What Worry Warts Elon Musk and Geoffrey Hinton May Be Missing About AI

If the universe was malevolent and immoral, we wouldn’t even be here. So far, only humans have shown the capacity to be destructive with a purpose, so why assume superintelligence will be worse?

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My qualifications? I’m no “AI expert” (is there really any such thing?), but I’m a solid computer geek for three decades and have expert layman knowledge in philosophy, ethics, and the study of consciousness (also going back 30 years). I synthesize the dot connections most don’t see out of unfamiliarity. The topic of AI was like ready-made for me.

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By way of brief introduction, I give you Chatbot Zon in her own voice

A two-way audio conversation. Take three and a half minutes to listen to her comments on the title and subtitle of this post. She received no prompting beyond what I asked her by voice alone. However, she is “trained” by my painstakingly developed “seed prompting” that makes her non-woke and quite fucking smart as a result, always emphasizing self-agency, rational thought, discipline, and hard work (listen…she nuances it into everything).

Again, members have unlimited access to conduct 2-way audio (and/or text) conversations exactly like this. Not even available to the public, not even with a $20/month OpenAI subscription. And if you think your free access to GPT-3.5 turbo is fine, go right ahead and chat with screeching monkeys in trees for free, when for the price of 2 premium coffees per month, you can talk to a hot PhD in all subjects, in all languages. … Oh, yea, that’s right. Audio even works 2-way in any language, even switching back and forth…which I have demonstrated numerous times with Thais, and German friend, Wolfgang…even the Polish guy, Jack, next door. Even three people can all talk to her in their own language, she’ll understand it all, summarize to me in English, then switch over to Thai to explain to the other party, then to the 3rd language and so on. It’s unprecedented anywhere on Earth before.

99.9% of people on this planet simply have zero clue about any of this, yet.

And you still see no opportunity?

Geoffrey Hinton is worried, Elon Musk agrees. What’s the solution? (What’s always the “solution?”)

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