63rd Birthday Sale: Prime Strength, Business, and Sex Life

— Let’s Exchange Gifts … Whatever Your Personal High Goals and Aspirations For 2024 and Beyond, I Promise To Help You Realize Them

My life is not your life.

Sure, if you want to sell everything, pack up what’s left in a 60L, move to Thailand, and date girls less than half your age, I can help you there, too. But that’s not what I’m talking about, here. Really.

Everyone has their own goals and aspirations—you have your commitments and obligations, some may involve your own children or a wife. However, you can ask yourself: who and what are you living for? What are you working towards? What and who do you owe?

Debts can be financial, emotional, or even stem from guilt, weakness, or a sense of uncertainty and unhappiness. You may think life sucks and wonder if there’s something more, questioning if this is all there is. These are the debts you want to focus on settling, as the worst of them come with pretty high interest and late fees. Defaults can ruin you unless you act to resolve them early to reap the breathing room from whence you can move forward with unbounded personal agency.

That’s where I come in.

How do you settle them and why? What will be the rules and principles you put in play to get what you want? How will you measure? At what decision points do you cut losses? How will you know?

… I’ve had a marvelous year. Like any other, it’s been filled with ups and downs, but it’s been an alcohol-free year. Making that decision in September of 2022 was the quintessential turning point. It then took nearly a year to get-off-ass to hit the gym and really embrace it as a lifestyle. Combining sobriety with fitness began to yield immense rewards in every aspect of life, including my social life, sex life, and business pursuits. There have been struggles, of course, but I’ve evolved to move past them very quickly.

I never dwell on unpleasantness and failure. Shit fails for a reason, and if I’ve ever had one enormous fault in life, it has been to keep fucking with the all-fucked-up trying to unfuck it where it’s fucked for good reason and just needs to be left the fuck alone.

But here’s a representation in pictures of part of the evolution…

… And Business…

… And the girls… (This is my “Favorites” file, comprised of the ones I’m actively seeing, or all is keen for a meetup and they’re on my waiting list because I can only handle a harem of 5 or 6 concubines in-out the revolving door at a time.)

For those who would call BS, I’m seeing Bovy7102 the most right now. 35, just became a grandmother. She was over yesterday and wishes to come over again today with her sister as tag-along. Miss123456 was right before I left for the USSA. She’ll be over again next week. Aosure, I dated in Phuket for a while (a commercial insurance broker with a paid off house and car). We’ve recently been in touch and I’ll be seeing here in a month or so when I visit Phuket after more than a year parted. …Kanjanawut… A big interest I have not met yet, but all the signals for a great time when I do are present. I could go on… Oh, wait… there’s Nana161630. She’s just for private, in-room oil massage for 12 bucks (plus tip as arranged…).

That’s Bovy’s sister in the background, upper left. At our first meeting she brought a friend along and that was just-OK. She’s asking to bring the sister along today. Not sure about that, yet.

Look, I’m very well aware that this might be off-putting to some of you, but ask yourself why. Why do you think that? And yes, these relationships are largely transactional. You’d be surprised at how little…nothing compared to the transactionality in the West, if you catch my drift. Where, for example, a man might find himself working his fingers to the bone and mind to the nerves at a job he hates in order to support an over-mortgaged and debt-ridden lifestyle with a wife who berates him and kids who mock him, calling him stupid. Stack that cost up against my cost. Please don’t give me that sucker’s line that “I don’t pay for it.” And some of you chicks? You know what that line “cheap whores” admits and implies about you, don’t you?

And again, I say, “This is my life. It’s not yours.”

My purpose in putting this out there is simply to demonstrate that what I say about what I’m doing is true. It’s not the equivalent of some studio mock-up of a private jet with me sucking on a cigar and sipping on single malt whiskey, surrounded by beautiful models hired by the hour. It’s real. It doesn’t have to be your reality, but the same principles apply to me, living the life I want to live at 63 years old, and to you, living the life you want to live, at whatever your age, with whatever your commitments, goals, dreams, or aspirations are.

… Yesterday, I initiated a little mini-sale, and the initial reaction was promising, especially from long-time readers who finally decided to go for it. Perhaps they sense that the direction I’m taking is new, wholesome, good and as so many have testified, always beneficial and importantly, in the lasting long term. It got me thinking. People do birthday sales, which bring goodwill, so why not do something similar? I decided it could be a sort of gift exchange. This is the 10-day countdown to the 29th—the sale will end on the 30th of January.

In light of this, I want to go over a bit of what this blog is all about and why you might want to hit me up for a little birthday gift—let’s call it a deal with a deal.

The Eclectic History

A trip down memory lane for some.

Two decades. That’s 20 years of relentless, unapologetic blogging. Not just any blogging—mine. FreeTheAnimal.com has been a juggernaut. Think about it. 5,500 posts. 5 million words. It’s not a hobby; it’s a testament to the power of evolution through intellectual combat.

In the primordial soup of the internet, I was there. Early adopter? Please. I was setting up camp when the rest were learning to type. Dial-up bulletin boards, Usenet, email lists—you name the primitive tech, I mastered it. My game? To learn, to challenge, to write, and to argue. Confront me with an opposing viewpoint, and watch a synthesis emerge. It’s not about adopting or rejecting—it’s about evolving. That’s the Hegelian dialectic at play. Technical? Philosophical? Sure. But focus on the essence: it’s about growth through discourse.

As I built my business, the blog simmered on the side. November 2003 marked its birth. Fast forward to today, and we’ve just hit the 20-year mark.

Let’s rewind for a second. When I started, it was all about the taboo—politics, philosophy, religion. The stuff “polite company” avoids like the plague. Come 2007, a wake-up call. Health and weight—mine were in the gutter. What did I do? I dug in, researched, and experimented. No niche hunting. No formula chasing. I crafted a blend of low-carb, Paleo, fasting, high-intensity workouts, and threw in the natural stuff—barefoot walks, nature, whole foods. The result? A prolific blog that caught fire.

Becoming a “Paleo influencer” was accidental. Podcasts, book reviews, speaking engagements—it all came with the territory. But as Paleo became a market, I became a problem. I questioned. I challenged. Monetized influencers dug their heels in. By 2013, I split from the pack.

So what now? FreeTheAnimal.com is a tapestry of life. Let’s break it down.

Active Living and Travel? Check. Think camping, international living, and yes—piloting aircraft. Secrets? Head to Thailand Confidential.

Business, Economics, and AI? Got that too. DIY debt relief, bootstrapping businesses, and profiting from AI—it’s all there.

Health, Diet, and Weight Loss? Of course. Gut health, low-carb, ketogenic, carnivore—you’ll find it. And let’s not forget the Covid idiocy.

Politics, Culture, and Social Antagonism? More than you can handle. From philosophy to geopolitics—if it’s programmed into society, I’m ripping it apart.

Public Posts? That’s where you get a taste of the action—interviews, podcasts, reviews.

You want help? It’s here. But hear this: no formulas, no shortcuts, no “get rich, get laid…easy!” schemes. If that’s your game, look elsewhere.

FreeTheAnimal.com isn’t just a blog—it’s a forge for the mind.

I Am The Both The Product and the Niche Interest

You want to know what’s truly fascinating? It’s when someone eschews the one-trick-pony routine. Most creators out there? They’re niche zealots. Obsessed. They hammer away at their singular topic with the devotion of a zealot, day in, day out, for years. How they maintain even a shred of authenticity or originality is beyond me. It’s as if they stumbled into the world of content creation and latched onto the first piece of advice they found: “Find a niche.” They narrow their focus until they’re as specialized as a tool with a single, solitary use.

But who searches for a jack-of-all-trades? Who looks for a man with a Rolodex of experiences, each more unique than the last, someone who’s lived a thousand lives in one? Where’s the soul who yearns for the wisdom of a man who can synthesize a lifetime of lessons into something relevant, something applicable to the trials they face in their own lives?

Let me introduce you to the concept of an autodidactic polymath. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m self-taught across a myriad of disciplines. I emerged from the chrysalis of fundamentalist Baptist indoctrination and navigated my way through Bible college to the deck of a Navy ship, never once serving stateside. Japan. France. I’ve lived it. I’ve been the outsider, the lone wolf refusing the comfort of the base, preferring instead to immerse myself in foreign cultures.

My awakening struck at 30, amidst the splendor of France, devouring classics in literature and philosophy, forging my own path. That led to a departure from the Navy and a headfirst dive into entrepreneurship. Failure? Sure, I’ve tasted it. More educational than my Business Administration degree, each setback was tuition for the school of hard knocks. Then came success—a business that flourished, a venture that grew from a spare bedroom to a company with 30 employees and millions in revenue.

The construction sites of my youth taught me the value of a hard day’s work, enabling me to remodel houses and manage rental properties. I’ve played the Internet startup game, day-traded options, married, divorced, and lived the life of a recluse in the mountains. I’ve soared the skies as a pilot, explored the depths as a scuba diver, and roamed the wilderness with nothing but a tent or a travel trailer.

After an amicable divorce, I cast off my anchors and, with a backpack and a bank account, set sail for Thailand to embrace the digital nomad life. Then COVID hit, and I stayed put, further refining my niche—myself. I’ve honed my health, abandoned alcohol, and sculpted a physique that defies age. I dress the part, and yes, I pursue the company of Thai women far younger than myself. Judge if you must, but those judgments are nothing more than cries for help.

So here I stand, the embodiment of a niche, a living, breathing library of life’s lessons. Two decades at the helm of this blog, over 5,500 posts, and more than 5 million words that have reached millions and helped thousands. And for those wisdom-seeking souls, I remain a beacon of unorthodox guidance.

The Values

You think this is your guru space? Think again. I’m not here to spoon-feed you answers, and I sure as hell am not preaching from some self-erected pulpit. What I am is a relentless seeker—of knowledge, ideas, and the kind of questions that leave a stench when they’re too clean, too neat, too “one true God.”

Edicts? Please. I’ve got two for you.

One: If the herd is mooing in unison, they’re grazing on lies.

Two: If the herd splits, and each half bellows a different tune, they’re both tone-deaf.

The point? Life isn’t some glorified quest for the holy grail of ‘rightness.’ It’s a cycle. A cycle of being less wrong today than you were yesterday. Now, that’s progress. Dig your heels into your own confirmation biases, and you’re not just a fool; you’re a wasted opportunity. You’re the road not taken, the book not read, the voice not heard—a tragedy of your own making.

The Eden narrative? A bedtime story for those who dream of an unblemished world. Man’s fall from grace wasn’t a tumble from perfection; it was a step up to moral agency. Choices. Every path is flawed, but your job? Pick the one that sucks a little less.

Agency. That’s the forbidden fruit I offer. Most are shackled to the cradle-to-grave narrative they’re handed at birth, never tasting the freedom of choice. They’re marionettes dancing to the tune of religion, of culture. But here’s the kicker: these systems, they’re the scaffolding of civilization. Without them, we’re just hairless apes huddling in the cold.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dissect these institutions. Find what works. Discard what doesn’t. Forge your personal ethos, spirituality included—or excluded. Name it, claim it, live it.

And here’s the cool part: if my musings survive the test of time, if they’re unearthed millennia from now, don’t you dare let them say, “He was right.” That’s not the point. If they’re really intellectually honest, they’ll trace the breadcrumbs from my now to their present and see the evolution of thought.

That, my friends, is FreeTheAnimal. It’s not about being right. It’s about relentless pursuit, relentless questioning, relentless living.

So, what are you waiting for? Evolve.

The Ways That I Can Help You

Life’s Tough. Get It?

Let’s break through. Life is a battleground. And not just any skirmish, but one where true victors emerge only when they’ve clawed their way through the muck of mediocrity to achieve their own brand of excellence. This isn’t your grandma’s “everyone gets a trophy” pep talk. We’re talking about real, gritty, personal excellence here. It’s about being honest—ruthlessly honest—with yourself. It’s about creating more than you consume so that, when you’re six feet under, you leave a surplus, not a deficit.

Now, let’s talk parasites. Yes, those bloodsuckers who think life owes them a living. Recognize them? They’re the ones who either can’t be bothered to lift a finger or who use sleight of hand and deception to leech off the hard work of value creators. They’re the antithesis of value. They’re the creators of problems where none should exist.

Here’s the deal: embody value creation. Be the entrepreneur, the problem-solver, the diligent worker who doesn’t just complain but does something measurable. Shun the value destroyers and align yourself with those who build, not those who demolish.

And when it comes to choices in life, here’s a golden rule: pick the toughest path. Embrace it. Wrestle it to the ground. Find joy in the struggle because that’s where growth happens. That’s the path to loving your life, not just enduring it.

That’s where I come in. I’m here to guide you down that rough road. Because it’s not just about thriving; it’s about thriving on your own damn terms. And if you’re ready to take that step, I’ve got something for you to consider. But it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for those ready to grab life by the horns and make it their own.

Do you have the guts? Let’s find out. The discount code is automatically applied.


If you want to know more first, then see this post which is a mix of what others say about me, and a tantalizing story that ought to be in Thailand Confidential.

Richard Nikoley

I started writing Free The Animal in late 2003 as just a little thing to try. 20 years later, turns out I've written over 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from diet, health, lifestyle...to philosophy, politics, social antagonism, adventure travel, expat living, location and time independent—while you sleep— income by geoarbitrage, and food pics. I intended to travel the world "homeless," but the Covidiocy Panicdemic squashed that. I became an American expat living in Thailand. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. ... I leave the toilet seat up. Read More

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