Sunday Scribbles #12

— Overview; Dismantling Deception; When Inclusivity is Stu…pidity; School Girls Update; Haters in my Chatbot; Curated: Mind-Blowing AI Personal Assistant; Geeks: Code Interpreter GPT; Wow Meal Timing Experiment; Tension Myositis Returns and a New Treatment

Image Setting: A vivid, surreal self-portrait that captures the essence of human consciousness and self-awareness. The artist should incorporate symbols and imagery related to the Sapient Paradox, the Bicameral Mind, and language evolution, such as a split brain representing the bicameral mind or a thought bubble filled with written language, ancient symbols, and digital code.
AI Prompt: Image Setting: A vivid, surreal self-portrait that captures the essence of human consciousness and self-awareness. The artist should incorporate symbols and imagery related to the Sapient Paradox, the Bicameral Mind, and language evolution, such as a split brain representing the bicameral mind or a thought bubble filled with written language, ancient symbols, and digital code.

Having skipped a week of my scribbles, it’s incumbent upon me to get going on this one early. By early, I mean 10.00 Sunday morning here in Thailand, making it still Saturday evening to night over there. … Uh, in America…The Land of the Euphemism.

… This is after just spending about 5 hours finishing up the post I just published…more on that below.

But this is easier going than a longish-form of 3,500 words I just pumped out, which I’m nick-naming, LOOK AT THE FOREST! But more on that later.

I’m happy to report that my post on fear of AI got through and there are a lot more members using it. Also, if you’re reluctant because I have access to the logs—and naturally, this whole project is just a front to gather private info on people—then breathe a sigh of relief. The initial testing to make sure shit works is complete (it works better than I’d hoped) and there’s so much traffic I can’t begin to read through it all. Just random spot checks.

We’re talking thousands of words. Chatbot Zon is rather long-winded, at times. Give her really good, comprehensive, thorough prompts to specify what you’re looking for, and you are rewarded. Lazily type in a few words of ambiguous crap, you often get back shit.

And that’s excellent. It’s justice.

But, at least they’re using it, and they’ll learn how, like with any tool—or even a musical instrument—you need to learn how to master it, so you reap the rewards that hard work and mastery bring. Sure, it’ll get better at reading between the lines and eventually, there’ll be video interfaces, and it’ll be able to learn body language, tone of voice, and all manner of stuff like humans do.

But always remember, no matter how good you get at conversing with other humans, there’s always room for more effort in order to achieve higher levels of communion.

… It’s still rough going with most, though, and most simply will not even give it a peek. Moreover, for the first time since starting this membership site just over 2 years ago (April 2021) I have received enough membership cancelations to take some notice. And, whereas before, I’d get a polite email informing me, and they would cancel on their end, I’ve gotten now some “cancelations” that are just lapses because the card failed and attempts to make contact are ignored.

Puerile stuff like that. Sorry, honest truth. Canceling is fine, your money, your time. But one can be civil about it. I certainly am, impeccably and without failure ever. So, yea, it irks me, because I tend to hold others to the same standards to which I hold myself.

I’m no paragon of virtue, and yet, holding people to my same standards of civil behavior leaves me disappointed far more than it leaves me impressed or inspired.

Just sayin’. Cynical enough, for ya?

But it’s not to worry. I’ve always said that the blog is a revolving door. From time-to-time my interests and focus will shift and change and sometimes that shift or change is too much for some, so they find they need to go. Hopefully, though it has not been the case too much yet, those vacancies get backfilled with new members who are themselves more aligned with where I am currently, in my continually evolving evolution.

Unlike that vast majority of humans, I’m the least intransigent person on the face of this planet. Just sayin’ that, too.

Look At The Forest! (post title nickname…you’ll see why)

AI Ascendant: Dismantling Deception in the Information Age

— The End of Institutionalized Lies — Exploring the Potential of AI in Cultivating Authenticity and Deconstructing Deceit

A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the humanoid elite
A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the parasitical humanoid elite

Introduction: Unlock the Power of AI by Dismissing the Bullshit and Employing Human Intelligence

New era; or, paradigm, if you will. It (AI) is not just a buzzword or the cool new watch-mom-no-hands thing, What it really is, is a transformative tool currently shaping human lives and society in unexpected, scary, creepy, and clandestine ways. We’re perched on a threshold. A new epoch.

I like to think of it as a coming age…of techno-ostracism…where unbridled, fully integrated honesty (FIH) can no longer be muzzled by the purveyors of propaganda, manipulation, lies, force-and-coercion backed censorship, and intimidation…leading to the emergence of a new the haves vs. the have-nots.

…Oh, you thought the future held the promise of: from each according to his abilities and to each, according to his needs? You’ve been thinking [and dreaming] of Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

How quaint.

In a new stage, where human evolved knowledge and innate honesty finally gets the boost it needs from AI to transcend force, truth will finally outshine deception. Where honest humanity tames the power of AI—not as a threatening adversary but as an enlightening ally—propaganda, lies, manipulation, censorship, woke, the science, weirdos, fringe, gender confused, race entrepreneurs, and all manner of that anti-civilization crap is rendered the stuff of pip-squeaks and clowns.

This paradigm shift leads to a future where lies lose their power, and those most honest and integrated among us stand to gain the most. But, how can you, as an individual, navigate this brave new world? How can you capture, tame, and harness the power of AI to your benefit?

Here at Free The Animal, we’re committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve; offering the tools you need to thrive in this burgeoning AI-driven era. And so, in honor of our incredible AI-driven tool, Chatbot Zon, we’re excited to announce an exclusive offer.

Call to Action: Harness the Power of Chatbot Zon Today

Chatbot Zon, our GPT-4 powered, 2-way voice enhanced app, is your window into this future. It’s a tool designed to empower you, to give you control over the vast knowledge that AI offers, and help you make informed decisions, big and small.

In celebration of Chatbot Zon, we’re running a limited-time sale until the end of May. This is your opportunity to become an early adopter, a pioneer in this new era. You can now get 50% off the first two months or enjoy a 30% discount on an annual subscription.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Take the leap, embrace the future, and harness the power of AI with Chatbot Zon. The future is here, and it’s yours for the taking.

A New World fast approaches.
Where Knowledge is power.
And Artificial Intelligence —> Hypergrowth Knowledge.
What’s more useless than a human in a world of AI?
It’s the human who hasn’t mastered how to capture, tame, and harness it to his own ends.


As we journey through the 21st century, humanity faces one of its most significant turning points. At the crux of this paradigm shift, we find Artificial Intelligence (AI), a tool that once appeared in science fiction, but now is a tangible part of our daily lives. Many of us fear the unknown, conjuring images of rogue AIs overtaking humanity, dictating our future with cold, inhuman logic. Yet, perhaps this dystopian image is not the inevitable outcome. Could we consider an alternative perspective where AI becomes the catalyst for an enlightened era of truth and honesty, of Fully Integrated Honesty?

Contents Of The 2,800 Additional Words

  • AI: Destroyer or Enabler?
  • AI Takeover: Fact or Fiction?
  • Predictive Power: From Uncertainty to Truth Through Negative Prediction
  • The Demise of Lies: AI and the Future of Truth
  • The Great Divide: Information Haves and Have-Nots
  • A New Era of Information Freedom and Self-Organization
  • Harnessing AI: The Next Step for Humanity
  • Looking Ahead to an AI-Augmented Future
  • The Future of Competition: Honesty and Integration

Here’s the link to the whole thing.

When Inclusivity is Stu…pidity

I occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that “inclusive,” in the way it’s adjectivally and nounally used, is a euphemism.

A euphemism for what?

Well, before I answer that, there’s a phrase the “other side” uses a lot that’s just as bad, if not worse: zero tolerance. It’s used, of course, most vociferously by those on the right who really, really, really dislike something. Let’s make a list.

  • Mind-altering chemical substances that have not been legally sanctioned by the government, such as alcohol and tobacco. DRUGS…JUST SAY NO!!!
  • Abortion
  • Teenage sex out of wedlock
  • They’d add more if they could and there probably are a few more that didn’t pop to the top of my head

I’m no big fan of those things, by the way, and I find the spectacle of everyone walking around dull and stoned pretty sad (I personally don’t like the stuff anymore…though a nice portion of the right brownie can be a wholesome experience for me). It’s pretty much gone unbridled here in Thailand, though as is common, the common practice is never to the letter of the law and prosecution is often reserved mostly for people who are being assholes or flaunting.

It’s a cultural thing. Ride your motorcycle by a cop at twice the speed limit, no helmet, no shirt, outright run a red light if there’s no oncoming traffic (all illegal), and he’ll probably not bother with you. Do even 1 of those things going neener neener neener and making a face as you pass by, you’re going down.

On balance, I kinda prefer it that way to Law & Order in the Land of the Euphemism.

… Anyway, since they kinda sorta decriminalized dope and kinda sorta said it’s medicinal but ok, a lot of folks need their medicine…the shops have sprouted up like weeds; as in, here, Starbucks, hold my beer. Fucking unbelievable. And, what’s more, these are all very well capitalized. It’s like people were waiting in the wings globally for the green light.

I’m libertarianish in terms of limits on the state, so the breakpoint for me is that it’s just not classy. Putting it lightly. It’s kinda like, have you no shame? That’s how I see it.

So getting back to the first point by means of the second, zero tolerance always means zero thinking.

Hey, let’s not think! Let’s not gather all facts, apply context, nuance, circumstances and all the other things people do, and just issue a conviction.

It’s willful fucktardedness. It’s willful laziness in carefully thinking things through, employing experience, discernment, and judgment…you know, typical traits of civilized humanity.

So, now, what’s “inclusive” euphemism for (and we might as well toss in the cousin, “diversity”)?

“Anti-discrimination,” and now you can see how deep the con goes on this one, since “discrimination” is a virtue, turned upside-down to be a vice in common parlance. In fact, the word has been completely hijacked by levels of antagonists and mobs so that just saying “that’s discrimination” invokes the social justice police force. All of it. Even the previous term—the one I grew up with—prejudice, isn’t great.

Prejudice is a perfectly fine and useful legal term. So if you have a civil lawsuit or criminal complaint, and it’s dismissed by any of a number of means, the dismissal is characterized as with prejudice (excellent; it’s completely finished…pre-judged finished) or without prejudice (ok; but it can be reopened if things change, like more or new evidence).

It has nothing to do with the skin color of the litigants.

But “inclusive” is a pernicious, just-so concept in the way it’s used that says the automatic “virtue” in play—by mere invocation—is one of, again, explicitly failing or defaulting on thinking.

Or, to invoke MLK, it’s explicitly with no regard to the content of one’s character.

And the way it plays out, in practice, is the more weirdos, misfits, and fringe, the better.

It’s like having a party at your house and cashing in on cachet, you describe it as an inclusive get-together. What does that mean?

It’s okay for French, Dutch, Germans and Belgians to attend? How about Scandinavians?

Or, is it just bullshit, because you really don’t want to include street bums and hobos, do you?

… Everyone recently found out how “inclusive” Martha’s Vineyard is.

You know another reason the word inclusive is used?

It’s to avoid a much more meaningful description: “integration.” You see, integration comes with some implications that might get panties in bunches and twists. To integrate requires some modicum or level of integral things. Like essentials. Like not integrating square pegs in round holes. It implies a level of compatibility, which runs to values, culture, language, hygiene, social status, physical appearance, upbringing, etc. And where the mismatch is too great, the one desiring to integrate needs to make the commensurate changes to be integrable.

But that makes way too much common sense and leaves little room for manipulation and antagonism. And in a world of banal dishonesty of automatic lying by a population who has lost the voice of its own conscience, you can’t have that.

New and Cool Things (Member’s Section)

For the members, some info and some actionable stuff. An additional 1,915 words.

  1. On the info side, personal news update (the schoolgirls, Chili and Wasabi, with photos!) and some inside story of the assholes who were using my public version of Chatbot Zon, locked down to only addressing stuff about the blog/me. Salacious, puerile stuff.
  2. Serious AI App. Imagine never having to remember or organize a single thing on your own computer ever again. Anything. Ever.
  3. Mind-blowing video I just now got and just began watching. Just a demo of bleeding edge and where these tools are going. Some of the 18 examples and so no-way I can’t believe it.
  4. Got myself wrapped up a bit with weight gain of a few kilos during the AI deep dive and development. Decided to experiment with a new thing…not that the old things don’t work. Just new, tolerable.
  5. And, since a heavy workout and weightless dead hangs shortly before leaving Phuket, I’ve had left shoulder pain that morphed into the same thing as I’ve had before. Then it moved to my back. It’s a pain gremlin. How have I addressed it that’s working? So obvious, it’s ridiculous.

Membership is acquired here.

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