boomers with their sex, drugs, and rock & roll. There was a surprising amount of sex between teenagers and adults during the 1960s and 1970s and even into the 1980s. A lot of it involved alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t exactly socially acceptable but it was widely tolerated or ignored. Most of that sex didn’t result in lifelong relationships and a lot of it may have been more trouble than it was worth.

    People’s attitudes hardened because the culture had changed and expectations around sex and personal responsibilities changed such that young people needed protection from dubious characters that don’t have their well-being in mind.

    Is that 13 year old girl better off with Jimmy in prison for 20 years? Given our time and place, is it more likely Jimmy would have provided that girl with happiness or misery? How probable is it that Jimmy was prioritizing that girl’s well-being and happiness ahead of his own?

    My grandfather worked like a dog at hard labor jobs to provide for his family and many have benefited from his labor and loyalty even decades after his passing.

    Technically, you are correct, but pragmatically, I suspect Jimmy is getting exactly what he deserves.

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