Seeing Assumptions As Assumptions Reveals The Truth

The Swagger #26 — Tuesday Truth With Low-Carb Opening Acts

Good morning from a rainy day in Pattaya. It’s about time. Stuff needed cooling down, plus a steam cleaning and rinse. And so it begins. The first real rain in months leading to what’s unimaginatively called the rainy season…though in these particular parts, it’s not so bad, hardly ever. Phuket, on the other hand? At about 7 degrees latitude closer to the equator, they know how to do rainy. It’s the principal reason I left the more pristine island beaches for Asia’s version of Sin City.

Three articles for you, today. The title piece is sponsored by premium subscribers, and I have two corporate sponsors for the opening acts. Thank your sponsors, and if you’re a premium subscriber for the cost of a single Starbuck drip per month, give yourself a nice warm pat on the back. You have my thanks as well.

1. Why Do Low Carbohydrate Diet Advocates Single Out Blood Glucose As Toxic? It’s a common theme in the LC world. Our bodies strictly regulate blood glucose levels. Why? It can’t be just because that’s the way it turned out to be for all us animals (not just humans) in the vast metabolic interplay between elements, compounds, hormones, and nutrients. There has to be a specific reason involving purpose and will! We’ll see about that.

2. Does Eating Carbohydrates Signify Your Weakness? Since going way back, there have been many efforts to show that low-carb dieting—being in “fat burning mode”—is superior for athletic and sports training, performance, and competition. But what’s the reality on the ground?

3. Seeing Assumptions As Assumptions Reveals The Truth. This is a broad topic that scales the mountains of religion, culture, politics, business, and economics. But we can illustrate it quite simply with the backdrop of today’s two previous articles and expand from there. Stand by for a massive dot-connect, which is what we do best…revealing the common elements and themes for a more truthful picture overall. Careful, though. Toes are at risk, as are sacred cows.

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