The Mug Shot Heard Round The World

My Hot Take On The Trump Conviction

It’s very early morning here in the Land of Smiles, and I got up to finish off another post. Suddenly, I see all this noise about former President Donald J. Trump being convicted on 34 counts of—what is it—fudging something in his business books or whatever that doesn’t fully describe what actually happened. Heinous, right? I doubt anyone else has ever done something like that. And it’s not just one count—it’s 34. Apparently, a jury of 12 people agreed that this was really bad shit. Whatever.

Most people suspected, judged, or felt in their heart of hearts that this was political all along. The veil is quite thin on that. Even some leftist CNN commentator recently admitted that charges of this nature could only be brought against one person: someone with the name Donald Trump. So, even the left is aware that it’s all nonsense. It’s trumped up. Will it stand through appeals? Who knows? A jury conviction is fairly sacrosanct, but that’s not really the point.

The point is, this reflects humanity—a mixed bag of many things. Somewhat of a misanthropist, I suppose I’m in with Christians who believe in the doctrine of original sin, at least on a practical level. It makes me think there’s a good reason to adhere to it in spirit, if not always in fact… You can’t go wrong; you’ll never be disappointed. It goes along with other things like the stupidity of people or betting on bad traits. It’s a kinda steady state constant. Bankable.

But we have this thing called civilization. When you call it civilization rather than just humanity, you’re acknowledging that we’re all basically a bunch of shit. You don’t need to dive into steaming piles of shit—you just know it’s shit. So, let’s do better. That’s what civilization is about, with all its trappings. It’s not to say this isn’t what humanity is like; it’s to say that maybe through culture, religion, law, rules, regulations, rewards, punishments, and incentives, we can make people do better.

Yea, we couch it in moral, ethical, and 10-Commandment terms—in “do the right thing” rhetoric—but all told, it’s pragmatic behavior throughout. For the same pragmatic reason a psychopath ignores everything and does what he wants, people can be pragmatically nudged in the right and healthy and good direction if you structure things right. Civilization is humanity pragmatically acting more good than bad because of the way things are set up.

I don’t really go with the moral language. Morality is simple: that which is good for the human organism is moral; that which is bad is immoral. You don’t need any sky fairies for this. It’s pretty simple. It’s math.

… The whole thing falls into the category of a show trial. Show trials are a big production designed to have everyone transfixed, popcorn in hand. They present you with two grab bags: one filled with evidence, the other with non-evidence. The non-evidence bag is brimming with insinuations, assumptions, prejudices, biases, and all sorts of crap that looks like evidence but isn’t. People dive into these bags and grab whatever suits their bias. They then twist and turn it until it makes logical sense to them, convincing themselves they’re acting objectively. In reality, they’re just working it out to appear detached, logical, and as dispassionate as a nun or a judge.

Let’s talk about the OJ and Michael Jackson show-trials. I find myself at odds with both camps. In OJ’s trial, I was as certain as a human can be that he did it from day one. The biggest tell? His own behavior. He wasn’t acting like an innocent man. He convicted himself from a sniff-test perspective. I didn’t pay much attention to the whole criminal trial. And now, OJ’s dead, and one of the jurors came out and said, “Yeah, we all knew he was guilty, but this was payback.” So, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, two white people, were re-sacrificed for the sins of white people against black people. Got it. There you go.

In the Michael Jackson trial, well, child molestation or pedophilia is a heavy accusation. I always said I didn’t know. I had to shut up about it because everyone in my circles was certain he was a pedophile. They don’t like that sort of thing and aren’t big fans of Michael Jackson, his music, or him as a person. Bias in the other direction. Sure, there was weird stuff, but eccentricity doesn’t equate to molestation. Given the enormity of his Neverland Ranch, you’d expect firsthand testimony detailing inappropriate actions. Not just cuddling or affection, which can be normal between adults and children. If there had been independent testimony from several children about specific inappropriate actions, a conviction would’ve been clear. But it wasn’t. What was clear is that he cared a great deal for children. He had his own. He was acquitted. I remember the headshaking, the same kind that happened when OJ was acquitted, just in the opposite direction. The same headshaking happening now with the Donald J. Trump trial.

The point is, a lot of money has been made by media and the connected from this circus. If you peel away the layers and look at what really happened, you’re left with a farcical spectacle. People laugh. Hence, the “mug shot heard around the world.” America has truly become a laughing stock. I don’t live in America. I bought a one-way ticket out almost 4 1/2 years ago. I have no intention of ever living there again. It’s a joke.

Sorry, Americans, you are a joke, and you’re a joke in front of the whole world. Laughing stock. The worst of you aren’t the leftists. The worst of you are the conservatives, the Republicans, the religious right, and the Seconders. When you all laid down for COVID lockdowns, you proved you’d put up with anything as long as you have your God, your Jebus, your Walmart-like box churches, and elections.

Everything’s gonna be just fine. Just fine. You’ve got an election. Don’t worry about it.

Alright, that’s all.

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    • Richard Nikoley on May 31, 2024 at 08:46

      Well, I can’t really pinpoint a single thing I’ve ever disagreed strongly with RazorFist on. Then again, I’m not a follower. Just catch the off vid now and then and, of course, I like his shtick-style a lot.

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