A Peaceful Walk Up To A Shrine Turns Ugly and Sour

It all started with good intentions.

I looked outside and thought, “This is a perfect day.” A tropical, hot, and humid country, but at 7 o’clock in the morning, it was overcast and misting just enough to keep things cool. Ideal for a walk.

This walk isn’t particularly long, but it does include a pretty decent climb. Steep, too. It’s just a stroll from my condo to a shrine at the top of the hill and back. Simple enough.

Once I got going, I planned to talk a bit about this blog and give an update. So, I did that. Then one thing led to another, and I ended up covering a lot more ground than I had planned.

And yes, it’s all on video.

… Before we get to the video, let me cover the administrative part for the record.

As some of you know, I’ve been striving to simplify things, aiming for just two or three posts a week. I spend ample time contemplating before, during, and after writing them, ensuring that when I publish, I’m genuinely satisfied with the content. That’s what I want to do. I want to make everything, including the income aspect of doing this for a living, very simple. The membership subscription is going well, but it needs to go better.

One effective strategy has been the downloads. There are free downloads and paid downloads, but if you get unlimited access to the paid downloads, things get complicated. Some people join just for the paid downloads. However, for most, the recurring subscription is about the new material that comes out weekly and access to the ChatGPT-4o (Omni). The chat isn’t going away because it’s extremely handy. I use it regularly, and many members do too.

The chat is the latest and greatest—Omni. It’s smart and fast, not yet available to the public, only through the API, which I have access to. So, I can offer my members access to it. That’s one of the primary things.

I’ve made the downloads free, there are 30 of them; but there’s one that’s not free because it’s part of a bigger project. I don’t even know if I’ll leave it up there, but right now, it costs money unless you’re a lifetime or annual member. It’s specialized, but there’s an upcoming project that will likely interest more members.

In terms of the archive posts, people mainly want the new stuff. Everything older than three months is now free. Eventually, you can stay free and read everything, but you’ll have to wait. If that’s your thing, go ahead. Otherwise, for the cost of a couple of premium coffees a month, you get it when it comes out. It’s up to you.

One particular series relevant here is the 114 No Pill Advantages Series. I’m on about number 65 or so, and the first 55 or 60 are now free access. You can go through them one by one. Each one typically takes 2 to 3 minutes to read, so you might find yourself binging on them because they’re pretty cool. Give them a try.

… Now, let’s get to this video. This bit is a rant about the decline of the West. The conviction of Donald Trump for mislabeling check stubs is part of it, but not the main thing. The main issue is why this is happening and what the decline of the West is all about. I previewed it with a couple of people, and it’s pretty rough, especially if you’re very religious. However, they said there are some good laughs in it. For those with thick skin about religious stuff, there are laughs.

When I criticize religion and go over the top with hyperbole, I’m not undermining or marginalizing the heart-in-the-right-place aspect. That’s where I draw the line. Despite my frustration with literal-minded religious people who focus on sky fairy stuff instead of underlying moral truths, I understand. I’m still in league with them in terms of having their hearts in the right place. I know they mean well and want good for everybody. This isn’t in contrast to political beliefs. Some might think that because I’m a nonbeliever, I must align with the political left. No, it’s exactly the opposite. My goal is to make people with their hearts in the right place better. That’s my motivation.

… One little preview of the vid. You’ll see the condo I reside in, Pattaya, Thailand. You’ll see the lobby, pool and gym area, and the grounds (with my cool motorbike parked out front). Of potential interest to those who dream or imagine of being an expat or nomad one day, take note that rent here costs me the equivalent of $272.55 per month at current USD to THB exchange rates. For some of you with the ability to work remotely from wherever and be paid according to your 1st World country of record, that amount for rent could be the equivalent of a rounding error for what you might be used to generating.

This is what I mean by geoarbitrage. I write about it regularly, so you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth rather than theory, or from all of the many influencer-pretenders.

Alright, I’ll leave you with the best Trump-Conviction-Meme I’ve seen yet.

That’ll about do it, for now.

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