Nikoley’s Sunday Scribbles #8

— Anything, not everything, but lots in-between | Pratamnak Hill, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand | April 9, 2023

Refinements in artificial intelligence to make you control millions because you can; Elon Musk vs. Substack and 1 million whiny does (plus, three no-exceptions rules for life); A final parting with The Girl and Her Girls — nomadic travels on the horizon; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president, and I'm glad

Sands Cafe, Jomtien Beach, Chonburi, Thailand

Refinements in artificial intelligence to make you control millions because you can

I'm not spouting facetious bullshit.

I'm really banking on AI to make a huge difference in this blog's paying membership roster, and not because I'm now or will ever be an expert in AI. I don't care about AI. I care about jobs to be done.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”Theodore Levitt

It's because I'm an expert in business systems and the organization and management of the personnel who operate them.

You don't want to be an expert in AI either, and perhaps business systems and personnel management are just too daunting...kinda like...'I'd love to take a swing at them, but how can I possibly even get a chance at bat?'

I hear ya. I still look back in wonder that in 1992 I started a business in a spare bedroom with under 200 bucks (to my name, at the time) and somehow ended up some years later with four offices, 30 employees, a dozen or so independent sales reps, and a million bucks sunk into software development for a completely one-off, customized CRM (customer relationship management) that was the business system that everyone used to get 'er done. Could'a bought something off the shelf or customized a Saas, but I need my system that reflected how I think, and how I manage the business flow, using employees.

... I have designed many business systems in many work environments to do many things and have managed teams of employees to run them. I can show you exactly what you're going to need to do as the AI capabilities come online and become available.

What's going to come online in weeks, months, to just a few short years is precisely the tools to give that try at bat for silly which I mean, the equivalent of running a team of 100 "employees" doing every little thing you can think of for a price less than some people's monthly Starbucks bill.

... You ever stop to think how some actor is suddenly the head of a pretty big business empire completely separate from acting? What do they know, after all, about real-estate development, clothing lines, branding, perfume, restaurants...the list goes on?

A film studio or production company? Sure, that makes sense. They're in the industry and have seen it all from top to bottom. Toss in the starting capital, hire the right people, get the right investors, pick the right movie project(s)... Not easy-peasy, but doable, and many have.

The other stuff? It's the right people. In fact, oftentimes, the people will come to them. All they need is the name...the face of the brand. So, they make it look like Kanye West has been laboring over various clothing-line proposals for months...perhaps even doing some sewing his own damn self. Nope, they just do sniff testing about what's plausible for him to sell, run tons of design ideas by him, he picks what he likes best, rinse, wash, repeat, and before you know it, Ye's gear is in a storefront, and then his own stores, and we've all seen the end result of the same formula a million times.

How much time does it take? Almost nothing, compared to the time they have to put into their artistic trade, whatever it may be.

What I'm going to be going over, systematizing and integrating as the right tools come online is just this sort of thing. The big difference is this: rather than paying bitchy-ass employees crazy sums of money, you're going to have AI employees that never complain, and work 24/7/365 fuck weekends and holidays.

How do I train the AI to do all this stuff? No need. It will already know thousands of AIs that can do everything, and it can talk to them. You will literally be able to have a team of 100s working as much as you want on any business ideas you can dream up. As time progresses? You'll pay your AI force less, not more.

Now think of this: you'll do all that pacing the room in a verbal stream of consciousness, and it'll understand as though it's your drinkin' buddy. And it'll talk back. It will be conversational. Whatever you can think, you can say. Whatever you can think and say, it will be able to do and report back, probably within seconds to minutes.

So let's move on. More to come. Stay tuned.

... The harsh reality is that a membership blog requires paid subscribers to keep it alive. The more free content I give away, the fewer new paid subscribers I get. It's like the young woman... You know... How do her proposals of marriage dwindle?

But here's a sneak peek of today's post, split into three riveting sections: Elon Musk vs. Substack and 1 million whiny does; A final parting with The Girl and Her Girls — nomadic travels on the horizon; and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president, and I’m glad.

I explore the fascinating battle between Elon Musk and Substack, diving into the issues of free speech, censorship, and the power dynamics at play. A tale of epic proportions. Discover how the world's richest man takes on the publishing platform that's home to some of the most controversial voices on the planet; and you'll find out how my three no-exceptions rules for life come into play. As I say, "When everyone is saying the same thing, everyone is wrong."

Then comes the sad part, the end of a relationship with a woman and her two daughters from Sisaket, Thailand. Despite efforts driven by commitment and excitement, it became clear that the girls lack the curiosity and motivation to make things work for me, amongst many other things. I make the difficult decision.

Now that this chapter has closed, I'll resume my initial plans of traveling around Southeast Asia, which had been interrupted by the Covidiocy. Naturally, that will be tons of new member content spilling over into the blog. You'll like it. You think I know Thailand. How about over 50 trips to the Philippines under my belt?

I reflect on the Kennedy legacy and how RFK Jr.'s work during the Covidiocy has earned him respect, including mine. I believe he has a genuine shot at winning the presidency, but securing the Democrat nomination may be the hardest part. Trump should be worried.

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