The Perpetual Laziness and Stupidness Problem

— Our Exploitable Self-Sabotaging Nature

“Exploring the human tendency towards laziness and self-deception, this piece delves into how these traits can be exploited by clever marketing techniques, urging individuals to break free from these patterns and make conscious efforts towards personal growth.”

It makes sense, which perhaps softens the blow in coming to grips that if an Original Sin pertains to humanity, it’s that…laziness and stupidity. Mostly, though, it’s laziness; which, honestly, only has meaning in a human context.

Are animals “lazy” when they sleep all the time when not actively seeking food? Of course not. They have nothing to do, and “better” isn’t even an issue. Only humans have better things to do, because we can have them, because we’re conscious, because we’re competitive, because we want to use our minds to enhance our status amongst others.

So we want all this, but that laziness bug in all of us seeks to have everything through easy and pat solutions. It’s why we’re so susceptible to seeking out, erecting, listening to, and following external authorities. They know the easy way, they’ve told us, so for only 99.99 in 3 easy payments, we can know, do a few things, and voilà!

And in spite of how seldom lightening luck strikes, the next time will be different…we believe. The ability to believe and to hold contradictions between what we believe and actually experience though our own senses or, perhaps more importantly, never experience, is another double-edged sword/bug in our programming. The ability to envision a future and believe that we can achieve it is essential to human progresses, advancement, prosperity and better love.

That’s the sharp edge of it that too few put in practice. The dull edge is what the vast majority of people do. They believe unattainable, unrealistic bullshit, or only dream about the doable stuff that’s gonna take years of dedication and busting-ass hard work to attain…hoping that one day the lottery comes, and it’s dropped in their laps.

… Having popularized my own work online by means of The Paleo Diet and its adjuncts way back gave me a unique insight into this: the diet mentality. It tends to seek lazy, easy, formulaic answers to a human problem where our evolutionary programming is set loose in a new world and where less and less effort, work, planing, and execution is required to eat…all the while the available “food” gets crappier and shittier.

It’s a perfect storm and the ironic thing is, the so-called Paleo realm of dieting is actually the easiest of all of them…if you can muster consistency.

Yet few can…and why?

Laziness and stupidity.

… Your carbs aren’t low enough and your ketones aren’t high enough. The artificial sweetener makes you fat. Trace compounds in some foods make you fat. Miniscule amounts of “Toxins” make you fat.

… Fat doesn’t can never and will not ever make you fat shut up and don’t even say it. … Except if it’s a 1/4 teaspoon of mega-6 fat, then watch out, Goodyear!

See what I mean by stupidity?

… Another way of looking at the problem of stupidity is the more precise term, dishonesty. To be willfully dishonest is to introduce stupidity. Why? Because dishonesty is fundamentally the evasion of reality. One either knows or senses what the reality is or wherein it lies, but it’s uncomfortable, and because laziness abhors discomfort more than anything, we take refuge in dishonesty…lying.

We’re all liars in some measure, but the worst form of lying is the one that we all do the most: the lies we tell ourselves and affirm to ourselves…often through meditation, scripture, verse, music, and poetic device that serves the purpose of “if you say it enough times, then it’s ‘true.'”

… This results in a nefarious evil that plagues the world and gets worse as a select few figure it out.

Let’s see if you can follow along.

  1. Some people figure out the difference between reality acceptance and reality evasion early on. The former is honesty and the latter, dishonesty.
  2. While everyone knows this on a basic level, these advanced people observe further that while everyone is dishonest (evades reality in some measure) and lies, the biggest lies and most frequent are the lies people tell themselves.
  3. Upon further observation, they see that people clamor for lies to tell themselves. They provide comfort and assuage feelings of laziness. Even more, people will pay huge money and devote countless time and effort to comforting lies.
  4. This can be cleverly exploited.

What this amounts to and comes right down to is that we have evolved a class of people in society who literally have it all figured out, and the formula is very simple. It merely takes effort and dedication to develop and implement, but once done, a dishonest and unearned livelihood is assured.

It works like this:

  1. You never ever lie to yourself. Ever, under any circumstances. You always do your utmost to observe reality and calculate what it is and may and could be to the very best of your ability, introducing zero hopes and aspirations. Square. Cold. Hard.
  2. You then construct clever stories, narratives, and all manner of whatnot to always lie to everyone else at the most basic level: lies that plug right into their propensity to be lazy, stupid, and lie to themselves all the time.

You might recognize the foregoing as something along the lines of marketing, and you would have a point. The difference is this: in valid, business-like marketing, you are 1) offering objective values, and 2) using a bit of “white lying” in order to persuade people to become customers whom you can further serve. There is an element of ends justifying the means.

What I’m referring to is the psychopathic opposite. These parasites are not purveyors of objective values that are good for others and society, but destructive disvalues that serve the purpose of maintaining and advancing unearned status, power, and livelihoods.

Another way to look at the difference is that in business and marketing, the honest endeavor is to solve problems that really do exist; whereas, in the latter, the aim is to create problems where none otherwise exist. Psychopathy abhors a steady state. It’s a perpetual broken-window fallacy, where problems must forever be created that usher forth perceived needs for “solutions.”

Observe how many institutions run by such psychopaths are always against something. They often have “anti-” in their names. Such institutions aren’t anti at all. They’re pro. That’s how you stay and prosper in the “anti-business” business.

… My 114 No-Pill Advantages course—now at #41 published last night—covers all the foregoing to core and depth.

And everyone hates it. I have never undertaken something so profoundly unpopular. Even amongst the paying membership. I’d estimate that 8 of 10 are either indifferent, or hate it.

I understand why that is.

And because I understand exactly why that is, I am profoundly undeterred. In fact, it informs me as to exactly where I have to take this membership thing.

Those who are fans of my new approach, “you choose and do the hard thing because it’s hard” are the ones who get it.

I’ll close with a prediction that’s a sure bet: most people will remain lazy and stupid their whole lives.

I’m only here for the few who find that life unacceptable number one; and more importantly, are seriously willing to do something about it number two.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. Andrea Ge on September 13, 2023 at 04:17

    With Karl Marx, it was religion that was the opium of the people.
    Nowadays, it’s influencers etc. on social media and the narratives you mentioned. They sell opium dreams, so people can dream away their lives, while doing nothing but spending their money and time.

    No PIll “And everyone hates it. ” – yeah, lol. Love it! Both the articles and that statement ;-)

    • Richard Nikoley on September 13, 2023 at 05:15

      “so people can dream away their lives”

      I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, trying to get my Thai GF to stop saying “my dream is…X). She has a million dreams.

      I ask, “what is your realistic VISION?”

      See the difference?

      I tell her, “a dream is that you win 10 million baht in the lottery (~3 mil dollars). A vision is seeing yourself with a stable business that you are running and building and is making 10 million baht gross revenue per year.”

      Dreams are passive. Visions spur action.

  2. Andrea Ge on September 13, 2023 at 18:56

    Good point !
    Visions need not even be realistic at first, but something that solves a problem or creates value otherwise and is desirable.

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