Convergence: Google Drops Censorship of the Greatest Crime Against Humanity (Covid-19 Vax Injury and Death)

— The Inevitability of the Truth


There’s a saying—and people often assert—that the truth will out. This axiom holds true in the realm of natural phenomena, where reality asserts itself uncompromisingly. You simply cannot fool Mother Nature. The distinction we must draw is between the metaphysical and the man-made. All things beyond human influence operate in trends and cycles, swinging like a pendulum to an extreme only to be inevitably pulled back. Nature maintains a delicate balance: Earth is perfectly positioned near the sun, providing the energy and sustenance for life to flourish, yet not so close [or far] that life is constantly at the brink of extinction.

Analogously, civilization—with its stories, legends, and narratives—is far from perfect. Nothing man-made aligns with reality as seamlessly as nature does. Everything in our constructed world, just like in the natural one, operates in a constant ebb and flow, a dance of balance and counterbalance, including human actions. We build up structures, narratives, and power systems to the point where they become vulnerable. Then, invariably, some other force or phenomenon exploits this vulnerability, initiating a shift in the opposite direction.

Duality is an inexorable aspect of nature and that duality—that yin and yang—is reflected in human action, reaction, counter-action, and affirmative action.

Society operates on a massively complex web of lies—evasions of reality. Some of these untruths are paradoxically beneficial. For instance, when faced with almost insurmountable odds, instead of succumbing to despair, we tell ourselves comforting lies. “Everything’s okay. Everything’s going to be alright.” This self-deception can motivate us to defy the odds, and sometimes, remarkably, it pays off. But there are other lies that serve only to sustain unjust privileges, unnecessary power, and the twisted pleasures of psychopaths.

Just as a natural phenomenon has its limits—consider the chain reaction of a nuclear explosion that eventually peters out—so too the propagation of lies meets its boundaries. Lies are sustained because they are often close enough to the truth; they don’t trigger universal disbelief. However, there is a category of deception known as the “big lie”—a falsehood so deeply interwoven into the fabric of society, civilization, and individual human lives that it seems indispensable for survival. It’s a lie so colossal that unwinding it would cause upheaval, encountering immense resistance.

I’ve penned a few recent posts on unraveling threads in our societal tapestry. And now, here’s another: Google’s latest move to cease censoring information on COVID-19 vaccine injury and death. This is significant. It illustrates the pushback against a narrative that has reached its tipping point. The truth, seemingly suppressed for too long, is beginning to surface as the pendulum swings back. In the end, reality—whether we like it or not—insists on being recognized, and no amount of human artifice can prevent its eventual, sometimes abrupt, reassertion.

So, let’s watch closely as this unfolds. Will we witness a cascade of revelations, a domino effect of truth toppling the edifice of lies? Or will this be a singular act of transparency in a sea of deceit? One thing is clear: The balance of nature and truth is inescapable. And in this dance of reality versus fabrication, it’s only a matter of time before the rhythm resets and the truth, once again, will out.

I’ll delve into some specifics below in the context of inevitability and convergence and you’ll understand how there’s a lot more to come. Buckle up. In other news, I headed out here in Pattaya, Thailand this morning for some after late-late night action over at Marine Plaza off Walking Street. What’s it like at 6 o’clock in the morning?

Google’s iron curtain has rustled. Earlier this week, a seismic shift. Search “covid vaccine death.” Numero uno? Dr. Peter McCullough’s exposé on vaccine injury. A crack in the facade? A testament to reality’s persistence, perhaps.

This isn’t about conspiracy theories or fear-mongering. It’s about raw data, a fresh breeze in a stagnant room. It’s a nod to the possibility that, amidst the suffocating grip of narrative control, truth might still find a way to peek through the blinds.

The implications are profound. It’s a chance to realign with the facts of reality, to challenge the imposed “moral principles” that are anything but. It’s an opportunity to reject the counterfeit ethics that serve only the agendas of the powerful.

Stop to consider what it means—what are the implications of—that from 2021 up to now, nearly 3 years, untold numbers of papers, articles, and posts with parts of the truth or even the whole complete truth as best as its honestly known…censored by big tech in cahoots with your supposed protectors.

What were you being protected against? Or, is it more accurate to say that it was corporate profits, power, and status that was being protected?

What else?

First, let’s get one thing straight: while I’m framing this within the context that truth and reality are inescapable, it’s not about some mystical force at work. Nor is it about guilty consciences coming to bear. What we’re dealing with here are hard-nosed practicalities. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And a certain segment of society has proven to be particularly resilient—the left. They’re a damn sight tougher than the pitiful religious right with their sky fairy and their archaic tomes full of fables and childish verses. You won’t find them weeping insincerely in church pews because they’ve been caught in adultery.

The left prevails while the Republicans and the religious zealots continually find themselves beaten. Why? Because they’re bred for defeat. They’re ingrained with a loser’s mindset. From the very beginning, they’ve been hamstrung by original sin—don’t look at me, that’s their doctrine, not mine. They’re set up to fail.

“… And the meek shall inherit the earth.” Fuck they will. And they never have yet. Not one fucking time.

But the unraveling we’re witnessing isn’t about this weakness. It’s about the intricate lattice of lies upon which their entire narrative depends. Each deceit relies on the next for a semblance of stability. This web is interwoven with their investments, their vested financial interests, and therein lies the crux of the matter. When you follow the money, that’s when you see the true reckoning.

As the numbers come in, these actors make moves that, though they may seem ideological on the surface, are anything but. It’s all about the bottom line, the return on investment. The ideologies are just window dressing for the cold, calculated decisions driven by profit and loss. This is the nature of the beast we’re dealing with. This is reality stripped of its fancy dress, laid bare for all who are willing to see it.

The LA Times has just laid off a quarter of its writers. What do the gullible masses believe? That this signals some sort of sea change, a moment of epiphany, as if the publication has had a come-to-Jesus moment, seeking redemption. But let’s cut through the nonsense. What’s actually happening here?

The reality is stark: the owner of the LA Times has hemorrhaged $10 billion. And how did this financial bloodletting occur? He founded a pharmaceutical company, one with its hands buried deep in the lucrative soil of mRNA technology and vaccine production.

Now, let’s take a look at this chart.

It’s shed 90% of its all-time high value right at the corresponding peak of mRNA “vaccine” madness. Here’s a writeup on the whole deal.

May such trends, revelations, and consequences not only persist but also triumph, for we are not addressing a trivial matter here. We are confronting what I consider the greatest crime against humanity throughout the annals of civilization. And if you find yourself thinking, “I haven’t heard much about this,” that’s precisely the point. There comes a moment when the reality becomes so colossal and so repugnant that it must be unacknowledged, concealed, buried, or at the very least, deferred.

How long did it take for the world to learn of the mass starvations that claimed millions in China, Ukraine, and other places during the Soviet era of the Cold War? How long before the horrors of Cambodia’s killing fields were brought to light? Certain elements in the West were aware of these atrocities all along. Yet, it did not suit their interests at the time to disclose them. One might wonder why. The Cold War was exceedingly profitable for the United States and other Western nations, not to mention defense contractors—though “defense” seems a rather Orwellian term in this context.

When the Berlin Wall finally crumbled and the Soviet Union disintegrated, it wasn’t due to any change of heart or newfound benevolence. It was the harsh bite of economic realities in an increasingly modernized world. Did China transition from a hard-line communist regime to an iron-fist fascist system because they were suddenly bitten by the free-market bug? Hardly.

These are the sort of historical insights that one must integrate fully and honestly to understand the world as it is—not as it’s portrayed by those with vested interests in the status quo. It’s essential to assert one’s individuality, establish one’s own values, principles, and standards—not those imposed by others—and to exert one’s will and freedom to work hard within that framework. Success, prosperity, happiness, and passionate love in life are the rewards of such an approach, an approach that stands in stark contrast to the frameworks determined by the so-called authorities.

Fully integrated honesty is non-negotiable; it’s the only policy and the surest way to ensure that one is doing the best they possibly can.

To grasp the enormity of the situation regarding excess deaths in highly COVID-19 vaccinated populations—by excess deaths, I refer to numbers that surpass the five-year average by ranges of 15 to 25%—is to confront statistics akin to calamities of historical proportions, such as world wars or massive natural disasters. Yet, this alarming trend barely registers in mainstream discourse.

My instincts tingled with suspicion as early as 2021, nearly three years ago now. Why? Because I was tuned in to the whispers from the trenches—the undertakers and embalmers. These individuals spent a year processing bodies that had supposedly succumbed to COVID-19, and they reported nothing out of the ordinary during that time. However, something shifted in early 2021, and these professionals were perfectly positioned to detect the change.

Armed with photo evidence and the meticulous logs of pathologists, we come face-to-face with data and testimonies that signal something deeply troubling was foisted upon the world—affecting billions. Fast forward to three years later, and we’re not witnessing a decline in these excess death numbers. In some places, they’re on the rise.

Consider this: a video interview between the iconoclastic comedian-turned-commentator Russell Brand and the widely recognized media personality, Dr. Drew. Let’s delve into their discussion to uncover more insights. This transcript has been edited for fun, shits, and giggles by Zon, our resident GPT-4 Turbo chatbot—to which members have unlimited access. To ply it against the original, it begins around 30 minutes into the discussion linked above.

Brand: The subject of escalating deaths is a treacherous one to tackle, not only due to pervasive censorship but also because of the sheer magnitude of the issue. It’s a topic that can’t be ignored when considering the welfare of our children in the United Kingdom. Alarmingly, we’re hearing reports of children dying, and the question that haunts us is, why? I was struck by a recent documentary produced in collaboration with a legacy media organization. They undertook a joint investigation, delving deep into this crisis.

During their coverage, they didn’t just touch on the issue in passing—they confronted it head-on, broadcasting their findings on the news. Yet, despite their efforts, we’re left with a chilling mystery: children are dying, and the causes remain elusive. What’s more disturbing is that it seems every single commentary on the matter, no matter how fearless or thorough, fails to unveil the truth or provide solace.

We demand answers, and we deserve a transparent investigation into these tragedies. The public’s concern cannot be placated by mere platitudes or half-hearted inquiries. It’s time for a relentless pursuit of the truth, for the sake of our children’s future.

Dr. Drew: The bigger mystery, indeed, is the nefarious and egregious part of what’s unfolding. Our country is beginning to hold some hearings on this matter in parliament, and it’s just the beginning. I’ve watched some of these proceedings; they’re being conducted well, properly, thoughtfully, and non-hysterically. We must remain open to any and all explanations.

My own suspicion—and I hesitate to use the word ‘belief’ before we have the science to back it up—is that the real culprit we’re going to find is the spike protein, regardless of how one is exposed to it. It seems that the more exposure to the spike protein, the more problems we’re going to see. It is clearly the pathogenic part of the virus, and of course, it’s what the vaccines are designed to imitate to create an immune reaction. We’re producing more of the spike protein, and perhaps some people produce more than others. This is something we’ll have to find out. But I’m convinced it’s going to be the spike protein.

What’s astonishing is that there are more people dying in this excess death pandemic than died from COVID, and yet we shut the world down for COVID. I’m not saying more people die every day; I’m referring to the effect of excess deaths year in and year out. We’re going to easily surpass the COVID death count, so why isn’t there a similar level of alarm? The whole world seems to be ignoring this now.

Perhaps it’s because the medical system has to come up with an answer, and that could take a long time to gather evidence and understand what’s happening. If we leave it just to the medical system, who’s going to pay for the studies? How will they get done? Someone has to step up and do it.

Brand: I hope you’re right. I want to give you some information on the Covid inquiry in the UK. It cost £145 million, and now they’re delaying the questions indefinitely. They haven’t said they’re going to continue the inquiry, and there are certainly elections coming up in the summer. It seems there’s a capacity for finding investigations in your country as well. Being a skeptical person, I can’t help but think that some powerful interests are being served or protected by the way this is being handled.

On that subject, Anthony Fauci has gone from being a hero—a portrayal very deliberately crafted, even to the extent of featuring him in late-night talk shows with dance numbers—to a figure of controversy. We were all invited to adore and follow Fauci, who proclaimed himself as being ‘the science,’ in quotes. He also stated that those who did not agree with the measures imposed were indulging in ideological BS. I wonder if you think that irreparable damage has been done to the institutions surrounding American medicine, such as the CDC and the NIH, due to Fauci’s conduct and the financial relationships during that time.

Dr. Drew: As always, your questions are densely packed, and I must admit I’m not sure about the extent of the reparable damage. These issues were adulterated, and we were oblivious to it. Thank God we now recognize them, which might allow us to address the situation. It’s alarming that the situation had deteriorated so significantly, with regulators and pharmaceutical companies becoming intertwined. Not to mention the publishing infrastructure of major medical journals.

I find myself in a position where I’m not even allowed to accept a pen branded with a drug name in my office, while these organizations freely exchange personnel and influence among themselves. This entire scenario requires a very careful analysis.

Firstly, you brought up Dr. Fauci. Throughout my career, he has been a significant figure. In fact, he was a key reason I became deeply involved in treating patients in the 1980s when we were still grappling with the early stages of the AIDS crisis. I remember how Dr. Fauci encouraged us to “get out there.” We did scare people, and I’m conscious that it terrified an entire generation of students. While I regret any adverse effects, I must acknowledge the potential benefits of inducing fear. At that time, we were facing a deadly illness with a perceived 100% fatality rate, not a 1% fatality rate. It was a dark time. I recall informing a fourth-year student that they had only six months to live. The level of panic that ensued was understandable and, in retrospect, not unwarranted.

Now, coming to the recent crisis, I’ve been criticized for certain comments which, as often happens with viral content, were not actually what I said. It’s frustrating how comments are taken out of context. Criticisms arose from things I supposedly got wrong, which were then amplified online. I urged people to listen to Dr. Fauci directly. There was an incident where he was queried by our government about whether churches should be closed or if it was acceptable to attend political demonstrations. His responses were not what I anticipated. I kept expecting him to revert to his usual, more measured approach, but that never happened.

We’re applying the same strategies we used back then, in a different time, but these strategies are no longer useful or appropriate. The situation has changed, and so must our approach.

Brand: Extraordinary and frightening—I believe that being in a position where, if you’re in the medical profession, you are necessarily required to operate within institutions. Institutions, when they are functioning properly, house expertise and cumulative knowledge. However, when they go awry, they become vessels for corruption and can experience a sort of metastasis.

To be a medical professional is to navigate this dichotomy: the potential for healing and advancement on one side and the risk of institutional decay on the other. It can be a treacherous balance, ensuring that the institutions meant to safeguard health and well-being do not instead become breeding grounds for malpractice and ethical rot. This is the reality of our medical infrastructure, and it’s a constant battle to maintain integrity within it.

It’s quite a time to be alive, indeed. To witness what’s unfolding before us is something—something far from wild-eyed, far from crazy, and not at all exaggerated. We may very well be on the brink of witnessing the collapse of civilization as we know it, and by that, I specifically mean Western civilization. Some could argue that Eastern civilization, particularly Asia, has already faced a sort of collapse and is now on an upswing in many ways. But let’s shelve that discussion for another time.

What’s at stake here is not just a geographical or cultural decline, but the very principles that have underpinned Western society for centuries. The erosion of individual liberty, free thought, and rational discourse is not only alarming; it’s catastrophic. It signals a departure from the values that have fostered innovation, prosperity, and relative peace.

The symptoms of this decline are manifold: the suppression of dissenting voices, the rise of ideological conformity, the decay of educational standards, and the ever-increasing encroachment of the state into the private lives of individuals. Each of these elements contributes to a stifling environment where conformity is demanded and rewarded, while critical thinking is discarded as a relic of a bygone era.

This is not merely an academic observation. It’s a clarion call to those who value their individuality and agency. To succeed, to prosper, to find happiness and passionate love in life, you must first assert your individuality and establish your agency, values, principles, and standards. And then, with unyielding will and freedom, work hard within that framework—not one imposed upon you by the so-called authorities.

So, let’s be clear. The true standard of moral behavior is the non-initiation of force. Anything less is a betrayal of our humanity and the rational values that have long been our guiding light. The time to embrace fully integrated honesty is now—no exceptions. This is the only policy, the only way to ensure you’re doing the best you can. It’s the only way to navigate whatever comes next, be it a renaissance or a reckoning.

… That’s it for now.

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