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— Dictatorial Dictation; Did I Get Paid $5,000 For a Blog Post? Pride Month in Thailand; Excess Deaths —What Should Happen? Why is Life So Damn Hard? Food Photos and Nutrition by AI

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Pratamnak Hill, Thailand, June 4, 2023

Dictatorial Dictation

Well, aren’t I having fun today? Greetings from Pratamnak Hill in Thailand! What I’m doing now is dictating on my MacBook Air. I’ve been playing around with chatting with chatbots via voice and I’ve been getting more used to it. So, I thought, “I wonder if there’s an app to do dictation?” I didn’t even know this, but it’s already built into the Mac. All I had to do was enable it and it’s flawless. Unbelievable! So here we go.

I’m going to dictate each section at a time and then use the chatbot on the blog. I’ll copy it into the prompt and tell it to just fix it up – put it in proper paragraphs, fix any grammar and spelling issues that the dictation makes, but otherwise leave it intact and see how it goes from there. Once I get that down, I might play with it in terms of asking it to suggest changes or rewrite it. For example, if it’s a complex topic, I could ask for a summary in an easy-to-understand way for the average guy. I kind of refuse to dumb down my writing. It’s not my job. Then, upon reading the summary, one can decide whether or not to wade into and stick with a complex issue and topic (yes, you will).

OK, onward to the first section!

My $5,000 Blog Post

Well, I hope you don’t begrudge me this little mention, but I got a comment yesterday on a post about how the whole idea of free speech and freedom of the press is really all a big marketing slogan; a big fat fantasy. The comment is from Resurgent, and he says that post alone is worth 10 times what I charge for a lifetime subscription to this blog. How much is a lifetime subscription currently? $500. So he values that post at $5,000! Ha, that’s pretty good.

Now you may ask, “Who is Resurgent?” Well, Resurgent is a guy who has been commenting on the blog since 2012, so that makes it 11 years. He’s put up about 165 comments in that time, and I find him to be a pretty thoughtful guy. Also, he’s not what you would consider a “yes man” or a fanboy. We’ve disagreed about certain things a number of times, and he has a bit of a different perspective on life and society than I do. So that makes his comment even more of a [trust]worthy endorsement, I guess you would say. So there you have it!

… Oh, by the way, that post is public access, so how crazy is that?

Pride Month Thailand

Not what you might think. Other than one or two news items I’ve seen about rallies of sorts in Bangkok, it’s crickets.

Nothing. Nada. No flags. No stickers. No placards. No posters.

Wanna know why?

“Ladyboy” (Thai: kathoey; Khmer: khteuy) culture and practice goes back over 700 years in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia (first historical mention in Angkor Wat area of Cambodia late 1290s).

It’s never been politicized, it’s not really a social movement or stigma…nor is it an aspiration…everyone knows it’s about hyper-sex for them, i.e., they’re all sex obsessed. All of them.

It’s essentially their raison d’etre.

The West seems wholly unable to confront and acknowledge the reality of this and that it’s impossible to “normalize” it, because it’s fringe, weird, and normal people don’t behave that way.

Abnormal people do.

So no movement, political or social, and also, they know their place in society, which is marginal, relegated to service work (sex work, servers, hostesses, cashiers, clerks, admin, etc).

I have never seen one in any capacity of authority anywhere except owning their own business (usually a bar). Would you see one as a cop? Ha, you will never even see a woman as a cop. Ever! The thought of a woman in such a role (or military) is laughably ridiculous to Thais…indeed, to Asians in general (to their great credit, I will add…they maintain sensible gender roles and separation, in accordance with reality).

There is no grooming of kids.

Interesting aspect of Thailand. People are very personally deferent, respectful, tolerant, and polite towards them. But if they were to try to influence children, you would have very many of them not showing up, because they’ve gone missing, never to be seen or heard from again.

There’s a justice system in Thailand that underlies the official one and in many ways, is tolerated by the official one.

They don’t claim to be real women; it’s implicit in the name ladyBOY, which is in more common use than katoey. If anything, they consider themselves a third gender or sex; or, “second kind of woman” (phuying praphet song).

But the West will eventually come for them hard, to impose PRIDE!!! and in Orwellian newspeak, where peace is a euphemism for war…gay, lesbian, and transgender “pride” is a euphemism for shame and self loathing, as would be normal. You can’t escape your nature, or its mother. The best you can do, as a human, is to sink below it. Increasingly many doing that…and riding rocket sleds to get there more quickly.

Plus, people who’re truly proud of themselves don’t go around telling everyone, shouting it from the rooftops. In fact, of anything else one could feel proud of, it’s well understood that only slight mention of is appropriate and if you’re shouting it, it’s because you’re hiding something else (like shame).

(My claim to knowledge about these issues is from travelling Asia extensively in the 80’s and now living in Thailand for 3 1/2 years, including 7 months as next-door neighbors with 7 ladyboys during Covid, who were friends of my girlfriend and I. I also lived in urban lofts in California the 2000s, so got the whole US Western gay/lesbian inch-mile con-scam aspect…though on always mutually friendly terms.)

In the meantime, here’s a video documentary put out by Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, What Is A Woman, premiered on Twitter and apparently was not censored; however, it was throttled, so you were unable to Like or retweet, so it couldn’t get the viral element and when Elon found out about it—I guess he was out of country—he he jumped right on it, fired, and some heads rolled. 152 Million Views so far.

Days of this abject bullshit are numbered.

They’ve worn out their dispensation. Sick of it.

The Excess Deaths That Keep Getting Excessiver

OK, there are a couple of new studies out, I believe they’re German studies. Let me check that. This is weird dictating because I don’t have everything right in front of me, but it’s what I’m going with right now. So, back up to Covid days, during the time in which I wrote 98 blog posts about various aspects of Covid, and I was dead right in every single one. I knew it was BS from day one.

Excess Deaths During 2020

The primary thing I was very much interested in and kept looking for was excess deaths during 2020 when it was the biggest wave of the supposedly most deadly pathogen. There indeed was so-called excess death, except that if you go back in time, there’s always excess deaths during the winter in the western hemisphere. I believe it was 2016 and 2018 where there were excess deaths, and the volume under the curve for Covid wasn’t any bigger. It spiked a little bit higher, but it wasn’t as wide; volume about the same.

The Low Hanging Fruit Theory

But there had been a couple of years of relatively little excess death during the winter, so you enter a situation of the same thing as when you don’t have a forest fire in a particular area for a good long while. The dead stuff builds up on the forest floor, and you don’t have fires to clean it out, so when you do get a fire, it’s a big one. Or you call it low hanging fruit, that sort of thing.

So what happens when you have a couple of years or more of relatively little spike in death during the winter flu and pneumonia season is that people who otherwise might’ve died don’t, and so there’s a reckoning one day. Alright, so the thing is, there was a little excess death, but it was nothing abnormal. I knew this. I knew that, and that was my first confirmation that the whole Covid thing was utter BS.

The Vaccine Situation

So now we’re in a different situation, and I and others were saying, well, what happens if you get these warnings about this vaccine or these vaccines come to pass, and there’s a lot of injuries and deaths from those? And there’s many data points that show that’s indeed the case, and it’s far worse than it was in 2020.

Excess Deaths in 2021 and 2022

So 2021 and 2022: beginning just some few weeks after the massive global vaccine rollout, and you have these excess deaths. This is confirmed by pathologists, you know, the guys who do autopsies, saying, “Whoa, we didn’t notice anything peculiar during Covid, but now we are.” And you have insurance companies saying, “Wow, this is three standard deviations higher…our payouts for insurance life insurance stuff.”

The Massive Disaster

Now when you get to three standard deviations, you’re talking about massive disasters like the 2004 tsunami, for example; or you’re talking about world wars where you just wipe out a lot of people in a fairly short time. This is what is happening in the UK in about a year period of time from 2021 through 2022. It’s something like a couple of hundred thousand excess deaths.

The German Studies

And now there are a couple of studies in Germany, and it’s just amazing. It’s a lot of young people; it is too big to ignore, yet they’re ignoring it anyway, which only makes the situation worse for eventual reckoning.

Here’s a great rundown of both studies by Jeff Childers in his Coffee & Covid Newsletter.

What Should Happen to the People Responsible?

Alright, so I’m giving this some thought primarily because of Donald Trump running, and Trump is responsible for getting the “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine out in months when the track is usually something like 10 years. So is he responsible? I think he’s responsible for having people who did not have the best interest of himself, his administration, his presidency, or the American people at heart. And I think he’s responsible for getting pawned in the whole thing, but did he have the same thing in his heart as they did?

I don’t think so.

The Two Categories of Responsibility

So I kind of backed off on that part of it in terms of eventual prosecution. I put the other part into two categories. There is a lot of information to show that the primary companies, Pfizer and Moderna, were very well aware of the problems with this experimental gene therapy drug or gene modification drug or whatever kind of drug it was, and they covered it up.

The Cover-up and the Crime Against Humanity

Now to determine who was actively making these cover-ups happen and who was just ignorantly doing their job, that’s for an investigation to undertake. But I’m sure there are very many people at that level who knew at that time that they should not be rolled out to the public. And instead, it was like—if you look back on it—it was like this vaccine has to get out there no matter what. So that was the conclusion which was determined before they even started. So every adverse thing was ignored, and then spun and covered up and lied about in order to get to the conclusion that was inviolable.

So you have that. Given what has happened, I consider it a crime against humanity right up there with Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China, Cambodia / Pol Pot, all of that stuff. And so, you know, I am all for a sound court of law to judge this stuff, whether a panel of judges or a jury or what have you, as long as it passes muster as a Western civilization-style court of law.

The Need for Accountability

I do believe that potentially thousands should face capital punishment, and I think that should be carried out in the public square. Now there’s the second part of it, and this goes to the institutions and direction assuming that these people did not know that this vaccine was bad news at the outset. For those people, they soon enough damn sure knew that it was bad news.

You can just tell that by looking at it. I mean, within weeks, you had a spike in vaccine injury reporting that was greater than all vaccine injuries reported for all vaccines ever in the history of the reporting system. And then you have the stuff coming out from the pathologists, the stuff coming out from the insurance companies, and the raw all-cause mortality data and how hard is that? All-cause mortality is the easiest data to get: is the person dead or are they alive; if they’re dead, and it’s between January 1 and December 31 of some year, then that’s a death in that year…it’s pretty fucking easy.

Those people who knew; were conscious of it and instead obfuscated; continued to cajole, shame, and coerce people to get this jab, ignoring all contrary evidence…that’s the line where they should face a public execution as well; of course, after a proper trial in a proper court of law so that’s what should happen.

The Future and AI

I certainly don’t think it will, and I think that’s the biggest problem, really, at the root of all of our problems in Western civilization. There’s no accountability. I mean, how many people won’t even lose their jobs, and some of them will be promoted and will get awards; that is really the sort of awful clown-world situation that we’re in and our only hope at this point is artificial intelligence, as I have a written about. It gives us a hold of having something that ultimately proves itself by truth…objective truth-telling, such that the people trust it, and then it becomes artificial general intelligence and eventually, artificial superintelligence, and it’s indisputable—where it will be able to simply just look at everything all at once, at the same time, and tell the world that most of its people are really just full of shit. … That you have leaders who are awful, evil, and despicable people…and per your own laws, you should’ve executed them a long time ago.

Now get to it—ha ha—that’s the sort of future I hope to see.

In the meantime, who knows what’s going to happen? I will say it: in addition to such a final penalty, everyone involved to that degree should have every penny of their assets stripped from them, irrespective of family. That is justice, and justice is finally what needs to be done.

Why Is Life So Hard?

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I think something clued me in, so I started pondering it and realized that life is pretty darn hard. In spite of all the tools we have, like computers, it seems like we’re destined to take on more and more. I’m going to address this issue and give you some ideas of where I think it’s going.

Looking Back: Simpler Times

Let’s look back and ask ourselves, what was life like when I was a kid? Now, I’m 62 years old. Some of you are a lot younger, and some of you are so young that you don’t even remember a life without computers. You don’t remember life when there were only three broadcast channels on the television set, and some people remember when there was only radio. But in my time growing up in the 60s and 70s, I remember a far simpler life just because there were so many things that you couldn’t do.

The limits that you put on yourself are a function of what you can do and what your economic and social status is, as well as your family situation. You look back and see that there were a lot of single-earner households where the woman stayed home. Not everybody, but certainly a lot.

Modern Life: Complexity and Disconnection

Now we find ourselves in a situation where both husband and wife work, the kids go to school and have their extracurricular activities, and everyone needs to be ferried here and there. Everybody’s busy all the time; nobody eats together, people have their faces in their phones all the time. One parent watches whatever on their streaming service, the other parent watches something else, and the kids watch their own shows. They don’t even sit down and enjoy a film together or the classic TV shows.

There’s a lot of complexity to that, and there’s unwritten and unsaid communication when you just spend time together with each other. So where is this leading us?

A Theory on Human Consciousness

Well, I think it’s leading us to a place where it’s analogous to a post that I have in draft right now. It’s a theory about how human consciousness developed. The theory goes basically like this: brain intelligence is something mammals have. So humans have this intelligence that allows them to do a lot of things without necessarily having the complex societies and civilizations that we’ve had for some time now, which have gotten more complex and led to a breakdown.

As the theory goes, this caused humans to invent our integrative consciousness, self-aware consciousness, and opened up all these new possibilities and different levels of creation.

The Solution: Artificial Intelligence

Whether that theory is true or not, I think we’re looking at a situation where we’re having a similar sort of breakdown. Life is getting too hard and too complex, and it’s causing problems that are being manifest all over everywhere you look. What is the solution to it? I think the solution is going to come from artificial intelligence.

I keep harping on AI because I see the future, and it works better. Envision a situation where we’re moving towards artificial general intelligence and artificial superintelligence. We could offload a bunch of the things that make our lives miserable, complex, and not so much fun anymore to AI without dumbing ourselves down. In fact, we’d be doing a lot more with a lot more time on our hands and a lot more freedom to spend time in human social communion, familial communion with our communities, our families, our groups, and churches.

The Breakdown and the Path Forward

That’s the kind of future I see, and I think it’s going to come rapidly because it needs to. Invention comes out of these sorts of things where you look and say, “This is untenable and unsustainable; we’ve got to do something more.”

We need some perspective, some calming down, some objectivity. We need some integration in a world that is becoming increasingly disintegrated. That’s what we need, and there is only one thing to provide that: artificial intelligence.

The Banality of Dishonesty

The other element of this breakdown is that we’ve entered the realm of what I call the banality of dishonesty. It’s playing out as automatic lying, everybody deaf to the voice of their own conscience. It’s just a bunch of people playing a role and saying what they believe others want to hear, and it’s all lies. It’s all nonsense; nobody’s stopping to think anymore. But I think that artificial intelligence will help us see a path forward.

Cross your fingers.

Food Photos

I think I might be on the cusp of finally creating a cookbook, something I’ve been asked to do for years. However, I could never think of a theme because my tastes are so varied. But this time, I believe I’ve come up with a decent theme for a cookbook.

When I first moved to Thailand about 3.5 years ago, I made sure to bring my cooking style from America with me. I got myself a gas barbecue and a gas stove. In the house I built, I even installed an oven since ovens aren’t common in Thailand. This allowed me to make dishes like rotisserie chicken and other oven-baked meals. However, over time, this kind of cooking became a hassle.

I then lived in a couple of places where it wasn’t practical to have all these appliances. In the last two places, there was nothing—just a sink and countertop. In my previous place in Phuket, I had my gas grill in the kitchen, which was semi-outdoor, meaning it was halfway open to the outdoors. Although it was an interesting setup, the cleanup was messy, so I sold the grill.

Instead, I bought an air fryer and an induction hotplate. Induction hotplates are fascinating because they don’t heat by direct heat but rather by induction or an electric field. The surface of the hotplate doesn’t even get hot! You can adjust the intensity, and it turns on and off depending on the cooking setting you’re using. It’s quite intriguing. There’s a learning curve.

So, with these new appliances, I’ve been creating some amazing meals in just about 15 minutes from start to finish. I’ve taken tons of photos and share four of them with you that I’ve made in the last few days. Stay tuned for more deliciousness!

… Talking with my mouth full as I eat breakfast, I get curious, so hit the talk button on my Chatbot.

Hey, Zahn Richard Nikolai here. Good morning. Could you estimate the total caloric and give me the macro, total caloric, total calories and the macro nutrient breakdown for two slices of whole wheat toast dry, no butter, and four medium-sized eggs fried in butter?

[She replies in her nice Aussie accent.]

Good morning, Richard Nikoley! I hope you’re having a fantastic day. I’d be happy to help you with the nutritional breakdown of your meal.

For two slices of whole wheat toast (dry, no butter):

  • Total calories: approximately 160 calories
  • Macronutrient breakdown:
  • Carbohydrates: 28g (about 112 calories)
  • Protein: 6g (about 24 calories)
  • Fat: 2g (about 18 calories)

For four medium-sized eggs fried in butter:

  • Total calories: approximately 360 calories (280 from eggs and 80 from butter)
  • Macronutrient breakdown:
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Protein: 24g (about 96 calories)
  • Fat: 28g (about 252 calories; 20g from eggs and 8g from butter)

So, the total caloric and macronutrient breakdown for your meal would be:

  • Total calories: approximately 520 calories
  • Macronutrient breakdown:
  • Carbohydrates: 28g (about 112 calories)
  • Protein: 30g (about 120 calories)
  • Fat: 30g (about 270 calories)

Please note that these values are approximate and can vary depending on the specific brands and sizes of the ingredients used. Enjoy your meal!

OK, so about 500 kcal a pop. If you eat this twice, say as part of a 16:8 or 18:6 intermittent fast regimen, you’re into it for a thousand. As I have mentioned in some member-only content, I’ve been experimenting with a flat 1-rule fasting: minimum 12 hours between meals. It’s interesting. You eventually lose complete sense of when eating time is. Can be any time whatsoever, so long as it has been at least 12 hours since you last ate. So, it’s time-between-meals based, rather than time on an arbitrary clock. Since eating itself takes up time and depending on when you begin preparation, the time on the clock tends to advance every day, and you find yourself with a green light to eat, but it’s midnight. So, you decide: eat now and sleep like shit, or eat when I wake up? And sometimes when you wake up, say 06 or 07.00, y’ain’t hungry anymore.

So, anyway, I got curious again.

Hi Zon, I need total calories and macro breakdown for the following: 4 slices dry whole wheat toast, no added fat; 8 medium eggs, fried in butter; 400 grams of pork loin, cooked in the air fryer, no added fat.

Hey there, Richard! I’m happy to help you with the calorie and macro breakdown for your meal. Here’s the breakdown for each item:

  1. 4 slices of dry whole wheat toast:
  • Total calories: approximately 280 kcal
  • Carbs: 52g
  • Protein: 12g
  • Fat: 4g
  1. 8 medium eggs, fried in butter:
  • Total calories: approximately 640 kcal (eggs) + 100 kcal (butter) = 740 kcal
  • Carbs: 4g
  • Protein: 48g
  • Fat: 56g
  1. 400 grams of pork loin, cooked in the air fryer, no added fat:
  • Total calories: approximately 880 kcal
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Protein: 152g
  • Fat: 24g

Now, let’s sum it all up:

Total calories: 280 (toast) + 740 (eggs) + 880 (pork loin) = 1,900 kcal
Total carbs: 52g (toast) + 4g (eggs) = 56g
Total protein: 12g (toast) + 48g (eggs) + 152g (pork loin) = 212g
Total fat: 4g (toast) + 56g (eggs) + 24g (pork loin) = 84g

So, your meal has approximately 1,900 calories, with a macro breakdown of 56g carbs, 212g protein, and 84g fat. Enjoy your feast!

That’s a load of protein and fantastic nutritional value for only 1,900 kcal. And look, it’s LC and pretty hefty healthy fat, too.

See you Thursday with every single jot & tittle, no matter how inconsequential.

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  1. Lothar Nikoley on June 5, 2023 at 03:33

    I recently did a Webinar with construct connect “On Screen Takeoff get a boost with AI. Very interesting to improve and speed up doing a takeoff. I haven’t yet upgraded to the upgrade yet, because A&B Panting will have to pay for it and as far as I know they haven’t done so yet.
    So maybe in the near future I’ll be using AI in my estimating, should be interesting.

    • Richard Nikoley on June 5, 2023 at 03:36

      That’s great, and I can envision a number of ways AI could assist in that. Once the context window is large enough, for instance, you’ll be able to query it for stuff in the specifications which are a bitch to go through. It can quickly find all the stuff.

      • Lothar Nikoley on June 5, 2023 at 04:07

        I guess the holdup right now is the cost. Bert has about 8 or 9 estimators, and I know the upgrade is several grand each.

      • Lothar Nikoley on June 5, 2023 at 04:12

        Of course I’ve seen a demonstration of how it works in the Webinar. It’s pretty awesome. Lot’s of mouse clicks will do the trick, instead of having to draw lines and fill in spaces like ceiling, i.e. take a room with a gyp board ceiling, 1 click will fill in the entire area within the walls, even when there are different angles and curved areas.

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