Looking On The Bright Side

The Swagger #16 — Sunday Wildcard Edition

Greetings from sunny, hot, and humid Pattaya, where I need to renew my commitment to getting my ass to the gym in the early morning, before… (so hot, so humid). I get caught up in something. Just one more thing. Just this, then I’ll go. And before I know it, it’s high noon and I’m working out in the peak heat of the day.

I love that it sucks so much, though.

And that’s the subject of this last post at FreeTheAnimal, if you didn’t catch it, and you’re curious about looking at body conditioning from a whole new perspective. Ask yourself why so much stuff these days is marketed for easy easy easy. Haven’t we seen the results of that all over society and culture? The constant, endless pursuit of the easy, effortless, and quick?

Ever think about really earning your rewards for a change, seeking to do so the hard way? In a way you can truly be proud of?

“Hard won” should truly mean something special.

Give it a thought.

… None of us is any stranger to bad news. That’s where the money is, of course, but over some years now, it tuly has been bad, with little in the way of good stuff to at least think about hanging a hat on, some day.

Let’s take a random review.

  1. The Japanese Aren’t Having It
  2. OJ Dies; What Everyone Knew All Along Finally Comes Out
  3. Regrets Will Be Piling Up For Years
  4. Trump Fundraiser Secures Historic $50.5 Million
  5. Mensch Musk
  6. You Can’t Fool Mother Nature
  7. Positive News: Russia Tightening The Noose
  8. Bill Maher Ball Park

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