Making It Great Ever Again Is Going To Take A Lot More Than Electing The Same Person Who Got Duped The Last Time

Yea, I know. It’s supposed to be my day off, right? So was yesterday…and the day before that, when I published [a day late] my 3rd and final installment on the intersection between language, consciousness, religion, literalism, and artificial intelligence. And I’m supposed to be laboring on wrapping that all up into a nice single download.

My excuse is that for one, I said a minimum of two posts per week, Tuesday through Thursday. For another, it’s just how I roll. It can be excruciating, at times, to know I need to get a post up and out but not really feel it, y’know? So when a confluence of events and stimuli cause a champing at bits to write it up quick like, it’s what makes the job worthwhile.

I need coffee…

So, this one I laughed at.

My repost:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Joke Biden goes and does a campaign ad for Trump.

I’m sure we can expect to see this clip in a Trump ad coming right up.

Then I got back to work on other stuff. And then this on popped up.

Now I’m pissed more than amused. So, a harsher repost…

America is the biggest laughingstock joke of a country in the history of the planet.

Fallen so fast.

The consequences of decades of a population concerned more with leisure, entertainment, distractions, and increasing levels of junk inside and all around them than anything else.

And quite obviously, flag waving, praying, and praising Jesus does fuck all to counter any of it.

I’m not complaining.

I bought a one-way ticket out over four years ago.


… And it’s not like I’m some silver-spooned, self-loathing-trust-fund-baby…a congenital hate-America-first type, either.

I’m a former US Military Officer. That’s why I take it hard.

And I’m not alone. I checked out the comments on that second tweet just a bit ago. Full of embarrassment and shame.

… But you know what? Y’all heartily deserve it. All of you. Especially conservatives and Christians and Republicans.

You’re stupid. Sorry. But you are. I know because I’ve been there too many times myself.

You’ve been taking knives and cheek-turning to gunfights for decades against seriously fucking evil “people,” and this is the just result.

The just result. That is, justice demands it. And not just that.

Knives to gunfights and turning the other cheek was never my particular problem. My problem was always exuberant optimism. It was always unwarranted. There were the spurts of sobering up about it and now—just like in real-world drunkenness—I’ve made sobriety a permanent thing and you can too. So put down the figurative bottle, joint, or hopeium pipe.

Because it’s hopeless.

Here’s the featured headline image I had Midjourney gin up for me, “/imagine 2024 America, decayed and crumbled, its citizens poor, destitute, and lined up for a meager bowl of watery soup.”

You know, everybody always talkin bout “justice” for all those people. What about justice for America and Americans in general?

What does it, and what do they, deserve…?

For justice to be done?

Are you concerned about the future, or not? After decades and decades of slide, when do y’all stop kicking the can down the street?

I have been saying this since 2015 and if I still had my FB account from back then where I said it hundreds of times, I could show you: America can only be saved through civil war, utter financial ruin with soup lines, or both.

I stand by that more now than ever, especially after the Covidiocy…watching how Republicans, conservatives, Christians-evangelicals, and “2nders” mostly all laid down for what was the greatest and continuing life-destroying human bloodbath in the history of the planet.

So, unless you’re willing to do serious shit or get the fuck out…

Personally, I think just getting the fuck out is the best option; you have one life to live, and as for myself, I’m oldish, already. I’m thoroughly happy, and I live dead smack in the center of the future of the world because America and Western Civilization are fucking dead…stick a fork in it.

Am I happy about it? Well, no—but neither am I a bright-eyed child-adult who believes prayer and Jeebus is gonna do more than fuckall.

So, “this is a conversation we need to have,” if you grasp metaphor.

… Having lived in Asia now for almost 10 years of my life (Japan for 5 in the 80s, now Thailand, 4 1/2) I’m just finally getting a deep sense of the difference, and it comes down to religion. And I mean, really core religion.


Y’all have a religion designed for dirt-scratching, dessert-dwelling, sheep-herding, and goat-fucking nomads who seem to always need tellin where to take the flock and what to do. Yea, the Romans co-opted it and really made quite a gig out of it, but its time is long past. The problem is, this monotheistic personal God shit, while great for colonizing, evangelizing, and conquering the world, what then?

It doesn’t scale to mass global, instant communication. These Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) need their safe spaces. Absolutely. Think about it. Think about how from way back, The Word of God, ironically enough, always seemed to need protecting from the blasphemous and heretical blathering of mere mortals…

Not a very strong set of words if it requires that. A strong set of words would be mostly self-evident to people, so adherence would be high, requiring almost no efforts to evangelize, convert, redeem, and save from hellfire; also, antagonism would be very low. I’ll give you an example from where I live. Thailand is a Buddhist country. That’s their core socio-culture going back a long time, and Buddhism itself is about 500 years older than Christianity.

Buddhism, founded by Siddhartha Gautama—also known as “the Buddha”—originated more than 2,500 years ago in India1. With an estimated 500 million to one billion followers, it is considered one of the major world religions. Buddhism is characterized by its non-theistic nature, focusing on achieving enlightenment, a state of inner peace and wisdom. The path to enlightenment involves morality, meditation, and wisdom. Key beliefs include karma (the law of cause and effect) and reincarnation. While Buddhism has historically been prominent in East and Southeast Asia, its influence is growing in the West1.

The historical dates of the Buddha’s life are debated among scholars. Some believe he lived from about 563 to 483 BCE, while others suggest a later period, around 448 to 368 BCE2. Regardless of the exact dates, Buddhism has left a profound impact on human spirituality and philosophy.

Microsoft Copilot; emphasis mine, italicized

See the italicized part? No “one true God” to fight about over who it is and with what attributes, cram down people’s throats, run crusades over, conquer and colonize whole countries over…reign down death and destruction over centuries in “His” name and the list goes on. And on.

In short, nothing on earth has killed and maimed more of the human beings it purports to try to save and comfort, than Christianity.

Con-fucking-gratulations, Christians.

What’s the adherence to Buddhism in Thailand? 97% look it up. It’s highly regarded because it’s chill. Its tenants are self-evident to people right out of the box. This fosters harmony, not division…and cui bono with all the incessant divisions and antagonism inherent in Western religion?

Is that any fucking way to live a human life?

With Western religions combined now with mass global communication that’s peer-to-peer, you can see a million damn things per day, right in your pocket, that offend the livin shit out of you and your religion.

What do Thais do when they see crazy shit? They commonly say something like “not for me.” They don’t typically say what’s so common in the West: “somebody stop that.” When you run the averages over millions and billions of people, it adds up and it makes a big difference.

The Asians don’t seem to have so much of this antagonism and disharmony, generally. They really don’t. I can’t really pin down why it is that they don’t. I suppose because half my brain is still in that Western mentality where everybody’s business is damn well straight you and your buddy Jesus’ business!

And that’s just a stab and probably merely scratches the surface. Core and fundamental life outlook and worldview is so deeply ingrained and human conceptual language so poor at definition on those levels, true understanding is difficult and rare, I think.

Taking a stab at putting an essence on it, Christian heaven and hell would be analogous to Buddhist karma and reincarnation. The big difference is that enjoying the rewards or enduring the punishments of karma is at least partially in the right here and now, not in some fantasy afterlife. Reincarnation, whether coming back as a king or a lizard, is not really an afterlife, but a karmic do-over, good or bad.

The bigger element is that Buddhism isn’t theistic. There is no God to please or displease. It’s just the cause and effect of nature: most simply, doing good generally causes good stuff to happen to you and doing bad generally causes bad shit to happen to you.

Who needs a fucking “great, the mighty, and the terrible God” (Nehemiah 9:32 KJV) when you can just do good and big chances are, good happens?

Who doesn’t understand this easily? Well, apparently, in Thailand, it’s only 3%.

In contrast, search for something like “decline of Christianity” and you better have a few days if you want to do a thorough study. Adherence to Christianity in so-called Christian countries runs at roughly 65%. Compared to Buddhism at 97% pretty fucking lame and pathetic, if you ask me LOL.

… The thing is, it’s straightforward to honestly assess why Christianity is declining.

It’s a religion designed for dirt-scratching, dessert-dwelling, nomadic sheep and goat fuckers. And yea, the Romans put pretty bows, lipstick, and perfume on the thing, rebranded it, scaled it, and conquered the world. But it could never fix the baked-in-the-cake fundamentals because a thing is what it is (A is A; Law of Identity).

And principally, its breakdown is a direct result of an inability at a very core and deep level for Westerners to truly live and let live, as they say.

So go figure.

I was looking for something, an image, to perfectly illustrate the decline of the Christian West and this crossed my feed somewhere.

I thought it was just a photoshopped meme, which would still be illustrative even if contrived…the power of meme. But alas, it’s real.

Try to understand how rapidly this is happening. With change this rapid, it cannot be the machinations of nefarious people and conspiratorial institutions and organizations. It has to be the people themselves driving it. It’s happening on an individual level and the difficult problem is, Westerners, with their deep and core beliefs, are very ill-equipped to handle it.

In “my country,” this really isn’t a problem so much. Pretty much everything happens (as it does everywhere anyway), but unless it directly harms someone or clearly endangers them, not many pay much attention and thankfully, police are not prone to harassing. They really don’t like hassling people unless they feel they have to. Add to that, there is a strong ethic counter “talking bad” (about people, things, the way things are…kinda like ‘if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all’).

So, anyway, high likelihood this all falls on deaf ears. There’s an election coming right up, and I’m sure that will fix everything (sarcasm). Although, I do expect some pullback / improvement, as already appears to be happening all over the West (it’s difficult to imagine shit getting any worse).

It’s too late. Mark my words.

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  1. Dan O'Brien on May 27, 2024 at 05:07

    At the risk of invoking whataboutism, I think you overstate your case against Christianity. (“Nothing on earth has killed and maimed more of the human beings it purports to try to save and comfort, than Christianity.)

    Not that Christianity doesn’t deserve your scorn for its hypocrisy, but
    (1) a lot of our notions about human rights, the natural world as discoverable, and so on emerged from an obscure corner of the Roman empire, which notably had no such notions. Leaving Jesus’ divinity (or not) aside, his ideas were seminal enough to shape Western civilization over the following centuries, which is remarkable if you think about it. Now you may dismiss this civilization as a big mistake, but alternatives to it are not as benign as you would like.
    2) When it comes to killing and maiming, Eastern civilization is hardly above reproach. Mao and Pol Pot oversaw the starvation or slaughter of tens of millions, hardly needing any Christian justification. All they needed was a quasi-religious belief in their vision of a perfected society — and “political power flows from the barrel of a gun”. Tibetan Buddhism is theologically different, so wipe out the nation. Genghis Khan, no Christian, swept across Europe and burned every village to the ground. Russia’s Leninists — arguably Eurasian on the line between East and West — had no compunction about killing millions in pursuit of utopian ideals. Whenever they can, Hindus murder Muslims. Even the sainted, “unspoiled” Native Americans were expert and fairly sadistic killers.
    In short, I think it’s simplistic to load Christianity with all the evil in the world and pretend that its decline will usher in a fairer, calmer, live-and-let-live world. Human nature is thornier than that.
    Personally, I think that when AI becomes “wise” enough, a new, technocratic religion will gestate — you can already see its emergence. Everyone can talk directly to god, and god responds in a way that fits your priors. And god will be omnipresent (surveillance), omniscient (more knowledgeable than anyone), and omnipotent (can erase or elevate you with ease). You may end up missing Christianity…

  2. Richard Nikoley on May 27, 2024 at 07:08

    Smart people are refreshing, Dan. Kudos.

    I get all of that. In fact, I was going to address it, but you have to draw lines somewhere.

    I have a pet theory, though, that communism wasn’t really about base collectivist/altruist ethics but really, just a competitive startup to Christianity (and Buddhism has developed into a leap-frog of sorts). Of course, libertarians and Randian types have pointed out forever that Marxism/collectivism/communism is just religion dressed up in secular clothing (and man do we see that today in the religion of woke and climate, et al).

    If my thesis has validity, that makes Mao / Pol Pot more of an adjunct of Christianity than some stand alone evil.

    And, notice how quickly China / Chinese have readopted much of their core culture…still way imperfect I get it.

    Another aspect I didn’t address directly is that because of the core differences in Western monotheism and Eastern mysticism, I think there’s a lot more for the Easterners that exists in the realm of the _amoral_ where for Westerners, theres WAY more of a BLACK and WHITE sense of every fucking thing.

    Cheers. Top notch input.

    • Dean Neumann on May 27, 2024 at 14:47

      You, also, have to understand that not everyone that calls themselves a Christian is really a Christian. To be a true Christian, you must be born again. Catholicism is a Christian cult and should not be used as a true representative of Christianity.
      Nobody is mentioning Islam, another Christian cult. Probably created by Catholicism to act as an offset to the Hebrews and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Note, the term Jew is a recent creation, and the Jewish religion is a made-up religion based on either the Talmud or the Cabala. Not sure where the Khazars get their religion. The crusades by the Catholic Church were a response to the crusades by Islam. Most people ignore those crusades.
      But you are right, modern Christianity is a mile wide and inch deep.

      • Richard Nikoley on May 27, 2024 at 16:47

        Yep, right word-for-word out of the Reno Evangelical Free Church, Grace Baptist Church, Reno Christian Academy, and Tennessee Temple University playbooks I was thoroughly familiar with from the age of 10 through age 19 or 20 when I left Tennessee Temple and switched to getting and education that didn’t include childish belief in sky fairies.

        I have two uncles who attended Hyles-Anderson College, one of whom graduated and was a fundamentalist baptist preacher for decades. A cousin and some friends went there too. One of my brothers attended Bob Jones University for a while, another one Pensacola Baptist Bible College.

        All of them: exact, word-for-word delusional playbook you go on and on about, above.

        Thankfully, my entire immediate family had brains enough to extract themselves from the cult you’re in decades ago, now, after being steeped to the eyeballs for about 2-3 decades prior to that.

        … Interestingly enough, in the post from yesterday about the Covid conspiracy, one commenter pointed to this article:

        Very apt quote:

        “In many respects, Washington now operates like a cult. People at all levels are recruited into politics because they conform to the attitudes of the cult. Those who show a lack of enthusiasm are either bullied into submission or expelled. Meanwhile, those inside are subjected to a constant wave of mass media that reinforces the currently acceptable opinions of the cult leaders. The media is an endless chorus praising the cult and the positions held by the cult.

        “Another aspect of cults is that the people inside them lack the perspective and self-awareness to see themselves as being in a cult. No one ever says “I decided to join a cult” because no one in a cult thinks they are in a cult. Instead, they think the logic of the cult explains everything that needs explaining. To those outside, the logic of the cult seems weird and possibly dangerous. The people inside appear to be painfully divorced from reality, maybe even insane.”

        Hands down.

        Having lived all over the world and experienced religion in all its forms, both Western and Eastern, of all so-called religions, “Born-Agains” are by far the most cultish of all. It’s actually them who are far removed from the tenants of Christianity, which you will best find in the various orthodox churches (Greek, Eastern, Russian, etc.) and the best authorities on those within the general whole foods diet circles are Chris Masterjohn and Michael Miles.

        Born Agains are a bunch of Low-IQ kooks, and I’ll say that right to the faces of family members still steeped in the separatist bullshit (which best describes it…Born Agains are a classic separatist cult).

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