#5: It Is Too Big

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Here’s What I Think #6

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The Elephant In the Room is the new Elephant in the Room.

I could say that The Elephant in the Room has become a parody of itself, but that’s not so true because this isn’t something to mock.

What I mean by saying that the elephant in the room is the new elephant in the room is that so much astounding and unbelievable and awful shit has transpired over the last few years that humanity—at a global scale—has become paralyzed to adequately address any of it.

When you see something awful and also see that it’s not really being addressed where you think it should, to the extent you think it should, that’s what I’m talking about.

At the same time, much of humanity lives in a perpetual attempt to evade reality. That begins by getting up every morning and commencing with the lies we tell ourselves. We all have plenty of baby elephants in our various mental rooms, and lies stave off the needed confrontations that would make us all better if we just threw open the curtains and took them on.

But reality can never be truly evaded in the grand scheme of things. It can only be ignored. The consequences of ignoring it—of trying to evade it—are non-negotiable. The longer the reconning takes, the harsher it will be.

I’ll give you a quick example that’s another way of looking at the Israel-Hamas thing (I have no dog in the fight). What if what’s happening (what’s been happening for decades, and surely as long as I’ve been alive) is the reconning that comes with the evasion of reality in 1917 (Balfour Declaration) and 1948 (Establishment of the State of Israel)? Without going into the weeds over it, it’s safe to say that the combination of these things pissed off a whole lot of people and that wound is generational, still festering, still spreading.

Could there have been a better—a less evasive—way?

(In case you didn’t know, there are places on earth where Orthodox Christians, Orthodox Jews, and “Orthodox” Muslims (Sunni) get along and live in peace reasonably well. Wanna venture a guess? It’s over in that evil place: Russia.)

Here’s an analogy on top of that example. Observe the low-level conflict that exists in America (Australia, too), with indigenous populations…our Indians, their Aboriginals…where the conflict is kept at bay and from exploding into continual violence, no solutions ever, with growing generational hatred passed down such that the unthinkable atrocities we witnessed by Hamas against innocent Jews the other day becomes doable and celebrated?

Not perfect. Just better. Less evading of reality, such that the reconciliations and reckonings that must eventually come, are manageable and less destructive?

… I was on a forthcoming video interview last evening, and I was asked about the conflict. After basically going over the foregoing, I added that, at this point, it’s pure hatred that is reduced to an oath to kill you by any means possible.

When it comes to that, there is only one option.

You must kill them all first. You better kill the kids, too.

Be horrified if you must, but those are the stakes, now, and evading that reality will still have non-negotiable consequences, eventually.

(Importantly: it has come to this point because of all the self-lying and evading of reality up to now.)

Which brings us back to the elephant in the room.

Here’s a list of the biggest elephants in rooms since 2020.

  • Covid masking, lockdowns, business closures, “work” from home, distancing, etc., combined to produce as-yet unaccounted-for damage in destroyed finances, health, suicide, addiction, abuse in relationships, stunted childhood development, undiagnosed illness (and now it’s too late), and so much more. Generally speaking, it kicked the shit out of humanity and its whole spiritual raison d’etre on a global scale. Inconceivable evil. Elephant in the room.
  • A highly experimental, untested gene-therapy drug euphemistically touted a vaccine was coercively and fraudulently injected into billions of people multiple times, along with an endless, deafening drone to jab more and more and more. This abject poison has already murdered millions globally and permanently injured far more than that. And it’s just beginning. It’s going to get far worse, and there are billions of mRNA-drug recipients globally that are scared shitless because when death does come, it’s “sudden and unexpected,” like one second you’re alive, zero sign of trouble, and the next, you have ceased to exist. You didn’t even get a fighting chance. This will go down as the greatest, vilest evil ever perpetuated on humanity in the entire history of civilization. The only cure will prove to be massive, Nuremberg-style criminal prosecutions of the hundreds of thousands of people involved, and their public executions (along with a complete stripping of all familial assets, leaving surviving offspring penniless). Mark my words. The biggest elephant in the smallest room in all of human history.
  • The fraudulent election of 2020. I know it was a fraud. You know it was a fraud. You know I know it was a fraud. I know that you know that I know it was a fraud. This elephant in the room is so shy and docile, that even Republicans don’t really want to disturb it. It’s so cute.
  • The perversion of slandering, prosecuting, fining, and imprisoning normal American citizens with solid, valid, reasonable, just, and true grievances over that same 2020 fraud erroneously called an election. Another elephant even Republicans find just adorable, and despite massive video footage exposed by Tucker Carlson demonstrating just that…the majority of Republican office-holders at the federal level are vile and irredeemable butt-fuckers. McConnell et al. should be publicly beaten to a bloody pulp and pissed on.

There are more, these are the main ones, save one, and this is the one that shows signs of blowing the whole thing wide open with the potential to declare open season on elephants in rooms.

I’m talking about making Four. Billion. Dollars. to mutilate the genitals and mammary glands of minor children and pump them full of natural-development-crushing hormones (See Tucker Carlson interview of Chis Moritz, Ep. 28). This evil is so grand that I state openly, publicly, without equivocation or reservation:

All medical professionals, mental-health professionals, and all parents involved should rightly face public genital mutilation, followed by execution. No exceptions, no excuses.

And it is that level of righteous rage that I feel where I believe billions of other sane people on earth feel it too, understand what’s at stake, know this shit has gone too far and persisted far too long, and it’s time to clean the house the fuck up, once and for all.

Fingers crossed.

Be righteous out there. Work your asses off. Clean your rooms and shew away all those little cute elephants in them.

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