Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin: Wake Up Call Coming…

— Here’s What You Need to Know, Understand, and Then Do

Tucker’s on point. And it’s staggering how Americans, wholesale, are drowning in their own obliviousness. It’s a farce. A pathetic, laughable farce. The United States has become irrelevant, a nonentity that nobody needs for anything.

My perspective isn’t born out of some arrogant, silver-spoon conceit. I’m not spouting this from a pampered life cushioned by trust funds. I’m an ex-US Navy Officer. I’ve been living in the thick of it in Thailand for the last four years. I know precisely what I’m discussing because I’m intimately aware of the global dynamics that the West is blind to, while their talking heads weave tales to hide their insolvency.

My tenure in Japan during the ’80s and extensive travel throughout Asia (including “Red China”) provided me with insights. What I foresaw decades ago has unfolded as if I had peered into the future with a crystal ball.

Returning to the U.S. for a mere week after four years away, it’s clear: Americans, you’re clueless about the current state of affairs and what’s barreling down the pipeline. This includes conservatives, who, ironically, tune into a network that recently shot itself in the foot, propelling Carlson as a media titan. You’re absorbing drivel from ignoramuses daily.

Seek out my insights it out if you’ve got a shred of sense. I’ll lay it all out—what you should be doing to safeguard your future. Yet I’m under no illusion; 99% will dismiss the warning, unchanged. That’s the tragedy of the human condition, why bread and soup lines could emerge overnight, mere days from the last good meal, catching society off-guard as they always do.

I have been reading Richard for 10 years. Ever since I have known him, he has been ahead of the curve. With an incisive eye and a sharp digital tongue, he cuts through the bullshit and lays out the pertinent facts that others can’t seem to see.

Total breath of fresh air on politics. Richard has a masterful grasp of economics and human behavior that keep him free of the corporate media’s narrative framing. As such his takes are always extremely insightful. He called the 2016 election for Trump without batting an eye, even in the face of stiff doubt from many others (including me).

He got me on board the crypto train early, and I am very grateful to have been a beneficiary of his wisdom. I have never sold my stuff, and I am damn glad of it. — Member Bret

Richard is known for calling his shots, often way before it is apparent to most. His most essential prognosis was that all democrats are evil 20 years ago – stated long before the current craziness went full-blown. Like many of his predictions, I thought he had gone too far. This was certainly just hyperbole in trying to get a point across. Like many times before, he was right, and just so early that I couldn’t see it. This is often the case – if you disagree with Richard, then he is likely exposing a flaw in your thought process – or verbally kicking you in the teeth, as Richard might say.

Things you would have known back in the day if you just listened to Richard:

  • Leftists should be avoided (2005)
  • Carbs are not evil (2012)
  • Bitcoin is worth your time to learn about (2014)
  • Covid is a laugh, you are not at risk of anything (early 2020)
  • They aren’t even vaccines and they’re bullshit (late 2020)

Note how obvious each are now. These things were controversial or taboo to some at the time. RN was not afraid to lose followers in his search for absolute truth.

Richard wants to offend you because his ultimate goal is for you to lose restful sleep, so you’ll stop being so fucking stupid.

“We are all wrong, the goal is only to be less wrong over time.” Words to live by. What stubborn person do you know that will not change their mind? How obviously wrong are they? Nobody embodies this axiom more so than Richard. That is why his perspective is essential. Thanks to chatbot Zon I was able to find this quote which I had partially remembered ever since 2015. An all-timer to be sure.

I’ll watch, likely with a smirk, as cosmic justice is served to Americans and Western Europeans in that richly deserved manner.

Don’t mistake this for a blame game aimed at “leaders,” who are merely capitalizing on opportunity. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, I cast no aspersions upon the figureheads of power. They merely navigate the currents of capital with a pragmatist’s eye, securing the continuity of their financial lifelines.

The culpability for our societal trajectory does not lie with these marionettes of monetary interest. Rather, it rests upon the shoulders of the electorate – decisively. — Member Derek

I’ve been an eager consumer of Richard’s explorations of the galaxy for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve found him to be an insatiable pursuer of truth and a brilliant narrator of his experiences along the way. Over the years I’ve seen him take a leading, pioneer role across a disparate range of topics, not limited to diet and health (Paleo early adopter), finance (crypto), politics (unbeaten election prognosticator and reader of the cultural ‘tea leaves’) and now AI and all the other stuff I didn’t mention.

The trait that most resonates with me, however, is that unwavering commitment to truth. There’s no sideshow, no agenda: only the truth, even if that means walking back a previously held position. Richard has always struck me as having unimpeachable integrity, wears his heart all the way down his sleeve, and never shies away from the action. In all honestly, there is no ‘internet personality’ I trust more. — Member Owen

Here’s Tucker’s announcement of the coming interview from Moscow.

Choice bits for emphasis:

Two years into a war that’s reshaping the entire world, most Americans are not informed. They have no real idea what’s happening in this region, here in Russia or 600 miles away in Ukraine. But they should know. […]

This war has utterly reshaped the global military and trade alliances. And the sanctions that followed have as well. And in total, they have upended the world economy.

The post-World War II economic order, a system that guaranteed prosperity in the West for more than 80 years, is coming apart very fast. And along with it, the dominance of the U.S. dollar.

These are not small changes. They are history-altering developments. They will define the lives of our grandchildren. Most of the world understands this perfectly well. They can see it. Ask anyone in Asia or the Middle East what the future looks like.

And yet the populations of the English-speaking countries seem mostly unaware. They think that nothing has really changed. And they think that because no one has told them the truth. Their media outlets are corrupt. They lie to their readers and viewers. […]

At the same time, our politicians and media outlets have been doing this, promoting a foreign leader like he’s a new consumer brand. Not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview the president of the other country involved in this conflict, Vladimir Putin. Most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine or where his goals are now. They’ve never heard his voice.

That’s wrong.

Amen, on every point and it amazes me that while such is so obvious to me now—with elements therein going back decades in my awareness—I look around the West and I can’t even describe it as whistling past the graveyard, since you’ve actually got to be aware of the potential peril for that idiom to qualify.

Well, let’s break it down and I swear to God this is getting frustrating, as I see almost zero change in awareness of what the total fuck is absolutely going on…and which I outlined in great measure nearly a year and a half ago and haven’t been wrong about a fucking thing, and I’m not alone, and yet to this very day there are mostly abject morons strutting around with Fox News and that loathsome fuckwad Lindsey Graham as their intransigent authorities…and none of that is more complicated than advertising dollars.

You miserable suckers.

First, let’s review the chart I created and have posted many times. It was designed to be self-explanatory, but I guess I’m going to have to geopolitical-lesson it down for you and show you how the West has already lost.

Moreover, I’ll show that it was always inevitable, since 1993 because the West became profoundly immoral (evil) on a geopolitical level and an inviolable principle of all human history is that morality wins all wars in the long run, and it can be no other way.

The pertinent points.

  1. India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, and other SE Asia contain over half the earth’s population and will increase that gap.
  2. It’s a crazy small area compared to that of the entire rest of the world, facilitating astronomical trade advantages in many ways, including transportation costs. It’s not even a close comparison.
  3. Just to that region’s north is Russia, the most natural-resource-rich nation on earth.

That region, together with Russia to the immediate north, constitutes an unbeatable trading block and when once left unfettered by the fucking United States, fucking Western Europe, and fucking NATO to do so, these culturally and socially conservative nations run predominately by men still—men who laugh at the gay-lovers and feminist sympathizers of the West—will justly leave the West in the dust.

Oh, another important point: Nobody in the entire world needs the USA for a single thing, anymore. In fact, for a long time now, America has been squandering its international political capital as it meddled in world affairs it had zero business sticking its nose in.

Why did it insist in sticking its nose in the affairs of others? In a word: Russia.

Since 1993 [fall of the USSR] and the writing on the wall was evident to the long-term planners, Russia had to be contained, or what’s naturally happening now would have happened a long time ago. Think about it. How could it have taken the most natural-resource-rich country so long to develop into an international economic powerhouse even greater than China, still having a long way to go?

The US immorally, illegally, and evily stood in its way and hindered its peaceful development and expansion by any and all means possible, including clandestine operations…and all of it allied with other Western nations.

Everyone turned a blind eye because of the demonization propaganda, and the media arm of the US State saw to that. Rather than see the Soviet Communist era as a failed experiment with many lessons learned and significant reversion to a culturally centered Russia that’s way old.

“I can admit that they didn’t even know what they were doing and what consequences their actions would have in the end. But it doesn’t matter now. There is no Soviet Union anymore; we cannot return to the past. Actually, Russia no longer needs it today; this isn’t our ambition. But there is nothing stronger than the determination of millions of people who, by their culture, religion, traditions, and language, consider themselves part of Russia, whose ancestors lived in a single country for centuries. There is nothing stronger than their determination to return to their true historical homeland.” — Vladimir Putin

… I’ve just learned as I’ve delayed finishing this post that the interview airs in just 15 minutes…18.00 EST and it’s 05.45 here (I’m 12 hours ahead of Eastern).

So, let me quickly outline what you’re going to hear in that speech in some or large part, then you can see and hear whether I’ve got a bead on this, or not.

  • Putin will emphasize the deep cultural and, yes, religious (Orthodox Christianity and Judaism) values that have existed for over a thousand years and its Soviet era not only didn’t change any of that, but may have breathed new life and energy into it in the final analysis. (How about that, you “Christians” and “Jews” who want Russians killed and, in the words of Shitstain Graham, think that’s the best money ever spent?)
  • Putin will emphasize that how over 3 fucking decades, they tried and tried to achieve a reasonable concession with NATO aggressiveness, breaking their word time after time, as though to egg Russia on—as though they wanted war above all else.
  • The Soviet Union is no more, but, the reconciliation in 1993 with border drawing was incompetent, ill-founded, and disrespectful of the cultural, religious, and language ties that existed, particularly in SE Ukraine. Subsequently, persecution by Ukrainian regimes—likely at the urging of clandestine ops directed by USA CIA—of those regions has been persistent.
  • No, Russia didn’t blow up its own pipeline.
  • Yes, the USA maintained bioweapons labs in Ukraine.
  • Yes, the USA and the West in general are depraved and teach their children unthinkable evil and bullshit…and seeks to export its evil and depravity worldwide.
  • The USA and the West have become an evil, meddling, interfering, intransigent net drain on the entire rest of the world, and it’s close to, if not past time, that it was put in its place, and he aims to see that.
  • Russia is now a moral leader.

That, and more.

Final thought: Vladimir Putin was and has continued to be the right man at the right time and place to lead Russia from totalitarian brutal communism and all that entails with 7 decades and 2 generations of Russians being influenced…to a new Russian order of peace, prosperity, and global [moral] leadership.

I saw this eventuality in 1991…

Publishing time, 05.58. Update after the interview.

UPDATE: It has taken a day or so to take in the whole interview and think about it. My current physical culture program takes me from morning until into the early afternoon… The first half went off largely how I predicted, with the deep (far deeper than I’d have thought) dive into history, culture, religious ties (how ironic…Putin defending religious freedom when in the West, that’s only for radical Islamic terrorists, anymore…Christians need not apply). Then some of my elements were not covered at all (had they been, they would have been covered as I said). So, the following is more about what was not said and why.

Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson was a masterclass in restraint and strategic acumen—an exhibition of the art of war without the clamor of battle. His words, or rather his chosen silences, were not the product of a man caught off-guard but that of a chess grandmaster contemplating moves unseen by the lay observer.

In this game, Putin plays for keeps.

The echo chamber may buzz with analysts tripping over their own credentials to dissect Putin’s performance. They miss the mark. Putin isn’t playing their game; he’s rewriting the rules.

Consider his track record—a tableau of geopolitical prowess that speaks louder than any rhetoric could. The West flounders in its own ideological quagmire while Putin bolsters Russia on pillars of tradition and national strength—outcomes that speak volumes.

Putin’s deliberate omission on key issues is not negligence; it’s evidence of a mind playing at a level most can’t fathom. To him, these issues are mere pawns, expendable in the grander scheme where silence can be more potent than words.

Silence is powerful—and Putin wields it like a weapon.

In moments where he could have harpooned the flailing West, he chose non-engagement. Why? Because disruption doesn’t always require action—sometimes it thrives best when you let entropy take its course.

This isn’t altruism; it’s strategy. And it reeks of brilliance.

Putin knows something we don’t—a truth lurking behind closed doors that dictates his every move. What might seem like opportunities missed are actually bullets dodged, steps carefully measured to reach an endgame beyond our immediate grasp.

The Western decline? Inevitable—it’s written on the wall in stark economic and cultural trends that no one wants to face head-on. But Putin sees it, acknowledges it with an unnervingly calm demeanor. His confidence lies not in accelerating this decline but in letting it unravel at its self-induced pace.

A cataclysmic takedown from Putin was anticipated by many but delivered by none—and there’s genius in this decision. A united American opposition does not benefit Russian interests—why galvanize an enemy when they’re dismantling themselves?

Napoleon once advised not interrupting your enemy while they make mistakes; Putin embodies this principle with every silent stride he takes on the global stage.

He doesn’t need to interrupt—the West is doing all the work for him.

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  1. James Pruitt on February 12, 2024 at 01:23
    • Richard Nikoley on February 12, 2024 at 05:56

      I pretty much dismiss that take.

      It’s a weird one I see a lot. A person takes a whole host of things and points out how they’re all changing.

      But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed a bit, and that one thing, unchanged, is exploiting all the new changing realities.

      The Occam’s Razor take is that Tucker (and a whole lot of others) have had awakenings and genuine changes of heart about a whole lot of things…as any thinking person has in recent years.

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