Science As Clown-Car Marketing Hype for Political Ends and Social Engineering Schemes

The Swagger #18 – Thursday Let’s Talk Issue

Greetings from the same place as always. I’ll jump right in, and it’s just two articles today due to the experimental daily routines at the gym.


1. Science The Clown. Even if the interest is in discovery, it’s to discover new markets to exploit, develop and patent a product, and sell it. Everything takes a back seat to that, and it has thorough corrupted science to the point where it’s manipulated and cherry picked to give “scientific” authority to marketing.

2. Turbo Cancer. It’s still being dismissed by all The Usual Suspects, but markets are already pricing in the looming disaster. A brief look at the state of the new medical literature that suggests that if you took an mRNA injection, you have cause for concern.

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